*Avon Valley Summer League, Round Four, Marsh Farm, Milford, Surrey. Sun. 80. Rob Jenkins (Sonubaits Passies) 34-10-0, tench on Method feeder and corn; Sean Barnet (Milo Bordon Red) 33-13-0; Gareth Phillips (Guildford AC) 32-4-0; Stuart Sadd (Apollo Colmic Black) 29-12-0; Ian Dixon (Milo Bordon Red) 22-13-0; Jamie Grainger (Merv’s Mates) 21-6-0. Teams: Colmic Apollo Black 66; Sonubaits Passies 59; Guildford AC 59. League: Colmic Apollo Black 237; Sonubaits Passies 219; Milo Bordon Red 210; Guildford AC 203; Farnborough DAS 200; Milo Bordon Black 194.

*Big Fish Essex Summer League, Third Round, Mill Barn Fishery, Great Wakering, Essex. Sun. 50. Jim Hodges (Purple Patch) 50-12-0, mainly roach up in the water with maggot while feeding casters; Lee Edwards (Spectrum) 44-12-0; Frank Thomas (Browning Wickford Y) 40-12-0; Peter Durrant (Matchpack Gold) 34-2-8; Danny Mason (Bill’s Tackle) 33-14-0; Bill Walker (Bill’s Tackle) 33-9-0. Teams: Browning Wickford Y 38; Purple Patch 37; Spectrum 34; Browning Wickford X31; Matchpack Gold and Bill’s Tackle both 27; Becontree Bowlers and Browning JP both 25; Matchack Silver 22; Browning JP B 10. League: Browning Wickford Y 118; Browning Wickford X 114; Spectrum 89; Browning JP Tackle A 83; Bill’s Tackle and Purple Patch both 82; Matchpack Gold 75; Becontree Bowlers 72; Matchpack Silver 69; Browning JP Tackle B 52.

*SW Super League, Bristol Avon, Swineford to Jack Whites. Sun. 56. Andy Price (Lobbys) 30-6-0, bream and skimmers on the stick float and pole with caster and maggot at Swineford; Steve Tucker (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 27-15-0; Gary Etheridge (Garbolino BVMG) 21-9-0; Kev Dicks (Maver Bathampton) 18-5-0; Andy Powell (Lobbys) 15-1-0; Darren Gilman (Maver Bathampton) 14-4-0. Teams: Preston Innovations Thatchers 41.5; Maver Bathampton 40; Sensas Thyers 35; Lobbys 33. League: Preston Innovations Thatchers 162.5; Garbolino BVMG 142; Sensas Thyers 135.5; Maver Bathampton 135; Daiwa Gordon League 126; Lobbys 100.5; Nomads 94.5.


Back Arun Fishery, Arundel, West Sussex. Sun. Carp Lake. 15. Bruce Goulding (SAS Chichester) 89-0-0, all-carp, pole with meat and paste, peg 20; Mick Chipperfield (Hansfords) 75-8-0; Dave Bacon (Arun Angling) 66-0-0; John Money (Back Arun) 53-0-0; Mick Pranskcuss (Back Arun) 51-0-0; Kevin Parker (Apollo) 49-0-0.

BK Fisheries, St. Erth, Cornwall, Thu. Billy’s Pool. 11. Richard Taylor (BK Fisheries) 75-6-0, carp to 6 lb, waggler and pellet, peg 8; Bill Knott (BK Fisheries) 64-6-0; Chris Symonds (BK Fisheries) 40-14-0; Mike Ash (BK Fisheries) 38-0-0. Sun. Billy’s Pool. 14. Tony Jose (BK Fisheries) 98-2-0, carp to 6 lb, waggler, pole and pellet, peg 10; Chris Symonds (BK Fisheries) 74-0-0; Bill Knott (BK Fisheries) 59-12-0; Aaron Jeenkin (BK Fisheries) 58-4-0; Kevin Walden (BK Fisheries) 47-10-0; Richard Taylor (BK Fisheries) 41-4-0.

Carpenters Arms AC, Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Sun. Cary. 21. Paul Atwood (Carpenters Arms) 88-14-0, 12 carp on bomb and pellet, peg 102; Phil Groves (Carpenters Arms) 84-13-0; Joe McMahon (Carpenters Arms) 82-5-0; Martin Woolley (Carpenters Arms) 81-0-0. Silvers: Alan Lines (Carpenters Arms) 21-0-0.

