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ANDY ALLEN (Mansfield Angling);

RICHARD CRABTREE (Gerry’s Morecombe);

TONY MARSHALL (Quorn Van den Eynde);

DENIS WHITE (Maver Barnsley);

SIMON WILLSMORE (Daiwa Dorking).

SAM WILDSMITH (Maver Barnsley);

DARREN DAVIES (Van den Eynde Essex);

DEAN LOCKE (Garbolino Apollo);


MARK GODDARD (Daiwa Dorking);

STAN HAIGH (Anglers World);

CRAIG KENT (Woodlands);


IAN WOOD (Worcester).



RICH KNOWLES (Sensas Midland MG);

MICK LODGE (Garbolino Ossett);

STEVE TUCKER (Preston Innovations Thatchers);



West Midlands Angler’s Mail Kamasan qualifiers for July 9/10 2011

* Bridgnorth, Linley Bank, River Severn at Bridgnorth, Sun. 55. Dan Shinton (Bridgnorth Angling Society) 41-0-0, barbel, pellet feeder, peg 154 on the Golf Course; Keith Russell (Bell Otters) 27-15-0; Brian Preece (Bridgnorth Angling Society) 23-2-0; John Stockton (Heathway Tackle) 22-5-0; Martin Taylor (Bromsgrove) 20-6-0; Dave

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Webb (Fosters) 19-9-0.

* Shakespeare Qualifier, River Avon, Evesham, Worcestershire, Sat. 69. George Avery (Alcester Sports) 7-8-0, maggot, pole, waggler, mixed bag, peg 7; Darren Davies (Drennan) 6-5-8; Paul Downes (Sensas) 6-5-0; Terry Parrott (Alans Tackle) and Tim Noke (WB Clarke) both had 6-3-0; Rob Perkins (Dynamite Baits) and Tony Skinner (Shakespeare) both had 5-12-0; Jason Jones (Evesham) 5-8-8; tom Scholey (Pole Fishing) 5-2-0.
Qualifiers: George Avery, Tim Noke and Jason Jones.

Other matches

Blackfords Progressive, Leacroft Pool, Cannock, Staffordshire, Sat. 12. Carl Stratfull (Blackfords Progressive) 15-6-0, all silver fish, poled maggot, peg 1; Ken Walters (Pelsall) 7-9-0; John Burns (Blackfords Progressive) 4-8-0.
Buckley, Trap Pool. Wed. 18. Pete Evans (Buckley) 16-8-0, roach, skimmers and a bonus carp on pole and casters, peg 21 on shallows; Graham Davison (Buckley) 16-7-0; Colin Westwood (Buckley) 16-4-0.

Cefn Fforest, Port Talbot Docks, West Glamorgan. Sun. 28. Dai Clarke (Cefn Fforest) 20-8-0, skimmers and mullet on groundbait feeder and maggots fished 20 yards out, peg 3 on day ticket bank; Gavin Jones (Cefn Fforest) 14-8-0; Luke Richards (Abercarn) 13-8-0; Howard Stocker (Oakdale) and Trevor Tarling (Britannia) 12-0-0.

Docklow Pools, Leominster, Herefordshire, Stock Pool, Sat. 15 Ladies. Kelly Edmondson (London) 37-0-0, mixed, poled maggot, caster and corn, peg 7, first ever match. Pauline Jones (Milton Keynes) 35-0-0; Diane Greaves (Bury) 30-0-0; Rae Davies (Hereford) 28-0-0. Sat. 12, Snake Pool. Wayne Wardell (Nottingham) 24-12-0 mixed silvers, poled maggot, caster and corn, peg 10. Steve Todd (Huddesfield) 22-15-0; Eric Davis (Stourbridge) 16-0-0; Richard Thomson (Hereford) 13-8-0. Sun. 26, Match and Stock Pools. Keith Butler (Wales) 129-8-0, mixed, poled maggot, caster and corn, peg 12, Stock Pool. Alan Rower (Chester) 90-9-0; Phil Mason (Hereford) 87-12-0; Steve Greaves (Bury) 83-6-0.

