Kamasan Qualifiers

*Maver Pairs, Sensas Viaduct, Campbell, Cary, Lodge and Match lakes. Sat. 78. Derek Hammond (Banbury Gunsmiths) 100-12-0, carp on pole and bomb with 8mm pellet, peg 115 Campbell; Nick Chedzoy (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 89-5-0; Mash Masheder (Sensas Viaduct) 89-0-0; Dick Bull (Sensas Viaduct) 87-15-0; Paul Hillier (Daiwa Dorking) 77-12-0; Ian Dunlop (Wessex Angling) 70-5-0. Pairs: Paul Hillier and Paul Holland (Daiwa Dorking) 2 points; Steve Jackson (Garbolino Megabait) and Richard Cole (Megabait) 3.


Other matches

Atlantic Coast AC, Gwinear, Sat. 10. Roy Booth (Atlantic Coast AC) 120-14-0, carp and bream on pole with corn and pellet, peg 40; Steve Prowse (Atlantic Coast AC) 100-9-0; Chas Ward (Atlantic Coast AC) 82-8-0; Christina Booth (Atlantic Coast AC) 72-12-0; Mick Blowman (Atlantic Coast AC) 68-0-0; Paul Bourner (Atlantic Coast AC) 39-12-0.
Bathampton AA Over 55’s and Disabled, Hunstrete fishery, Main lake, Thurs. 21. John Smith (Bristol) 32-9-0, bream to 5lb on pole and soft pellet over micros, peg 15; Bob Feltham (Bristol) 24-6-0; Mike Jones (Claverham) 20-10-0; Brian Sheppard (Bristol) 16-13-0; Dave Bacon (Bath) 14-4-0; Col Golding (Bristol) 12-7-0. Disabled: Tony Church (Bristol) 12-2-0. Disabled Aggregate: Tony Coulson (Saltford) 80 points; Ian Sheppard 77; Terry Church 65.

Big Fish Essex Summer League, Chelmer Navigation

Heybridge. Sun. 40. Geoff Goodchild (Browning JP Tackle) 12-3-0, three perch to 2 lb and single tench plus small fish, chopped worm; Steve Joy (Browning Wickford X) 9-13-0; Keith Gooderam (Browning Wickford Y) 7-4-0; Simon

Hodder (Browning Wickford X) 5-9-8; Lloyd Druce (Purple Patch) 5-8-8; David Lewis (Purple Patch) 5-7-0. Teams: Browning Wickford X 37; Browning Wickford

Y 26; Purple Patch and Browning JP Tackle BOTH 23; Browning JP Tackle A 22; Matchpack 20. League: Browning Wickford X 67; Browning Wickford Y 54; Browning JP Tackle A 48; Browning JP Tackle B 45; Purple Patch 44; Big

Fish/Matchpack 41.

BK Fisheries, Billy’s pool, Thur eve. 10. Richard Taylor (BK Fisheries) 53-8-0, carp on pole with paste, peg 30; Bill Knott (BK Fisheries) 52-6-0; Danny Curnow (BK Fisheries) 46-4-0; Mike Ash (BK Fisheries) 38-12-0; Paul Jackson (Culdrose) 36-12-0. Junior match, Billy’s, Sat. 8. Jamie Corrigan (BK Fisheries) 43-8-0, carp on pole and feeder with pellet, peg 9; Josh Jones (BK Fisheries) 42-4-0; Keiron Ward (BK Fisheries) 14-12-0; James Marks (BK Fisheries) 13-8-0; JJ Barlow (BK Fisheries) 10-4-0. Billy’s, Sun. 12. Alan Hurley (BK Fisheries) 101-12-0, carp on pole and paste in the margins, peg 24; Richard Taylor (BK Fisheries) 90-8-0; Aaron Jenkin (BK Fisheries) 59-12-0; Bill Knott (BK Fisheries) 27-8-0; Paul Jackson (BK Fisheries) 25-4-0; Mike Ash (BK Fisheries) 20-4-0.
Cider Farm lakes, Yarlington Mill match lake, Sun. 19. Lee Werrett (Fox Match/Bait Tech) 124-3-0, carp on pole and paste over pellet, peg 2; Derek Cullip (Banbury Gunsmiths) 115-9-0; Pete Sivell (Dynamite Baits) 107-12-0; Clive Petit (Got Baits)  101-2-0; Dave Roper (Reids Tackle) 95-13-0; Nigel Milkins (Cider Farm) 92-14-0.

