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Preston Innovations-Angler’s Mail Matchman of the Year qualifiers – for full coverage on this competition see Angler’s Mail magazine every week! 

* Bilston Angling Centre Ind WL, Staffs-Worcs Canal, Awbridge, Staffs. Sun, 30. Dave Holbrook (Brownhills) 21-11-0, ten chub to 3 lb, poled red maggot, peg 22; Martin Owen (Browning Lifestyle) 15-13-0; Dave Richards (Four Ashes AC) 14-5-0; Ian Hingley (Wolverhampton AA VDE) 12-0-0; Wilf Kneller (Bilston Angling Centre) 9-8-0; Richard Buxton (Bilston Angling Centre) 8-8-0.League: Steve Broome (Bilston Angling Centre) 17; Barry Jones (Four Ashes AC), Paul Turner (Wolverhampton AA VDE) and Ian Hingley (Wolverhampton AA VDE) all 20.

* Coventry Canal WL, Coventry Canal, Mancetter, Warks. Sun, 32. Tony Barker (Shakespeare Agility) 8-6-10,  three perch for 5 lb on poled lobworm plus roach on poled bloodworm, end peg B1; Derek Jackson (Dams & Lock 1) 5-11-0; Keith Brown (Browning Central Force) 4-1-12; Darren Lewis (Shakespeare Superteam) 4-1-0; Graham Neary (Dams & Lock 2) 3-6-3; Darren Massey (Shakespeare Superteam) 2-15-1.Teams: Dams & Lock 1 9; Shakespeare Superteam 15; Shakespeare Agility 17; Measham 17; Dams & Lock 2 20; Browning Central Force 20; Souths 4 20. League: Dams & Lock 1 44; Shakespeare Agility 48; Shakespeare Superteam 56; Dams & Lock 2 78; Measham 78; Browning Central Force 80.

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* Moorlands Farm Pairs, Hartlebury, Worcs. Sat, 50, Silver, Middle, Bank, Moors and Island pools. Mal Watson (Daiwa Gordon League) 62-11-0, F1s, pellet down edge, Moors peg 12; Neville Groves (Fosters) 47-13-0; Lee Richards (Packington) 47-1-0; Clive Munslow (Moorlands) 36-1-0; Martrin Lafevre (Moorlands Gold) 31-7-0; Dave Parry (Decca’s AC) 30-1-0. Pairs: Lee Richards (Packington)/Neville Groves (Fosters) 2; Chris Hill (Mosella)/Dave Hill (Fosters) and Lee Harris (Shakespeare)/Simon Christian (Old Ghost) pairs 3. League: Richards/Groves 23; Harris/Christian 28; Watson/Pace 31.

* Mosella Manor Farm Leisure, Harvington, Worcs. Sun, 36, Ash, Middle, Island and Boundary pools. Neil McKinnon (Preston Innovations) 82-0-0, carp, F1s and skimmers, poled pellet and groundbait feeder, peg 5 Ash; Ben Sutor (Arthurs Angling Supplies) 61-10-0; Rich Hoskins (Daiwa Gordon League) 60-8-0; Paul Alder (Solihull Angling Centre) 59-12-0; Tony Shepherd (Banbury Gunsmiths) 56-4-0; Chris Telling (Colmic Airon) 52-10-0.

* Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcs. Sun, 60, Pairs League, Deans, High and Arles pools. Glyn Clarke (Browning West Midlands) 58-2-0, carp, pellet at 14 metres, peg D1; Chris Hill (Mosella) 58-0-0; K. Guest (Allen’s Tackle, Leamore) 50-4-0; Andy Taylor (Lobby’s Tackle) 43-0-0. Pairs result plus league to date undisclosed.

