West Midlands Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for October 2/3 2010

* Dynamite Baits Matchman Supplies, Dynamite Baits Makins complex at Wolvey, Warwickshire, Sun. 108. Andy Allen (Mansfield Angling Gold) 106-0-0 of carp to 10 lb, legered banded pellet, peg 2A, Lake 2; Ken Daws (Mansfield Angling Gold) 85-6-0; Daz Walters (Team Makins) 75-12-0; Paul Clark (Dynamite Ringers) 74-14-0; Daz Shaw (Team Makins) 71-2-0; Ian Mcculloch ( 69-4-0.
Teams: Team Makins 38; Dynamite Ringers and Mansfield Angling Gold both 45; 51; Dynamite Baits Matchman Supplies Red 59; Mansfield Doctor Jamie’s 61.

* Hereford Winter League, round 1. River Wye at Hereford. Sun. 66. Dave Roberts (Woody’s) 55-10-0, barbel, maggot feeder, peg 100 two up from Victoria Bridge; Andrew Murphy (Wizards) 47-5-0; Martin Challenger (Cwmbran Angling Nobblers) 34-8-0; Danny Ashington (Woody’s) 33-4-0; Steve Ashmore (WB Clarke) 31-4-0; Dave Mander (Wolves) 20-8-0. Teams: Match Fishing 49 points; Woody’s 48; Shakespeare 46; Cardiff Nomads 44.

Other matches

Beechdale AC, Curborough Fishery, Lichfield, Staffordshire, Sun. Canal Pool, 11. Steve Whittaker (Beechdale MG) 50-0-0, carp to 5 lb, poled sweetcorn; Bill Bratt (Beechdale AC) and Martin Whittaker (Beechdale AC) both 37-14-0; Lindon Pickett (Beechdale AC) 34-6-0.

Blackfords Progressive, Calf Heath Reservoir, Calf Heath, Gailey, Staffordshire, Sat. 35. Paul Bucknell (Little Dawley) 63-10-0, bream to 4 lb, Method feeder and maggot, peg 55; Steve Preece (M & S Joinery) 53-2-0; John Currie (Oswestry) 33-6-0; Kevin Tipton (Sensas) 24-15-0.

Elmbridge Fishery, Droitwich, Heron Pool, Thurs. 16. Owen Boswell (Elmbridge) 114-10-0, carp, poled corn, peg 8. Trevor Burton (Baggeridge Brick Angling Club) 108-6-0; Gary Hobbiss (Elmbridge) 71-6-0. Sat. 16, Heron Pool. Richard Buxton (Yale Angling Club) 134-6-0, carp, poled corn down the edge, peg 35. Terry Butler (Elmbridge) 120-6-0; Pete Ricketts (New Willenhall) 119-4-0. Sun. 23, Heron Pool. Terry Butler (Elmbridge) 101-0-0, carp, poled worm, peg 1. Allan Perry (Harris Match Group) 94-6-0; Sid Wilkes (D B Tackle) 86-10-0.

Furnace Mill Winter League,
Wyre, Worcestershire, Sun. Furnace and Mill Pools, 26. Andy Newton (Furnace Mill) 96-7-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet, peg 2 Furnace; Iwan Mills (Robin’s Timber) 86-5-0; Martyn Guest (SBS) 82-12-0.

