West Midlands Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for November 26/27, 2011.

* Acorns Childrens Hospice Charity, Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, Sat. 70. Martin Lefevre (Moorlands Gold) 32-10-0, F1s, poled pellet at six metres, peg 16, the Silver Pool; Colin Pace (Colin Pace Angling Academy) 32-4-0; George Reynolds (Kings Pools) 30-12-0; Steve Owen (Kings Pools) 29-10-0; Jim Burton (Elmbridge) 26-8-0; John Morgan (Stourport) 26-0-0.

* Angling Trust Garbolino Tunnel Barn Farm, Sun. 50.

Pete Goodman (Chambers Champs) 64-8-0, F1s, roach, skimmers and perch, pole, maggot, New Pool peg 13; Steve Ringer (Chambers Champs) 56-3-0; Stu Palser (Chambers Champs) 55-14-0; Matt Hall (Chambers Champs) 54-12-0; Pete Rice (Kingfisher Angling Centre Redditch) 53-8-0; Phil Moore (Phoenix) 51-7-0.

Teams: Chambers Champs 18; Kingfisher Angling Centre Redditch 29; Mosella Black Country 33; Maver Tipton 34; Phoenix 36.

League: Chambers Champs 4; Mosella Black Country and Kingfisher Angling Centre Redditch both 10; Phoenix and Maver Tipton both 18.

* Bridgnorth AS, River Severn, Bridgnorth, Sun. 69. Barry Hatch (Witham, Essex) 39-8-0, barbel and chub, float and feeder, maggot and meat, peg 78, in the Coppice; Dave Dean (Billinghurst, Kent) 24-13-0; Adrian Paddock (Chester Tackle Locker) 22-3-0; Andy Ison (Cambridge) 21-11-0; Nigel Causer (Albrighton) 21-4-0; Wayne Rolston (Bridgnorth) 19-11-0.

* Dynamite Baits, Phase’s 1, 2 and 3, Dynamite Baits’ Makins, Sun. 90. Les Davies (Rivendale Black) 80-4-0, carp, straight lead and pellet peg 17, on the Reptile Pool; Mark Betteridge (Dynamite Matchman Supplies) 54-8-0; Mark Crewe (Team No Idea) 53-8-0; Andy Inglesent (Attleborough Sports Veterans) 50-8-0; Ian Hughes (Attleborough Sports Veterans) 48-15-0; Terry Phillips (Knob Rods) 47-10-0.

Teams: Lamberts Dummies 17; Dr Jamies 18; Knob Rods and Ringer Baits 20; Attleborough Sports Veterans 22; Team No Idea 24.

Final League: Mansfield Angling Gold and both had 122, but Dynamite Matchman Supplies win on section countback points. Dynamite Matchman Supplies 132; Team Makins 137; Ringer Baits 140; Dr Jamies 144.

* River Wye Team Championship, Hereford. Sun. 102.

Steve Mayer (WB Clarke) 66-8-0 chub, waggler and maggots at Bartensham; Dave Rutter (Willow Creek) 48-10-0; Dan Ashington (Woody’s) 46-0-0; Tony Boucley (Wolves) 45-0-0.

Teams: W B Clarke; 37; Woody’s 39; Wolves 40; Cardiff Nomads 44 points.


Buckley Over-50s Rover, Trap Pool. Thurs.12. Malcolm Griffiths (Buckley) 4-7-0, thirty roach and perch on straight lead and maggots, peg 20; Colin Westwood (Buckley) 3-12-0; Brian Plumridge (Buckley) and Pete Evans (Buckley) both 3-5-0.

Elmbridge Fishery, Droitwich, Pheasant Pool, Thurs. 18. Alan Fleet (Taveners) 46-8-0, carp, pellet feeder, peg 28. Sid Toroni (Maver Solihull Angling Centre) 24-8-0; Arthur Griffiths (Dever Angling Club) 24-0-0.Sat. 17, Heron Pool. Gary Hobbiss (Elmbridge) 70-10-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 12. Terry Butler (Elmbridge) 65-4-0; Alan Mason (Elmbridge) 34-8-0. Sun. 18, Heron Pool. Dave Richards (Clampetts) 40-8-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 26. Brian Jones (Elmbridge) 37-6-0; Gary Hobbiss (Elmbridge) 33-10-0.

Forest of Dean, Steam Mills Lake, Cinderford. Sun.15. Bernie Fraser (Glory Boys) 11-2-0, skimmers and roach on straight lead and maggots, peg 18; Tony Summers (Wye Angling) 9-4-0; John Jeffries (Newent) 6-15-0; Andy Grindle (RFODAC) 5-2-0.