Elmbridge Fishery, Droitwich, Heron Pool, Thurs. 18. Mark Whitine (Poplars Angling Club) 100-6-0, carp, pellet feeder, peg 5. Mike Astbury (Poplar Angling Club) 70-4-0; Alan Fleet (Taverners Angling Club) 51-10-0. Sat. 24, Heron Pool. Simon Richardson (Maver Total Angling, Shrewsbury) 129-4-0, carp, poled corn, pellet waggler and straight lead and pellet, peg 6. Keith Miller (New Willenhall) 119-6-0; Dave Oliver (Dudley Bait and Tackle) 92-10-0.
FBM Holidays Coarse Fishing Championship Final Qualifier Llyn Carfan, Whitland, Pembrokeshire. Wed. 18. Kev Abbot (Haverfordwest) 14-4-0, roach, bream and small carp on pole and casters, peg 5; Chris Watts (Pembroke) 11-0-0; James Young (Swansea) 7-14-0. Grand Final, Llyn Carfan Fishery. Sun. 15. Ian Heaps (Holgan Farm) 23-15-0, roach and carp on pole and casters, won £400 and Pembrokeshire Fish Week Cup; Chris Kidd (Haverfordwest) 22-0-0; Kevin Abbot (Haverfordwest) 20-3-0; Jonathan Davies (Pembroke) 19-1-0.
Four Cross AC, Cats Hill Pool, Cannock, Staffordshire, Sun. 18. Gary Johnson (Sensas) 21-6-0, roach, perch, skimmers and tench, poled meat, peg 39; Gordon Ward (Four Crosses AC) 18-9-0; S. Bye (Four Crosses AC) 17-13-0.
Furnace Mill Fishery, Wyre Forest, Bewdley, Mucky Meadow and Willow Pools. Sun. Chris Senter (Alans Tackle) 88-8-0, mixed, poled pellet, peg 44, Mucky Meadow. Dave Williams (Halesowen Royal British Legion) 67-8-0; Ed Gray (Furnace Mill) 63-13-0; Sean Coffey (Marks Tackle) 62-3-0. Sun. 19, Mucky Meadow and Willow Pools. Paul Evans (Furnace Mill) 90-11-0, mixed, poled pellet, peg 4, Mucky Meadow. Kevin Williams (Wolverhampton) 66-8-0; Chris Senter (Alans Tackle) 60-2-0. Sun. Furnace and Mill Pools, 21. Paul Evans (Furnace Mill) 90-11-0, carp, poled maggot and caster, Furnace 4; Kevin Williams (Wolverhampton) 66-8-0; Chris Senter (Alan’s Tackle) 60-2-0.
Garbolino Tunnel Barn Farm, Shrewley,Warks, Bottom Pool, Mon. 22. Chris Neale (Rutlanders) 93-2-0, carp,  F1s, orfe and bream, poled paste over slop at 6m, peg 32. Dave Armstrong (Jet Breakers Match Group) 90-14-0; Tom Neale (Rutlanders) 89-0-0; Pete Hancox (Birmingham) 82-10-0. Sat. 47, Canal, top and Jennys Pools. Paul Bick (Shakespeare) 130-1-0,  F1s, bream, tench and roach, poled pellet at 8m and poled paste at 3m down the side, peg 1, Canal Pool. Stu Palser (Shakespeare) 122-13-0; Adam Wakelin (Preston Innovations) 111-10-0; Barry Bush (North West Worms) 103-14-0; Andy Jackson (Mosella) 101-6-0; Penn Writing (Maver/Bag Em Baits) 98-14-0. Wed. AM. 60. Jason labosquet (Garbolino Bait-Tech) 118-11-0,  F1s, bream, roach and perch; Andy Bennett (Leigh Tackle) 106-12-0; Adam Wakelin (Preston Innovations/Leigh Tackle) 97-8-0. Wed. PM. Adam Wakelin (Preston Innovations/Leigh Tackle) 177-0-0, carp,  F1s, bream and roach, poled caster and worm, peg 23, House Pool 2; Carl Weeder (Leigh Tackle) 162-13-0; Jason Labosquet (Garbolino Bait-Tech) 161-10-0.
Overall: Carl Weeder (Leigh Tackle) 253-9-0; Andy Jackson (Mosella) 222-11-0; Jason Neath (Daiwa Gordon League) 186-15-0. All had 2pts. Jason Labosquet (Garbolino Bait-Tech) 280-5-0; Adam Wakelin (Preston Innovations/Leigh Tackle) 274-8-0; Paul Newell (Kings Mill Redditch) 204-9-0. All had 3pts.
Goodyear AC, Staffs-Worcs Canal, Slade Heath, Staffordshire, Thurs. 16. John Benness (Goodyear AC) and Steve Thomson (Goodyear AC) both 6-12-0, caster fish, skimmers and squatt fish; Wilf Kneller (Mid Leisure) 5-6-0; Graham Woolley (Goodyear AC) 5-0-0. Sun. Greenway Pool, Pattingham, Shropshire, 16. Bob Cook (Goodyear AC) 49-14-0, carp to 7 lb, feeder/pole and sweetcorn; Barry Lewis (Goodyear AC) 44-2-0; Malcolm Bethell (Goodyear AC) 36-7-0; John Taylor (Goodyear AC) 35-8-0.
Gwent Clubs Summer League, Round 2. Morgans Pond and School Pool, Newport. Sun. 40. Luke Nixon (Blackwood) 56-8-0, F1 carp on long pole and paste, peg on School Pool; Richard Ahearne (Caerphilly) 50-6-0; John Harvey (Risca) 46-8-0; Matt Morgan (Blackwood) 44-10-0. Teams: Awa-Shima 13 points; Garry Evans Tackle 14; Cwmbran Angling Nobblers 15.

