West Midlands Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for December 11/12 2010

* Garbolino Tunnel Barn Farm WL, House Pools 1 and 2, Top, New and Canal Pools, Sat. 80. Craig Goldstraw (Lea Hall Gold) 22-1-0, F1s, roach, perch and gudgeon, poled pinkie, peg 14, on the New Pool; Mark Johnson (Neaths 4/Daiwa Gordon League) 20-4-0; Steve Ringer (Barston/Shimano) 19-12-0; Amar Jawad (Dynamite Baits) 19-2-0; Stu Palser (Dynamite Baits/Shakespeare) 18-11-0; Bob Greenbury (ABU/Leicester Sensas) 18-6-0.
Teams: Neaths 4 74; Dynamite Baits 71; Barston 62; The Rejects 60; Lea Hall Gold 59; Garbolino Bag Em Baits 54.
League: Barston 255; Dynamite Baits 247; Tri-Cast Rochdale 239; Maver Pickering Bag Em Baits 226; Garbolino Bag Em Baits 217; Neaths 4 208.

* Warwickshire WL, Round Five, Birmingham-Fazeley Canal, Minworth, Birmingham, Sun. 60. Phil Taylor (Dams and Lock) 12-10-8 five bream to 3 lb 8 oz plus two 1 lb perch, poled caster, peg 33; Phil Cox (Maver Tipton Van den Eynde) 7-11-8; Jon Arthur (Shakespeare) 7-1-0; Paul Bostock (Atherstone) 6-15-4; Lewis Breeze (HanKat AS) 6-12-9; Ian Crossman (Browning Central) 6-6-10.
Teams: HanKat AS 29; Shakespeare Superteam and Maver Tipton Van den Eynde both 33; Atherstone 34; Browning Central 39; Dams and Lock 42.
League: HanKat AS and Shakespeare Superteam both 10; Maver Tipton Van den Eynde 13; Browning Central 22; Dams and Lock 23; Atherstone 25.

Other matches

Bilston Angling Centre, Staffs-Worcs Canal, Oxley Moor, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Wed. 9. Dave Richards (Four Ashes AC) 23-8-0, bream, skimmers and roach, poled caster and maggot, peg 2; Dennis Sumner (Bilston Angling Centre) 21-2-0; Dave McCall (Shakespeare) 14-12-0; Wilf Kneller (Mid Leisure) 10-0-12.

Cardiff Nomads, Taff Feeder Canal, Cardiff. Sun. 6. Clive Roberts (Cardiff Nomads) 8-8-0, all small roach on 5m pole and single white maggot, peg under road bridge; Richard Candy (Cardiff Nomads) 3-8-0.

Goodyear AC, Shropshire Union Canal, Rye Hill, Church Eaton, Staffordshire, Sun. 10. John Benness (Goodyear AC) 5-0-4, roach and perch, poled punched bread and caster, peg 1; John Hunter (Goodyear AC) 3-8-4; Barry Jones (Goodyear AC) 3-2-8.

Hawkesbury Fishery, Bedworth, Warks, Sun. 18. Charlie Merritt (Hawkesbury) 8-5-0, perch, poled pinkie, peg 38. Gary Reynolds (Hawkesbury) 6-3-0; Rolly Sturdy (Starlet Veterans/Hawkesbury) and Paul Reynolds (Hawkesbury) both had 4-1-0; George Cairnes (Hawkesbury/Kodak) 3-8-0; Grant Merritt (Hawkesbury) 3-4-0; Keith Walton (Hawkesbury) 2-7-0.

Izaak Walton Fishery,
Chebsey, Stafford, Sat. Middle Pool, 11. Dave Coleman (Northwood Inn) 17-2-0, skimmers, roach and perch plus odd carp, poled pinkie, maggot and caster, peg 4; Pete Holmes (Cheadle) 14-9-0; Neil Edwards (Meir and Longton Royal British Legion) 9-4-0; Nigel Boulton (Trentside Tackle) 8-12-0.
Moorlands Farm, Hartlebury, Worcs, Moors, Silver, Island and Bank Pools, Sat. 27. Steve Pearce (Specialist Bait Suppliers) 30-14-0, F1’s, poled pinkie at 14m, peg 39, Silver Pool. Iwan Mills (Robins Timber) 16-0-0; Richard Kings (St Davids Angling Club) 15-0-0; Mick Henshall (Fosters) 12-12-0; Mark Pincher (Club 2000) 10-12-0; George Reynolds (Kings Pools) 9-0-0; Dave Johnson (Stevens Tackle) 8-12-0; Neville Groves (Top Fours/Fosters) 6-8-0. Sun. 17, Meadow, Island and Bank Pools. Iwan Mills (Robins Timber) 13-2-0, 2 carp, poled pellet at 10m, peg 26, Island Pool. Neville Groves (Top Fours/Fosters) 10-1-0; Dave Williams (Halesowen Royal British Legion) 7-8-0; Steve Pearce (Specialist Bait Suppliers) 7-3-0; Andy Newton (Maver) 6-3-0; Pete Mace (worcester Angling Academy) 5-13-0.

Mosella Manor Farm Leisure,
Harvington, Ash and Island Pools, Sun. 13. Alan Ainsworth (Mid-City) 36-4-0, carp, poled pellet and maggot feeder, peg 35, Island Pool. Steve Partington (Gloucester) 23-0-0; Adrian Davis (Gloucester) 9-8-0; Tony Ainsworth (Mid-City) 7-8-0; Ronnie Pharoah (Mosella) 7-0-0; Andy Pollard (Daiwa Gordon League/Mosella South West) 5-0-0; Chris Cameron (Mosella South West) 4-10-0; Tony Whitcher (Manor Farm Leisure) 3-2-0.