Garbolino Tunnel Barn Farm, Shrewley, Warks, Bottom Pool, Mon. 18. Chris Nicholson (Tamworth Tackle) 55-6-0, carp, bream and F1s, poled pellet over slop at 11m to the island, peg 32. Andrew Rouveure (Sensas France) 55-5-0; Brian Edwards (Youngs Tunnel Barn Farm) 50-0-0; Ade Mansfield (Tamworth Tackle) 46-8-0. Wed. 16, House Pool 2. Ade Mansfield (Tamworth Tackle) 76-5-0, F1s, poled pellet at 5m fished high and low, peg 16. Ronald Biggs (HMP) 71-8-0; Pete Hancox (Birmingham) 51-4-0; Nigel Brown (Tamworth Tackle) 43-11-0. Sat. 30, Canal and Jennys Pool. Andy Jackson (Redditch) 190-5-0, carp, bream and F1s, poled bread over red cloud at 6m fished high, peg 1, Canal Pool. Paul Newell (Kings Mill Redditch) 158-13-0; Craig Elkin (Fox Match) 125-14-0; Mark Malin (Mosella) 99-4-0; Pete Caton (Dynamite Baits/Banbury Gunsmiths) 99-2-0; Mark Smith (Tunnel Barn Farm) 93-15-0. Sun. 34, House Pool 2 and Jennys Pool. Paul Newell (Kings Mill Redditch) 167-0-0, carp, bream and F1s, poled bread fished high, peg 27, House Pool 2. Andy Jackson (Redditch) 154-6-0; Stu Palser (Shakespeare) 131-2-0; Matt Smith (Bag Em Baits) 98-15-0; Pete Caton (Dynamite Baits/Banbury Gunsmiths) 95-10-0; Kevin Adderley (Dams and Lock) 90-11-0.
Glamorgan, Drummonds Dub Lake, Ross-on-Wye. Sun.16. Gareth Thomas (Caerphilly) 17-5-0, all skimmers on waggler with corn and maggots, peg on road side; Jim Palmer (Cardiff) and Dean Jay (Dinas Powys) both 15-4-0.
Goodyear AC, Greenways Pool, Pattingham, Shropshire, Sun. 21. Don Sharpe (Goodyear AC) 51-10-0, carp to 5 lb, Method feeder and pellet/sweetcorn, peg 16; Barry Jones (Goodyear AC) 40-9-0; Pete Rogers (Goodyear AC) 29-2-0; Steve Thomson (Goodyear AC) 21-6-0.

Hawkesbury Fishery,
Bedworth, Warks, Thurs. 12. Craig Kidd (Hawkesbury) 39-3-0, carp, poled meat, peg 40. John Kidd (Hawkesbury) 38-8-0; Keith Walton (Hawkesbury) 37-0-0. Sat. 19. Andy Findlay (Korum) 56-0-0, carp, pellet feeder, peg 5. Craig Kidd (Hawkesbury) 54-7-0; Rolly Sturdy (Starlet Veterans/Hawkesbury) 46-9-0; George Cairnes (Hawkesbury/Kodak) 44-8-0. Sun. 24. John Kidd (Hawkesbury) 59-2-0, carp, poled meat,peg 33. George Cairnes (Hawkesbury/Kodak) 55-7-0; Dave Markham (Hawkesbury) 40-3-0.
Holgan Farm, Llawhaden. Sun.18. Kevin Roberts (Haverfordwest) 51-8-0, carp to 7 lb on pole and pellets, peg on Match Lake; Guy Preece (Haverfordwest) 44-8-0; Mark Close (Holgan Farm); Keith Bridge (Holgan Farm) 42-12-0.

Hunnington Fishery, Halesowen, West Midlands, Wed. Kingfisher Pool, 15. Paul Gadd (Team Strike) 72-0-0, carp, poled sweetcorn and maggot, peg 26; Trevor Hodges (Weather Tech) 50-8-0; Alan Higgs (Club 2000) 43-0-0.
Iffers, Hartleton Lake, Ross on Wye. Sun.18. Andy Reed (Iffers) 26-7-0, skimmers on corn fished with pole and Method feeder, peg 57 in the field; Martin Porter (Iffers) 25-12-0; Wayne Meek (Iffers) 16-2-0; Darren Saunders (Iffers) 13-3-0.

