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Dave Coster is back with Go Fishing in this week's Angler's Mail - it's a must-read issue!

Dave Coster is back with Go Fishing in this week’s Angler’s Mail – it’s a must-read issue!


Bilston Angling Centre, Staffs -Worcs Canal, Blaydon Road, Pendeford. Sun, 14. Bruce Birch (Four Ashes AC) 8-9-0, roach, gudgeon and perch, poled bread, hemp, caster and squatt, peg 1; Barry Williams (Bilston Angling Centre) 7-3-12; Bert Simmill (Bilston Angling Centre) 5-1-0.

Blackfords Progressives, Calf Heath Reservoir, Staffs. Sat, 33. Simon Nickless (Saints) 59-11-0, bream to 4 lb, pellet on deck between 11m and 13m, peg 79; Norman Carpenter (Walsall) 57-13-0; A. Pearson (Blackfords) 53-14-0; Paul Bucknell (Little Dawley) 52-1-0.

Bridgtown Social AC, Tower House Pool, Featherstone, W. Mids. Sun, 17. Dave Smith (Bridgtown Social) 30-0-0, carp and F1s to 10 oz, chopped worm and caster, peg 17; Alan Homer (Bridgtown Social) 29-12-0; Johnny Young (Bridgtown Social) 28-8-0.

Browning Lifestyle/Izaak Walton, Shropshire Union Canal, Little Onn, Staffs. Sat, 22. Darren Cox (Garbolino) 15-8-0, bream to 2 lb, poled caster and worm, cables peg; Martin Owen (Browning Lifestyle) 10-14-0;  Mel Wood (Team GB Four Ashes AC MG) 7-14-11; Ed Warren (Preston Innovations) 7-1-0.

Buckley, Trap Pool, Clwyd. Thurs, 14, rover. Joe Bird (Buckley) 38-4-0, orfe and roach, peg 33; Pete Evans (Buckley) 16-1-0.

Canal Kings, Birmingham Mainline Canal, Soho Loop, Winson Green. Sun, 15. Brent Wilkes (Mosella Bait-Tech) 7-1-15, roach and skimmers, poled squatt and bread, peg 38; Tony Foster (Dams and Lock) 5-0-0; Gordon Stocking (Fisherman’s Friend) 4-13-10.

Cefn Mably Lakes, Cardiff. Over-50s. Wed, 20. Bob Mitchell (Cefn Mably) 89-12-0, carp, poled pellets in margins during last two hours, peg 40 Match Lake; Brian Protheroe (Merthyr) 79-1-0; Lyn Jones (Cefn Hengoed) 78-12-0.

Elmbridge Fishery, Elmbridge, Worcs. Thurs, 16, Heron Pool. Trevor Burton (Baggeridge) 191-12-0, carp, pellet down edge, peg 33; Sid Wilkes (Baggeridge) 186-10-0; Charlie Jeavons (Greenman AC) 127-6-0. Sat, 12, Pheasant. Simon Richardson (Commercial Indications) 213-0-0, carp, maggot, peg 38; Keith Miller (New Willenhall) 104-8-0. Sun, 14, Pheasant. Keith Miller (New Willenhall) 102-0-0, carp, paste and corn, peg 31; Mark Brown (Benders AC) 67-6-0.

It's a brilliant read! Get this week's Angler's Mail, with free one-day rod licence voucher, fishery deals, World Cup venues, river tips, Go Fishing with Dave Coster - and more!

It’s a brilliant read! Get this week’s Angler’s Mail, with free one-day rod licence voucher, fishery deals, World Cup venues, river tips, Go Fishing with Dave Coster – and more!

Furnace Mill Fishery, Bewdley, Worcs. Sun, 12, rover. Paul Cook (Mark’s Tackle/Maver) 178-4-0, carp to 14 lb plus 40 lb of chub to 3 lb, pellet over Marukyu EFG 131 groundbait down edge and shallow, Mucky Meadow peg 51; Kev Johnson (Johnson Drywall) 174-14-0.