Garbolino Tunnel Barn Farm, Shrewley, Warks, Top Pool, Mon. 21. Pete Hancox (Birmingham) 50-13-0, F1’s, bream, roach and barbel, poled pellet over slop at 6 and 8m, peg 8. Chris Constable (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) 42-5-0; Steve Birch (Northfields) 38-8-0. Wed. 17, House Pool 2. Bob Greenbury (Abu) 49-4-0, F1’s, roach, perch and chub, poled maggot at 10m fished high and low, peg 7. Pete Hancox (Birmingham) 42-5-0; Craig Elkin (Fox) 41-4-0. Thurs. 20, Bottom Pool. Rob Swain (White Hart Birmingham) 34-4-0, F1’s, carp, bream and perch, peg 2. Graham Young (Youngs Tunnel Barn Farm) 28-15-0; Alan Gibb (Youngs Tunnel Barn Farm) 27-14-0. Thurs. 52 Veterans, House Pools 1 and 2 and New Pool. John Stockton (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) 26-15-0, F1’s, skimmers, roach and perch, poled pellet at 8, 10 and 12, peg 16, House Pool 1. George Attwood (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) 20-11-0; John Davenport (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) 18-0-0; Chris Constable (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) 17-14-0; Chris Haille (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) 17-4-0; Alan Robinson (Tunnel Barn Farm Veterans) 17-0-0. Fri. 18, Bottom Pool. Chris Neale (Rutlanders) 93-4-0, carp, poled pellet down the edge, peg 18. Pete Hancox (Birmingham) 54-6-0; Chris Newton (Smithys Tackle) 32-5-0; John Newton (Smithys Tackle) 29-7-0. Sat. 20, Canal and Top Pools. Ronnie Biggs (OHMS) 82-3-0, carp and F1’s, poled meat over pellet, peg 20, Canal Pool. Matt Hall (Sensas) 74-9-0; Stu Palser (Shakespeare) 68-3-0; Paul Bick (Shakespeare) 59-1-0.

Glamorgan, Cefn Mably Lakes. Sun. 18. Jason Sterio (Cardiff) 62-8-0, F1s on long pole and pellets fished shallow, peg at bottom end of Willow Pool; Dean Jay (Dinas Powys) 37-12-0; Russell Palmer (Cardiff) 35-4-0.

Hawkesbury Fishery, Bedworth, Warks, Sat. 15. John Kidd (Hawkesbury) 32-10-0, carp and tench, poled corn and meat, peg 9. George Cairnes (Hawkesbury/Kodak) 27-14-0; Paul Reynolds (Hawkesbury) 27-7-0. Sun. 21. Andy Houlton (Hawkesbury 1st ever win) 41-3-0, carp, poled corn, peg 46. John Kidd (Hawkesbury) 39-2-0; Dave Ashdown (Hawkesbury) 38-14-0.

Holgan Farm, Llawhaden. Sun.18. Ian Heaps (Holgan Farm) 138-8-0, carp on pole and pellets and corn, peg on Match Lake; James Young (Haverfordwest) 91-12-0; Colin Bates (Haverfordwest) 79-4-0.

Kobra Feeders, Dynamite Baits Makins, Wolvey, Warks, Lake 2, Wed. 21. Tony Lamb (Jaguar) 39-0-0, carp, straight lead and pellet, peg A13. Lee Westwood (Litchfield) 37-12-0; Alan Neil (Tackle Shack) 37-2-0. Thurs. 25, Lagoon and Lizard Pools. Matt Hall (All Seasons Angling) 56-0-0, carp, method and pellet, peg 10, Lizard Pool. Gary Cotton (Solihull) 35-8-0; Sam Brown (Team Makins) 30-14-0.

Lydney, Elton Corner Fishery. Sun.28. Mike Shields (RFODAC) 53-14-0, all carp on maggots fished with pole and feeder, peg at end of car park; John Macklin (Lydney) 32-10-0; Mike Mould (Lydney) 28-14-0; Roger Jones (Lydney) 25-4-0.

Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, Worcs, Bank and Moors Pools, Tues. 17. Bill Rathbone (St Francis All Comedians, Shelfield, Walsall) 33-2-0, carp, poled pellet at 8m, peg 9, Bank Pool. Jeff Clarke (Parks Hall) 30-8-0; Dave Powell (Phoenix) 29-10-0. Wed. 21 over 50’s, Silver Pool. Mal Watson (Daiwa Gordon League) 98-6-0, F1’s, poled pellet at 7m, peg 10. Paul Foster (Starlet Veterans) 84-0-0; Clive Wright (Mosella) 71-6-0. Thurs. 18, Meadow Pool. Martin Lafevre (Moorlands Gold) 44-14-0, carp, poled pellet at 13m, peg 40. Bill Rathbone (St Francis All Comedians, Shelfield, Walsall) 30-8-0; Jason Evans (Browning Spa) 29-4-0. Sun. 27, Bank, Moors and Island Pools. Mal Watson (Daiwa Gordon League) 54-11-0, carp and skimmers, poled pellet at 14m, peg 13, Island Pool. Dave Johnson (Club 2000) 48-7-0; Brett Whitley (Hagley) 43-12-0.

