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CLICK THIS IMAGE to read Lee Kerry’s blog for Angler’s Mail. The Preston Innovations man is one of a host of new match fishing bloggers on Fridays on this website of the best fishing mag, Angler’s Mail

CLICK THIS IMAGE to read Lee Kerry’s blog for Angler’s Mail. The Preston Innovations man is one of a host of new match fishing bloggers on Fridays on this website of the best fishing mag, Angler’s Mail

Avon Angling. Landsend Fishery, Somerset. Bank Holiday Mon, 21. Tony Rixon (Mosella Avon Angling) 167-3-0, 36 carp on long pole and pellet and meat short; Craig Edmunds (Avon Angling) 134-14-0; Bob Gullick (Garbolino BVMG) 128-4-0; Andy Hembrow (Clevedon AC) 121-3-0; Tom Thick (Thatchers Tackle) 103-10-0; Dave Sawyer (Corner Shop) 92-2-0. Silvers: Rod Wootten (Clevedon AC) 30-0-0.

Bait-Tech Viaduct. Somerton, Somerset. Wed, 20. Cary. Phil Harding (Avon Angling) 216-10-0, 16 carp and 18-12-0 of skimmers on short pole and meat, peg 96; Tom Thick (Thatchers Tackle) 212-6-0; Dan White (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 195-8-0; Mark Wynne (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 168-4-0; R Brewer (Worcester) 165-1-0; Dave Haywood (Tackle Trader) 142-14-0. Silvers: Phil Harding 18-12-0. Costcutter, Thur, 33. Campbell and Cary. Paul Blake (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 255-4-0, carp and 38-0-0 of tench on short pole and meat, peg 119 Campbell; Keith Masheder (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 244-9-0; Dan White (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 238-5-0; Keith Ashby (GOT Baits) 187-11-0; Ryan Jordan (Bristol) 169-8-0; Gary Flinders (Cheddar AC) 165-0-0. Silvers: Paul Blake 38-14-0. Spring league, Round 2. Sun, 55. Campbell, Cary and Lodge. Paul Holland (Guru) 266-8-0, carp on bomb and pellet, peg 86 Cary; John Duberry (Browning Andover) 208-4-0; Dave Romain (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 175-4-0; Andy Neal (Bait-Tech Frenzee) 172-2-0; Gary O’Shea (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 163-12-0; Ashley Tompkins (Tackle UK) 155-13-0.

Bake Lakes. Trelulefoot, Cornwall. Sun, 14. Dunes. Roy Booth (Bake) 167-12-0, carp on pole with corn and pellet; Paul Carpenter (Burt Baits) 125-2-0; Ivan Whetton (Bake) 118-7-0; Christina Booth (Bake) 77-10-0; Alan Wright (Bake) 75-6-0.

Back Arun Fishery, Arundel, West Sussex. Sun, 16, Carp Lake. Andy Potter (Greenridge Farm) 67-0-0, carp, pole and meat, peg 23; Mick Halls (Back Arun) 46-0-0; Steve Lee (Greenridge Farm) 33-0-0; John Money (J.F.A.) 30-0-0.

BK Fisheries, St. Erth, Cornwall. Sun, 12, Billy’s Pool. Sam Borden (BK Fisheries) 171-12-0, carp to 10 lb, poled pellet with corn over the top, peg 21; Alex Bradley (BK Fisheries) 126-4-0; Bill Knott (BK Fisheries) 88-8-0.

Colchester APS, Olivers Lake, Essex. Sun, 13. Chris Orrin (Colchester APS) 75-2-0, carp to 16 lb, corn in margins, peg 25; Kevin Howell (Colchester APS) 54-4-0; Billy Hughes (Stanjays) 46-8-0.