* Tunnel Barn Farm WL, Shrewley, Warks. Sat, 76, House 1/2, Top and Club pools. Des Shipp (Preston Innovations/Bag’em Matchbaits) 68-5-0, carp and F1s, poled pellet and maggot, Club peg 11; Richard Knowles (MCM Bag’em Matchbaits) 63-0-0; Matt Skelton (Middy Express) 59-4-0; Steve Conway (DS Floats) 54-13-0; Steve Allen (Maver Gold Bag’em Oak) 47-14-0; Paul Yates (Bag’em Matchbaits) 43-10-0. Teams: Bag’em Matchbaits 75; MCM Bag’em Matchbaits 65; Middy Express 54; Maver Gold Bag’em Oak 53; Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths and Match Fishing Drawbags both 48. Final League: Bag’em Matchbaits 550; MCM Bag’em Matchbaits 531; Match Fishing Drawbags 524; Maver Gold Bag’em Oak 505; MAP Bait-Tech 501; Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 463. Individual: Stu Palser (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) 106; Joe Carass (Match Fishing Drawbags) 103; Richard Knowles (MCM Bag’em Matchbaits) 100.


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Smaller fishing match results reported to the Angler’s Mail team

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Bridgnorth Comrades, Woodcote Hall, Salop. Sun, 13, Priory Pool. Graham Wade (Smethwick) 3-9-0, one carp, groundbait feeder, peg 18; Brian Preece (Bridgnorth AS) 2-7-0; Rosa Bailey (Bridgnorth AS) 0-9-0.

Earlswood Lakes, Solihull, B’ham. Sun, 20, Engine & Yachter pools. Budgie Bird (Tamworth) 15-10-0, seven bream, feeder and worm, Yachter Wall peg 50; Paul Downes (Kamasan Starlets) 8-2-0; Ian Barrow (Warwick) 6-12-0; Barry Cheese (Earlswood) 6-7-0; Mark Greening (Streetly) 6-2-0.

Elmbridge Fishery, Droitwich, Worcs. Sun, 15, Heron Pool. Tom Walton (Elmbridge) 15-8-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 36; Jim Russell (Elmbridge) 14-8-0; Alan Goode (Stevens Tackle) 14-6-0.

Furnace Mill Fisheries, Bewdley, Worcs. Sun, 12, all pools. Warren Jennings (Furnace Mill) 48-14-0, carp to 5 lb, chub, roach, perch and bream, poled 4 mm expander pellet over micro pellet, Mucky Meadow peg 51; Rob McNamara (Hay-on-Wye) 41-0-0; Ross Sheldon (Furnace Mill Fisheries) 38-2-0.

Goodyear AC, Staffs-Worcs Canal, Coven, Staffs. Sun, 9. Steve Thomson (Goodyear AC) 1-14-0, roach, poled bread punch, peg 3; Mick Round (Goodyear AC) 1-4-0; Michael Thomson (Goodyear AC) 1-1-4.

Hawkesbury Fishery, Bedworth, Warks. Sun, 21. Dennis Lutwytche (Hawkesbury) 54-13-0, carp, poled corn, peg 5; Terry Sanderson (Coalville) 50-13-0; Graham Beckwith (Tunnel Barn Farm) 24-15-0.

Heads of the Valleys, Lower Pen y clawdd Farm, Raglan, Monmouthshire. Sun, 15. Tony Taylor (HOV) 51-0-0, small carp, poled pellets, Wagtail Pool; Tony Valdi (HOV) 42-2-0; Rob Wiltshire (Cwmbran Angling Nobblers) 38-12-0.

Hodnet MG, Shropshire Union Canal, Cheswardine, Salop. Sun, 24. Ray Edge (Hodnet MG) 10-0-10, roach, skimmers and hybrids, poled caster and red maggot, bridge hole peg 120 at Wharf Pub; Phil Johnson (Browning Lifestyle) 6-2-0; Fred Cheetham (Team Eclipse) 4-0-0; Pete Shackleton (Cheshire MG) 3-10-8; Dean Williams (Team Eclipse) 3-8-12; Wayne Jeavons (Hodney MG) 3-5-8.

Holgan Farm, Llawhaden, W. Wales. Sun, 18. Kevin Roberts (Haverfordwest) 111-12-0, carp, corn in margins, peg 3 Match Lake; Scott Odam (Swansea) 69-14-0; Mark Close (Haverfordwest) 44-14-0.

Iffers, Docklow Pools, nr Hereford. Sun, 15. Wayne Meek (Iffers) 47-15-0, F1s, pellets, 12m, pegged on Stock Pool; Glyn Sherwood (Wye Angling) 18-11-0; Steve Thomas (Iffers) 18-6-0.

