London and South Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for November 5/6, 2011.

*Angling Trust Winter League, Round Four, Frant Lakes, East Sussex. Sun. 70. Jeff Vallance (Preston Innovations Delcac) 114-1-0, carp on Method feeder or pole; Steve Nicholson (Bag’em Baits) 56-10-0; Russell Chandler (Cinque Ports MG) 55-10-0; S. Havard (Bowlers Redbridge) 53-0-0; Lee Edwards (Bowlers Redbridge) 43-8-0; Conrad Thrower (Bag’em Baits) 43-0-0. Teams: Preston Innovations Delcac 53; Bowlers Redbridge 42; Advanced Pole Repairs 41; Sensas South East and Tonbridge Cardinals both 39; Bag’em Baits 38; Cinque Ports MG 28. League: Preston Innovations Delcac 4; Sensas South East 13; Tonbridge Cardinals and Bowlers Redbridge both 15; Advanced Pole Repairs and Bag’em Baits 20; Cinque Ports MG 24.

*Essex Inter Club League, Fifth Round, Chelmer Navigation, Tesco’s. Sun. 59. Jeff Foreman (Maldon) 8-1-8, four skimmers to 1 lb 8 oz with roach, bread punch, towards Benbridge; Andy Bridger (Chelmsford A) 6-12-0; Mark Banks (Braintree) 5-13-0; Russ Samuals (Maldon) 5-11-0; Pete Groves (Billericay B) 5-9-0; Paul Chambers (Harwich) 5-7-0. Teams: Maldon 47; Braintree 38.5; Chelmsford A and Chelmsford B both 37; Colchester APS A 33; Kelvedon 31; Billericay A 27; Billericay B 26; Colchester APS B 25; League: Maldon 47; Braintree 42.5; Chelmsford B40; Colchester APS A 34; Billericay A 23.5; Billericay B 22.5; Colchester APS B 21; Chelmsford A 16; Kelvedon 15; Harwich 13.5.

*LAA Thames Valley Benevolent, Grand Union Canal, Durrants Hill to Crooked Billet. Sun. 63. Steve Turnbull (Stort Valley A) 20-15-0, chub and perch on pole and worms; Matt Oliver (Edmonton and Tottenham) 7-1-12; Keith Cross (Edmonton and Tottenham) 6-3-8; Bob Groom (Stort Valley) 6-0-0; Ron Oliver (Edmonton and Tottenham) 5-8-4; Danny Fells (Roman Urn) 5-6-8. Teams: Warwick 41; Stort Valley A 39; Stort Valley B 36.

*Oxford Winter League, Round Three, River Thames Radley. Sun. 50. Steve Townsend (Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths) 14-10-0, chub on maggot feeder and maggots; Paul Passmore (Turners Tackle) 13-5-0; Gary Herman (Sensas A 4) 9-12-0; Alan Bateman (Abingdon and District) 9-7-0; John Hassler (FM Isis) 8-8-0; Pete Bowles (Sensas A 4) 7-8-0. Teams: Turner’s Tackle 36; Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths 35; Sensas A4 35. League: Turner’s Tackle 4; Drennan Banbury Guns 6; Sensas A4 6; FM Isis 11; Abingdon and District 15.

*Reading and District, Association Shield, River Kennet, Lower Benyon to Beat Five. Sun. 53. John Jackson (King Heron AC) 7-0-0, dace on stick float and maggots; Martin Wilcox (King Heron AC) 7-0-0, chub on stick float and maggots; Dave Bosher (Reading FC) 6-10-0; Steve White (YOTAC 21 Club) 6-7-0; Paul Mason (YOTAC 21 Club) 6-4-0; Steve O,Keefe (Reading FC) 6-3-0.


Avon Valley Winter League Practise, Kennet and Avon Canal, Great Bedwin. Sun. 25. Tony Coulson (FM Arun) 17-10-0, perch on pole and chopped worms; John Light (Apollo) 11-3-0; Mick Abbot (Handsford Shakespeare) 10-13-0; John Kirk (FM Arun) 10-2-0; Nick Early (Apollo) 9-14-0.

Back Arun Fishery, Arundel, West Sussex. Sun. 18. Stuart Wiliamson (Sonubaits Passies) 58-0-0, all-carp, maggot and meat, peg 28; Paul Romaniuk (Back Arun) 46-0-0; Mark Holland (NDP 10) 43-0-0; Kevin Parker (Apollo) 42-12-0; Mick Chippenfield (Hansfords) 40-4-0; Bruce Goulding (SAS Chichester) 39-8-0.

Bathampton AA, Over 55s and Disabled, Withy Pool, Hunstrete Fishery, Somerset. Thurs. 21. Mike Key (Midsomer Norton) 50-7-0, 42 lb of carp and 8 lb of skimmers on waggler with worm, peg 44; Bob Price (Bristol) 44-3-0; Mike Nicholls (Bristol) 34-6-0; Chris Rolfe (Yatton) 31-10-0; Terry Church (Bristol) 22-7-0; Martin Alexander (Bristol) 22-4-0. Silvers: Alan Jones 18-10-0.