Goodyear AC, Staffs-Worcs Canal, Slade Heath, Staffs. Thurs pm, 14. Dave Smith (Bridgtown Social) 10-13-0, perch and roach, poled maggot and caster, peg 14; Barry Jones (Four Ashes AC) 3-9-8; Steve Cope (Four Ashes AC) 3-8-0. Sun, 18, Greenways Pool. JJ Gallagher (Goodyear AC) 154-7-0, carp to 15 lb, pellet waggler, peg 18, club and venue record; Derek Cheetham (Goodyear) 64-0-0; John Dawes (Goodyear) 63-0-0.

Halesowen RBL, Grand Union Canal, Catherine de Barnes, Solihull, W. Mids. Sun, 24. Martyn Yarsley (Halesowen RBL) 5-14-0, roach, perch and skimmers, poled bread punch and pinkie, peg 18; Barry Robson (Halesowen RBL) 5-8-8; Garry Mason (Halesowen RBL) 5-7-8.

HASAA Regional Championship, White Springs, nr Swansea. Fri, 24. Chris Beedle (Swansea) 37-15-0, bream and carp, pellets, pole and feeder, peg on New Canal; Alan Jones (Neath) 36-0-0; Dave Gough (Swansea) 18-12-0.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Thurs, 14, Match Pool. John Kidd (Hawkesbury) 81-14-0, carp to 10 lb, meat and corn on the deck, peg 7; Richard Grant (Hawkesbury) 72-0-0. Sat, 21, Match Pool. Dave Markham (Hawkesbury) 83-6-0, carp to 10 lb plus bream, meat and corn on deck, peg 9; Paul Reynolds (Hawkesbury) 71-13-0; Dave Enticott (Hawkesbury) 69-3-0. Sun, 24, Match Pool. John Kidd (Hawkesbury) 96-9-0, carp to 10 lb, tench and bream, meat, corn and pellet on deck, peg 11; Keith Hudson (Hawkesbury) 86-6-0; Richard Grant (Hawkesbury) 85-4-0; Chris Howe (Coventry) 71-8-0.


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Iffers, Docklow Pools, nr Hereford. Sun, 18. John Macklin (Lydney) 30-6-0, carp and roach, poled pellets, Farmer Jack Pool; Darren Saunders (Iffers) 29-7-0.

King’s Pools, Shareshill, Wolverhampton, W. Mids. Wed, 19, Carp and Big Match Pools. Gary Lockley (King’s) 125-0-0, carp to 5 lb, meat, Big Match peg 65; Ron Clark (King’s) 102-3-0; Daz Warden (King’s) 101-4-0. Sat, 8, Big Match. Kev Slade (King’s) 89-11-0, carp to 5 lb, paste, peg 37.

Lydney and Yorkley, Cannop Ponds, Forest of Dean, Gloucs. Sun, 20. Barry Smith (Yorkley) 8-12-0, bream, cage feedered maggots, peg on road side; Matt Grindle (Lydney Juniors) 5-12-0; Dean Andrews (Yorkley) 5-4-0.

Merthyr Ladies, Monmouthshire Canal, Brecon. Sat, 12. Dawn Sayce Jones (Merthyr) 1-7-0, roach and dace poled maggots; Janice Farr and Catherine Brown (both Merthyr) both 0-7-0.

Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, Worcs. Mon, 22, Moors and Island pools. Keith Wright (CPA) 109-4-0, carp to 6 lb, F1s to 3 lb, maggots, Moors peg 10; Bob Tandy (Moorlands) 92-10-0; Dave Bartlett (CPA) 87-10-0. Wed, 14, over-50s, Meadow. Lee Boden (Stonehenge) 122-10-0, carp to 10 lb, pellet down edge, peg 58; Terry Homer (Club 2000) 114-0-0. Thurs, 21, Silver. Keith Nock (CPA) 135-8-0, carp to 6 lb, paste, peg 10; Mal Watson (DGL) 117-9-0; Bill Drew (Bewdley) 95-2-0. Fri pm, 19, Bank and Moors. Kevin Roderick (CPA) 121-14-0, carp to 6 lb and F1s to 3 lb, pellets, Moors peg 12; Chris Hill (Mosella) 98-8-0; Lee Boden (Stonehenge) 87-14-0. Sat, 37, Moors and Island. Ian Wood (Moorlands) 92-12-0, carp to 8 lb, paste down edge, Moors peg 7; John Bagley (Steven’s Tackle) 82-10-0; Chris Hill (Mosella) 75-12-0; Andy Jackson (TBF) 64-9-0; DJ Williams (Halesowen RBL) 55-10-0. Sun, 38, Silver and Meadow. Chris Senter (Alan’s Tackle) 134-14-0, F1s to 3 lb, pellets down edge, Silver peg 16; Chris Hill (Mosella) 129-11-0; Mal Watson (DGL) 122-8-0; Matt Djukic (Daiwa/Guru) 104-6-0; Colin Pace (CPA) 91-6-0.

Mosella Manor Farm Leisure, Harvington, Worcs. Wed, 13, Island Pool. Will Raison (Daiwa/OG) 105-8-0, carp and F1s, pellet waggler and bomb, peg 37; Scott Pointon (OG) 78-0-0; John Watson (OG) 75-4-0. Thurs, 13, Island. Barry Duggan (Baileys Warwick) 108-8-0, carp and F1s, poled pellet and pellet wag, peg 9; Darren Fisher (OG) 105-0-0; Jason Morris (Shipston AC) 94-8-0. Sat, 10, Windmill. Andrew Wheeldon (Shipston AC) 61-10-0, carp and F1s, pellet, peg 9; Chris Cameron (Middy/OG) 53-6-0.

Newport, Woodstock Pond. Sun, 12. Gareth Gibson (Newport) 39-12-0, F1s, feedered pellets, peg 3; Nick Jones (Cwmbran Angling Nobblers) 38-0-0.

Nisa, Dynamite Makins, Wolvey, Warks. Wed, 39, Phase 1 Lakes 2 and 4. Chris Buckley (Swann Baits) 95-14-0, 15 carp, paste in margins, Lake 4 peg 20; John Adamson (Nisa Feeders) 89-14-0; Matt Parkin (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 72-8-0; Dave McDowell (Coventry) 70-0-0; Charlie Shaw (Derby Fishamania) 64-8-0. Thurs, 29, Phase 3 Thames and Derwent. John Adamson (Nise Feeders) 55-6-0, mainly carp, paste, Derwent 25; Sean Huggins (Dynamite Baits) 41-8-0; Dennis Porter (Broome Angling) 37-14-0; Keith Hudson (Match Catch) 33-6-0.