Izaak Walton Fishery, Chebsey, Stafford, Wed. Bottom Pool, 15. Neil Edwards (Meir and Longton Royal British Legion) 60-3-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 9; John Wild (Stafford) 54-11-0; Paul Carnwell (Garbolino All In) 53-7-0; Mark Colclough (Stafford) 44-11-0. Thurs. Veterans, Top and Middle Pools, 17. Ken Hough (Heronbrook) 39-9-0, carp, poled pellet and maggot, peg 23 Top Pool; Dave Jones (Market Drayton) 39-6-0; John Causer (Stafford) 30-12-0; Dave Purvis (Stafford) 23-12-0. Sat. Top and Middle Pools, 20. Jason Elwell (Pro Line Tackle, Wednesbury) 62-11-0, carp, poled pellet and maggot, Middle 9; Kevin Dennis (Ultimate Pellet) 51-9-0; Barry Hill (Pro Line Tackle, Wednesbury) 49-7-0; Doug Bell (Stafford) 42-12-0.
King’s Pools, Shareshill, Staffordshire, Sat. Big Match Pool, 16. Pete Sawes (Swan AC) 100-0-0, carp to 5 lb, poled sweetcorn, peg 30; George Reynolds (King’s Pools) 65-7-0; Terry Edwards (Swan AC) 64-3-0; Martin Dunn (Swan AC) 54-4-0; Paul Davis (King’s Pools) 53-7-0; John Bengamin (swan AC) 44-14-0. Sun. Big Match, 23. Pbo Baker (King’s Pools) 87-13-0, carp to 6 lb, plus a few tench, poled pellet, peg 28; Richard Noakes (Fitters AC) 82-6-0; Terry Wolston (Royal Mail) 65-13-0; John Cockayne (Maver Midlands) 62-6-0; John Bengamin (Swan AC) 50-9-0; Ivan Morton (Swan AC) 50-7-0.
L and M Cleaning Pairs Match, Cefn Mably Lakes, Cardiff. Sun.22. Dai Clarke (Cefn Fforest) 73-4-0, carp and skimmers on casters with Method feeder to the island and pole down the edge, peg on Match Lake; Ryan Thomas (Penybryn) 68-8-0; Richard Baldwin (Caerphilly) 63-4-0. Pairs: Dai Clarke and Trevor Tarling 205-8-0; Ryan Thomas and Paul Lewis 203-0-0.
Monk Hall Fishery, Monkhopton, Salop, Swallow and Lark Pools, Sun. 13. Carl Stevens (Greenman) 68-12-0, carp and mixed silver fish, poled pellet and corn, peg 50, Lark Pool. Charlie Jeavons (Greenman) 67-12-0; Bill Hodgetts (Royal Oak) 43-15-0.

Moorlands Farm,
Hartlebury, Worcs, Moors and Island Pools, Tues. 26. Iwan Mills (Robins Timber) 55-4-0, carp, poled pellet at 3m, peg 9, Moors Pool. Pete Mace (Worcester Angling Academy) 54-14-0; Chris Clemson (Dudley Angling Club) 54-12-0. Wed. 18 over 50’s, Meadow Pool. Iwan Mills (Robins Timber) 111-4-0, carp, poled pellet at 2m, peg 20. Pete Mace (Worcester Angling Academy) 111-0-0; Bill Drew (Bewdley) 89-4-0. Thurs. 27, Moors and Bank Pools. Gary Hill (Woodlands Golden Oldies) 73-0-0, carp, poled pellet at 6m, peg 16, Moors Pool. Kevin Roderick (Moorlands) 57-0-0; Paul Foster (Blackheath) 56-8-0. Sat. 38, Meadow and Bank Pools. Mick Henshall (Fosters) 91-11-0, carp, poled corn down the edge, peg 57, Meadow Pool. Mark Tooze (Specialist Bait Suppliers) 91-5-0; Richard Chatwyn (Specialist Bait Suppliers) 88-4-0. Sun. 19, Bank Pool. Pete Rice (Bag Em Baits) 68-11-0, carp, poled pellet down the edge and 4m, peg 21. Ian Wood (Peg 1 Woodlands View) 64-8-0; Colin Pace (Colin Pace Angling Academy) 62-0-0.

Mosella Manor Farm Leisure,
Harvington, Middle Pool, Wed. 15. Chris Telling ( 170-14-0, carp and tench, poled pellet and groundbait feeder, peg 23. Chris Goergern (France) 107-12-0; Adrian Davis (Gloucester) 89-4-0; Steve Rich (Wiltshire) 80-6-0. Thurs. 14, Island Pool. Adrian Davis (Gloucester) 89-0-0, carp and tench, poled pellet and paste and groundbait feeder, peg 9. Ronnie Pharoah (Mosella) 82-8-0; Paul Adler (Manor Farm Leisure) 63-8-0; Mark Saunders (Manor Farm Leisure) 61-0-0. Sat. 18, Middle Pool. Chris Lewis (Tackle Locker) 100-0-0, carp and tench, poled pellet and pellet waggler, peg 4. Chris Cameron (Mosella South West) 86-4-0; Steve Ford (Daiwa Gordon League) 79-0-0; Barry Geldard (Darlington) 77-10-0. Sun. 25, Island Pool. Chris Lewis (Tackle Locker) 84-8-0, carp and tench, poled pellet and groundbait feeder, peg 33. Neil McKinnon (Shakespeare Superteam) 81-14-0; John Cattermole (Frenzee) 77-10-0; Rob McKenzie (Gloucester) 74-0-0.
Newport Autumn Series, round 1. Woodstock Pond. Sun. 21. Matthew Morgan (Blackwood) 71-4-0 new venue record, carp on pole with pellet and paste, peg 31; Rob Skellett (Cwmbran Angling Nobblers) 65-14-0; Neil Dibble (Cwmbran Angling Nobblers) 44-8-0; Glyn Reynolds (Awa-Shima) 36-8-0; Mal Entwhistle (Glamorgan Rebels) 35-12-0; Rob Wiltshire (Caerphilly) 35-2-0.

