Best of British - we salute you, inside this week's special Angler's Mail magazine. This big value issue is on sale from Tuesday, September 17. Get your copy!
Best of British – we salute you, inside this week’s special Angler’s Mail magazine. This big value issue is on sale from Tuesday, September 17. Get your copy!



Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year qualifiers





* Guildford Angling Centre, Miltons Lake, Old Bury Hill, Surrey. 36. Peter Franklin (Guildford Angling Centre) 48-12-0, skimmers and crucians, long poled worm and caster; Gareth Phillips (Guildford Angling Centre) 46-15-0; Giovanni Barbato (Guildford Angling Centre) 46-8-0; Martin Johnson (Guildford Angling Centre) 23-4-0.

* Ockendon Bait & Tackle, Puddledock Farm, Upminster, Essex. Sun, 47. Jim Collins (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 139-12-0, carp to 10 lb, meat & corn at 5m then margins late, Snake peg 11; Jason Collins (Browning Wickford) 104-0-0; Ian Copeland (Bowlers) 93-12-0; Andy Mead (Maver Image) 88-12-0; Danny Mason (Bills Tackle) 87-4-0; Jay Martin (Dartford) 85-0-0.

* St. Clare Hospice Charity, Claverhambury Lakes, Waltham Abbey, Essex. Sat, 40. Adrian Tasker (Harlow) 94-1-0, ten carp to 16 lb, pellet waggler, corner peg 33, second consecutive annual victory; Malc Doncaster (Haverhill) 31-0-0; Sandy Dickson (Haverhill) 30 -14-0; Bill Allen (Waltham Abbey) 24-1-0; Darren Marder (Bishops Stortford) 22-0-0; Ken Tasker (Taska) 19-0-0.
* Tylers Common, Brentwood, Essex. Sat, 35. Nick Darke (Got Baits) 190-14-0, pellet, 6m, Horseshoe peg 32; Mark Brown (Debden) 159-0-0; John Hunt (Brentwood Angling) 113-0-0; Bernie Frazer (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 106-2-0; Colin Nada (Tylers Common) 100-6-0; Mick Hood (Bowlers) 100-2-0.

* Upper Thames Championship, Lechlade to Rushey, Oxon. Sun, 102. Gerry Blunt (Browning Andover) 21-2-0, roach and dace, poled maggots; Adrian McTiffin (Devizes MG) 15-4-0; Carl Eland (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) 12-0-0; John Swann (Radcot) 11-13-0; Robert Head (Sensas A4) 11-2-0; Stevie Sanders (Diddy’s Bait-Tech) 10-8-0. Teams: Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 74; Diddy’s Bait-Tech 71; Turners Black 66; Radcot Old Boys 65; Turners Red 63.



Smaller match results

Alders Farm, Great Brickhill, Bucks. Tues, 14, Ash Lake. Trevor Price (GOT Baits) 481-15-0, carp, poled Stinky Stuff pellet and maggot, peg 27; Hugh Crawford (Barnet) 435-0-0; Trevor Stanley (Spro) 374-0-0; Josh Blavins (GOT Baits) 363-0-0; Mal Talbot (Aylesbury) 332-0-0; Brian Townley (Alders Farms) 324-0-0.

Back Arun, Arundel, West Sussex. Sun, 18. Paul Romaniuk (Back Arun) 74-8-0, carp, poled maggot and meat, peg 5; Bruce Goulding (SAS Chichester) 63-8-0; Anthony Parker (Apollo) 56-8-0; Dave Steer (MBK) 54-8-0; Alec Bicknall (Back Arun) 54-0-0.

Bait-Tech Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Thurs, 33, Campbell and Cary Lakes. Scott Russell (Tackle UK) 258-0-0, carp, poled pellet shallow, peg 111 Campbell; Mark Wynne (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 250-12-0; Kev Murch (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 243-6-0; John Martin (Manchester) 204-12-0; Dan Squire (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 200-10-0; Steve Cosgrove (Manchester) 165-6-0. Silvers: Gary Etheridge (Garbolino BVMG) 37-2-0. Sat, 15, Lodge Lake. Geraint Powell (Maver) 132-10-0, carp, poled meat in margins, peg 69; Roland Lucas (Wilts AC) 118-3-0; Phil Denslow (Bait Tech Viaduct) 105-12-0; Mash Masheder (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 102-13-0; Matt Skymer (Wilts AC) 101-12-0; Matt Parsons (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 101-10-0. Silvers: Bob Gullick (Garbolino BVMG) 31-9-0.

Bathampton AA, Hunstrete Fishery, Somerset. Thurs, 24, over-55s and Disabled, Bridge Pond. John Smith (Bristol) 133-14-0, carp to 20 lb 2 oz, pellet, 16m, peg 15; Dave Poole (Bristol) 67-11-0; Paul Haines (Bristol) 63-2-0; Ray Bazeley (Bristol) 55-15-0; Terry Bruton (Thatchers Tackle) 45-10-0; Bob Warren (Bristol) 44-4-0. Silvers: Mike Key (Bristol) 19-0-0.