Packington Somers, Meriden, Warks. Wed, 11, Molands Mere. Pete Heaven (Greyhound AC) 66-14-0, F1s, carp and skimmers, caster down the edge, peg 48, £50 bonus peg; Danny Tresigne (Packington) 65-10-0. Sat, 25, Big Geary’s. Ian Keywood (Solihull Matrix) 57-3-0, carp to 12 lb, bomb and pellet, peg 18; John Newton (Smithy’s AC) 50-15-0; Andy Findlay (Preston Innovations/Sonubaits) 50-2-0; Ron Savage (Lane’s Bait and Tackle) 44-6-0. Sun, 25, Molands Mere. Andy Findlay (Preston Innovations/Sonubaits) 69-10-0, F1s and carp, pellet, peg 2; Steve Edwards (Packington) 36-8-0; Ms Suzi Smith (Kobra Feeders) 31-10-0; Bob James (Packington) 31-0-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings, Bridgnorth, Salop. Mon, 19, Chestnut Pool. Richard Duke (Bridgnorth AS) 117-6-0, carp to 5 lb and skimmers to 2 lb, pellet and maggot, shallow and to sides, peg 32; Keith Powell (PI Boldings) 86-3-0. Wed, 18, Sycamore. Phil Shaw (PI Boldings) 125-10-0, carp to 8 lb, pellet shallow, peg 33; Matt Prosser (Mosella) 123-8-0; Dave Matson (Rod and Gun) 85-11-0. Thurs, 31, Sycamore and Willows. Gareth Emlyn (Oakengates Angling Centre) 125-11-0, carp to 8 lb, barbel and bream to 3 lb, maggot to sides, Sycamore 13; Paul Evans (PI Boldings) 107-5-0; Brian Clark (Colmic Marukyu) 101-8-0; Colin Reynolds (Bilston Angling Centre) 84-8-0. Sat, 15, Larch and Ash. Tony Foster (PI Boldings) 97-13-0, carp to 4 lb, pellet shallow, Larch peg 6; Harry Colley (PI Boldings) 89-14-0; Mick Jameson (PI Boldings) 73-0-0. Sun, 32, Chestnut, Larch and Oak pools. Gareth Emlyn (OAC) 144-4-0, carp to 7 lb and bream to 3 lb, maggot to both sides, Chestnut peg 21; Jamie Potts (PI Boldings) 122-11-0; Mark Taylor (Shakespeare) 114-5-0; Richard Holdsworth (OAC) 103-13-0.

Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcs. Tues, 15, Arles Pool. Mark Westwood (Bilston Angling Centre) 113-12-0, carp, pellet, peg A16; John Stone (Woodlands) 104-10-0; P. Hammond (Woodlands) 96-10-0. Sat, 14, Deans. Phil Edmunds (Woodlands) 99-10-0, carp, pellet, peg D36; Nick Hancock (Peg One Angling) 70-8-0; Carl Hopps (Peg One Angling) 54-14-0. Sun, 16, Deans. A. Slade (Woodlands) 136-2-0, carp, pellet, peg D35; Mark Westwood (Bilston Angling Centre) 113-8-0; Ian Wood (Peg One Angling) 102-45-0.

Redhill Fishery, Monmouth. Wed, 18. Chris Shepherd (Cwmbran Angling Nobblers) 191-12-0, carp to double figures, poled 8mm pellet in margins, peg 12 Penny’s Pond; Giles Cochrane (Cwmbran) 156-8-0; Tony Summers (Wye Angling) 124-0-0.

Reedswood AC, Reedswood Pool, Walsall, W. Mids. Tues, 9. Les Willey (King’s) 16-4-0, carp to 4 lb, paste down the edge, peg 8.

Rhymney, Peterstone Fishery. Sun, 18. Andrew Jones (Fochriw) 28-6-0, carp and bream, poled pellets, peg on Pencil Lake; John Hancock (Rhymney) 19-4-0; Brian Jones (Rhymney) 17-10-0.

Royal Forest of Dean Charity, Lightmoor Pools, Cinderford, Gloucs. Sun, 16. Andy Grindle (RFODAC) 56-0-0, carp, feedered pellets to island, peg 31; Mike Shields (RFODAC) 49-8-0; Rob Baldwin (RFODAC) 40-8-0.

Sirhowy, Cefn Mably Lakes. Sun, 20. Tony Summers (Wye Angling) 92-2-0, carp, poled pellets, peg on Horseshoe Lake; Chris Byard (Hereford) 88-0-0; Mark Holden (Hereford) 85-6-0.

Spencer Works, Redhill Fishery. Sat, 22. Ashley Gleaves (Newport) 81-8-0, carp, long poled pellets shallow, peg 23 Tilley’s Pond; Andy Price (Newport) 72-4-0; Mark Guerra (Newport) 67-2-0; Karl Guerra (Newport) 57-0-0.

