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West Midlands Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for October 13/14 2012.

* Izaak Walton (Stafford) Winter League, Round One, Shropshire Union Canal, Norbury Junction, Stafford, Sun. 90. Steve Dudley (Browning Lifestyle Blue) 12-3-7, roach and perch, poled squatt and caster, peg C4; John Cartwright (Maver Tipton Van den Eynde Gold 11-0-0; Chris Constable (Team Yates) 9-7-0; Derek Jackson (Dams and Lock) 7-10-5; Martin Owen (Browning Lifestyle) 6-2-8; Steven Hurst (Exiles) 5-12-12.



Other matches


Cefn Fforest League, Tirley Court. Sat. 29. Simon Jones (Green’s Tackle) 212-10-0, carp to 8 lb on worms over casters at 4 metres; Gafyn Jones (Cefn Fforest) 180-15-0; Howard Stocker (Oakdale) 180-14-0; Dai Clarke (Cefn Fforest) 180-8-0.


Cefn Fforest Pairs, Redhill Fishery. Sun.34. Huw Jones (Cefn Hengoed) 176-12-0, carp on feeder and pellets, peg 4 on Sophie’s Pond; Norman Sterry (Lydney) 169-6-0; Lyn Jones (Cefn Hengoed) 164-10-0; Dai Clarke (Cefn Fforest) 142-4-0. Pairs: Norman Sterry and Ryan Jones 15 points; Dai Clarke and Ken Roper 17; Adam Jones and Mark Hillier 19.


Cradley Heath Labour AC, Warwickshire Avon, Pensham, Worcestershire, Sun. 20. Martyn Yarsley (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 12-12-0, bream, pole fished worm; peg 1; Lawrie Mulheron (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 9-0-0; Sean Waite (Cradley Heath Labour AC) 2-12-0.


Dynamite Makins, Wolvey, Warks, Kobra Feeders Affordables, Lake 2, Wed. 22. Jim Innes (Nuneaton Nomads) 78-12-0, carp, straight lead and pellet, peg B11. Terry Phillips (Attleborough Sports) 71-14-0; Lee Westwood (Litchfield) 68-14-0. Thurs. 25, Inner and Outer Avons. Pete Swanson (Derby) 40-6-0, carp, poled corn, peg 4, Inner Avon. Chris Harrison (Baileys of Warwick) 35-14-0; Jason Shirley (Baileys of Warwick) 34-2-0.


Elmbridge Fishery, Droitwich, Heron Pool, Thurs. 18. Tom Walton (Elmbridge) 66-10-0, carp, poled pellet and corn, peg 7. Jim Russell (Elmbridge) 52-8-0; John Morgan (Cradley) 51-6-0. Sat. 25, Pheasant Pool. Cliff Richards (Elmbridge) 42-10-0, carp, poled paste, peg 20. John Pulley (Elmbridge) 38-6-0; Martin Dunn (Elmbridge) 27-8-0. Sun. 17, Peacock Pool. John Nott (Willow Marsh) 43-0-0, carp, poled meat and corn, peg 18. Terry Butler (Pro-line) 36-8-0; Dave Oliver (Dudley Bait and Tackle) 30-0-0.


Furnace Mill Fishery, Wyre, Bewdley, Worcestershire, Sun. Marukyu Winter League, Furnace and Mucky Meadow Pools, 12. Steve Harris (Grant Albutt Angling Supplies) 83-4-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 47 Mucky Meadow; Ed Gray (Furnace Mill) 44-14-0; Martyn Guest (Furnace Mill) 43-8-0; Darren Randle (Mosella) 43-6-0.


