Angler's Mail bring you the match fishing results, starting with Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifiers, from July 19-20.

* Angling Direct Summer League, River Chelmer, Speeney, Essex. Sun, 40. Dave Saville (Spectrum) 58-15-0, eight bream to 9 lb, a chub plus perch, long poled chopped worm over groundbait; Chris Sale (Bill’s Tackle Black) 28-0-0; Geoff Foreman (Maver Colemans Matchpack A) 21-3-0; Simon White (Bill’s Tackle White) 18-7-0; Danny Mason (Bill’s Tackle Black) 17-11-0; Bill Walker (Bill’s Tackle Black) 11-15-0. Teams: Bill’s Tackle Black 30; Maver Colemans Matchpack B 27; Maver Colemans MP A 26; Phoenix 25; Bill’s Tackle White 24. League: Phoenix 56; Maver Colemans Matchpack B 52; Bill’s Tackle Black 51; Bill’s Tackle White 49; Browning Wickford Red 48; Browning Wickford Blue 47.

* Avon Valley SL, Broadlands Lake, Romsey, Hants. Sun, 60. Mark Harrington (Tubertini South) 57-0-0, bream, feedered corn, peg B12; Richard Hicks (Tubertini South) 39-0-0; Vince Camilleri (Arun Angling Black) 35-6-0; Ian Dixon (Drennan Bordon Blue) 35-0-0; Steve Cousins (Shakespeare Hansfords) 33-8-0; J. Hunt (Tubertini South) 33-4-0. Teams: Tubertini South 51; Drennan Bordon Blue 48; Drennan Bordon Green and Shakespeare Hansfords both 42; Arun Angling Black 40. League: Drennan Bordon Blue 191; Drennan Bordon Green 163; Tubertini South 151; Arun Angling Red 144.

* Maver Mega Match This! Qualifier, Colemans Cottage, Witham, Essex. Sat, 110. Gary Bell (Lakelands Fishery) 169-8-0, 100 lb of carp on pellet feeder with double red dead maggot, rest on corn in margins, Wood Lake peg 12; Jimmy Brooks (Middy) 143-0-0; Danny Grimsey (Browning Wickford) 125-8-0; Nathan Watson (Louth) 122-8-0; Gary Upjohn (Cariers) and Scott Jones(Miracle Baits DH Floats) both 109-0-0; Geoff Vallance (Preston Innovations Delcac) 108-8-0; Gary Miller (Maver Image) 101-0-0.

* Ockendon Bait and Tackle, Puddledock Farm, Upminster, Essex. Sun, 46. Ross Harold (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 159-4-0, pellet shallow across then meat and corn in margins, peg 100; Deane Swift (Matrix Sonubaits) 141-12-0; Gavin Bridge (D H Floats) 141-0-0; Alan Kuzas (Tylers Common) 138-15-0; Marios Grigaitis (Route 77 Energy) 138-4-0; Andy Mead (Maver Image) 127-12-0.

* South West Superleague, River Huntspill, Gold Corner to Railway Bridge, Somerset. Sun, 64. Neil Richards (Daiwa Gordon League) 50-8-0, bream to 3 lb, groundbait feeder and worm, peg 58 Woolavington; Sean Williams (Maver Lobby’s) 24-10-0; Gary Webber (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 20-7-0; Kev Rowles (Daiwa Gordon League) 18-6-0; Chris Parr (Sensas Thyers) 18-5-0; Mark Broomsgrove (Sensas Thyers) and Steve Priddle (Sensas Thyers) both 14-1-0. Teams: Sensas Thyers 48.5; Preston Innovations Thatchers 43; Daiwa Gordon League and Maver Lobby’s both 42. League: Preston Innovations Thatchers 132; Daiwa Gordon League 123.5; Sensas Thyers and Maver Lobby’s both 121.5.


Full reports (results galore!!), pix and more on what’s proving to be the most exciting season for Matchman of the Year is in Angler’s Mail magazine – EXCLUSIVELY.



Avon Angling. Bait-Tech Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Wed, 14, Match Lake. Dan White (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 65-14-0, F1s and carp, poled pellet shallow, peg 45; Matt Tomes (MFS) 65-12-0; Ivan Oakey (Vespe Army) 63-0-0.

