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Preston Innovations-Angler’s Mail Matchman of the Year qualifiers – for full coverage on this competition see Angler’s Mail magazine every week! 


* Bait-Tech Viaduct WL, Somerton, Somerset. Sun, 95. Martin Preston (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 110-10-0, carp, bomb and meat, peg 115 Campbell; Steve Nadin (Garbolino BVMG) 104-2-0; John Moody (Garbolino BVMG) 90-15-0; Clint Wojtyla (Avon Angling) 88-10-0; Craig Edmunds (Flip Flops) 73-14-0; Andy Pritchard (Preston Innovations Thatchers Veterans) 72-10-0. Silvers: Dan Squires (Viaduct Select) 30-3-0. Teams: Viaduct Select 75; Garbolino BVMG 67; Preston Innovations Thatchers Anglo Welsh 64; Flip Flops and Moaning Maggots both 63; Frenzee South Wales Orange 62. Final League: Frenzee South Wales Orange 318; Preston Innovations Thatchers Anglo Welsh 299; Viaduct Select 289; Preston Innovations Thatchers Gold 281; Bait Tech Viaduct 276. Individuals: Steve Long (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 83; Dave Roper (Moaning Maggots) 81; Chris Sandford (Amigos) 80.

* Colemans Cottage Ind. League, Witham, Essex. Sun, 71, Pathfield, Stepfield and Wood lakes. Jim Trew (Matchpack Colemans Bait and Tackle) 124-0-0, carp to 8 lb, bread up in water at 14.5m, Wood peg 1; Gavin Bridge (DH Floats Colemans Bait and Tackle) 111-0-0; Bernie Fraser (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 108-0-0; Terry Edwards (Browning Wickford) 107-0-0; Steve Homewood (Preston Innovations Delcac ) 105-0-0; Del Smee (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 100-0-0. League: Paul Chambers (Browning Wickford) 34 (3 section wins); Terry Edwards (Browning Wickford) 31 (4); Gavin Bridge (DH Floats Colemans Bait and Tackle) 30 (5).
* Garbolino Bolingey, Perranporth, Cornwall. Sat. 36. Stuart Lister (Spro) 146-8-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 27; Trev Conroy (White Acres) 115-12-0; Tony Williams (Burt Baits) 101-6-0; Dave Hillier (White Acres) 100-6-0; Phil Beresford (White Acres) 79-12-0; Mark Cullerton (Milemead) 75-8-0.

* Ockendon Bait and Tackle, Puddledock Farm, Upminster, Essex. Sun, 52. Mo Brown (Bowlers) 150-7-0, carp to 7 lb, pellet at 5m, Snake peg 100; Deane Swift (Sonubaits Matrix) 122-12-0; Dave Harold (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 83-13-0; Ross Harold (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 79-12-0; Graham Dack (Middy) 71-14-0; Attilla Szekeres (Oakwood Angling) 64-14-0.
* Tylers Common, Brentwood, Essex. Sat, 30, Ash and Willow lakes. Ross Harold (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 203-14-0, carp, pellet at 13m then maggot in margins, Willow peg 5; Steve James (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 172-0-0;  Jason Collins (Browning Wickford) 167-8-0; Gary Ford (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 158-12-0; Marious Grigaitis (Route 77) 146-10-0; Clive Nada (Tylers Common) 115-0-0.
* White Acres Ind WL, Newquay, Cornwall. Sun, 40, Twin Oaks, Pollawyn and Trelawney. Tony Williams (Burt Baits) 99-6-0, F1s, poled corn, peg 34 Twin Oaks; Alan Roberts (White Acres) 69-7-0; Trevor Conroy (White Acres) 69-4-0; Andy Patterson (Gwinear) 68-14-0; Steve Prowse (Burt Baits) 64-2-0; Chris Hancock (Sensas/Gwinear) 63-4-0. Final League: Harry Billing (Garbolino) 32; Andy Dare (Garbolino Bolingey) 36; Chris Hancock 64; Roy Booth (Barns) 65; Clint Elliott (Preston Innovations) 67.



Interested in match tackle for silver fish? Want to know where to catch bream and skimmers? These are just two must-read features in the new Angler's Mail magazine, in shops from Tuesday, March 11.