Bury Hill Silver Fish, Dorking, Surrey. Wed. 15. Chris Nicholls (Garbolino Apollo) 14-12-0, skimmers, roach and perch, pole and maggots; Russ Evans (Sticky Baits/Gardner Tackle) 14-2-0; Ryan Watson (Garbolino Banstead) 11-8-0.

Carpenters Arms, Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Sun. Campbell. 18. Chris Bland (Carpenters Arms) 83-15-0, carp on bomb and meat, peg 114; Paul Wilcox (Carpenters Arms) 77-15-0; Paul Swain (Carpenters Arms) 74-10-0; Keith Palmer (Carpenters Arms) and Joe McMahon (Carpenters Arms) both 54-4-0; Mark Ashton (Carpenters Arms) 51-10-0.

Chestnut Pool, Langford, Bedfordshire. Sun. Pairs Winter League, Round Two. 22. Alan Oaks (Popletts MG) 22-11-0, skimmers and roach, pole and maggot or pellet, peg 13; Phil Dilley (Chestnut Pool) 22-4-0; Mark Pollard (Dynamite/Shimano/Normark) 20-7-0. Pairs: Alan Oaks/Danny Theakston (Popletts MG) 24; Terry Hall/Phil Dilley (Chestnut Pool) 21.

Coors Veterans Festival, White Acres, Cornwall. Sycamore, Python, Pollawyn and Jenny’s. 63. Harry Billing 32 (187-14-0); Neil Rogerson 29 (137-6-0); Joe Roberts 28 (132-8-0); Dave Cleaver 28 (131-14-0); Mal Runacres 27 (117-10-0); Tony Oatley 27 (98-14-0).

Gillingham AA, Third Winter Championships, Dorset Stour, Highbridge to Catholics. Sun. 26. Dave Sealy (Gillingham AA) 10-0-0, two chub with roach, perch and eels, alternating stick float and maggot or pole and worm, peg 18 Highbridge; Barry Taylor (Gillingham AA) 6-2-0; Mike Hunt (Gillingham AA) 5-9-0; Jason Randall (Gillingham AA) 5-2-0; Dan McCoy (Gillingham AA) 4-9-0; Sue Collings (Gillingham AA) 3-8-0.

Iden Wood Fishery League, Round Two, Iden Wood, East Sussex. Sun. Silverfish, Specimen Lake. 10. Chris Pope (Tenterden AC) 13-3-0, roach and perch, pole and maggot; Andy Buss (Iden Wood Fishery) 11-3-0; Derek Willis (Iden Wood Fishery) 11-2-0; Steve Pugh (Iden Wood Fishery) 9-1-0. League: Chris Pope 2; Andy Buss 4; Derek Willis 8.

Ivy House, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire. Sun. 17. Joe Warner (Ivy House) 35-0-0, carp on waggler and pellet shallow, peg 13; Jerry Cambridge (Ivy House) 22-10-0; Mick Robbins (Ivy House) 19-4-0; Joe Thompson (Ivy House) 18-10-0. Silvers: Andy Lord and Mick Robbins both 6-0-0.

Landsend Fishery, Wedmore, Somerset. Wed. 15. Tony Rixon (Mosella Avon Angling) 89-0-0, 18 carp on pole and pellet, peg 23; Chris Davis (Frampton RBL) 76-7-0; Bela Bakos (Avon Angling) 62-13-0; Phil Harding (Avon Angling) 58-8-0; Dale Housen (Landsend) 21-6-0; Ray White (Landsend) 21-2-0.

Mawgan Porth, Newquay, Cornwall. Sun. (Oct. 30). 10. Robert Lockwood (Peggy Tub) 102-5-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 42; John Holdsworth (Maver NW) 101-1-0; Eddy Holmes (Slaithwaite) 93-10-0; Pet Mills (Peggy Tub) 93-5-0; Tony Holdsworth (Slaithwaite) 68-10-0. Mon. 5. Mike Berntsen (Garbolino BVMG) 117-0-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 16; Tom Thick (Thatchers Tackle) 116-15-0; Andy Berntsen (Garbolino BVMG) 110-0-0.

Mid Cornwall Fisheries, Summercourt, Cornwall. Thurs. Joan’s Lake, 10. Roy Booth (Barns) 87-2-0, carp on pole and corn, peg 22; Roger Baker (Sensas Thyers) 71-5-0; Albert Williams (Liverpool) 51-10-0; Christina Booth (Barns) 50-3-0; Mark Layzell (Gwinear) 38-7-0; Merv Christie (Trelawney Angling) 37-15-0. Sun. Joan’s. 10. Roger Naylor (Barns) 53-4-0, carp on pole with pellet and corn, peg 11; Mick Heacock (Barns) 35-8-0; Roy Booth (Barns) 32-9-0; Tony Heaver (Barns) 29-1-0; Gareth Ball (Barns) 22-0-0.

