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London and South Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for December 22, 2012 to January 1, 2013.


*Ockendon Bait & Tackle, Puddledock Farm, near Upminster, Essex. Sun. 56. Ian Nash (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 112-2-0, bread three-quarters of the way across, Snake Lake peg 49; Albert Bowers (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 69-12-0; Jason Collins (Browning Wickford) 66-8-0; Steve Copping (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 62-10-0; Mick Higgingbottom (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 55-8-0; Gary Rolfe (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 46-0-0.

*Ockendon Bait & Tackle, Puddledock Farm, near Upminster, Essex. Sun. 57. Gary Rolfe (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 104-5-0, carp to 5 lb, maggot up in the water, Snake Lake peg 10; Jason Collins (Browning Wickford) 81-1-0; John Brooks (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 71-8-0; Ian Nash (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 64-14-0; Mark Brown (Debden) 48-14-0; Mo Brown (Bowlers) 47-10-0.

*Surrey Winter League, Final Round, Willinghurst Fisheries, near Guildford, Surrey. Sun. 60. Des Shipp (Daiwa Dorking) 60-5-0, carp on feeder and red maggots; Ian Dixon (Milo Bordon) 56-4-0; Jimmy Bullard (Daiwa Dorking) 51-8-0; Gary Pook (Daiwa Dorking) 50-15-0; Dave Sandford (Garbolino Banstead) 45-12-0; Ben McGrath (Milo Bordon) 34-2-0. Teams: Daiwa Dorking 52; Milo Bordon 39; Garbolino Banstead 35. Final league: Daiwa Dorking 7; Milo Bordon 13; Garbolino Banstead 18; Bordon Shop 23; Fullers 31; KC Angling 32.




Avon Angling, Shiplate Farm, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Sun. Main Lake. 19. Clint Wojtyla (Avon Angling) 25-10-0, two carp and two bream on pole and double caster, peg 1; Matt Tomes (Matts Maulers) 23-12-0.

BK Fisheries, Hayle, Cornwall. Sun. Billy’s Pool. 11. Tony Jose (BK Fisheries) 97-8-0, carp to 5 lb, pole and sweetcorn, peg 10. Sat. Billy’s Pool. 12. Alex Bradley (BK Fisheries) 84-8-0, carp to 5 lb, waggler and pellet, peg 8; Kevin Waldron (BK Fisheries) 31-2-0. Tues. Barons Ponds, Liss, Sussex. 12. Tony Frost (Colmic Apollo) 4-0-0; Chris Kampa (Godalming) 2-1-0.

Clevedon Freshwater AC, Plantation Lakes, Kingston Seymour, Somerset. Random Pairs, Main Lake. 22. Kev Perry and Rich Lovering 65-11-0 (Rich 34-1-0, carp down the nearside margin, pellet, peg 23; Kev 31-10-0, carp 16-metre pole, peg 7); Mark Bartlett and Dave Smart 40-11-0 (Mark, carp from island opposite peg 29, peg 28); Glen Calvert and Adie Baker 39-4-0.

FLE Fishery, Greenridge Farm, Romsey, Hampshire. Sat. Lakes 1, 2 and 3. 21. Gary Wright (Test Valley AC) 51-0-0, carp to 9 lb on pole and maggot, peg 2, Lake 1; Kev Downer (Dandys K2) 42-0-0; Gareth Boycott (Romsey Tackle & Bait) 38-8-0.

Gold Valley, Ash, Hampshire. Sun. Middle and Syndicate Lakes. 40. Dave Coulter (Springlakes) 161-12-0, carp on Method feeder and straight lead, maggots and pellets; Paul Holland (Preston Innovations) 144-14-0; Pete Franklin (Guildford AC ) 96-8-0; Gavin Messer (Bristol) 90-8-0; Malcolm Bond (Springlakes) 69-8-0; Pete Arnold (Sensas A4) 62-8-0. Sun. 42. Lynas Neal (Reading AC) 127-2-0, carp on Method feeder, pellet and maggots; Andy King (Milo Bordon) 101-0-0; Ben Leach (Daiwa Dorking) 76-0-0; Myles Levy (Milo Bordon) 62-8-0; Bradley Gibbons (Milo Bordon) 61-4-0; Tommy Hiller (Daiwa Dorking) 45-0-0.

Guildford Angling Centre, Furnace Lakes, Horsham, West Sussex. Wed. (Dec. 19) Skimmer Lake. 18. Jimmy Bullard (Daiwa Dorking) 28-4-0, small skimmers on long pole with pellets over groundbait, peg 1; Steve Gardener (Milo) 23-10-0.

How End Fisheries, Houghton Conquest, Bedford. Sat. Queens Works, Cotton End, Yasi’s Lake. 15. Alex Hayward (Queens Works) 25-15-0, carp and silver fish, pole and maggot; Neil Bird (Queens Works) 13-5-0. Sun. Pairs Winter League, Yasi’s and Dani’s Lakes. 18. Simon Drozdiol (How End Fisheries) 14-14-0, small carp and silver fish, pole and maggot; Phil ‘Pip’ Bowlam (How End Fisheries) 14-8-0. League: How End Heroes 82; Two Dicks 69; Give Us A Minute 68; Aaarrggghhhh!!! 68; Bus Pass Baggers 65.