Back Arun, Arundel, West Sussex. Sun, 23, Carp Lake. Bruce Goulding (SAS Chichester) 55-0-0, carp, poled cat meat; Ian White (Eastleigh) 48-8-0; Chris Northern (Guildford) 44-8-0; John Radford (Guildford) 40-0-0; Steve Hanson (Back Arun) 39-4-0.

BK Fisheries, St. Erth, Cornwall. Sun, 11, Billy’s Pool. Tony Jose (BK Fisheries) 122-3-0, carp to 8 lb, top two, shallow with 8mm pellet, peg 24; Sam Bawden (BK Fisheries) 108-4-0.

Bait-Tech Viaduct. Somerton, Somerset. Costcutter. Thur, 24, Cary. Chris Rolfe (Bristol) 214-12-0, carp on bomb and pellet, peg 103; Scott Russell (Tackle UK) 189-0-0; Terry Lenny (Sillybait) 177-1-0; Steve Long (Bait Tech Viaduct) 176-11-0; John O’Sullivan (Oak and Gates AC) 113-14-0. Sat, 11, Lodge. Lee Pistaccio (Mosella) 96-3-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 69; Mark Wynne (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 92-5-0.

Carpenters Arms, Bait-Tech Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Sun, 16. Campbell. Phil Groves (Carpenters Arms) 138-0-0, carp on long poled paste, peg 132; Paul Wilcox (Carpenters Arms) 128-4-0; Rob Mills (Carpenters Arms) 107-10-0. Silvers: Paul Atwood (Carpenters Arms) 42-5-0.

Colemans Cottage, Witham, Essex. Tues, 16. Gary Bell (Lakelands) 194-0-0, peg 18 Wood Lake; Jeff Church (Matchpack Colemans Bait and Tackle) 162-0-0. Thurs. 18. Tony Martin (Colemans) 104-8-0, peg 16 Pathfield; Frank Thomas (Browning Wickford) 95-8-0; Andy Mexhome (Meadlands Suffolk) and Simon Bloomfield (Colemans) both 78-0-0.

Dams and Locks, Bait-Tech Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Fri, 18, Campbell Lake. Chris Thompson (Dams and Locks) 187-9-0, carp on pellet waggler shallow, peg 112; Ian Pegg (Dams and Locks) 124-1-0; Mark Plevey (Dams and Locks) 123-9-0; Rich Houston (Dams and Locks) 115-14-0.

Essex Veterans, Rayne Lodge, Braintree, Essex. Wed, 15, Top Lake. Tony Cheeseman (Colmic) 54-12-0, carp and silvers, maggot, peg 9; John Sycamore (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 51-0-0; Ken Rolfe (Bill’s Tackle) 50-4-0.

Garbolino Bolingey, Perranporth, Cornwall. Fri, 35. Chris Hancock (Sensas/Burt Baits) 190-14-0, carp, pellet feeder, peg 23; Kevin Edwards (Aston Park Fisheries) 120-10-0; Phil Aston (Swan AC) 116-12-0; Lee White (Aston Park Fisheries) 109-8-0; Simon Gould (Daiwa) 100-4-0; Pete Thomas (White Acres) 96-6-0.

Gillingham AA. Lodden Lakes, Dorset. Wed eve, 17. Rob Manns (Sensas Wilts Angling) 30-13-0, bream and skimmers, poled worm over groundbait, peg 15; Gary O’Shea (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 26-12-0; Nick Chedzoy (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 24-5-0; Simon Hebditch (Garbolino BVMG) 19-0-0. Sun, 26, Witherington Farm. Dave Burford (Gillingham AA) 45-0-0, seven carp, poled paste, peg 12; Joe Searle (Gillingham AA) 43-4-0; Ricky Searle (Gillingham AA) 28-9-0; Michael Hunt (Gillingham AA) 24-12-0; Joe Sheppherd (Gillingham AA) 22-15-0; Dave Sealey (Gillingham AA) 21-5-0.