Carps AC, Three-day Festival, Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Fri.-Sun. Campbell. 21. Day 1: Roland Lucas (Wilts AC) 165-0-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 123 Campbell; Alan Oram (Dynamite Baits) 138-6-0; Matt Tomes (GOT Baits) 119-6-0. Silvers: Paul Lock (Carps AC) 41-3-0. Day 2: Ray Hayward (Viaduct Select) 158-15-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 112; Chris Davis (Frampton RBL) 133-9-0; Dick Bull (Viaduct) 129-1-0. Silvers: John Green (Thatchers Tackle) 45-1-0. Day 3: Clive Pettit (Carps AC) 134-8-0, carp on bomb and pellet, peg 129 Campbell; Ray Hayward (Viaduct Select) 130-1-0; Alan Oram (Dynamite Baits) 123-0-0. Silvers: Dan Squires (Viaduct) 41-9-0. Overall: Alan Oram (Dynamite Baits) 3 points; Chris Davis (Frampton RBL) 4; Clive Pettit (Carps AC) 5. Silvers: John Green (Thatchers Tackle) 3 (108-5-0); Paul Lock (Carps AC) 3 (96-1-0); Dan Squires (Viaduct) 4.

Edmunson Electrical London Region Charity Match, Gold Valley, Aldershot, Hampshire. Wed. Gold, Syndicate and Middle Lakes. 77. Richard Foulger (Watford Tackle) 149-2-0, 15 carp and two bream, Method feeder and pellet, Gold 18; Martin Carter (Carillion) 77-4-0; Dean Purssord (Cofley/Barking) 76-8-0; John Haige (Moss Elect) 71-8-0; Aaron Phillips (Slough) 69-1-0; Grahame Prpa (Cofaly Park Royal) 68-10-0.

Gillingham AA, Lodden Lakes, Gillingham, Dorset. Wed. ev. 14. Mark Harper (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 52-8-0, bream and tench to 3 lb on pole and worm, peg 14; Chris Haines (Haines Angling) 35-10-0; Nick Ewers (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 33-4-0. Sun. River Huntspill, Woolavington, Somerset. 26. Rob Manns (Garbolino BVMG) 19-8-0, bream to 3 lb on the feeder with worm and maggot; John Moody (Garbolino BVMG) 8-10-0; Joe Miller (Gillingham AA) 8-0-0; Ricky Searle (Gillingham AA) 7-15-0; Martin Fuller (Gillingham AA) 6-12-0; Ray Webster (Gillingham AA) and Paul Knight (Gillingham AA) both 5-4-0.

Godalming AS, Marsh Farm, Milford, Surrey. Mon. 10. Dave Lewis (Milo Bordon) 40-14-0, tench on pole and caster; Terry Harrison (Apollo) 36-5-0; Kevin Parker (Apollo) 35-9-0. Wed. 18. Derek White (Passies) 36-5-0, tench on pole and pellets; Dave Lewis (Milo Bordon) 36-3-0; Steve Moore (Apollo) 31-7-0.

Greenridge Farm, Romsey, Hampshire. Sat. Canals 1 and 2. 13. Andy Potter (Dandys K2) 160-10-0, carp to 10 lb on pole and corn, peg 12 Canal 2; Steve Waters (Frenzee) 148-0-0; Gareth Boycott (Romsey Bait & Tackle) 132-4-0; Pete Newman (Sonubaits) 109-8-0; Andy Vane (Greenridge Farm) 104-4-0; Dave Hydes (Andover) 90-8-0.

Gwinear, Newquay. Tue. 10. Dave Cain (Gwinear) 123-0-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 25 Phase 3; Andy Dargue (Browning Quaker) 103-0-0; Chris Hancock (Gwinear) 82-0-0. Wed. ev. 17. Pete Thomas (Kernow MG) 76-0-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 31 Phase 3; Harry Billing (Mosella Garbolino) 75-12-0; Alex Clemens (White Acres) 71-4-0; John Murray 69-4-0; Arthur Turner (Gwinear) 68-4-0. Fri. 10. Dave Cain (Gwinear) 150-12-0, carp on pole with pellet and corn, peg 1 Phase 1; Harry Billing (Mosella Garbolino) 127-12-0; Andy Dargue (Browning Quaker) 122-7-0; Billy Arch (Gwinear) 85-4-0; Mick Walsh (Gwinear) 61-0-0. Sun. 15. Harry Billing (Mosella Garbolino) 114-14-0, carp on pellet feeder, peg 49 Phase 2; Chris Hancock (Gwinear) 109-4-0; Dave Cain (Gwinear) 102-0-0; Arthur Turner (Gwinear) 97-0-0; Roger Baker (Sensas Thyers) 96-3-0; Andy Partridge (Spro) 94-0-0.