Hawkesbury Fishery,
Bedworth, Warks, Thurs. 15. Richard Grant (Hawkesbury/Gillette) 57-4-0, carp and tench, poled meat and corn, peg 8. Chris Howe (Hawkesbury) 52-1-0; Paul Thompson (Hawkesbury) 47-6-0. Sat. 19. George Cairnes (Hawkesbury/Kodak) 70-0-0, mixed, poled pellet and meat, peg 40. Richard Grant (Hawkesbury/Gillette) 66-8-0; Craig Kidd (Hawkesbury) 54-0-0. Sun. 26. Dave Markham (Hawkesbury) 80-4-0, carp, poled meat and corn, peg 42. Dennis lutwytch (Hawkesbury) 66-4-0; Rolly Sturdy (Starlet Veterans/Hawkesbury) 52-1-0; Craig Kidd (Hawkesbury) 47-4-0.
Holgan Farm, Llawhaden, Pembrokeshire. Tench and Crucian Lake. Sun. 15. Colin Bates (Pembroke) 51-12-0, crucians to 2lb on pole and pellets, peg 6; Kevin Webber (Haverfordwest) 49-8-0; Steve Harrison (Haverfordwest) 45-8-0.
Iffers Silver Fish, Phocle Farm, Ross on Wye. Sun. 18. Wayne Meek (Iffers) and Colin Freeman (Iffers) both 27-10-0, roach, rudd, ide and barbel on top 3 with maggots, pegs on car park side; Bob Williams (Iffers) 27-0-0; Mitch Hudson (Iffers) 25-1-0.

Izaak Walton Fishery, Chebsey, Stafford, Wed. Top Pool, 15. Paul Carnwell (Garbolino Bait Tech) 106-12-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 22; Alastair Blakeman (Black Country Fisheries) 97-7-0; Dave Barnard (Gnosall) 88-0-0; John wild (Stafford) 66-4-0. Fri. Canal, 12. Andy Rogers (Stoke-on-Trent) 73-10-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 20; Paul Carnwell (Garbolino Bait Tech) 56-7-0; Carl Moon (Frenzee) 53-4-0; Mark Kearns (Stapeley Cudmore) 46-8-0. Sat. Top and Middle, 23. Derek Plant (Ultimate Pellet) 88-0-0, carp, poled pellet, Middle 14; Paul Carnwell (Garbolino Bait Tech) 78-1-0; Paul Haynes (Ulimate Pellet) 77-12-0; John Causer (Stafford) 68-11-0.
King’s Pools, Shareshill, Staffordshire, Wed. Carp and Syndicate Pools, 34. Andrew Hickman (King’s Pools) 76-13-0, carp and tench to 1 lb 8 oz, poled pellet, peg 12; Dave Purvis (Stafford) 71-0-0; Frank Chapman (King’s Pools) 69-0-0; Mel Davis (King’s Pools) 57-3-0. Sat. Big Match Pool, 24. Mattie Stockton (King’s Pools) 82-0-0, carp to 5 lb, poled pellet, peg 28; Jordan Hall (Allen’s Bait and Tackle) 60-12-0; Dave Purvis (Stafford) 58-6-0; Terry Edwards (Swan Elite) 57-8-0.