Ivy House, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wilts. Sat, 13. Mark Malin (Colmic Airon) 213-0-0, carp to double-figures, poled pellet; Mark Baston (Swindon) 99-3-0; Derek Young (Cotswold Angling) 84-8-0. Silvers: Geoff Fox (Ivy House) 34-0-0.

Godalming, Marsh Farm, Surrey. Wed, 21. Steve Sanders (Preston Innovations) 43-7-0, tench and skimmers, poled worm and casters, peg 19; Paul Hiller (Daiwa Dorking) 42-7-0; Pete Belgium (KC Angling) 40-5-0.

KC Angling, River Thames, Molesey. Mon, 15. Steve Sanders (Preston Innovations) 7-0-0, roach and dace, poled maggots, peg 26; Andy Rogers (Guildford Angling) 3-8-0; Leigh Remmington (KC Angling) 3-6-0.

Kingston Rodbenders, River Thames, Kingston. Thurs, 23. Jimmy Archer (KC Angling) 6-2-0, couple of bream, feedered maggots, peg 1; Russ Berryman (Apollo 2) 4-15-0; Steve Adams (Surbiton Angling) 4-11-0.

Carl and Alex's full account of their amazing carp fishing success is in Angler's Mail - the magazine where you'll find a weekly tip every week from the lads.

Full reports (results galore!!), pix and more on what’s proving to be the most exciting season for Matchman of the Year is in Angler’s Mail magazine – EXCLUSIVELY.

Maidstone Victory, Mote Park Lake, Maidstone, Kent. Wed, 20. Ian Germaney (Maver Cardinals) 62-7-0, 14 bream to 7 lb, crumb feedered worm and maggot, peg 9A; Brian Nesbitt (Advanced Pole Repairs) 55-4-0; Scott Dampier (Maidstone Victory) 39-3-0; Les King (East Grinstead) 39-2-0; Paul Hamlyn (Preston Innovations Delcac) 35-5-0; Fred Brown (Sensas SE) 32-9-0.

MBK Leisures Juniors, Pump Station, Greatham, Hants. Fri, 21. Under-9s: Ollie Kitchener (Storrington) 15-5-0, small carp and silvers, pellet; Tobias Sanders (Clanfield) 13-14-0; Kieran Goddard (Aldershot) 11-6-0. 9-12s: Jessica Carter (Alton) 8-14-0, small carp and silvers, pellet; Callum Ede (Waterlooville) 7-0-0; Callum Spiers and Ellie Hinkley (both Petersfield) both 6-10-0. 13-17s: Chris Smith (Alton) 15-4-0, small carp and silvers, pellet; Jame Bonnett (Horndean) 11-9-0; Ed Milford (Clanfield) 4-13-0.

Monk Lakes, Staplehurst, Kent. Wed, 19, Lake 2. Greg Andrews (Monk) 218-8-0, carp, paste short, peg 63; Mick Locke (Garbolino Apollo) 174-0-0; Martin Orwell (Monk) 152-8-0; Alec Roberts (Garbolino) 150-8-0; Jim McDowell (Monk) 145-0-0. Sat, 16, Lake 1. Derek Gladwin (Preston Innovations Delcac) 137-0-0; Paul Sene (Maver Cardinals) 115-12-0; Stuart Atkinson (Anglers Kabin) 109-2-0.

Ockendon Bait and Tackle, Puddledock Farm, Upminster, Essex.Wed, 33. Alan Kuzas (Tylers Common) 240-14-0, method feeder, peg 76 Snake; Ross Harold (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 183-0-0; Deane Swift (Matrix Sonubaits) 173-0-0; Graham Dack (Maver Marukyu) 144-0-0.
Paul Carpenter’s Birthday Invitation, Garbolino Bolingey, Conrwall. Sat, 28. Ricky Dennis (White Acres) 218-12-0, carp, pellet feeder and margin pole, peg 25; John Shirley (White Acres) 180-10-0; Steve Prowse (Burt Baits) 170-14-0; Bill Pitman 162-4-0; Chris Hancock (Sensas/ Burt Baits) 137-14-0; Roger Baker (Sensas Thyers) 136-12-0.