Newport Autumn League final round, Woodstock Pond. Sun. 28. Howard Green (Green’s Tackle) 35-7-0, carp and bream on pole and pellets, 7; Nicky Belcher (Cwmbran Angling Nobblers) 29-0-0; Phil Weaver (Newport) 27-12-0; Matt Morgan (Blackwood) 24-0-0. League: Nicky Belcher 55 points; Steve Ayers 50; Matt Morgan 48; Rob Sims 43.

Packington Somers, Meriden, Warks, Gearys Level, Sat. 25. Andy Findlay (Preston Innovations/Korum) 56-8-0, carp, method and meat, peg 29, £100.00. bonus peg. Steve White (Kobra Feeders) 30-4-0; Ron Savage (Lanes Baits) 23-7-0. Sun. 31, Molands Mere. Lee Richards (Packington) 24-5-0, skimmers and F1’s, poled pellet, peg 43, £100.00. bonus peg. Chris Taylor (Packington) 19-8-0; Steve Edwards (Packington) 18-12-0.

Poole Hall Fishery, Alveley, Salop, Cuckoo Pool, Wed. 10. Brian Wakelin (Poole Hall) 22-6-0, mixed silvers, poled maggot and caster, peg 18. Roy Arnold (Poole Hall) 19-4-0; Tom Murphy (Gunmakers) 18-12-0. Sun. 14, Kingfisher Pool. Alan Goode (Stevens Tackle) 66-15-0, carp and mixed silvers, poled meat and corn, peg 39. Tim Rogers (Gunmakers) 52-7-0; Alan Esbury (Poole Hall) 22-5-0.

Pontymister Christmas Fare, Crumlin Arm of Monmouthshire Canal at Cross Keys. Sun.30. Tristan Walters (Cross Keys) 4-10-8, 2lb bream with roach and skimmers on pole and punched bread, peg in front of houses on Hall’s Road; John Cooper (Risca) 2-5-8; Ian Evans (Risca) 1-13-8.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Salop, Oak Pool, Mon. 10. Eric Bancroft (Rod and Gun) 44-7-0, carp to 4lb, poled pellet at 4 and 10m, peg 22. Russ Allen (Oswestry) 39-8-0; Colin Reynolds (Bilston Angling Centre) 36-1-0. Wed. 10, Deepdale and Middle Pools. Tony Foster (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 43-2-0, carp to 4lb, poled pellet at 4m and into the corner, peg 6, Deepdale Pool. Mick Jameson (Mid-Leisure) 36-14-0; Tony Corns (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 31-2-0. Thurs. 10, Chestnut and Sycamore Pools. Kevin Melville (Maver Total Angling) 52-6-0, carp to 5lb and barbel to 2lb, poled maggot at 12m, peg 7, Chestnut Pool. Eric Bancroft (Rod and Gun) 38-4-0; Mark Foster (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 36-10-0. Sat. 25, Larch and Willow Pools. Andy Bayliss Kyte (Maver/Sonu) 57-7-0, carp to 4lb, poled pellet at 8m and close in, peg 4, Larch Pool. John Francis (Rod and Gun) 57-5-0; Mitch Davidson (Oakengates Angling Centre) 43-14-0. Sun. 40, Hawthorn, Middle, Ash, Oak and Beech Pools. Sean Barber (Maver) 67-15-0, carp to 7lb, poled pellet at 13m, peg 9, Hawthorn Pool. John Wild (Stafford) 60-3-0; Colin Reynolds (Bilston Angling Centre) 53-15-0; Dave Hailey (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 50-10-0.

Redhill Fishery, Monmouth. Pole-only. Wed.14. Mike Yandle (Tredegar) 70-7-0, carp on long pole and maggots, peg 5 on Penny’s Pond; Steve Shaw (Marukyu) 65-0-0; Brian Protheroe (Merthyr) 45-6-0; Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) 36-0-0.

Sirhowy, White Springs Fishery. Match Lake, Sun.20. Nigel Morris (Neath) 69-4-0, carp and bream on long pole and pellets, peg 20; Chris Hall (Swansea) 48-10-0; Keith Grande (Tredegar) 40-8-0; Simon Jones (Rhymney) 40-6-0.

White Springs, Pontarddulais. New Canal. Sun. 18. Steve Davies (Burry Port) 54-14-0, carp and bream on long pole and pellets to the island, peg 7; Gordon Furlong (Swansea) 50-8-0; Jeff Walker (Llandeilo) 28-10-0.

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