Kobra Feeders,
Dynamite Baits Makins, Wolvey, Warks, Lake 2, Wed. 15. Ben Lockwood (Sensas 04) 152-6-0, carp, pellet waggler, peg A13. Pete Eden (Syston Casters) 86-8-0; John Adamson (Kobra Feeders) 57-8-0. Thurs. 23, Thames and Inner Avon Pools. Baz Smithson (Gedling Tackle) 56-4-0, carp, poled meat and paste, peg 1, Thames Pool. Kev Walters (Team Makins) 47-8-0; Frank Pizzimmenti (Castle Ashby) 46-0-0; Ian Morris (Rugby) 43-14-0.
Last Cast, Mathern Mill Fishery. Sun. 12. Steve Morris (Last Cast) 129-0-0, carp to 6lb on pole and pellets in the margins, peg on Waterfall Lake; Paul Ewers (Last Cast) 115-12-0; Lee Ewers (Last Cast) 86-4-0.

Lydney, Lydney Lake. Sun. 22. Simon Glover (Butcher’s Hook) 33-15-0, bream to 5lb on groundbait feeder and pellets, peg 27; Mark Hastings (Newent) 26-5-0; Phil Davies (Lydney) 21-8-0; Matt Peters (Butcher’s Hook) 20-14-0.

Lydney and Forest of Dean, Teams of 4. Lydney Lake and Steam Mills Lake. Sat. Glyn Sherwood (Iffers Blue) 39-0-0, bream on Method feeder and maggots well out in open water, peg 30 on Lydney Lake; Martin Chandler (Glory Boys) 29-12-0; Alan Simmons (Iffers Red) 28-7-0; Bryn Kear (Cormorants) 24-9-0. Teams: Iffers Blue 34 points. League: Iffers Red 92 points; Wye Angling 85; Iffers Blue 80.
Merthyr, Cyfartha Park Lake. Sun. 16. David Thomas (Merthyr) 31-8-0, carp, bream and roach on groundbait feeder and maggots, peg 32; Dave Couzens (Merthyr) 13-3-0; Liam Williams (Merthyr) 10-6-0.

Monk Hall Fishery,
Monkhopton, Salop, Swallow and Owl Pools, Sun. 14. Bill Stone (Monk Hall) 48-11-0, carp and mixed silvers, poled pellet and corn, peg 7, Swallow
Pool. Mark Stevens (Sonu Baits) 40-12-0; Tony Cook (Royal Oak) 34-2-0; Alan Parsonage (Monk Hall) 32-1-0.

Moorlands Farm Fishery,
Hartlebury, Worcs, Silver, Middle and Island Pools, Tues. 35. Barry Chesham (Littleton Angling Club) 112-14-0,  F1s, poled pellet at 4m, peg 5, Silver Pool. Chris Cameron (Mosella South West) 92-2-0; Dale Wall (Moorlands) 90-12-0; George Reynolds (Kings Pools) 87-14-0. Wed. 22 over 50’s, Meadow Pool. Mal Watson (Daiwa Gordon League) 95-0-0, carp, poled pellet down the edge, peg 16. Danny Ludgate (Mosella) 88-6-0; Clive Wright (Mosella) 78-1-0. Thurs. 24, Bank, Island and Moors Pools. Pete Mace (Worcester Angling Academy) 66-8-0, carp, skimmers and  F1s, poled pellet at 10m, peg 8, Moors Pool. Mal Watson (Daiwa Gordon League0 64-8-0; Keith Finch (Dudley Bait and Tackle) 62-4-0; Lee Kirby (Moorlands) 59-14-0. Fri pm. 21, Meadow and Bank Pools. Lee Kirby (Moorlands) 114-5-0, carp, poled mussel down the edge, peg 18, Bank Pool. Chris Bradney (Stevens Tackle) 98-14-0; Kevin Rodderick (Moorlands) 94-6-0. Sat. 26, Meadow and Bank Pools. Colin Pace (Colin Pace Angling Academy) 100-7-0, carp, poled paste down the edge, peg 31, Meadow Pool. John Cooper (Moorlands Gold) 89-12-0; Mark Tooze (Specialist Bait Suppliers) 81-6-0; Mal Watson (Daiwa Gordon League) 75-12-0. Sun. 30, Island, Middle and Silver Pools. Sid Julian (Moorlands) 89-2-0, carp, poled pellet down the edge, peg 4, Island Pool. Neville Groves (Top Fours/Fosters) 67-6-0; Chris Hill (Mosella) 67-4-0; Richard Kings (St Davids Angling Club) 64-3-0.