Ivy House, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire. Sat. Match Lake. 16. Paul O’Connor (Ivy House) 57-13-0, carp on waggler with corn and maggot, peg 6; Martin Lenighan (Avon Angling) 36-10-0. Silvers: Mick Lane (Rolf’s Gold) 11-7-0. Sun. Match Lake. 17. John Williams (Ivy House) 27-8-0, carp and silver fish on pole or waggler with pellet, peg 37; Paul Dressler (Ivy House) 24-0-0.

Landsend Farm Fishery, Wedmore, Somerset. Sun. 19. Tom Mangnell (Mosella) 94-2-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 33; Tom Thick (Thatchers Tackle) 65-12-0. Silvers: Martin Pettiffer (Fish and FIeld) 19-10-0.

Marazion Sensas Winter League, Round Eight, Amalwhidden Farm, Towednack, St Ives, Cornwall. Sun. 9. John Wilson (Newtown Angling) 5-3-0, silver fish on pole and maggot, peg 8. League: Mike O’Gorman (Bolingey) 35 (110-4-0); Roger Baker (Sensas Thyers) 36 (76-8-0); Barry Little (Marazion AC) 37 (83-9-0).

MBK Leisure, Pump Station, Greatham, West Sussex. Fri. 19. Shaun Barnett (Milo Bordon) 57-8-0, carp, pole, pellet and maggot; Colin Stoner (Excelsior) 35-8-0. Sun. Coloured Ponds, Rake, West Sussex. 20. John Light (MBK Leisure) 41-4-0, carp, pole, sweetcorn, pellet and maggot; Danny Smith (MBK Leisure) 38-6-0.

Oakfield GOT Baits Fishery, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Sat. Swallow and Red Kite Lakes. 20. Gary Thorpe (Chiltern Baits/GOT Baits) 79-12-0, carp to 6 lb, pole, bread or sweetcorn, peg 23 Swallow; Mark Simmonds (Maver Image) 59-8-0; Dave Stratfull (Oakfield Fishery) 31-0-0.

Redbridge Fishing Lakes, Woodford Green, Essex. Thu. 12. S. Phung (Bowlers) 8-8-0, roach. Sun. 13. P. Toye (Redbridge) 6-14-0, small silver fish and a big bream.

Royal Berkshire Fishery, Windsor, Berkshire. Thu. Silver Fish Open Practise, Lake One. 12. Geoff Valance (Preston Innovations Delcac) 31-0-0, roach to 1 lb-plus, long pole, waggler and maggot; Mark Goddard (Daiwa Dorking) 25-0-0.

Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Thurs. Costcutter, Campbell. 17. Jake Barrow (Frome) 50-9-0, carp on bomb and corn, peg 118; Steve Denmead (Keyfords) 46-7-0. Fri. Two-day Silver Fish, Campbell and Spring. 34. Des Shipp (Preston Innovations) 24-7-0, skimmers to 2 lb on groundbait feeder and maggot or long pole and maggot, peg 5 Spring; Jamie Parkhouse (Team Jinx) 23-13-0; Paul Greenwood (Viaduct) 19-12-0; Lee Edwards (Kamasan Starlets) 17-14-0. Sat. Chris Davis (Frampton RBL) 41-9-0, skimmers on long pole and maggot over groundbait, peg 19 Spring; Andy Power (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 23-9-0; Mark Harper (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 21-0-0; Mark Warne (Maver Veals) 18-12-0. Overall: Vince Brown (Mosella) 2 points; Chris Davis (Frampton RBL) 3 (51-15-0); Jamie Parkhouse (Team Jinx) 3 (35-14-0). Sun. Campbell and Cary. 22. Dan White (Viaduct) 79-1-0, carp on bomb or long pole and corn, peg 119 Campbell; Phil Denslow (Taunton) 74-7-0; Andy Lloyd (Dynamite Baits) 72-8-0.

Shiplate Farm, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Sun. Winter League, Hawthorns and West Pool. 24. Rich Hawkins 32-6-0, carp on pole and maggot, peg 12 Hawthorns; Steve Howell 27-6-0; Pete Bartlett 24-6-0.

Tylers Common, near Brentwood, Essex. Willow and Ash Lakes. Sat. 26. Mick Hood (Bowlers) 124-0-0, carp to 4 lb, pellet and corn, Ash Lake peg 20; Andy Reynolds (Bait-Tech) 96-8-0; Alec Roberts (Middy Lake John) 92-8-0.

White Acres, Cornwall. Sat. Pollawyn and Jenny’s. 20. Andy Dare (Bolingey) 85-14-0, carp and silver fish on pole with pellet and caster, peg 13 Pollawyn; Pete Thomas (White Acres) 59-1-0; Ricky Dennis (White Acres) 57-6-0.

Willow Park, Ash, Hampshire. Wed. (Dec. 26) Over 50s, Middle Lake. 8. Doug Graves (Willow Park) 41-11-0, bream and carp on pole and pellets. Sat. Small Lake. 14. Chris Love (Willow Park) 54-0-0, carp and bream on pole and pellets; Rob Harvey (Garbolino Banstead) 50-0-0.


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