Garbolino Tunnel Barn Farm, Shrewley, Warks, House Pool 1, Mon. 20. Rob Swain (White Hart Birmingham) 126-3-0, F1’s, roach and skimmers, poled maggot fished shallow at 7m, peg 6. Dave Callahan (Measham Redfins) 120-7-0; Graham Young (Youngs Tunnel Barn Farm) 94-12-0; Pete Hancox (Birmingham) 87-3-0. Tues. 34 over 50’s, Jennys and Canal Pools. Rob Swain (White Hart Birmingham) 201-6-0, F1’s, roach and skimmers, poled maggot at 7m fished high, peg 7, Jennys Pool. Tony Maquire (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) 110-8-0; Kevin Keasey (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) 99-0-0; Ron Notley (Tunnel Barn Farm/Starlets) 97-15-0; Pete Hancox (Birmingham) 97-3-0; Kevin Folwell (Drennan Oxford) 90-1-0. Wed. 20, House Pool 2. Richard Knowles (Shakespeare) 157-2-0, F1’s, poled maggot at 7m fished shallow, peg 7. Pete Rice (Bag ’em’ Baits) 153-13-0; Pete Hancox (Birmingham) 121-13-0; Simon Weed (Tunnel Barn Farm) 75-15-0. Thurs. 54 Veterans, Top, Canal and Jennys Pools. John Stockton (Barford Veterans) 67-7-0, F1’s, roach and skimmers, poled pellet at 6m and down the edge, peg 29, Top Pool. Dave Holmes (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) 66-8-0; Ron Notley (Starlet Veterans) 60-10-0; Chris Constable (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) and Barney Eade (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) both had 60-1-0; Steve Stokes (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) 56-13-0. Fri. 28, New Pool. Mick Blackmore (Roxel) 100-6-0, F1’s, roach and skimmers, poled pellet at 3m and down the edge, peg 1. Shaun Huggins (Dynamite Baits) 80-8-0; Pete Hancox (Birmingham) 73-3-0. Sat. 33, House Pool 2 and Club Pool. Pete Rice (Bag ’em’ Baits) 144-15-0, F1’s, roach, skimmers and barbel, poled pellet at 6m and down the edge, peg 9, Club Pool. Ricky Small (Allens Fishing Tackle) 123-2-0; Nigel Rimmer (Maver Gold/Bag ’em’ Baits) 113-6-0; Richard Knowles (Shakespeare) 109-15-0. Sun. 40, House Pool 1 and Top Pool. Wayne Ainsworth (Mid-City) 84-8-0, F1’s, roach and skimmers, poled pellet at 4m and down the edge, peg 10, Top Pool. Darren Bolton (Mosella Black Country) 79-10-0; Mark Barwell (Maver/Bag ’em’ Baits) 78-4-0; Steve Cantwell (Atomic) 77-10-0; Paul Ainsworth (Mid-City) 74-9-0; Mark Hardman (Mosella Black Country) 72-5-0.


Forest of Dean, Steam Mills Lake, Cinderford. Sat. 24. Mike Shields (RFODAC) 8-6-0, skimmers on pole and pellets, peg 43; Andy Grindle (RFODAC) 7-1-0; Mark Annis (Lydney) 6-9-0; John Beddis (RFODAC) 4-4-0.


Goodyear AC, Willowmarsh Fishery, Shenstone, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, Sun. 17. JJ Gallaacher (Goodyear AC) 59-6-0, eight carp, poled pellet, peg 36; Steve Thomson (Goodyear AC) 52-10-0; James Shinton (Goodyear AC) 40-0-0.


Hawkesbury Fishery,Bedworth, Warks, Thurs. 14. John Kidd (Hawkesbury/Gillette) 62-3-0, mixed, poled meat and corn, peg 8. Dennis Lutwytche (Hawkesbury) 53-10-0; Richard Grant (Hawkesbury) 48-6-0. Sat. 17. Richard Grant (Hawkesbury/Gillette) 56-5-0, carp, poled meat, peg 46. Craig Kidd (Hawkesbury) 54-13-0; Paul Reynolds (Hawkesbury) 47-3-0.


Iffers, Hartleton Lake, Ross on Wye. Sat. 20. Mark Wellington (Iffers) 26-4-0, big skimmers on pole and pellets, peg 60 in field by island; Ross Hale (Iffers) 26-0-0; Wayne Meek (Iffers) 25-12-0; Darren Saunders (Iffers) 24-0-0.