Mosella Manor Farm Leisure,
Harvington, Boundry Pool, Mon pm. 12, 3 hour match. Jordan Clarke (Alcester Sports) 94-12-0, carp, poled pellet and dog biscuit, peg 34. John Cattermole (Frenzee) 81-10-0; Andy Stone (Dons Angling Club) 59-0-0. Wed. 15, Middle Pool. Chris Cameron (Mosella South West) 176-4-0, carp and tench, poled pellet and pellet feeder, peg 13. Tony Burnham (Edgeley Sports) 119-4-0; Paul Little (Edgeley Sports) 116-12-0; John Holt Edgeley Sports) 92-4-0. Thurs. 17, Island Pool. Chris Cameron (Mosella South West) 118-0-0, carp and tench, poled pellet, peg 13. Gary Venner (Stuarts Angling Club) 98-8-0; Ronnie Pharoah (Mosella) 97-0-0; Paul Little (Edgeley Sports) 94-4-0. Sun. 17, Windmill Lake. Derek Martin (Baileys of Warwick) 94-6-0, carp, skimmers and tench, poled pellet, peg 25. Steve Partington (Mosella) 85-2-0; Neil McKinnon (Preston Innovations) 77-8-0; Andy Taylor (Mosella) 71-4-0.
Newport, School Pool. Wed evening. 16. Bob Giles (Cefn Fforest) 35-4-0, F1 carp on paste feeder fished to the lily pads, peg 48; Ian Driscoll (Spencer Works) 34-2-0; Andy Price (Garry Evans Tackle) 33-10-0; Glyn Reynolds (Awa-Shima) 29-10-0.

Octoplus Boldings Pools,
Bridgnorth, Salop, Ash Pool, Mon pm. 12. Eric Bancroft (Rod and Gun) 125-1-0, carp to 6 lb, poled paste down the side, peg 7. Andy Buckley (Telford) 99-6-0; Colin Reynolds (Bilston Angling Centre) 83-12-0; Mick Jones (Kidderminster) 82-2-0. Thurs. 10, Chestnut and Oak Pools. Dave Matson (Rod and Gun) 107-9-0, carp to 5lb, poled paste down the side, peg 37, Chestnut Pool. Eric Bancroft (Rod and Gun) 102-5-0; Dave Barnard (Rod and Gun) 82-13-0; Andy Williams (vespe. com) 68-5-0. Sat. 28, Sycamore and Willow Pools. John Francis (Rod and Gun) 93-3-0, carp to 8lb and bream to 3lb, poled pellet at 4m and poled corn down the side, peg 13, Sycamore Pool. Dave Matson (Rod and Gun) 78-0-0; Andy Baylis Kyte (Maver Sonu) 77-14-0; Carl Foster (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 71-1-0. Sun. 35, Sycamore, Ash and Willow Pools. Dave Hailey (Preston Innovations Boldings Pools) 138-5-0, carp to 9lb and bream to 3lb, poled pellet and maggot close in, peg 13, Sycamore Pool. Kelvin Emlyn (Oakengates Angling Centre) 121-9-0; Jason Elwell (Pro-Line Wednesbury) 112-14-0; Eric Bancroft (Rod and Gun) 89-0-0.

Packington Somers,
Meriden, Warks, Molands Mere, Wed. 15. Andy Wooding (Maver Solihull Angling Centre) 57-12-0, carp, Method and pellet, peg 56. Lee Myers (Packington) 48-7-0; John Burchell (Packington) 48-4-0. Sat. 28, Gearys Level. Ryan Harris (Chiltern Baits) 66-8-0, carp, Method and pellet, peg 27. Fred Coxon (Ringer Baits) 53-7-0; Jack Eaves (Kobra Feeders) 39-10-0. Sun. 31, Molands Mere and Willow Pools. Andy Findlay (Preston Innovations/Korum) 51-10-0, carp and skimmers, Method and pellet, peg 51, Willows Pool, bonus peg £200. 00. Steve White (Kobra Feeders) 49-6-0; Mick Bull (Dynamite Baits/Guru) 42-0-0.