Colemans Cottage, Witham, Essex. Tues, 20. Jeff Church (Colemans) 213-0-0, carp to 10 lb, pellet & paste, 5m,  Wood Lake peg 5; Graham Garnham (Essex Police) 196-0-0; Jim Trew (Matchpack) 181-0-0; Gavin Bridge (Cariers) 145-0-0; Chris Kelly (Sensas) 139-0-0; Frank Thomas (Browning Wickford) 128-0-0.

Dynamite Oakfield, Aylesbury, Bucks. Sun, 20, Swallow Lake. Gary Thorpe (Chiltern GOT Baits) 223-10-0, 60 carp to 8 lb, poled pellet, peg 20; Steve Waters (Oxford) 151-5-0; Derek Hammond (Oxford) 128-4-0; Nick Bryan (Dynamite Oakfield) 125-8-0; Joff Rogers (Frenzee/GOT Baits) 102-0-0; Barry Eddy (Dynamite Oakfield) 95-8-0.

Framfield Park, Spring Lake, Sussex. Sat, 20. Mike Head (Faulkners) 425-10-0, carp to 8 lb, corn and meat close in over pellet, peg 61; Bruce Scott (Hemmings Tackle) 378-3-0; Tom Wyatt (Ockley) 359-4-0; Paul Allen (Framfield) 348-6-0; Keith Harper (Rudgwick) 340-6-0; Nobby Whiting (Hemmings Tackle) 335-4-0.

Garbolino Bolingey. White Acres residents. Fri, 36. Dale Humphries 152-6-0, carp, Method feeder, peg 11; Dave Graham 152-4-0; Steve Wilton 120-4-0; Kevin Dennis 114-8-0.

Gillingham AA. Two Counties Lake and Coking Farm, Dorset/Wilts. Sun, 24. Rob Randall (Garbolino BVMG) 109-12-0, carp on pole and pellet shallow, Coking Rush lake; John Moody (Garbolino BVMG) 55-10-0; Ricky Searle (Gillingham AA) 51-12-0. Final League: Rob Randall 493; Ricky Searle 490; Rob Manns 459. Veterans: Mike Hunt 470. Ladies: Helen Ozzard 422. Sat, 12, Juniors, Two Counties. Hollie Fowler 31-0-0, carp, groundbait feeder and corn; Jacob Pope 26-12-0; Ryan Keirnan 16-10-0. League: Ryan Keirnan 495; Siobhan Goss 488; Paddy Bendall 481; Gabriel Bell 481.

Godalming, Marsh Farm, Surrey. Wed, 10. Mark Cano (Apollo) 32-5-0; tench & skimmers; poled chopped worms; Nobby Cooper (Apollo) 30-2-0; Dave Steer (Happy Days) 29-0-0.

Gold Valley, Ash, Hants. Sat, 30, Syndicate lake. John Light (Springlakes) 82-5-0, carp, pellet waggler; Pete Arnold (Oxford) 76-1-0; Charlie Dalton (Springlakes) 69-8-0. Sun, 25, Middle Lake. Dave Coulter (Springlakes) 105-12-0, carp, Method feedered maggots; Paul Hiller (Daiwa Dorking) 99-8-0; Simon Kiefer (Kennet Ospreys) 89-10-0.



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Gwinear, Newquay, Kernow. Tues, 10. Andy Partridge (Spro) 87-10-0, carp, poled corn, peg 40; Mark Layzell (Gwinear) 76-0-0. Sun, 29. Mick O’Brien (Swindon) 63-11-0, carp, poled corn, peg 12 Phase 1; Alan Smith (Ivy House) 63-6-0; Liam O’Brien (Swindon) 61-10-0; Mark Baston (Swindon) 60-10-0; Pete Tipton (Cotswold Angling) 60-6-0; Jamie Dixie (Swindon) 58-0-0.

Ilminster AA, Dillington Pond, Somerset. Sun, 8. Bruce Hunt (Tiverton) 14-9-0, 293 roach and rudd, whip and maggot, peg 8; Graham Field (Taunton) 10-5-0; Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) 9-6-0. Final League: Graham Field 840; Moses Holbrook 820; Robin Cox (Ilminster) 725.

Ivy House, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wilts. Tues, 24. Match lake. Justin Ogbourne (New Century) 73-0-0, carp, poled pellet in margins; Alan Scully (Ivy House) 54-0-0; Terry Strange (Ivy House) 41-4-0; Mick Robbins (Ivy House) 38-4-0. Sat, 15. Match lake. Joe Thompson (Ivy House) 58-6-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 10; Paul Connor (Ivy House) 42-14-0; John Williams (Ivy House) 35-6-0. Silvers: Gary Etheridge (Garbolino BVMG) 22-12-0. Sun, 11. Ryan Shipp (Westerleigh) 173-0-0, carp and silvers on pole with corn and pellet, peg 18; Vince Shipp (Westerleigh) 93-10-0; Paul Dressler (Ivy House) 73-6-0. Silvers: Ryan Shipp 24-4-0.