Ivy House Lakes, Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire. Tue. Match Lake. 18. Dave Baker (Ivy House) 67-0-0, carp and silver fish on pole and corn in margins, peg 13; Dave Halliday (Ivy House) 52-12-0; Mark Ogbourne (Ivy House) 34-0-0; Mike Smith (Ivy House) 33-8-0. Tue. ev. Island. 13. Mick Gale (Ivy House) 47-8-0, carp and silver fish on pole and pellet shallow, peg 49; Ian Millichip (Ivy House) 43-8-0; Stu Thornton (Ivy House) 35-12-0; Alan Smith (Ivy House) 35-0-0. Fri. Match Lake. 16. Dave Halliday (Ivy House) 48-0-0, carp and silver fish on pole and paste, peg 15; C. Brown (Ivy House) 39-0-0; Robin Cope (Ivy House) 28-0-0. Sat. Match Lake. 13. Alan Smith (Ivy House) 57-10-0, carp and silver fish on pole and maggot, peg 6; Ian Millichip (Ivy House) 56-6-0; Paul Connor (Ivy House) 43-8-0; Liam Barry (Ivy House) 32-5-0. Silvers: Gary Etheridge (Garbolino BVMG) 20-12-0. Sun. New Century, Canal. 20. Alan Scully (New Century) 51-0-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 17 New Canal; Vince Shipp (New Century) and Paul Dressler (New Century) both 43-12-0.

KC Angling, River Thames, Molesey. Mon. 22. Andy Rogers (Guildford AC) 9-12-0, dace on waggler and maggots; Andy Love (West Byfleet AC) 6-14-0; Mark Lynsey (Guildford AC) 6-12-0.

Keynsham AA, Bristol Avon, Swineford. Sun. (July 17) 48. Kevin Dicks (Maver Bathampton) 35-13-0, 20 lb of bream on feeder with 15 lb of chub, roach and perch on the Topper and maggot, from first field at Swineford; Mark Broomsgrove (Sensas Thyers) 23-6-0; Dave Micklewright (Maver Bathampton) 20-10-0; Richard Chave (Garbolino BVMG) 20-7-0; Andy Pollard (Daiwa Gordon League) 15-14-0; Phil Stone (Daiwa Gordon League) 15-13-0.

Kingston Rodbenders, River Thames, Kingston. Thu. 19. Dean Annerveld (Surbiton Angling) 7-4-0, perch, roach and bream on pole and worms; Don Garnish (KC Angling) 4-12-0; John Carey (Staines AC) 4-10-0.

MBK Leisure, Pump Station, Greatham, West Sussex. Sat. 28. 13-16 years olds: Ben Renshaw (Bordon) 27-8-0, carp, pole, pellet and sweetcorn; Tom Arnot (Alton) 17-10-0; James Bonnett (Horndean) 9-10-0. 9-12 years: David Blackman (Hambledon) 22-0-0; Chloe Bennett (Gosport) 16-2-0; Karter Whittock (Froyle) 7-8-0. Under-9s: Archie Jack (Liss) 14-7-0; Jessica Gomm (Petersfield) 12-15-0; Max Spiers (Petersfield) 12-12-0.

Milemead, Tavistock, West Devon. Thu. ev. 10. Mark Cullerton (Milemead) 79-7-0, 23 carp to 7 lb on 4 m pole and paste; Adam Palmer (Maver Royal Navy) 73-12-0; Tony Steele (Milemead) 46-15-0. Silvers: Kev Lund (Milemead) 20-10-0. Sun. (July 17) 22. Andy Wilkinson (Tackle Barn) 77-9-0, 25 carp to 8 lb on pole and pellet, peg 15; Mark Cullerton (Milemead) 75-15-0; Arthur Turner (Gwinear) 69-10-0; Paul Carpenter (White Acres) 62-0-0; Nigel Roberts (Maver Royal Navy) 57-15-0.

Monk Lakes, Maidstone, Kent. Wed. Bridges. 20. John Laraman 97-0-0, peg 30; Sean Clifford 97-0-0; John Robinson 96-8-0; Tony Bartholomew 95-6-0; Keith Borer 85-4-0; Dave Vincent 72-8-0.

Olney and Clifton FA, River Great Ouse, Olney, Buckinghamshire. Tue. 10. Bob Irving (Bedford) 8-10-0, two tench and a roach, legered worm; Roy Hefferan (Olney) 8-6-0; Dave Bowler (Bedford) 6-14-0; Phil Houghton (Northampton) 5-13-0.