Parkes Hall AC, Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, Worcestershire, Sun. Back Pool, 16. Richard Whitehouse (Parkes Hall) 105-5-0, carp to 8 lb, poled sweetcorn and mussels; William Garrett (Parkes Hall) 82-1-0; Paul Warwood (Parkes Hall) 74-7-0.

Pontymister, Crumlin Arm of Monmouthshire Canal at Risca. Sun. 26. Kane Chivers (Pontymister Juniors) 6-14-0, bream and roach on pole and pinkies, peg at Fernleigh; Martin Clarke (Cross Keys) 5-10-0; Steve Byett (Cross Keys) 5-6-0; Paul Clarke (Cross Keys) 4-9-0.
Redhill Fishery, Monmouth. Pole-only. Wed. 12. Mike Yandle (Tredegar) 234-8-0, carp to 6 lb on pole and pellets fished shallow, peg 2 on Molly’s Pond; Steve Shaw (Marukyu Baits) 216-14-0; Simon Jones (Rhymney) 160-4-0; Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) 155-8-0.

Reedswood AC, Reedwood Pool, Walsall, Tues. 15. Aaron Street (British Oak, Willenhall) 24-2-0, carp to 4 lb, poled pellet, peg 24; Glen Noad (Beechdale AC) 13-8-0; Mark Pitcher (Foster’s) 13-4-0.

Sirhowy, Pixley Pool. Sun. 18. Steve Shaw (Marukyu Baits) 231-8-0, all carp on pole and maggots fished close in, peg on dam; Nigel Morris (Neath) 169-12-0; Mike Yandle (Tredegar) 132-8-0; Luke Sorokin (Neath) 112-8-0.

Sonu Baits Individual, Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcestershire, Sun. Deans and Ghost Pools, 30. Klaus Fix (Nuneaton) 166-8-0, carp to 10 lb, poled pellet, Deans 30; Kevin Slade (Bilston Angling Centre) 166-1-0; Sean McCarthy (Tredegar Angling) 133-1-0; Mark Westwood (Bilston Angling Centre) 118-4-0; Danny Baker (Tredegar Angling) 97-5-0; Mark Taylor (Shakespeare) 95-14-0.
Stirrup Cup, Birmingham Fazeley Canal, Curdworth, Birmingham, Sun. 18. Derek Jackson (Dams and Lock) 20-7-5, bream to 3 lb, poled caster, peg 51; Tony Parkes (Stirrup Cup) 17-6-10; Darren Barratt (Stirrup Cup) 11-2-1; Ian Haddon (Weddington) 10-2-6; Tony Robertson (Stirrup Cup) 8-10-15; Sam Lewis (Three Ems) 5-7-5.

Walsall Arboretum, Hatherton Lake, Walsall, Sun. 15. Norman Carpenter (Walsall) 10-8-0, four bream, tip fished worm, peg 9; Kevin Edwards (Jessar AC) 9-0-0; John Seagrave (Great Wyrley) 5-8-0; Ron Nicholls (Walsall) 5-0-0; Ron Jackson (Leamore) 3-0-0; Gary Beasley (Walsall) 2-8-0.
White Springs Fishery, Pontarddulais. Match Lake. Sun. 22. Mark Goodall (West Wales Angling) 137-12-0, carp and bream on pole and pellets to the island, peg 19; Pete Edwards (West Wales Angling) 91-0-0; James Thorn (Swansea) 85-4-0; Ron Gibbs (Caerphilly) 77-12-0.

Wolverhampton AA, Cross Keys, Penkridge, Staffordshire, Wed. 18. paul turner (Maver Tipton Van den Eynde) 21-8-0, bream, roach and a tench, poled caster, peg 9; Arthur ‘nearly’ Shaw (DB’s AC) 19-0-0; Steve Dudley (Lifestyle Browning) 17-5-0; Pete Chiltern (Wood End) 7-14-8; Dave Holbrook (Brownhills) 6-2-0; Digger Conway (Armitage Shanks) 6-1-0.

Wolverhampton Over 60s, Shropshire Union Canal, Autherley, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Wed. 19. Paul Andrews (Birkenhead) 12-12-0, bream and roach, poled maggot, peg 1; Dennis Sumner (Bilston Angling Centre) 5-6-12; Don Sharpe (Goodyear AC) 4-12-0.