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Alders Farm, Great Brickhill, Bucks. Tues, 14, Pines Lake. Trevor Price (GOT Baits) 266-0-0, carp, pellet and Stinky Stuff maggot; Josh Blavins (GOT Baits) 223-0-0; Keith Ashby (GOT Baits) 221-0-0. Sun, 18, Pines. Nick Darke (GOT Baits) 324-0-0, carp, pellet and stinky maggot, peg 17; Mick Dickens (Chiltern Baits) 315-0-0; Paul Oldroyd (Chiltern Baits) 312-0-0.

Amalwhidden Farm, St Ives, Cornwall. Sun, 6. Jon Wykes (Marazion AC) 57-1-0, carp on pellet waggler, peg 18.

Avon Angling, Landsend Farm, Somerset. Wed, 16. Mike Nicholls (Silverfox) 162-13-0, 35 carp, poled paste in margins, peg 41; Tony Rixon (Mosella Avon Angling) 131-4-0; Tom Mangnall (Mosella) 112-12-0; Ron Hardiman (PSV) 91-8-0. Silvers: Martin Alexander (Bristol) 21-10-0.

Back Arun, Arundel, Sussex. Sun, 16. Kevin Parker (Apollo) 50-8-0, carp, poled meat, peg 8; Bruce Goulding (SAS Chichester) 31-8-0; Robert Madden (Back Arun) 12-8-0.

Bake Lake Help for Heroes, Bake, Devon. Sun, 52. Mirage lake: Mark Jefferies (Bake) 26-15-0; Mike Flynn (Bake) 26-10-0; Nick Odel (Bake) 25-12-0. Luxor: Darren Yearling 67-11-0; Guy Medin (Bake) 38-1-0; Steve Langman (Bake) 32-1-0. Dunes: Roy Booth (Bake) 128-9-0; Ivan Whetton (Bake) 99-6-0; Paul Carpenter (Burt Baits) 76-0-0. £608 raised for charity.

BK Fisheries, St. Erth, Cornwall. Sun, 14, Bill’s Pool, silvers-only. Sam Bawden (BK Fisheries) 24-8-0, bream to 3 lb, skimmers and roach, maggot, peg 10; Tony Jose (BK Fisheries) 17-8-0; Alex Bradley (BK Fisheries) 15-6-0.

Colemans Cottage, Witham, Essex. Tues, 19. Gavin Bridge (DH Floats/Colemans Bait and Tackle) 151-8-0, Wood Lake peg 2; Jim Trew (Matchpack Colemans Bait and Tackle) 132-0-0; Peter Binks (Colemans Bait and Tackle) and  Cliff Adams (Browning Wickford) both 108-0-0. Thurs, 14. Darren Sparrow (Suffolk) 181-0-0, carp to 3 lb, roach, skimmers, F1s and barbel, pellet and corn, Pathfield peg 36; Peter Binks (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 152-8-0; Rav Pisana (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 144-0-0. Sat, 11. Scott Jones (Colemans) 258-0-0, Wood peg 17; Kurt Chopin (Cariers) 210-0-0. Sun, 19. Peter Steward (Browning Wickford) 231-0-0, method feeder then margins in last two hours, Wood peg 19; Dave Moss (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 196-0-0; John Lawrence (Colemans) 181-0-0; Keith Gooderam (Browning Wickford) 170-0-0.
Dynamite Baits Oakfield, Aylesbury, Bucks. Sat, 32, Red Kite and Swallow Lakes. Rob Bassett (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) 125-3-0, mainly F1s to 2 lb, meat at 4m, Red Kite peg 8; Darren Simons (Dynamite Oakfield) 119-12-0; Gary Thorpe (Chiltern GOT Baits) 103-6-0; Dave Stratfull (Dynamite Oakfield) 94-6-0; Steve Nicholls (Dynamite Baits Oakfield) 87-14-0. Sun, 27, Red Kite Lake. Dave Stratfull (Dynamite Baits Oakfield) 88-13-0, carp to 6 lb, maggots down the edge, peg 24; Steve Hutter (Garbolino) 85-1-0; Gary Thorpe (Chiltern GOT Baits) 80-3-0; Joff Rogers (Frenzee GOT Baits) 77-4-0.

Essex Veterans, Colemans Cottage, Witham, Essex. Wed, 14. Liz Larkin (Cariers) 109-0-0, corn in margins, Pathfield peg 33; Ken Rudd (St Osyth) 93-0-0; Tony Cheeseman (Colmic) 76-0-0.
Framfield Park, Brookhouse Lake, Sussex. Wed, 20. Roy Liddel (Wylands) 129-10-0, mainly carp, meat over pellet at 6m, peg 9; Alec Bishop (Percy’s Tackle) 106-10-0; Martin Woodington (Framfield) 100-12-0; Bruce Scott (Hemmings Tackle) 78-0-0.