LAA Shield Final, Stollies Lake/GUC Berkhamsted, Herts & Great Ouse, Holywell, Cambs. Sun, 30.Keith Cross (Edmonton and Tottenham A)22-15-0; carp; method feeder; maggots; Jim Sapford (Edmonton and Tottenham B)  16-10-0; Steve Samm (Edmonton and Tottenham B) 13-12-0; Lee Fitt (Globe) 10-8-0.Teams: Edmonton and Tottenham A 25; Edmonton and Tottenham B 20.

Marazion AC, Plain an Gwarry Pool, Kernow. Sun, 6. John Wilson (Newtown Angling) 9-4-0, small carp and silvers on poled maggot, peg 3; Gary Smith (Marazion AC) 8-3-0.

MBK Leisures, Rake, Sussex, Thurs, 4, Pump Station, Specticle Pond. Ian Dixon (Dino Floats) 58-14-0, carp and others, corn and pellet, peg 1; John Alexander (Grant Baits) 45-10-0.

MFS MG, Bait-Tech Viaduct, Somerset. Sun, 18. Campbell. Steve Moore (MFS) 122-1-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 125; Chris Fox (MFS) 114-10-0; Dave Brittain (MFS) 110-3-0; Ryan Richards (MFS) 106-15-0.

Milemead. Tavistock, Devon. Sun, 15, Match lake. Paul Carpenter (Burts Baits) 156-11-0, 47 carp to 9 lb, poled corn in margins, peg 6; Sam Powell (Tackle Trader) 131-10-0; Steve Ball (Tackle Trader) 93-3-0; Andy Wilkinson (Tackle Barn) 89-12-0; Gary Webber (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 88-4-0.

RN & RM, Bait-Tech Viaduct. Wed, 16, Campbell. Mark Cullerton (Milemead) 161-8-0, carp, poled meat, peg 125; Mash Masheder (Bait Tech Viaduct) 158-10-0; Dan Pither (RN & RM) 136-15-0; Adam Palmer (RN & RM) 130-0-0.

Rye DAS, Northpoint Lake, Camber, East Sussex. Sat, 11. John White (Rye DAS) 52-8-0, carp, bream and skimmers, feedered worm and corn, peg 24; Frank Weeks (Ashford AS) 37-4-0; Chris Pope (Tenterden AC) 36-2-0.

White Acres. Newquay, Cornwall. Mon, 57, Twin Oaks and Trelawney. Dai Clark (Cefn Forest) 115-15-0, carp, bomb and pellet, peg 25 Trelawney; Mitch Rawlinson (Fishing Republic) 96-5-0; George Baker (Catshill AC) 93-14-0; Adam Jones (Cefn Forest) 93-0-0; Andy Taft (Bait Tech) 77-10-0; Jason Buckley 74-4-0. Wed, 92. Twin Oaks, Trelawney, Acorn and Canal. Dave Graham (Senior Haulage) 83-15-0, carp, poled pellet shallow, peg 24 Twin Oaks; Steve Dorkes (Finedon) 59-14-0; Mick Bishop (Aldershot) 59-3-0; Phil Clips (Crewe) 58-11-0; Keith Todd (Adams Lads) 57-3-0; Geoff Stones (RWP) 56-15-0. Marukyu Rover. Thurs, 171, all lakes. Simon Jeffries (Dangle Sports) 120-0-0, carp, Method feeder and pole shallow with pellet, peg 14 Twin Oaks; George Baker (Catshill AC) 118-0-0; Keith Appleton (York Nomads) 109-9-0; Trev Lynn (Dangle Sports) 100-0-0; Tom Bainbridge (Acorn) 94-3-0; Adam Burrows (Willow Park) 92-10-0. Ladies: Helen Oglesby 33-6-0. Juniors: Callum Oliver 27-5-0.

Willow Park, Ash, Hants. Wed, 19, over-50s, Middle Lake. Brian Stephens (Willow Park) 36-4-0, carp and skimmers, poled red maggots; Martin Marrison (Farnborough) 32-12-0; Chris Love (Willow Park) 30-4-0. Sat, 18, Middle Lake. Jim Neat (Davies Angling) 30-8-0, carp & bream, poled pellets; Chris Love (Willow Park) 21-0-0; Kevin Wyness (Army) 18-14-0.

Wylands International Angling Centre, Battle, East Sussex, Sun, 17, Old Snake Lake. John Oliver (Wylands) 129-14-0, carp and silvers, pole and pellet; Rob Ware 65-12-0; Pat Helder 57-0-0; Roy Liddle 54-12-0; Dave Calway 46-2-0; Keith Axell and Richard Lovewell both 34-2-0 (all Wylands).


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