Interested in match tackle for silver fish? Want to know where to catch bream and skimmers? These are just two must-read features in the new Angler’s Mail magazine, in shops from Tuesday, March 11.



Smaller fishing match results reported to the Angler’s Mail team

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Avon Angling, Emerald Pool, Somerset. Wed, 16, silvers. Tom Thick (Thatchers Tackle) 67-4-0, skimmers, hybrids and tench, poled soft pellet, peg 9; Steve Tucker (Garbolino) 53-0-0; Tim Clark (Avon Angling) 45-0-0; John Bradford (Avon Angling) and Harry Muir (Bristol) both 39-14-0; Barry Fitchew (Maver) 38-6-0.Bait-Tech Viaduct. Somerton, Somerset. Thurs, 20, Campbell and Cary. Scott Russell (Tackle UK) 168-15-0, carp, bomb and short poled meat, peg 116 Campbell; Dan White (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 140-8-0; Phil Wilkins (Bath Spartans) 109-13-0; Steve Kedge (Somerset Angling) 90-8-0; Paul Fielding (Bath Spartans) 84-4-0; Mark Wynne (Bait-Tech Viaduct) 69-6-0. Silvers: Jamie Parkhouse (Team Jinx) 52-9-0.Bathampton AA Veals Silvers Championships. Hunstrete Fishery, Somerset. Thurs, 27, Bridge Pool. Dave Gillard (Bristol) 13-12-0, skimmers, poled maggot, peg 19; Paul Dicks (Bristol) 13-2-0; Mike Jones (Bristol) 12-0-0; Ade Crawley (Bristol) 11-0-0; Dave Wride (Sensas Thyers) 10-12-0; Chris Rolfe (Bristol) 10-10-0.

BK Fisheries Pairs, Bill’s Pool, St. Erth, Cornwall. Sun, 12. Alex Bradley (BK Fisheries) 34-4-0, roach and rudd, poled maggot and caster, peg 13; Tony Jose (BK Fisheries) 32-12-0; Bill Knott (BK Fisheries) 27-10-0. Pairs: Sam Bawden/Bill Knott 73; Stuart Bradley/Alex Bradley 82; Tony Jose/Boz Phillips (Marukyu) 83.

Colemans Cottage, Witham, Essex. Tues, 36. Jim Dodkins (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 97-8-0, carp, Wood peg 28; Jeff Church (Matchpack Colemans Bait and Tackle) 93-0-0; Geoff Bull (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 89-0-0; Tony Martin (Colemans Bait and Tackle) and Keith Rodgers (Colemans Bait and Tackle) both 84-8-0; Gavin Bridge (DH Floats Cariers Bait and Tackle) 83-0-0. Thurs, 16. Les Fone (Jolly Sailor) 86-8-0, pellet at 5m and margins, Pathfield peg 11; Kim Hollick (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 72-8-0; Richie Richardson (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 68-0-0; Jim Trew (Matchpack Colemans Bait and Tackle) 72-8-0; Rodger Gillingham (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 50-8-0; Nick Flemming (Browning Wickford) 50-0-0. Sat, 23. Nick Flemming (Browning Wickford) 108-0-0, mainly F1s, pellet short and in margins, Stepfield peg 12; Steve Barnett (Borden Angling) 104-0-0; Jeff Church (Matchpack Colemans Bait and Tackle) 71-8-0; Tom Webster (Northampton) 60-8-0; Andy Clements (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 60-0-0; David Wright (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 57-0-0.

Dynamite Oakfield, Aylesbury, Bucks. Sat, 26, Red Kite and Swallow. Rob Bassett (Banbury Gunsmiths) 61-13-0, F1s to 2 lb, poled meat and corn down edge, Red Kite peg 34; Pete Alland (Dynamite Oakfield) 53-0-0; Mick Stimpson (Dynamite Oakfield) 40-10-0; Derek Cullip (Banbury Gunsmiths) 33-10-0; Martin Stickley (Dynamite Oakfield) 31-2-0; Joff Rogers (Frenzee GOT Baits) 28-15-0. Sun, 23, Red Kite Lake. Johnny Wellham (Miracle Baits) 47-1-0, F1s, Method feeder and pellet, peg 36; Gerald Foley (Dynamite Oakfield) 34-5-0; Richard Wall (Dynamite Oakfield) 28-9-0; Doug Robinson (Littlemoor) 19-10-0; Nick Bryan (The Bull) 19-0-0; John ‘Bees’ Beesley (Drennan Oxford) 18-12-0.