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Garbolino Bolingey, Cornwall. Fri, 30, White Acres residents. Andy Allen (Mansfield) 131-2-0, carp, poled maggot in margins, peg 26; Geoff Edwards (Monk Lakes) 118-4-0; Liam O’Donoghue (Rivendell AC) 116-12-0.

Godalming, Marsh Farm, Surrey. Wed, 19. Derek White (Apollo) 73-9-0, tench, poled casters, peg 15; Rory Kinterley (Apollo) 68-9-9; Dave Steer (MBK) 58-13-0.

Ivy House, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wilts. Sat, 25. Steve Waters (Ivy House) 248-3-0, carp, poled maggot and worms in margins, peg 6, new match record; Derek Hammond (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) 130-0-0; Ian Millichip (Ivy House) 98-12-0. Silvers: Jo Thompson (Ivy House) 29-11-0. Sun, 23. Steve Waters (Ivy House) 166-15-0, carp, poled worm and maggot down edge, peg 23; Chris Davis (Frampton RBL) 144-15-0; Mick Gale (Ivy House) 116-2-0. Silvers: Stu Foale (Maver Veals) 21-4-0.

Maver Summer League, Monk Lakes, Staplehurst, Kent. Sun, 66, Lakes 1, 2 and 3. Jamie Grainger (Preston Innovations Delcac) 144-14-0, mainly carp, poled pellet; Pete Upperton (Middy) 135-6-0; Jason Collins (Preston Innovations Delcac) 110-8-0; Russ Berryman (Meatbashers) 102-0-0; Jordan Bryant (Maver Cardinals Red) 101-4-0; Sean Clifford (Harry’s Hotrods) 101-0-0. Teams: Preston Innovations Delcac 14; Meatbashers 23; Harry’s Hotrods 26; Maver Cardinals Black 31; Essex 34; Sensas South East 38.

MFS. Bait-Tech Viaduct, Somerton, Somerton. Fri, 32, Campbell and Cary lakes. Dan White (MFS) 291-11-0, carp, long poled pellet shallow, peg 110 Campbell; Fred Roberts (MFS) 199-4-0; Chris Fox (MFS) 175-12-0; Ben Hagg (MFS) 169-6-0. Silvers: Steve Martin (MFS) 50-7-0. Sat. Pete Bailey (MFS) 283-11-0, carp on bomb and pole with meat and pellet, peg 86 Cary; Roy Worth (MFS) 199-4-0; Fred Roberts (MFS) 197-0-0; Ken Rayner (MFS) 191-3-0. Silvers: Martin Fisher (MFS) 71-3-0.

Molesey League, Willinghurst Lakes, Surrey. Sun, 22. Jamie West (Molesey Thamesiders) 98-0-0, carp, method feedered pellets, peg 1; Swifty Swift (Swifty’s of Vauxhall) 94-6-0; Reg Blenkinshale (Willinghurst) 65-2-0. League: Herbie Herbert 19.

Monk Lakes, Staplehurst, Kent, Wed, 19, Lake Two. Dean Locke (Preston Innovations Delcac) 203-6-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 77; Jim McDowell (Monk Lakes) 158-14-0;  Mike McMillan (Preston Innovations Delcac) 136-14-0; Barry Upperton (Monk) 128-0-0. Sat, 27, Lakes 2 and 3. Derek Gladwin (Preston Innovations Delcac) 224-2-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 135; Kevin Dyer (Preston Innovations Delcac) 198-10-0; Jamie Grainger (Preston Innovations Delcac) 197-2-0; Paul Hoffman (Matt’s Tackle) 159-2-0; Tom Need (Orpington Bait and Tackle) 155-8-0.

Ockendon Bait and Tackle, Puddledock Farm, Upminster, Essex. Wed, 35. Terry Edwards (Browning Wickford) 213-0-0, far bank up in water, Snake peg 50; Dave Rudduck (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 111-0-0; Gavin Bridge (DH Floats) 88-8-0; Tom Seaman (Angling Direct) 82-0-0. Sun, 52. Mo Brown (Bowlers) 99-14-0, pellet up in water, peg 60; Graham Dack (Maver) 89-4-0; Danny Mason (Bills Tackle) 82-14-0; Neil Staples (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 79-10-0; Ross Harold (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 78-2-0.Sonubaits Passies, Lancing, West Sussex. Sun, 15, Match Lake. Steve Tubbs (Arun Angling) 83-4-0, large carp, pole and meat, peg 57; Bob Hanscombe (Framfield) 78-2-0; Jason Kirk (Fox Arun Angling) 74-6-0.

Sensas K & A Teams,  Kennet and Avon Canal, Wooten Rivers to Brimslade, Wilts. Sun, 60. Mike Marsden (Devizes White) 23-8-0, bream and skimmers, poled maggot, caster and worm, end of Brimslade mile; Graham Hunt (Maver Bathampton) 17-11-0; Gerry Blunt (Reids) 17-10-0; Steve Lee (Shakepeare Hansfords) 12-1-0; Gary Williamson (Devizes White) 11-14-0; Alan Hillier (Sensas Wilts Black) 11-4-0. Teams: Maver Bathampton 50; Garbolino BVMG Gold 49; Devizes Red 47; Devizes White 46; Sensas Wilts AC Black 45; Swindon Talismen 41. League: Maver Bathampton 141; Devizes Red 138; Preston Innovations Blackhorse Green 133; Garbolino BVMG Gold 131; Garbolino BVMG Green 111; Devizes White 109.

