IN one of the best weeks ever for specimen fish, the UK perch record was smashed by a massive river fish with just hours of the season left.

The record-busting specimen is the highlight of a week that saw two carp over 60lb reported, plus a huge lure-caught zander, a giant Fenland rudd and numerous big chub, barbel, roach and pike. It’s undoubtedly one of the most amazing run of big fish catches ever.

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  • Full and exclusive report on the record-breaking perch with photos
  • Fish go on the feed up and down the country as river season closes
  • Two carp over 60lb shake record
  • Massive river zander on lure
  • Huge Fenland rudd wins Korum Specimen Cup weekly award
  • Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year 2013/14 overall winner revealed
  • Pike Scene gives advice on small lures for big pike
  • Catching With Collett sees Steve go after canal predators
  • Essential Knowledge has more bait tips
  • All The Answers – the UK’s number one coarse Q&A – details the different types of quill float plus reader questions answered by experts
  • Where To Fish focuses on great venues for stillwater barbel and chub plus a full round-up of UK hotspots for the week ahead
  • The latest regional match results and news


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