King’s Pools, Shareshill, Staffordshire, Wed. Big Match Pool 15. Bob Tandy (King’s Pools) 60-8-0, F1s and carp to 4 lb; poled sweetcorn; Harold Hayward (King’s Pools) 55-8-0; Gary Steele (WAC) 49-8-0. Sat. Big Match Pool, 20. Les Willey (King’s Pools) 71-4-0, F1s and carp to 4 lb, poled sweetcorn, peg 1; Paul Gregory (Swan Elite) 59-0-0; Bob Tandy (King’s Pools) 54-10-0.


Merthyr Tydfil AA Coaches Match. Redhill Fishery. Sun.14. Dawn Jones (Merthyr) 34-12-0, carp on feeder and pellets, peg on Penny’s Pond; Bernard Farr (Merthyr) 28-6-0; Jamie Brown (Merthyr) 23-2-0.


Monk Hall Fishery, Monkhopton, Salop, Lark and Swallow Pools, Sun. 12. Dave Hodnet (Bridgnorth) 26-4-0, mixed, poled pellet, peg 7, Swallow Pool. Keith Perrin (Tipton) 21-15-0; Tony Cook (Royal Oak) 19-1-0.


Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, Worcs, Meadow Pool, Tues. 19. Ken Sherriff (Kidderminster Angling) 130-14-0, carp, straight lead and pellet, peg 58. Richard Massey (Moorlands) 100-10-0; Pete Mace (Moorlands) 89-12-0. Wed. 21 over 50’s, Silver Pool. George Reynolds (Kings Pools) 75-3-0, F1’s, poled maggot at 4m, peg 7. Clive Munslow (Moorlands) 67-1-0; Mal Watson (Daiwa Gordon League) 55-14-0. Thurs. 18, Bank and Moors Pools. Richard Kings (St Davids Angling Club) 109-0-0, carp, poled maggot down the edge, peg 19, Moors Pool. Clive Munslow (Moorlands) 98-2-0; Colin Mathews (Stourport) 82-12-0. Sat. 30, Bank, Moors and Island Pools. Chris Hill (Mosella) 115-1-0, carp, poled pellet and corn down the edge, peg 5, Island Pool. Mal Watson (Daiwa Gordon League) 93-4-0; Iwan Mills (Robins Timber) 91-3-0; Mick Henshall (Fosters) 84-4-0. Sun. 38, Bank, Silver and Meadow Pools. Ray Lamb (Maver) 118-8-0, F1’s, poled pellet at 4m, peg 29, Silver Pool. Sid Julian (Moorlands) 79-14-0; Richard Kings (St Davids Angling Club) 75-14-0; Keith Wright (Fat Boys) 70-5-0; Glyn Clarke (Browning Spa) 69-13-0; Des Ravenall (Colin Pace Angling Academy) 68-14-0.


Newport Autumn Series, round 2. Woodstock Pond. Sun.19. Andy Price (Garry Evans Tackle) 48-8-0, F1s on pole and pellets, peg 13 on canal side; Nicky Belcher (Cwmbran Angling Nobblers) 46-6-0; Ellis Driscoll (Spencer Works Juniors) 40-4-0; John Mack (Newport) 37-14-0.


Parkes’ Hall AC, Cob House Fishery, Wychenford, Worcester, Sun. Laurel Pool 16. Paul Cartwright (ABC) 73-8-0, carp to 3 lb, poled sweetcorn and pellet, peg 3; William Garratt (Parkes’ Hall Fishery) 68-3-0; Jamie Round (Parkes’ Hall Fishery) 54-7-0.


Patshull Park Fishery, Pattingham, Shropshire, Sun. Winter League, Round Two, Boats section, 20. Shane Hodgkinson (JCB) 33-0-0, bream to 2 lb, feeder fished worm and maggot, peg 59; Carl Hammond (JCB) 23-4-0; Wendy Locker (Chester Tackle Locker) 20-0-0. Sun. Hotel Bank, 16. Brian Nicholls (Dudley Bait and Tackle) 26-3-0, bream to 3 lb, feeder fished maggot, peg 47; Kevin Tipton (Sensas) 24-8-0; Tony Davidson (Chester) 22-8-0.