Shiplate Farm, Weston Super Mare, Somerset. Sun, 10. Hawthorns. Tim Lewis (Shiplate) 71-7-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 1; Titch Williams (Thyers) 56-15-0; John Page (Shiplate) 42-8-0.

Threemilestone, Nr Truro, Cornwall. Wed pm, 6. Chris Bailey (Boos Floats) 20-4-0, roach, skimmers and crucians, poled maggot.

Tylers Common, Brentwood, Essex. Sat, 20. Colin Fuller (Lake John) 276-8-0, meat at 5m, Horseshoe peg 37; Clive Nada (Tylers Common) 208-0-0; Gary Ford (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) and Anthony Flint (Tubertini South) both 204-0-0; Nick Darke (GOT Baits) 203-8-0.

Willow Park, Ash, Hants. Wed, 13, over-50s, Middle Lake, John Ward (Willow Park) 22-8-0, carp, perch and bream, poled meat, peg 16; Dave Winterbourne (Willow Park) 19-12-0; Peter Collins (Willow Park) 13-8-0. Fri, 12, over-50s, Small Lake. Simon Duke (Apollo Byfleet) 68-4-0, carp and bream, poled meat, peg 28; Brian Stephens (Willow Park) 47-0-0. Sat, 38, Legends Match, Small and Middle. Bradley Gibbons (Daiwa Dorking) 95-4-0, carp and F1s, poled pellets, peg 26; Ian Dixon (Drennan Borden) 57-4-0; Chris Harwood (Catch 22) 56-0-0; Dougie Graves (Willow Park) 54-14-0; Nathan Fox (Mosella UK) 47-0-0. £1500-plus raised for Frimley Park cancer unit and Help for Heroes.

Tillingbourne, Gomshall, Surrey. Tues, 14, over-55s. Brian Green (Chapmans Baits) 25-12-0, carp, poled corn, peg 6; Gordon Chapman (Woking) 22-14-0.

Trewaters. Nr Truro, Cornwall. Sun, 21. Chris Hancock (Sensas/Burt Baits) 104-10-0, carp, F1s and skimmers, poled corn, peg 36; Andy Patterson (White Acres) 97-12-0; Andy Partridge (Spro) 92-12-0; John Cook (White Acres) 85-0-0.

White Acres, Newquay, Cornwall. Mon, 40. Twin Oaks and Trelawney. Ryan Thomas (Miracle Baits) 106-5-0, carp, pellet feeder plus worm/casters in the margins, peg 16 Twin Oaks; Mark Showering (Castle Bromwich) 95-14-0; Martin Williams (Sheffield) 77-0-0; Andy Taft (Bait-Tech) 71-5-0; Dave Hawkins (Panshill) 68-8-0; Andy Smedley (Sheffield) 66-14-0. Wed, 74. Twin Oaks and Trelawney. Dan Ballan (Gravelhill Angling) 104-10-0, carp on pellet feeder and waggler, peg 16 Twin Oaks; Paul Hudson (Castle Bromwich) 101-14-0; Chris Barrett (Reids Tackle) 83-1-0; Andy Edwards (Mardons AC) 73-5-0; John Bishop (Holbeach AC) 66-7-0; Dean Hudson (Rememberance AC) 65-15-0. Thurs, 90, Preston Innovations Rover, all lakes. Gavin Jones (Miracle Baits) 128-9-0, carp, method feedered maggot in margins, peg 18 Twin Oaks; Rob Guppy (Daiwa Panshill) 109-12-0; Chris Barrett (Reids Tackle) 109-6-0; Paul Hudson (Castle Bromwich) 106-3-0; Ben Lord (Angling Man) 96-1-0; Alan Lewis 94-10-0. Ladies: Tracy Holland 24-9-0.

Windmill Fishery, Westerleigh, Avon. Sat, 10. Pete Humphries (Windmill) 102-7-0, carp, long poled corn, peg 20, qualified for £6000 final; Ray Duncan (Windmill) 69-8-0. Sun, 15. Keith Bilder (Windmill) 69-8-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 5; Luke Pester (Windmill) 42-6-0; Craig Singleton (WIndmill) 28-4-0. Silvers: Steve Dawson (Alcove AC) 9-6-0.

Wylands, Battle, East Sussex. Sun, 24, Old Snake Lake. Carlton Easter (Iden Wood Fishery) 54-0-0; Ian Oliver (Wylands) 50-0-0; Paul Lawton (Marukyu) 48-8-0; Bob Helder (Wylands) 43-0-0; Pat Helder (Wylands) 34-14-0; Mick Wells (Sensas South East) 34-6-0.


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