Colemans Cottage, Witham, Essex. Thurs, 14, Pathfield Lake. Ross Bibby (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 185-8-0, peg 16; Jeff Church (Matchpack Colemans Bait and Tackle) 177-0-0; Darren Hutchinson (D H Floats) 122-0-0; Jeff Foreman (J P Tackle) 74-0-0. Sat, 14. Richard Bond (Bury St. Edmunds) 268-0-0, Wood lake peg 31; Gavin Bridge (D H Floats/Colemans Bait and Tackle) 223-0-0; Peter Binks (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 217-8-0; Tony Curd (MAP /Bait-Tech) 198-0-0; Dale Smith (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 172-8-0.
Dynamite Oakfield, Aylesbury, Bucks. Sat, 25, Red Kite and Swallow lakes. Ivan Graham (J and K Tackle) 132-0-0, carp to 8 lb, poled meat down edge, Swallow peg 12; Gordon Worrall (Dynamite Oakfield) 78-6-0; Derek Cullip (Banbury Gunsmiths) 77-3-0; Gary Keetley (Dynamite Oakfield) 64-12-0. Sun, 15, Kite. Barry Eddy (Dynamite Oakfield) 63-13-0, F1s to 2 lb, poled meat at 6 metres, peg 28; John Wellham (Miracle Baits) 52-4-0; Roger Young (Dynamite Oakfield) 51-8-0.

Essex Veterans, Oakford Farm, nr Chelmsford. Wed, 17, Top Lake. Ken Rolfe (Bill’s Tackle) 101-0-0, 37 carp to 6 lb, meat at 13m to island plus left and right margins, peg 2; Tony Cheeseman (Colmic)  68-0-0; John Sycamore (Braintree) 55-0-0; Ken Rudd (Cariers) 54-0-0.

Garbolino Bolingey. Perranporth, Cornwall. Fri, 30. Neil Hurst (Ackworth AC) 148-6-0, carp on poled pellet, peg 7; Mike Billingham (Bag Em Baits) 113-4-0; Geoff Long 103-8-0; Steve Dunlop (Woodlands Tackle) 98-4-0.



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Gillingham AA. Lodden Lakes, Dorset. Sun, 23. Adrian West (Gillingham AA) 30-8-0, carp, bream and tench on pole and method feeder, peg 23; Rich Fripp (Gillingham AA) 23-8-0; Alfie Dyke (Gillingham AA) 21-4-0; Emma Drysdale (Gillingham AA) 19-4-0; Mark Leslie (Gillingham AA) 16-13-0; John Moody (Garbolino BVMG) 15-10-0.

Godalming, Marsh Farm, Surrey. BH Mon, 24. Phil Morris (Godalming) 58-10-0, tench and skimmers, poled pellets, peg 38; Russ Berryman (Apollo) 46-0-0; Brian Wallis (Apollo) 40-14-0. Wed, 15. Dave Lewis (Drennan Borden) 37-3-0, tench and skimmers, poled pellets, peg 12; Dave Johnston ( 35-6-0; Steve Sanders (Preston Innovations) 33-3-0.

Gold Valley, Ash, Hants. Sun, 25, middle lake. Charlie Dalton (Gold Valley) 72-10-0, carp, Method feedered corn, peg 91; Eddy Green (Gold Valley) and Paul Hiller (Daiwa Dorking) both 59-0-0; Jeb Attwood (Gold Valley) 48-8-0; Mick Howes (Browning Crowsports) 48-0-0.

Gwinear. Newquay, Cornwall. Tue, 23. Andy Taft (Bait-Tech) 70-0-0, carp on pole and feeder with pellet, peg 11; John Clapham (Tricast Rochdale) 68-0-0; Nick Threlfall (Tricast Rochdale) 67-0-0; Martin Williams (Sheffield) 58-0-0. Fri, 12. John Clapham (Tricast Rochdale) 110-9-0, carp on poled worm, peg 7; Dave Wells (Tricast Rochdale) 88-1-0; John Leeds (Tricast Rochdale) 74-4-0. Sun, 10. Ryan Thomas (Wales) 107-5-0, carp on pole with corn and pellet, peg 6; Chas Ward (Gwinear) 103-10-0; Simon Jones (Wales) 88-7-0.