King’s Pools, Shareshill, Wolverhampton, Sun, 27, all pools. John Benjamin (King’s) 37-12-0, F1s, poled pellet, Carp Pool peg 18; Dave Doughty (Woodend) 24-9-0; John Gill (King’s) 22-4-0.

Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, Worcs. Tues, 14, Rover. Martin Lafevre (Moorlands Gold) 55-6-0, F1s, pellet down edge, peg 12 Moors; Nigel Hargreaves (Colin Pace Academy) 36-4-0; George Reynolds (Kings Pools) 35-14-0. Thurs, 16, Silver. Tony Stead (West Midlands Police/Maver) 37-4-0, F1s, pellet at 6m, peg 29; Carl Jones (Maver) 36-15-0; Clive Munslow (Moorlands) 28-0-0. Sun, 22, Bank and Island. Iwan Mills (Robins Timber) 33-15-0, five carp, pellet down edge, peg 10 Bank; Richard Kings (Colin Pace Academy) 26-12-0; Paul Little (Colin Pace Academy) 17-4-0.

Mosella Manor Farm Leisure, Harvington, Worcs. Wed, 12, Island Pool. Ronnie Pharoah (Mosella) 40-8-0, carp and F1s, pellet feeder, peg 32; Andy Stone (Arthurs Angling Supplies) 40-0-0; Terry Winstone (Bonehill Mill) 38-8-0. Thurs, 16, Island, Middle and Boundary. Steve Rich (Cotswold Angling) 56-8-0, carp and F1s, poled pellet and groundbait feeder, peg 27 Middle; Phil Sutor (Arthurs Angling Supplies) 43-0-0; Neil Richards (Colmic Airon) 38-12-0. Sat, 12, Ash and Middle. Neil McKinnon (Preston Innovations) 100-4-0, carp and F1s, pole/bomb with pellet, peg 18 Ash; Tony Shepherd (Banbury Gunsmiths) 63-0-0; Paul Durnell (Clampits) 54-12-0.

Nisa Feeders, Dynamite Makins, Wolvey, Warks. Wed, 5, Phase 1 Lake Two. Allan Neale (Tackle Shack) 14-8-0, two carp, bomb and meat, peg 25. Thurs, 9, Phase 2 Paddock Lake. John Adamson (Nisa Feeders) 17-8-0, five carp, a chub and three roach, bomb with bread and corn plus poled pellet, peg 25; Mick White (Coalville) 14-14-0.

Parkes Hall AC, Preston Innovations Boldings, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Sun, 11, Ash Pool. Richard Whitehouse (Parkes Hall) 25-9-0, F1s, poled banded pellet, peg 18; Paul Worwood (Parkes Hall) 12-7-0; Andy Johnson (Parkes Hall) 10-15-0; Jamie Trevis (Parkes Hall) 9-4-0.

Port Talbot Docks, West Glamorgan. Sun, 14. Gary Martin (Glamorgan Rebels) 16-11-0, skimmers and roach, groundbait feedered red maggots, peg 11 on walkway; Mal Entwhistle (Glamorgan Rebels) 13-0-0; Shaun Parsons (Cardiff Nomads) 11-5-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings, Bridgnorth, Salop. Mon, 12, Ash Pool. Eric Bancroft (Rod and Gun) 61-6-0, carp to 4 lb, maggot and pellet at 12m, peg 5; Eddie Edwards (Dorset AC) 46-9-0; Joe Brennan (Preston Innovations Boldings) 41-14-0. Thurs, 12, Ash and Beech. Ken Humphreys (Oswestry) 50-0-0, carp to 5 lb and skimmers to 2 lb, maggot at 12m and into corner, peg 20 Beech; Colin Reynmolds (Bilston Angling Centre) 35-13-0; Tony Foster (Preston Innovations Boldings) 33-6-0. Sat, 12, Hawthorn. Peter Plant (Maver Midlands) 55-9-0, carp to 4 lb, maggot at 12m, peg 1 Hawthorn; Dave Craggs (Maver Midlands) 48-0-0; Alan Naylor (Oakengates Angling Centre) 32-4-0.

Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcs. Sat, 12, silver fish, Arles & High Pools. John Harvey (Wales) 28-8-0, carp, poled pellet, peg A27; Gary Kirkham (ABC) 20-6-0; Les Thompson (Matrix) 14-9-0; Simon Nickless (Saints) 13-6-0.