Poole Hall Fishery, Alveley, Salop, Heron Pool, Sun. 12. Tom Bowen (Poole Hall) 54-12-0, carp, poled meat and corn, peg 47. Kevin Clarke (Poole Hall) 40-4-0; Tom Murphy (Poole Hall) 39-0-0.


Port Talbot Docks, West Glamorgan. Sun. 20. Mike Towler (Glamorgan Rebels) 12-0-0, bream and roach on groundbait feeder and red maggots, peg 11 on walkway; Anthony Hogg (Glamorgan Rebels) 10-9-0; Jeff Clarke (Glamorgan Rebels) 9-9-0.


Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Salop, Sycamore and Chestnut Pools, Sun. 26. Richard Guest (Maver Midlands) 168-0-0, carp to 6lb, poled caster fished shallow, peg 15, Chestnut Pool. Steve Owen (Mid-leisure) 112-0-0; Andy Kyte (Maver Sonu) 97-0-0; Colin Wozak (Matrix Total Angling) 87-0-0. Mon. 12, Ash and Hawthorn Pools. Phil Shaw (Lower Hill Farm) 82-3-0, carp to 3lb, poled pellet fished shallow, peg 14, Ash Pool. Godfrey Wood (MatixTotal Angling) 73-2-0; Eric Bancroft (Rod and Gun) 60-13-0; Ian Ward (Shrewsbury) 48-3-0. Wed. 12, Sycamore and Chestnut Pools. Gary Morris (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 56-6-0, carp to 6lb, poled pellet, peg 13, Sycamore Pool. Phil Shaw (Lower Hill Farm) 52-13-0; Andy Williams (Colmic Vespe) 49-6-0; Joe Brennan (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 47-14-0. Thurs. 12, Oak Pool. Ed Turner (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 81-2-0, carp to 6lb, poled pellet, peg 29. Gary Morris (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 79-12-0; Colin Reynolds (Bilston Angling Centre) 69-5-0; Carl Foster (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 61-15-0. Sat. 22, Sycamore and Chestnut Pools. Steve Owen (Mid-Leisure) 80-3-0, carp to 7lb and barbel to 3lb, poled pellet and corn to the island and down the edge, peg 27, Chestnut Pool. Matt Stobbs (Oakengates Angling Centre) 75-12-0; Graham Palmer (Fitters Angling Club) 64-1-0; Peter Plant (Maver Midlands) 58-5-0. Sun. 31, Sycamore, Willow and Larch Pools. Colin Wozak (Matrix Total Angling) 115-13-0, carp to 7lb, poled maggot fished shallow, peg 13, Willow Pool. Dave Craggs (Maver Midlands) 106-12-0; Jason Elwell (Phils Tackle) 81-6-0; Adam Slade (Sedgley) 77-15-0.


Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcestershire, Tues. Ghost Pool, 15. J. Stone (Woodlands) 88-15-0, carp to 12 lb, poled sweetcorn over pellet, peg 11; Wayne Panting (ABC Baits) 85-14-0; L. Davis (Woodlands) 84-13-0; M. Owen (Bilston Angling Centre) 69-2-0. Sat. Ghost Pool, 17. Rich Edmunds (Woodlands) 110-2-0, carp to 8 lb, poled sweetcorn and pellet, Ghost 2; Rob Camden (Peg One Woodlands) 90-10-0; A. Morrison (Fisherman’s Friend) 86-8-0; M. Edge (Woodlands) 66-12-0. Sat. Club Korum Juniors, Club Korum Pool. Jason Holloway (Club Korum) 50-5-0, carp, poled pellet and sweetcorn, Club Korum 22; Alex Holloway (Club Korum) 32-10-0; A. Blith (Club Korum) 26-11-0; G. King (Club Korum) 22-1-0; Zak Perry (Club Korum) 17-0-0. Sun. Deans Pool, 20. Anthony Mansell (Frenzee) 83-6-0, carp to 12 lb, poled sweetcorn and pellet; Jason Holloway (Club Korum) 80-10-0; D. Brownhill (Peg One, Woodlands) 40-0-0; Alex Holloway (Club Korum) 38-7-0.


