Here are the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifiers, Sep 6/7 - tables are exclusively in the magazine plus we reveal monthly winner! There's some terrific match fishing content in Angler's Mail this week, including what you see in the trailer below...

* London AA Thames Championship, River Thames, Molesey to Walton, Surrey. Sun, 37. Chris Bite (Hertford) 8-5-8, perch, poled worms, peg C1; Wayne Slater (Hertford) 5-14-0; Gary Sontag (Roman Urn) 5-6-8; Andy Hollingshead (Roman Urn) 5-2-0; Dave Whitman (Edmonton and Tottenham) 5-1-0; Andy Love (Edmonton and Tottenham) 5-0-0. Teams: Roman Urn B 27; Edmonton and Tottenham B 22; Roman Urn A 21.

* Reading DAA Association Cup/Fericon Press Trophy, River Kennet, Calcot to Beat Five, Berkshire. Sun, 48. Liam Page-Smith (TRBLAS) 8-8-0, roach, dace and perch, stick float and maggots, peg 48; Andy Bocket (Reading Civil Service) 6-3-0; Dave Cowley (TRBLAS) 5-7-0; Dave Bosher (Reading Fishing Club) 5-3-0; Rob Stephens (YOTAC 21) 5-0-0; Sean Barrington (Adventure) 4-14-0; Len Wilby (Reading Fishing Club) 4-14-0.

* Rye DAS Club League, River Rother, Blackwall, Kent. 40. Dennis Price (Iden Wood Fishery Red) 19-7-0, skimmers and roach, poled maggot over groundbait, downstream end peg; Ian Carley (Sensas South East Gold) 12-1-0; Craig Palmer (Matrix Invicta) 10-4-0; Steve Arno (Maver Cardinals Black) 9-13-0; Steve Ryan (Cinque Ports MG) 8-12-0; John Pantry (Sensas South East Marine) 8-2-0. Teams: Sensas South East Marine 37; Advanced Pole Repairs 35; Iden Wood Fishery Blue 34; Sensas South East Gold 33; Iden Wood Fishery Red 31; Cinque Ports MG 28. League: Sensas South East Marine 259; Advanced Pole Repairs 251; Sensas South East Gold 244.5; Maver Cardinals Black 230.5; Iden Wood Fishery Red 229.5; Maver Cardinals Red 223.

* SW Super League, Bristol Avon, Newbridge. Sun (Aug 31), 64. Darren Gilman (Maver Cadbury Angling) 15-15-0, roach on poled caster, peg 7 in little field; Kev Abigail (Garbolino Blackmore Vale) 14-7-0; Andy Powell (Maver Lobby’s) 13-2-0; Gary Etheridge (Garbolino Blackmore Vale) 12-13-0; Andy Ottaway (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 11-2-0; Lee Trivett (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 9-7-0. Teams: Preston Innovations Thatchers 49.5; Daiwa Gordon League 42.5; Maver Lobby’s 41. Sun (Sep.6), 64, Bristol Avon, Newbridge. Steve Tucker (Frenzee South West) 27-0-0, roach and skimmers, poled caster over groundbait, peg 74 below rail bridge; Andy Pollard (Daiwa Gordon League) 15-14-0; George Avery (Daiwa Gordon League) 13-14-0; Chris Parr (Sensas Thyers) 12-2-0; Lee Walker (Maver Cadbury Angling) 11-5-0; Darren Gilman (Maver Cadbury Angling) 10-15-0. Teams: Maver Lobby’s 45; Preston Innovations Thatchers and Frenzee South West both 40. Final League: Preston Innovations Thatchers 274.5; Maver Lobby’s 252.5; Daiwa Gordon League 238; Sensas Thyers 225.5.

* Swan Hotel, River Thames, Radcot and Clanfield, Oxon. Sun, 51. Gary Didcot (Radcot) 12-5-0, chub and bits, poled chopped worms, peg 33; Dave Clapton (Devizes) 11-3-0; Karl Eland (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) 10-0-0; Chris Telling (Oxford Drennan) 9-6-0; Trevor Bradley (Turners) 9-4-0.



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