Oxford Superleague, Round Four, River Thames, Medley and Folly. Sun. 42. Matt Herbert (Oxford Drennan GOT Baits) 27-5-0, roach on pole, casters and tares; Richard Head (Drennan Oxford GOT Baits) 20-14-0; Paul Passmore (Turners Tackle) 13-13-0; Mick Denton (Drennan Oxford GOT Baits) 13-4-0; Alan Brown (Abingdon and District) 12-9-0; Dave Kirk (FM Isis) 12-8-0. Teams: Turners Tackle 43; Oxford Drennan GOT Baits Red 37; Oxford Drennan GOT Baits Blue 33. League: Turners Tackle 139; Oxford Drennan GOT Baits Red 138; Oxford Drennan GOT Baits Blue 132; Sensas A4 111; FM Isis 109; Abingdon and District 91.

Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Wed. Match Lake. 12. Howard Webb (Sillybait) 84-12-0, skimmers and small carp on 13 m pole and paste; Tom Thick (Thatchers Tackle) 58-0-0; Charlie Barnes (Thatchers Tackle) 52-4-0; Paul Blake (Carps AC) 43-15-0. Silvers: Howard Webb 48-13-0. Thu. Costcutter, Campbell and Cary. 25. John Mills (Ridgemere) 168-12-0, carp on bomb and pellet, peg 131 Campbell; Tich Williams (Burnham) 128-10-0; Mike Smith (Weston) 112-2-0; Paul Lock (Megabait) 107-7-0; Martin Lenahan (Avon Angling) 102-11-0; Steve Skelton (Avon Angling) 92-9-0. Silvers: John Green (Thatchers Tackle) 42-5-0. Sat. Cary. 19. Jamie Parkhouse (Team Jinx) 152-0-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 94; Dan White (Street Angling) 79-3-0; Geraint Powell (Maver) 77-2-0; Ryan Jordan (PSV) 75-5-0; Nick Brown (Bristol) 71-12-0; Roy Worth (Viaduct) 70-6-0. Silvers: Chris Fox (Sensas Thyers) 21-3-0.

Tylers Common, near Brentwood, Essex. Sat. 25. Dave Harold (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 187-8-0, meat and corn in margins, Horseshoe Lake peg 44; Alec Roberts (Middy) 184-12-0; Steve Copping (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 166-8-0; Steve James (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 144-14-0; Mick Hood (Bowlers) 135-14-0; Graham Dack (Middy) 120-8-0.

Vespé Army AA, Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Wed. 46. Craig Bate (Vespé Army) 103-0-0, carp on pole with meat short or waggler and pellet, peg 123 Campbell; Keith Armstrong (Vespé Army) 97-13-0; Brian Shuttler (Vespé Army) 90-11-0; Danny Jones (Vespé Army) 84-6-0; Dave Griffiths (Vespé Army) 82-8-0; Dave Docherty (Vespé Army) 82-6-0. Silvers: Graham Houghton 32-10-0.

White Acres, Cornwall. Mon. Twin Oaks. 18. Dave Cain (Gwinear) 148-5-0, carp on pellet waggler, peg 16; Damien Walker (Sam’s Tackle & Bait) 90-7-0; Stan Jeffreys (Leeds) 65-0-0; Andy Dargue (Browning Quaker) 58-12-0; Paul Moore (White Acres) 52-8-0; Dave Thompson 49-13-0. Wed. Jenny’s and Pollawyn. 36. Shaun Bloomfield (Meadlands) 100-0-0, carp on bomb and pellet, peg 15 Jenny’s; Ken Portas (Rivendell) 87-13-0; Kevin Wilkinson (White Acres) 46-5-0; Les Crowhurst (White Acres) 44-3-0; Nick Baldwin (KC Angling) 42-12-0; Ian Bowler 41-13-0. Thu. Bait-Tech Rover, all lakes. 58. Dave Thompson (Buffy’s Boxes) 138-2-0, carp on long pole with pellet shallow, peg 16 Python; Andy Dargue (Browning Quaker) 85-10-0; Dave Cain (Gwinear) 82-5-0; Shaun Bloomfield (Meadlands) 82-1-0; Phil Southgate (Hazelwell AC) 77-4-0; Stan Jeffreys (Leeds) 74-3-0. Ladies: Laura Baldwin 43-7-0. Juniors Lewis Sampson 9-5-0.

Willow Park, Ash, Hampshire. Sat. Middle Lake. 18. Nathan Fox (Orchard Lakes) 45-4-0, carp on waggler and pellets; Miles Levy (Milo Bordon) 40-13-0; Chris Love (Willow Park) 40-0-0.

Wylands, Battle, East Sussex. Sun. New Snake Lake. 19. Mick Wells (Monk F1) 89-0-0 carp and silver fish, pole with pellet, paste and corn, peg 70; Steve Pugh (Iden Wood Fishery) 87-2-0; John Oliver (Wylands) 52-10-0; Pat Helder (Wylands) 51-6-0.