Oakwood Angling, London Winter League Practise, Grand Union Canal, Slough Arm. Sun. 42. Mick Shepherd (Oakwood Angling) 14-7-0, roach and perch, pole and bloodworm; Simon Colclough (Maver Image) 9-15-0; Graham Smith (Garbolino Black Horse) 8-8-0; John Southgate (Oakwood Angling) 6-14-0; Tony Cassidy (Oakwood N14) 6-11-8; Tony Salinski (Tubertini South East) 6-8-0.

Ockendon Bait & Tackle, Puddledock Farm, near Upminster, Essex. Sun. Snake Lake. 48. Steve Banks (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 90-12-0, 17 carp to 9 lb, meat across and in margins, peg 24; Lee Ripper (GOT Baits) 65-8-0; Michael Smith (GOT Baits) 55-0-0; Lee Blewett (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 53-8-0; Steve James (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) and Shaun O’Brian (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) both 49-4-0.

Oxford Winter League Practise, Oxford Canal, Wolvercote. Sun. 40. Paul Passmore (Turner’s Tackle) 8-12-0, skimmers on pole and bread punch; Gary Barclay (Drennan GOT Baits) 8-10-0; Tony Hobbs (Drennan GOT Baits) 8-10-0; Stuart Harrup (Turners Tackle) 7-7-0; John Beesley (Drennan GOT Baits) 5-12-0; Colin Wainwright (Sensas A4) 5-10-0.

Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Thur. Costcutter, Campbell. 19. Paul Barnard (Salisbury) 131-2-0, carp on long pole and meat, peg 129; Colin Dyer (Langport AA) 97-9-0; Stuart Woods (Viaduct) 65-5-0; Terry Bruton (Thatchers Tackle) 63-6-0; Andy Gard (Bristol) 61-7-0; Titch Williams (Burnham) 45-5-0. Silvers: Jamie Parkhouse (Team Jinx) 32-2-0. Sat. Campbell. 18. Darren Baker (Viaduct) 90-1-0, carp on bomb and meat, peg 114; Roland Lucas (Wilts AC) 88-2-0; Lewis Greenwood King (Viaduct Juniors) 84-12-0; John Darby (Carps AC) 63-7-0; Terry Lenny (Sillybait) 56-12-0; Roy Worth (Viaduct) 55-11-0. Silvers: Barry Fitchew (Mosella) 23-6-0. Sun. Match Lake. Scott Cousins (Somerset Majik) 61-3-0, small carp and F1s on groundbait feeder and corn, peg 45; Lewis Greenwood King (Viaduct Juniors) 57-14-0; Matt Parson (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 53-13-0; Barry Fitchew (Mosella) 48-0-0.

Snowlands, Par, Cornwall. Sat. 10. Gordon Luck (Snowlands) 16-8-0, silver fish on pole and chopped worm, peg 5; Trev Savory (Snowlands) and Terry Johnson (Snowlands) both 12-14-0; Daniel Cornwall (Snowlands) 12-4-0.

Tylers Common, near Brentwood, Essex. Sat. 28. Alec Roberts (Middy Lake John) 189-8-0, maggot in margins, peg 18 (golden peg); Mark Brown (Debden) 155-0-0; Steve James (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 109-6-0; Jason Collins (Browning Wickford) 100-8-0; George Manoli (Bowlers) 98-2-0; Graham Dack (Middy) 96-14-0.

Wessex Winter League, Round Four, River Thames, Radcot. Sun. 42. Paul Giddings (Pewsey) 10-8-0, roach and perch, pole and maggots; Brian Ballard (Radcot) 7-13-0; Robert Waterstone (South Cerney) 7-13-0; John Wright (Isis A) 6-2-0. Teams: Radcot 32; Isis A 27; Pewsey 27. League: Isis A 127; Radcot 123; Pewsey 102; Clanfield 101.

White Acres Individual Winter League, Round One, Cornwall. Sun. Twin Oaks, Jenny’s and Pollawyn. 48. Carl Pender (Tackle Barn) 49-7-0, two carp with F1s and tench, long pole and pellet, peg 17 Jenny’s; Ian Hudson (Maver Veals) 41-2-0; Mick Kearns (White Acres) 38-14-0; Brian Loader (White Acres) 35-0-0; Skip McCabe (White Acres) 33-12-0.

Willow Park Winter League, Round Three, Ash, Hampshire. Sat. 35. Russ Grimes (Milo Bordon) 98-8-0, carp on pole and pellets; Pem Wrighting (Sensas A4) 55-4-0; Simon Duke (Willow Black) 46-12-0; Andy Gregory (Milo Bordon) 45-0-0; Mike Hooper (Willow Bits) 37-0-0; Harry Marsh (Sensas A4) 36-1-0. Teams: Milo Bordon 27; Browning Crowsports, Willow Black, and Sensas A4 all 23. League: Milo Bordon 72; Willow Black 72; Sensas A4 69; Willow Blue 68; Willow White 56; Willow Bits 55.

Wood Lane Lakes, Iver, Buckinghamshire. Thurs. Match Lake. 15. Mel Barnett (Team Spro) 129-0-0, carp, pellet waggler, peg 33; Fred Brown (Uxbridge Rovers) 99-8-0; Richard Wall (Uxbridge Rovers) 51-0-0.

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