Revival Charity, Longford Lakes, nr Sevenoaks, Kent. Thurs, 14. Dave Lawson (A and I Tackle) 10-7-0 roach, rudd and perch, poled red maggot; Chris Bonney (Whitbread) 10-2-0; Ken Rolfe (Bill’s Tackle) 6-3-0.

Rob Dowden, Bait-Tech Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Sun, 21, Cary Lake. Rob Dowden (Rob Dowden MG) 289-4-0, carp, bomb and bread, peg 112; Eric Searle (Rob Dowden MG) 180-3-0; Roger Coombes (Bridgwater) 145-9-0; Terry Orr (Bridgwater) 123-15-0.

Shiplate Farm, Weston Super Mare, Somerset. Sun, 15, Main Lake. Rich Hawkins (Bristol PO) 127-4-0, carp, poled paste and worm in margins, peg 14b; Titch Williams (Thyers) 99-6-0; Steve Howell (Shiplate Farm) 68-12-0. Silvers: Ron Stark (Weston AA) 31-4-0.

Tillingbourne, Gomshall, Surrey. Tues, 15, over-55s. Nick Stunt (Apollo) 48-8-0, carp, poled meat, peg 12; Andy Love (Love Machine) 44-8-0; Tony Conway (Woking AC) 43-6-0.

Trewaters Farm, Truro, Cornwall. Sun, 14. Harry Billing (Garbolino) 92-4-0, carp, method feeder, peg 36; Brian Loader (White Acres) 80-14-0; Josh Gilbert (White Acres) 63-4-0.

Tylers Common, Brentwood, Essex. Sat, 25. Colin Fuller (Lake John) 345-8-0, meat in margins, peg 4, golden peg jackpot; Alec Roberts (Garbolino) 259-10-0; Dave Bugg (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 184-4-0; Clive Nada (Tylers Common) 175-8-0; Bill Reynolds jnr (Bait-Tech) 168-8-0; Richard Wager (Bowlers) 156-0-0.

White Acres, Newquay, Cornwall. Mon, 19. Twin Oaks. Paul Moore (Edgeley Sports) 118-9-0, carp, pellet waggler and poled corn in margins, peg 15; Andy Havenhand (Princess Royal) 116-11-0; Steve Clark (Sensas Mansfield) 105-8-0. Wed, 39. Acorn and Twin Oaks. Phil Aston (Swan AC) 94-5-0, carp, pellet feeder, peg 11 Twin Oaks; Chris Williams (Kinley) 94-4-0; Phil Thornley (Whitworth Valley) 81-0-0; John Benjamin (Swan AC) 79-11-0; Mark Taylor (Aston Park Fisheries) 78-13-0. Thurs, 73, Preston Innovations Rover, all lakes. Kev Edwards (Aston Park Fisheries) 125-8-0, carp on bomb with pellet and bread, peg 10 Twin Oaks; Steve Clark (Sensas Mansfield) 121-14-0; Tony Oatley (Burt Baits) 116-10-0; Kev Baxter (Mosborough Tackle) 103-12-0; Lee White (Aston Park Fisheries) 101-8-0; Roy Penkethman (White Acres) 100-4-0. Ladies: Nina Penkethman 20-7-0.

Willow Park, Ash, Hants. Wed, 18, over-50s, middle lake. Ian McClarren (Guildford AC) 49-9-0, carp and F1s, pellet waggler, peg 5; Brian Fletcher (Willow Park) 30-4-0; Jimmy Archer (Willow Park) 20-8-0. Fri, 14, small lake. Ian McClaren (Guildford AC) 71-6-0, carp, poled pellets,peg 1; Rod Carroll (Farnham AS) 55-12-0. Sat, 18, middle lake. Charlie Dalton (Gold Valley) 55-10-0,carp and bream, method feedered pellets, peg 6; John Light (Willow Park) 47-2-0; Jake Gallagher (Willow Park) 42-0-0.

Wylands, Old Snake Lake, Battle, East Sussex. Mon, 8. Keith Axell (Wylands) 91-2-0, carp, poled paste; Rob Ware (Wylands) 83-16-0. Sun, 10. Paul Lawton (Marukyu) 169-0-0, carp, poled pellet; Carlton Easter (Iden Wood Fishery) 91-12-0.


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