Riverside Fishery, Maesycwmmer, Gwent. Sun, 18. Clive Roberts (Sensas Nomads) 15-7-0, roach to 12 oz, casters at 5m, peg 5 Meadow Lake; Dennis O’Leary (Ebbw Vale) 9-7-0; Larry Salter (Ebbw Vale) 9-5-0; Tony Birt (Blackwood) 9-3-0.

Solhampton Ind WL,Solhampton Fishery, Stourport-On-Severn, Worcs. Sun. Badger and Dragonfly pools. Badger Pool: Paul Bailey (Vets) 23-12-0, stockies, pellet and maggot at 11m, peg 9; Mark Betteridge (National Express Walsall) 17-6-0; Nick Rowley (Solhampton) 16-6-0. Dragonfly Pool: Burgess Homer (Solhampton) 80-1-0, carp to 5 lb, corn at 14m, peg 6; Kevin Turner (Vets) 61-4-0; Karl Stephens (Colmic) 43-10-0. League: Mark Betteridge (National Express Walsall) 15; Steve Burrus (Club 2000) 18; Andy Welding (Solhampton) 21.

Spencer Works, Cefn Mably Lakes, Gwent. Sat, 20. Craig Guerra (Newport) 31-0-0, skimmers, Method feeder with pellets and maggots, peg 1 Horseshoe Lake; Mark Guerra (Newport) 21-0-0; Garry Fisher (Newport) 14-14-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm, Shrewley, Warks. Mon, 17, Top Pool. Wayne Sweetman (Tunnel Barn Farm) 51-3-0, F1s, roach and skimmers, maggot at 4m, peg 25; Pete Hancox (Birmingham) 39-14-0; Pete Rice (Bag’em Matchbaits) 39-12-0. Tues, 16, over-50s, House Pool 1. Wayne Sweetman (Tunnel Barn Farm) 41-3-0, stockies, pellet at 2 and 8m, peg 5; Barry Duggan (Warwick Portobello) 27-13-0; Jim Wills (TBF Veterans) 23-11-0. Wed, 17, House 2. Pete Rice (Bag’em Matchbaits) 54-1-0, F1s, roach and skimmers, maggot at 2m, peg 39; Alex Harper (Tunnel Barn Farm Colts) 51-13-0; Wayne Sweetman (Tunnel Barn Farm) 49-3-0. Thurs, 45, Veterans, Canal, Club and Jennys. Steve Johnson 48-14-0, F1s, roach and skimmers, poled maggot on deck, peg 1; Chris Constable 24-11-0; Mick Keen 22-1-0; Dave Chapman 18-12-0; Tony Maquire 10-4-0; Jim Wills 9-12-0 (all Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans). Fri, 16, Bottom. Wayne Sweetman (Tunnel Barn Farm) 49-0-0, F1s, pellet at 6m, peg 4; Dave James (Mosella) 40-15-0; Ian Shirley (Tunnel Barn Farm) 33-10-0; Les Wetton (Tunnel Barn Farm/F1 Baits) 30-0-0. Sun, 18, House 2. Pete Caton (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) 48-0-0, stockies and F1s, maggot at 14m, peg 7; Jason Brown (Maver Gold) 28-8-0; Andy Furniviel (Browning) 24-10-0.

White Springs, Pontarddulais, nr. Swansea. Sun, 17. James Thomas (Frenzee South West) 32-2-0, carp and bream, poled pellets, peg on New Canal; Pete Edwards (White Springs) 31-12-0; Alan Godrich (White Springs) 27-0-0.

Woodside Ind WL, Dudley No. 2 Canal, Merry Hill, W. Mids. Sun, 18. Kevin Clark (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 6-2-0, one 2 lb chub, skimmers, roach and perch, poled chopped worm, peg 51; John Billingham (Halesowen RBL) 5-1-0; Barry Robson (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 5-0-0; Dave Wood (Bilston Angling Centre) 4-1-0; Steve Robson (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 3-15-0; Pete Hatton (ZLT) 3-13-0. League: Dave Sheaf (Black Country Tackle) 12; Barry Robson (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 14; John Billingham (Halesowen RBL) 16.




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