Ilminster AA. Dillington Pond, Somerset. Sun, 7. Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish/Burt baits) 22-8-0, 2 chub plus quality roach and rudd on poled caster; Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) 9-9-0; Graham Field (Taunton) 7-10-0.

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GET THIS WEEK’S ISSUE! Angler’s Mail magazine is in shops from Tuesday and available too for iPad etc – do not miss this week’s issue!

Maver Match This Qualifier, Stafford Moor, Winkleigh, Devon. Sat, 68. Neil Stones (Barnsley Bait Co) 96-12-0, 29 carp on bomb and waggler shallow with pellet, peg 36 Tanners; Pete Thomas (White Acres) 87-0-0; Mark Stainsby (Barnsley Bait Co) 85-2-0; Dean Cherrington (Sensas) 83-12-0; John Lloyd (London) 76-7-0; Zac Brown (Meatheads) 74-10-0.

MBK Leisures, Rake, Sussex, Thurs, 5, Barons Ponds, 5. Dave Steer (MBK Leisures) 61-7-0, carp to 7 lb, poled pellet. Sat, 17, Coloured Ponds. Under-9s: Ryan Hinkley (Petersfield) 18-0-0, small carp and silvers, poled pellet and sweetcorn, Pond 3; Tobias Sanders (Clanfield) 15-10-0; Ollie Kitchener (Storrington) 12-0-0. 9-12s: Nathan Blackwell (Fanborough) 23-12-0, small carp and silvers, poled pellet and corn; Connor Hinkley (Petersfield) 13-10-0; Adam Dummer (Fernhurst) 10-4-0. 13-17s: Karter Whittock (Froyle) 23-0-0, small carp and silvers, poled pellet and sweetcorn, Pond 3; Casey Standen (Southsea) 8-13-0; Josh Tearle (Storrington) 2-12-0.

Monk Lakes, Staplehurst, Kent. Sat, 24, Lakes Two and Three. Steve James (Ockenden Bait and Tackle) 171-14-0, all carp, short pole, pellet and corn, peg 117; Tom Need (Orpington Bait and Tackle) 164-0-0; Wayne Taylor (Hastings Angling Centre) 146-0-0; Stuart Atkinson (Anglers Cabin) 145-6-0; Pemb Whiting (Daiwa Dorking) 141-8-0; Barry Upperton (Monk Lakes) 135-12-0.

Ockendon Bait and Tackle, Puddledock Farm, Upminster, Essex. Wed, 31. Simon Willsmore (Drennan) 133-10-0, expander pellet across and maggot over groundbait in margins, Snake peg 14; Brodie Vowles (Dartford) 119-0-0; Dave Harold (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 107-10-0; Clive Nada (Ockendon Bait and Tackle)103-8-0. Sun, 50. Tony Smith(Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 123-5-0, meat down track, Snake peg 42; Danny Mason (Bill’s Tackle) 113-12-0; John Brooks (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 107-5-0; Graham Dack (Maver) 103-8-0; Jason Collins (Preston Innovations Delcac) 86-0-0; Simon Willsmore (Drennan) 71-6-0.

Rye DAS Club League, Royal Military Canal, West Hythe,Kent. Sun, 48. Jerry Morgan (Sensas South East Gold) 40-0-0, one carp of 25 lb plus several tench, maggot over chopped worm, peg 19; Ben Lawrence (Medway Tackle) 15-10-0; Graham Docker (Advanced Pole Repairs) 15-4-0; Steve Ryan (Cinque Ports MG) 14-11-0; Craig Palmer (Matrix Invicta) 12-14-0; Ian Carley (Sensas South East Gold) 11-7-0. Teams: Sensas South East Gold 39; Advanced Pole Repairs 35.5; Sensas South East Marine 33.5; Iden Wood Fishery Red 32; Maver Cardinals Black 31; Medway Tackle 29. League: Sensas South East Gold 101.5; Sensas South East Marine 98; Advanced Pole Repairs 94.5; Maver Cardinals Black 91; Maver Cardinals Red 82; Medway Tackle 79.