Newport Christmas Fare, Woodstock Pond. Sun. 30. Andis Schneider (Newport) 10-4-0, skimmers and roach on pole and double red maggots, peg 24 by the bailiff’s cabin; Rob Wiltshire (Caerphilly) 6-7-0; Chris Hall (Swansea) 3-8-0; Alan Davies (Trealaw) 3-4-0.

Octoplus Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Sun. 46. Paul Gadd (Shrewsbury) 13-7-0, carp and skimmers, poled maggot, Chestnut Pool peg 32; John Wild (Stafford) 12-12-0; Brian Clarke (Maver) 8-5-0; Jerry Powell (Telford) 5-3-0; John Francis (Rod and Gun) 4-8-0; Arthur Wood (Oswestry) 3-11-0; Tim Probert (Octoplus Boldings Wolves) and Steve Owen (Mid-Leisure) both returned 3-2-0. Sat. 38. Dave Barnard (Rod and Gun) 17-1-0; Keith Powell (Octoplus Boldings Wolves) 17-0-0; Scott Doodson (Maver) 12-14-0; Rino Stanko (Oakengates Angling Centre) 11-9-0; Dave Craggs (Octoplus Boldings Wolves) 8-13-0; Dave Perry (Octoplus Boldings Wolves) 8-11-0; Tim Probert (Octoplus Boldings Wolves) 6-14-0; Steve Owen (Mid-Leisure) 6-2-0.

Patshull Park,
Great Lake, Pattingham, Shropshire, Sun. 11. Steve Preece (M & S Joinery) 2-11-0, one bream, slider fished bread, peg 47; Trevor Hope (Rod and Gun) 2-1-0; John Gill (Wolverhampton) 1-12-0.
Port Talbot Docks, West Glamorgan. Sat. 20. Des Shipp 1-13-0, one bream on groundbait feeder and maggots, peg on walkway; Clive Roberts (Cardiff Nomads) 0-13-0; Nigel Evans (PI Thatchers) 0-6-0. Sun. 20. Ray Dummer (Port Talbot) 4-2-0, six mullet on feeder and single white maggot, peg 8 on the walkway; Steve Ayers (Awa Shima) 3-14-0; Steve Mayo (Maver) 3-6-0; Nigel Evans (PI Thatchers) 2-2-0.

Preston Innovations Woodland View, Hadley, Worcestershire, Sat. Deans and Arles Pools, 18. Ed Warren (Preston Innovations) 17-6-0, silver fish, poled bloodworm and joker, peg 42 Deans; Des Shipp (Preston Innovations) 14-2-0; Steve Maher (Maver) 10-6-0; Anthony Rogers (Preston Innovations) 9-9-0. Sun. High and Deans Pools, 22. Jason Brown (Lea Hall AC) 18-8-0, one carp and silver fish, poled bloodworm and joker, peg 31 High; Matt Derry (Kamasan Starlets) 17-14-0; Simon Nickless (Saints) 11-12-0; Anthony Rogers (Preston Innovations) 10-1-0.

Sirhowy, White Springs Fishery. Sun.12. Keith Grande (Tredegar) 6-8-0, skimmers on long pole and maggots, peg 6 on Bridge Pool-golden peg worth £100; Phil Rawlings (Pontypool) 5-10-0; Graham Davies (Merthyr) 4-2-0; Simon Jones (Rhymney) 3-2-0.
Skewen, White Springs Fishery, Pontarddulais. Pleasure Lake. Sun.14. Phil Lewis (Skewen) 8-10-0, all small skimmers on pole and maggots, peg 13; Peter Williams (Swansea) 7-6-0; Dan Black (Neath) 5-15-0.

Stirrup Cup, Birmingham-Fazeley Canal, Curdworth, Birmingham, West Midlands, Sun. 9. Darren Barratt (Stirrup Cup) 1-0-9, perch and roach, poled bread punch and bits of worm, peg 32; Sam Lewis (Three Ems) 0-13-10; Clark Taylor (Stirrup Cup) 0-13-2; Graham Massey (Dams and Lock) 0-12-6; Joseph Taylor (Stirrup Cup) 0-11-12; Alan Newman (Stirrup Cup) 0-11-11.
Walsall Arboretum, Hatherton Lake, Walsall, West Midlands, Sun. 8. Gary Beasley (Walsall) 5-0-0, roach poled punched bread, peg 2; Ron Nicholls (Walsall) 3-0-0; Kevin Edwards (Jessar AC) 2-0-0; Ron Jackson (Leamore) 1-2-0; Colin Ward (Walsall) 1-0-0.

White Springs, Pontarddulais. Most Fish Match.The Pit. Sun.12. Geoff Walker (Llandeilo) 21 small bream on pole and maggots, peg 6; Gordon Furlong (Swansea) 16 fish; Tony Wale (Ammanford) 12 fish.

Wolverhampton AA, Shropshire Union Canals, Dowty’s/Pendeford, Wolverhampton, Sun. 30. Pete Hatton (ZLT) 5-10-2, roach to 6 oz, poled punched bread and caster, peg 1; Dave Richards (Four Ashes AC) 4-11-0; Kevin Clarke (Cradley Heath Labour) 1-6-0; Pete Chilton (Wood End) 1-0-0; Dave Anderson (Harris MG) 0-11-11; Bill Jones (Bilston Angling Centre) 0-9-15.



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