Essex Veterans, Rayne Lodge, Braintree. Wed, 14, Bottom Lake. Barry Bennett (Alresford) 55-6-0, mainly carp, poled maggot; John Cousins (Colemans Bait and Tackle) 40-6-0; Ralph Larkin (Cariers) 35-4-0; Maurice Southall (Cariers) and Tony Cheeseman (Colmic) both 34-0-0.

Framfield Park, Sussex. Wed, 20, Brookhouse Lake. Lee Perry (Framfield) 68-10-0, carp, pellet and corn at 10 and 16m, peg 6; Antonio Poynter (Faulkners) 48-0-0; Mark Richardson (Sensas South East) 45-2-0; Lewis Nightingale (Wylands) 44-4-0; Mike Head (Faulkners) 41-0-0; Nigel Greenwood (Sensas South East) 37-0-0.

Gillingham AA Juniors. Todber Manor, Dorset. Sat, 8, White Post Bottom Lake. Ryan Kiernan 27-12-0, carp on poled maggot; Gabriel Bell 22-14-0; Jacob Pope 21-8-0. League: Ryan Kiernan 398; Daniel Ponting 395; Gabriel Bell 393.

Gold Valley, Ash, Hants. Sat, 22, middle lake. Myles Levy (Bag’em) carp and skimmers, poled pellets; Jeb Attwood (Gold Valley) 85-12-0; Phill Morris (Marsh Farm) 74-0-0; Lynas Neale (Gold Valley) 61-8-0. Sun, 21, Syndicate Lake. Dave Coulter (Gold Valley) 134-14-0, carp, bomb and red maggot; Paul Holland (Daiwa Guru) 74-4-0; Stefan Gent (Gold Valley) 59-0-0; Charlie Dalton (Gold Valley) 54-0-0; Roger Beale (Old Boys) 51-0-0.

Ivy House, Grittenham, Wilts. Tues, 20, Match Lake. Mick Rosier (Ivy House) 58-1-0, 5 carp on poled maggot in the margins; Fred Parker (Ivy House) 49-10-0; Frank Donachie (Swindon) 32-12-0. Sat, 21, Match Lake. Red Adair (Ivy House) 51-9-0, carp, long poled maggot, peg 46; Bob Davis (Ivy House) 44-6-0; M. Taylor (Ivy House) 41-0-0. Sun, 26, Match Lake. Sam Nobbs (Ivy House) 49-2-0, carp, poled maggot, peg 47; Dick Young (Ivy House) 47-6-0; Jo Thompson (Ivy House) 42-6-0.

Marazion AC, St Erth Pool, Kernow. Sun, 10. Mike Bennetts (Marazion) 49-0-0, carp, poled corn, peg 18; Clive Lewis (Marazion) 17-3-0; Todd Wright (Nance Farm) 17-0-0; John Wilson (Holden Arms) 12-9-0.

Medway Tackle, Frant Lakes, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Sat, 12, silvers, Sunken Island Lake. Richard Taylor (Medway Tackle) 41-11-0, perch and skimmers, short poled caster; Fred Brown (Sensas South East) 28-5-0; Tony Docker (Advanced Pole Repairs) 23-8-0; Graham Docker (Advanced Pole Repairs) 21-1-0.

Monk Lakes, Staplehurst, Kent. Sat, 26, Lake Two. Jamie Grainger (Preston Innovations Delcac) 151-6-0, F1s and barbel, poled pellet and corn, peg 61; Mike McMillan (Preston Innovations Delcac) 100-14-0; Lenny Goodwin (Medway Tackle) 94-6-0; Barry Upperton (Monk Lakes) 93-0-0; Jordan Bryant (Maver Cardinals) 76-6-0; Stuart Atkinson (Blean Angling) 70-4-0. Sun, 23, Lake Four. Pete Upperton (Middy Meatbashers) 86-8-0, mirror carp, Method feeder, peg 147; Stuart Atkinson (Blean Angling) 70-14-0; Jim Wilson (Ockenden Tackle and Bait) 62-14-0; Mike McMillan (Preston Innovation Delcac) 51-6-0; Barry Upperton (Monk Lakes) 50-4-0; Paul Wiltshire (Maver Cardinals) 49-14-0.