Redhill Fishery, pole-only. Wed.14. Mike Yandle (Tredegar) 110-8-0, carp on corn in the margins, peg 9 on Molly’s Pond; Steve Shaw (Marukyu) 109-0-0; James Barnett (Risca) 108-0-0; Brian Jones (Merthyr) 79-12-0.


Rhymney, Parc Cwm Darran Lake. Sun. 18. Gary Lewis (Rhymney) 11-12-0, roach, skimmers and small carp on pole and pellets, peg 1; Terry Moss (Rhymney) 11-0-0; Elwyn Jones (Rhymney) 9-2-0.


Rough Hay Social, Cross Keys, Penkridge, Stafford, Sun. 14. Alan Gough (Rough Hay Social) 4-4-0, roach and gudgeon, poled squatt, peg 1; Steve Hitchins (Rough Hay Social) 3-3-6; David Payne (Rough Hay Social) 2-3-10.


Sirhowy, Staunton Court. Sun.20. Steve Shaw (Marukyu) 183-3-0, carp to double figures on pellets pole fished at half depth, peg in middle of green bank; Mike Yandle (Tredegar) 175-1-0; Nigel Morris (Browning West Wales) 173-0-0; Rob Jones (Browning West Wales) 154-0-0.


Stirrup Cup, Birmingham-Fazeley Canal, Curdworth, West Midlands, Sun. 10. Dave Freestone (Three Ems) 3-12-8, skimmers and roach, poled caster, peg 21; Pete Allwood (Long Eaton Federation) 3-0-8; Ian Jones (Stirrup Cup) 2-10-8; Alan Newman (Stirrup Cup) 2-2-0; Sam Lewis (Three Ems) 1-14-12; Graham Massey (Dams and Lock) 1-12-12.


Wassell Grove Fisheries, Autumn League, Round Four, Match Pool, Hagley, Stourbridge, West Midlands, Sun. 16. Trevor Hodges (Weather Tech Roofing) 105-12-0, carp to 8 lb, poled pellet, peg 16; Andy Gorton (Club 2000) 63-8-0; Alan Gethen (Club 2000) 58-0-0; Dave Johnson (Club 2000) 49-8-0; Terry Homer (Club 2000) 46-0-0; Paul Hadlington (Club 2000) 34-8-0.


West Midlands Fencing League, Izaak Walton Fishery, Chebsey, Stafford, Sun. Canal, 13. Mick Smith (Paramedic) 30-8-0, carp to 4 lb, poled meat and sweetcorn, peg 16; Jordan Hall (Maver Midlands/Bagem Baits) 20-9-0; Mark White (West Midlands Fencing) 17-0-0. League: Jordan Hall (Maver Midlands/Bagem Baits) 9; Gary Hall, Allen’s Tackle, Leamore) 24; Dave Swift (WAC) 32.


WFCA Veteran’s Welsh National Championship, Redhill Fishery, Monmouth. Sat. 20. Tony Summers (Sirhowy/Wye Angling) second year running 45-10-0, carp with a few small fish on pole and maggots, peg 2 on Penny’s Pond; Phil Rawlings (Sirhowy) 45-2-0; David Couzens (Merthyr Tydfil AA) 44-2-0; Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) 41-2-0; Frank Davies (Sirhowy) 40-4-0; Mark Holden (Sirhowy) 32-4-0.


White Springs, Pontarddulais. Sun.16. Chris Jones (Swansea) 84-14-0, carp and bream on feeder and pellets to the island, peg on Match Lake; Mark Goodall (Browning West Wales) 71-4-0; Adam Mitchell (Browning West Wales) 62-12-0.


Wolverhampton Over 60s, Shropshire Union Canal, Little Onn, Church Eaton, Stafford. Alan Round (Browning Lifestyle) 6-7-11, roach, perch and gudgeon, poled maggot, peg 6; Dave Smith (Bridgtown) 6-2-5; Tony Wardley (Bridgtown) 5-2-0.



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