Tillingbourne, Gomshall, Surrey. Tues, 13, over-55s. Dave Steer (MBK) 70-8-0, carp, poled pellets, peg 6; Brian Green (Chapmans Baits) 41-8-0; Andy Love (Love Machine) 36-8-0.

Trewaters. Nr Truro, Kernow. Sun, 20. Andy Taft (Bait-Tech) 68-3-0, carp on method feeder and pellet, peg 28; Harry Billing (Garbolino) 57-12-0; Martin Williams (Sheffield) 48-4-0; Stuart Lister (Spro) 47-12-0; Andy Smedley (Sheffield) 44-0-0; Ian Sutton (Iffers) 43-7-0.

Tylers Common, Brentwood, Essex. Sat, 20. Ben Reynolds (Bait-Tech) 143-4-0, pellet and meat, Method feeder, Horseshoe peg 24; Alan Reynolds (Bait-Tech)121-0-0; Nick Darke (GOT Baits) 118-0-0; Graham Dack (Maver) 101-4-0; Danny Grimsey (Maver Image) 100-0-0; Andy Bolt (Robbo’s) 95-8-0.

White Acres. Newquay, Cornwall. Mon, 51. Twin Oaks and Trelawney. Steve Warner (East of England BT) 132-4-0, carp on pellet feeder and meat at 5m, peg 15 Twin Oaks; Keith Pentland (Darlington) 119-5-0; Alan Robertshaw (Leicester Cars0 106-13-0; Ian Hudson (Maver Cadbury Angling) 104-0-0; Mark Britton (Woodlands Tackle) 96-2-0; Neil Hurst (Ackworth AC) 94-14-0. Wed, 74. Twin Oaks, Trelawney and Acorn. Kurtin Garrish (Beastmasters Wigan) 92-10-0, carp on poled pellet in the margins, peg 14 Trelawney; Dick Gore (Offley Angling) 89-9-0; Matt Snowden (White Acres) 88-2-0; Graham Pearce (Devizes MG) 86-7-0; Gareth Price (Offley Angling) 83-6-0; Ian Clarkson 82-1-0. Preston Innovations Rover. Thur, 106. All lakes. Andy Taft (Bait-Tech) 109-13-0, carp on pellet feeder, peg 5 Eery; Frank Hayhurst 99-11-0; Mark Crook 97-3-0; Mark Britton (Woodlands Tackle) 90-8-0; Alan Robertshaw 86-13-0; Geoff Long (Ockenden Tackle) 81-5-0. Ladies: Betty Wadhams 43-2-0.

Willow Park, Ash, Hants. Mon, 17, Small Lake. Gavin Millis (Tubertini South) 67-8-0, carp, pellet waggler, peg 26; Rob Harvey (Apollo Sonubaits) 45-12-0; Micky Sutton (Willow Park) 33-4-0. Wed, 13. Steve Lucy (Woking AS) 17-8-0, carp and bream, poled meat, peg 9; Chris Love (Willow Park) 15-12-0; John Ward (Willow Park) 7-0-0. Fri, 9. Dave Steer (MBK) 15-8-0, skimmers, poled pellets, peg 13. Sat, 14. Mark Burroughs (Willow Park) 28-11-0, carp, poled meat, peg 21; Jake Gallagher (Willow Park) 27-2-0; Chris Love (Willow Park) 23-4-0.

Wylands, Battle, East Sussex, Old Snake Lake. Sun, 19; Paul Lawton (Marukyu) 60-8-0 carp, paste to far margins, peg 34; Carlton Easter (Iden Wood Fishery) 51-15-0; John Oliver (Wylands) 41-8-0; Danny Wynne (Sensas South East) 33-14-0; Derek Seymour (Polegate Angling Centre) 33-12-0.



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