Ockendon Bait and Tackle, Puddledock Farm, nr Upminster, Essex. Wed, 28. Eric Sugden (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 112-5-0, carp, pellet and corn, Snake peg 49; Steve James (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 80-6-0; Terry
Pritlove (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 80-0-0; Ross Harold (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 78-8-0; Gary Rolfe (Essex Police) 67-0-0.

Pole Rigs Direct Silverfish Festival, Stafford Moor, Somerset. 24. Day 1: Ray Wood (Pole Rigs) 23-4-0, tench and skimmers, poled worm. Day 2: John Elkins (Pole Rigs) 30-8-0, skimmers, poled pellets. Day 3: Ray Wood (Pole Rigs) 29-4-0, tench and skimmers, poled worm. Day 4: Ray Wood (Pole Rigs) 30-14-0, skimmers, perch and tench, poled worm. Overall: Ray Wood (Pole Rigs) 4; Gary McClair (Hollow AC) 6; Dan Diment (Anchor MG) 9; Gareth Hawley (Pole Rigs) 10; Kevin Pack (Drennan Bordon) 11; Andy Love (Love Machine) 12.

Rye DAS,,Northpoint Lake, Camber, E. Sussex. Wed, 13. Fred Brown (Sensas South East) 93-2-0, carp, feeder then poled corn over 4mm pellet; Tim Phillips (Iden Wood) 53-0-0; Ray Hedges (Iden Wood) 42-4-0; Pete Ridgers (Iden Wood) 33-0-0; Andy Lewis (Ashford) 32-12-0; Andy Ashdown (Iden Wood) 29-0-0.

Shiplate Farm WL, Weston, Somerset. Sun, 16, Westpool and Hawthorns. Steve Howell (Shiplate) 50-9-0, carp, long poled worm shallow, peg 12 Westpool; Adam Caswell (Frys) 39-3-0; Rich Hawkins (Bristol PO) 31-0-0. Silvers: Julian Pinkett (Bristol PO) 12-3-0. Final League: Dean Malin (Shimano/Dynamite Baits) 10; Steve Howell 18; Rich Hawkins 21. Pair: Dean Malin/Alan Healey.

Sonubaits Passies Silverfish League, Lancing, West Sussex. Sun, 24, Main Lake. Charlie Lovell (Preston Innovations Delcac) 49-9-0, bream, long poled pellet, peg 10; Tony Parnall (Sonubaits Passies) 43-2-0; Andy Carrington (Sonubaits Passies) 41-5-0; Jamie Grainger (Preston Innovations Delcac) 35-2-0; Deana Wood (Preston Innovations Delcac 31-1-0. Final League: Stevie Gardener (Milo), Jason Kirk (Arun Angling) and Jamie Grainger (Preston Innovations Delcac) all 8. Stevie won on section countback.

Tillingbourne, Gomshall, Surrey. Tues, 13. Nick Stunt (Apollo AC) 39-10-0, carp, poled corn; Dave Steer (MBK) 25-10-0; Brian Green (Feltham AC) 24-6-0.

Willow Park, Ash, Hants. Wed, 16, over-50s. Gary Clifford (Willow Park) 16-4-0, carp and bream, feedered pellets; Ian Covey (Guildford AC) 10-8-0; Ken Russell (Browning Crowsports) 8-15-0. Fri, 9. Brian Stephens (Willow Park) 26-8-0, carp, poled pellets. Sat, 20, WL. Mark Wells (Drennan Bordon Youth) 30-8-0, carp and skimmers, poled pellets; Paul Hiller (Section Eight) 28-12-0; Ian Covey (Willow Bits) 23-12-0. Teams: Willow Black 18; Section Eight 17; Willow White 16. League: Drennan Bordon Youth 155; Section Eight 144; Willow Black 143.

Wylands, Battle, East Sussex. Sun, 19, Old Snake Lake. Pat Helder (Wylands) 38-3-0, carp, poled corn, peg 8; Anthony Page (Wylands) 29-6-0; Mick Wells (Sensas South East) 25-4-0; Paul Lawton (Marukyu) 23-0-0; Dave Calway (Wylands) 21-0-0.



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