Stirrup Cup, Birmingham-Fazeley Canal, Curdworth, Warks. Sun, 8. Clark Taylor (Stirrup Cup) 20-3-0, eight bream to 3 lb, three perch to 2 lb, roach and gudgeon, bush peg 65.

Tunnel Barm Farm, Shrewley, Warks. Mon, 18, Top Pool. Wayne Sweetman (TBF) 201-6-0, F1s to 2 lb, ide and silvers, maggot shallow, peg 31; Pete Hancox (B’ham) 152-14-0; Dan Tandy (Arden Fisheries) 149-9-0. Tues, 25, Over-50s, Extension Pool. Wayne Sweetman (TBF) 125-12-0, F1s to 2 lb, ide and silvers, maggot shallow, peg 13; Chris Constable (TBF Vets) 105-9-0; Steve Johnson (TBF Vets) 101-8-0; Pete Hancox (B’ham) 99-0-0. Thurs, 68, TBF Vets, Club, High and Jenny’s. Dave Chapman 136-0-0, F1s to 2 lb, carp to 6 lb, paste, top two on the deck, Jenny’s peg 3; Dave Purvis 130-0-0; John Berry 116-14-0; Dave 98-15-0; Alan Dawson 91-6-0; Phil Green 85-5-0 (all TBF Vets). Fri, 17, House. Pete Rice (Bag’em) 197-7-0, F1s to 4 lb and carp to 6 lb, maggot, top two shallow and edges, peg 6; Wayne Sweetman (TBF) 180-3-0; Mark Rice (Bag’em) 156-0-0. Sun, 18, House. Steve Cantwell (Atomic) 180-6-0, F1s to 3 lb and carp to 6 lb, 4mm cubes of meat through meat and micro pellet, 6m on the deck, peg 5; Lee Richards (Packington) 169-0-0; Dave Elliot (Packington) 115-5-0.

Wassell Grove, Hagley, Worcs. Sat, 16, Brook and Match pools. Ken Watson (Wassell Grove) 63-8-0, carp to 5 lb, meat in margins, Match peg 20; Richard Knowles (Shakespeare) 61-12-0; Dave Johnson (Club 2000) 58-0-0.

White Springs, Pontarddulais, Swansea. Wed, 14. Alan Godrich (Swansea) 76-12-0, carp, poled pellets in margins, Big Pit; Tony Smith (Swansea) 42-1-0; John Davies (Swansea) 37-0-0. Sun, 20. Rob Jones (Neath) 98-6-0, carp and bream, poled pellets to island, peg on Match Lake; James Davies (Swansea) 90-10-0; Mike Edwards (Swansea) 84-6-0.

Willis Worms Festival, Holgan Farm, Llawhaden, W. Wales. Sat, 20, Match Lake. Neil Daniels (Swansea) 164-8-0, carp, poled chopped worm; Andy Row (Shropshire) 125-12-0. Carp Lake. Tony Troth (Birmingham) 143-2-0, carp, worm and casters at 5m; Paul Williams (Kidderminster) 75-10-0. Sun, 20, Match Lake. Tony Troth (Birmingham) 167-8-0, carp, wagglered worm and caster to island; Denzil Thorpe (Willis Worms) 131-0-0. Carp Lake. Andy Row (Shropshire) 133-12-0, carp, poled worms in margins; Ray Cossins (Wirral) 105-0-0   . Overall: Tony Troth (Birmingham) 2 pts.

Wolverhampton AA, Staffs-Worcs Canal, Penkridge Boats, Staffs. Wed pm, 12. Steve Cope (Four Ashes AC) 4-15-0, roach and skimmers, poled caster, peg 12; Pete Chilton (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 4-5-0.

Wolverhampton Over-60s Club, Shropshire Union Canal, Pendeford, Staffs. Wed, 21. Paul Andrews (Crewe and Nantwich) 20-5-3, eight bream, poled bread and caster, peg 1; Terry Blyde (Lazy Hill) 8-12-0; Dave Rayson (Bridgtown Social) 3-6-12.


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