Here are the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifiers, Aug.30-31 - tables are exclusively in the magazine. There's some terrific match fishing content in Angler's Mail this week, including what you see in the trailer below...


* Avon Valley Summer League, Gold Valley, Ash, Hants. Sun, 60, Middle and Syndicate lakes. Gavin Mills (Tubertini South) 133-4-0, 23 carp, pellet waggler, Syndicate peg 118; Jason Kirk (Arun Angling Red) 88-10-0; Alex King (Drennan Bordon Green) 73-14-0; Dave Self (Shakespeare Hansfords) 72-4-0; John Clarke (Arun Angling Red) 71-4-0; John Marshall (Sonubait Apollo) 66-0-0. Teams: Shakespeare Hansfords 46; Drennan Bordon Green 43; Arun Angling Red 41. Final League: Drennan Bordon Blue 249; Drennan Bordon Green 242; Tubertini South 228; Arun Angling Red 217; Shakespeare Hansfords 216; Arun Angling Black 202.

* Kent League, River Medway, Teston to Barming, Kent. Sun, 36. Barry Chapman (Maver Cardinals) 25-6-0, bream on feeder plus bits on pole, end peg on wides; Kevin Dyer (Preston Innovations) 9-12-0; Graham Docker (Advanced Pole Repairs) 7-6-0; Fred Brown (Sensas SE) 6-11-0; Richard Taylor (Sensas SE) 6-10-0; Derek Gladwin (Preston Innovations) 6-0-0. Teams: Preston Innovations 8.5; Sensas SE Gold 12.5; Maver Cardinals Black 17; Maver Cardinals Red 20.5; Sensas SE Marine 21.5; Advanced Pole Repairs and Iden Wood Fishery 23. League: Preston Innovations 32.5; Maver Cardinals Black 47; Sensas SE Marine 51.5; Sensas SE Gold 53.5; Iden Wood Fishery 63.5; Maver Cardinals Red 67.

* Turner 400, River Thames, Radcot, Clanfield and Rushey, Oxon. Sun, 72.Trevor Chalk (Sensas WB Clarke) peg B17, 16-5-0, roach and bream, pole and feeder with groundbait and maggots; Tony Skinner (Shakespeare Superteam) 14-14-0; Steve Townsend (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) 14-13-0; Paul Passmore (Turners Red) 13-15-0; Mark Harrington (Tubertini South) 12-8-0; Gary Williamson (Devizes) 10-15-0. Teams: Tubertini South 59; Devizes 58; Oxford Drennan Red 52; Oxford Drennan White 51.


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