Octoplus Boldings Pools,
Bridgnorth, Salop, Oak Pool, Mon. 12. Colin Reynolds (Bilston Angling Centre) 88-2-0, carp to 5 lb and barbel to 1 lb, poled pellet at 5m and down the side, peg 13. Eric Bancroft (Rod and Gun) 68-6-0; Phil Shaw (Lower Hill Farm) 63-2-0; Graham Evason (Octoplus Boldings Wolves) 59-6-0. Thurs. 13, Chestnut and Sycamore Pools. Ed Turner (Octoplus Boldings Wolves) 98-1-0, carp to 5 lb and bream to 2 lb, poled pellet and corn at 6m and close in, peg 16, Chestnut Pool. Ralph Johnson (Bilston Angling Centre) 82-14-0; Colin Reynolds (Bilston Angling Centre) 75-0-0; John Wild (Stafford) 66-7-0. Sat. 17, Chestnut and Willow Pools. Billy Ward (Dorset Pools) 127-8-0, carp to 7 lb and skimmers to 2 lb, poled pellet and paste down the side, peg 17, Chestnut Pool. John Francis (Rod and Gun) 125-14-0; Peter Plant (Maver) 115-6-0; Tim Probert (Octoplus Boldings Wolves) 86-14-0; Andy Bayliss Kyte (Maver Sonu) 85-10-0; Ralph Johnson (Bilston Angling Centre) 72-11-0. Sun. 16, Oak Pool. Dave Barnard (Rod and Gun) 69-8-0, carp to 5 lb and skimmers to 1 lb, poled pellet at 5m and to the tree, peg 29. Dave Matson (Rod and Gun) 67-14-0; Dave Hailey (Octoplus Boldings Wolves) 62-12-0; Chris Holmes (Mid Severn A) 61-11-0.

Packington Somers,
Meriden, Warks, Little Gearys, Wed. 16. Mick Bull (Dynamite Baits/Guru/Shimano) 96-13-0, carp and F1s, tip and pellet, peg 9. Joe Roberts (Kamasan Starlets) 66-8-0; John Burchell (Packington) 56-7-0. Sat. 25, Gearys Level. Ron savage (Lanes Baits) 54-12-0, skimmers, poled pellet, peg 13. John Kenning (Goole) 52-9-0; Neil Buck (Apache) 44-0-0. Sun. 41, Molands Mere. Ron Savage (Lanes Baits) 66-14-0, carp, skimmers, tench and F1s, poled pellet, peg 44. Steve Chester (Moorlands) 37-14-0; Keith Wooding (Packington) 35-10-0; Steve Griffin (Packington) 31-9-0.
Patshull Park, Pattingham, Shropshire, Sun. Great Lake, 30. John Gill (Sedgeley) 42-14-0, bream to 4 lb, slider and maggot, peg 44; Simon Harris (Little Dawley) 40-4-0; Gary Johnson (Sensas) 22-15-0; Neil Perry (Sedgeley) 18-0-0.

Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcestershire, Tues. Deans Pool, 18. Steve Lovell (Bilston Angling Centre) 141-1-0, carp to 10 lb, poled pellet, Deans 4; A. Bryn (Bilston Angling Centre) 136-5-0; T. Perry (Woodlands) 113-7-0; C. Perry (Woodlands) 98-7-0. Wed. Deans Pool, 14. H. Morris (Woodlands) 142-7-0, carp to 10 lb, poled pellet, Deans 10; C. Wells (Northfield) 134-10-0; B. Bowland (Adams Family) 100-5-0; B. Connor (Worcester) 98-5-0. Sat. Ghost Pool, 20. Mac Cox (Fiery Holes) 173-4-0, carp to 8 lb, poled pellet; Harry Summers (Fiery Holes) 130-0-0; Chris Noyce (MSH) 91-12-0; Phil Edmunds (Woodlands) 85-7-0. Sun. Ghost Pool, 20. Kevin Slade (Bilston Angling Centre) 154-5-0, carp to 8 lb, poled pellet, peg 5; Chris Cameron (Mosella) 89-14-0; S. Farmer (Woodlands) 75-11-0; P. Bendall (Tubertini) 74-0-0.
Redhill Fishery, Monmouth. Pole only. Wed.12. Giles Cochrane (MAP) 141-0-0, all carp on pole and pellets, peg 7 on Penny’s Pond; Howard Green (Green’s Tackle) 127-0-0; Joel Worgan (Tredegar) 123-6-0.
Rhymney, Lower Pen y clawdd Farm, Raglan. Sun.20. Lloyd Davies (Rhymney) 18-1-0, small carp and bream on pole, pellets and maggots, peg on Wagtail Pool; Colin Whitehouse (Rhymney) 14-4-0; Jess Pugh (Rhymney) 13-11-0.
Rough Hay AC, Izaak Walton Fishery, Chebsey, Stafford, Sat. Canal Pool, 15. Arthur Shaw (Rough Hay AC) 18-15-0, carp to 1 lb 8 oz plus silvers, poled caster, peg 15; Brian Wright (Rough Hay) 15-0-0; Dave Taylor (Rough Hay) 14-0-0.

Royal Forest of Dean, team championship. Final round. Lightmoor Pool and Steam Mills Lake. Sun.40. Mark Hastings (Rebels) 74-9-0, carp to 8 lb on pole and pellets, peg 35 on Lightmoor; Chris Hughes (Pit Ponies) 57-12-0; Vince Eamer (Rebels) 47-6-0; Sam Hughes (Pit Ponies) 35-0-0. Top on Steam Mills, Bernie Fraser 19-0-0. Teams: Wye Angling 146 points; Rebels 140; Pit Ponies 136; Cormorants 135. Individual Champion: Richie Hoskins (Wye Angling). Wye Angling KO Cup: Tony Summers (Wye Angling).
Sirhowy, White Springs Fishery. Sun.22. Joel Worgan (Tredegar) 85-8-0, carp and bream on long pole and pellets to the island, golden peg on The Old Canal worth £100; Chris Hall (Swansea) 57-4-0; Tony Worgan (Tredegar) 47-8-0; Andrew Ford (Swansea) 43-8-0.
Spencer Works, Redhill Fishery, Monmouth. Sat.20. Phil Rawlings (Pontypool) 64-14-0, all carp on long pole and corn, peg 5 on Penny’s Pond; Richard Candy (Cardiff) 52-4-0; Shaun Wilson (Trethomas) 52-2-0; Clive Roberts (Cardiff) 41-8-0.
Stirrup Cup, Birmingham-Fazeley Canal, Curdworth, Birmingham, Sun. 10. Graham Massey (Dams and Lock) 2-13-6, small fish, poled squatt, peg 8; Tony Robertson (Stirrup Cup) 2-6-3; Clark Taylor (Stirrup Cup) 2-5-4; Sam Lewis (Three Ems) 2-3-5; Joe Taylor (Stirrup Cup) 2-1-5; Barry Lewis (Black Country Tackle) 1-10-4.

Walsall Arboretum, Walsall, West Midlands, Sun. 17. Clive Jones (Brownhills) 10-0-0, four bream, feeder fished maggot, peg 29; Jason Hadley (Bloxwich) 7-8-0; Kevin Edwards (Jessar AC) 7-4-0; Dave Nesbitt (Sneyd) 2-9-0; Norman Carpenter (Saints) 2-4-0; Steve Heitzman (Walsall) 1-2-0.
Warwickshire Winter League Practise, Birmingham-Fazeley Canal, Bromford, Birmingham, Sun. 45. Tony Barker (Shakespeare) 10-1-3, roach and perch, poled bloodworm and joker, peg 188; Alex Powell (HanKat AS) 8-13-8; Simon Preece (HanKat AS) 8-9-6; Rob Quinn (Shakespeare) 8-8-6; Darren Lewis (Maver Tipton Van den Eynde) 8-3-4; John Fowler (Dams and Lock) 8-0-6.
Wolverhampton Over 60’s Club, Staffs-Worcs Canal, Coven, Staffordshire, Wed. 16. Stuart Brailford (Wolverhampton) 8-8-0, all roach, poled punched bread, peg 11; Dave Pinches (Goldthorn Social) 8-0-0; Keith Harrison (Bridgtown) 6-10-0.