Back Arun Fishery, Arundel, Carp Lake, Sun. 23. Dougie Wright (Borden) 73-12-0, all carp, meat on peg two; Nigel Cornwell (Borden) 54-0-0; John Money 47-0-0; Mick Pranskuss 34-0-0; Alex Bicknall 31-0-0 (all Back Arun) ; Mick Chipperfield (Hansfords) 28-8-0.

Farlows, Farlows Lake Iver Bucks, Wed. 18. John Ritter (Harefield tackle) 82-9-0; bream, feeder, pellets. John Cook (Harefield tackle) 81-6-0; Tony Saunders (Davies angling) 78-0-0; Dave Glasgow (Essex) 53-0-0.

George Scriven Memorial match, Cwmcelyn, Sun. 13. Damien Scriven (Cwmcelyn) 29-8-0, roach, tench and skimmers on pole and maggot; Darren Hemburrow (Cwmcelyn) 29-4-0; Chris Tucker (Cwmcelyn) 28-14-0.
Gwinear, Phase 1 and 2. Sun. 20. Kev Baxter (Mosborough Tackle Box) 94-0-0, carp on pole with pellet and paste, peg 25; Col Mulholland (Trafford Angling) 92-0-0; Chris Hancock (Gwinear) 88-0-0.
Ilminster AA, Dillington ponds, Somerset, Wed eve. 5. Moses Holbrook (Ilminster AA) 11-13-0, one bream of 4-13-0 plus roach and rudd on pole and maggot; Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) 9-9-0; Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) 8-6-0. League: Jamie Rich 3; Alvin Jones and Moses Holbrook both 4 pts.
Kingston Rods, Thames Kingston, Thurs. 15. Brian Wallin (Molsey) 1-6-0; dace, perch, stickfloat, mags; Jason O, leary (Surrey) 0-14-0; Don Garnish (Willingshurst) 0-10-0.


Marsh Farm, Godalmin Surrey, Wed. 21. Kevin Parker (Apollo) 61-13-0; tench, pole, worms; Terry Harrison (Apollo) 48-13-0; Cris Love (Willow park) 36-3-0. Mon, 17. Dean Lock (Garbolino) 59-8-0, tench, pole, pellets; Gareth Phillips (Apollo) 49-3-0; Steve Moore (Apollo) 35-4-0.
MBK Leisures Juniors, Pump Station, Greatham, Sussex, Fri. 10. 9 – 12 years; Jack Wright (Oakhanger) 60-0-0, carp, poled corn and meat over pellet; Karter Whittock (Froyle) and Tom Mew (Horndean) both 31-0-0; Mikey Cornwell (Standford) 28-15-0. 13 – 16 years: Dean Prior (Bordon) 29-14-0; Ben Renshaw (Bordon) 19-0-0; Jordan Cain (Lindford) 10-15-0.

Oakfield Fishery, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Sun. Swallow Lake, 18. Steve Johnson (Acorn Angling) 68-2-0, carp to 4 lb, poled maggot, peg 18; Roy Makins (GOT Bait) 64-15-0; Matthew Nutt (GOT Baits) 60-7-0; Pete Alland (GOT Bait Oakfield) 54-5-0; Steve Perham (Kamasan Starlets) 47-5-0; Joff Rogers (Frenzee GOT Bait) 30-11-0.


Ockendon Bait and Tackle, Puddledock farm near Upminster Essex. Sun. 48. John Hunt (Brentwood Angling Centre) 83-4-0, 20 carp to 12 lb, catmeat, luncheon

meat, worm across, peg 41; Dean Swift (Fox Angling Direct) 75-4-0; Paul Marsiglio (Shimano) 59-8-0; Steve Banks (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 59-6-0; Rob Bishop (MAP Ockendon) 56-8-0; Ian Nash (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 51-0-0.


Oxford Superleague Practice, Thames Medley, Sun. 40. Martin Kirk (Turners tackle and bait) 26-13-8; bream, feeder, worms; Graham Oult (FM ISIS) 22-7-0; Mick Denton (Oxford Drennan GOT baits) 21-13-0; Richard Head (Oxford Drennan GOT baits) 13-9-8; Malcolm Pearce (FM ISIS) 12-2-0; Dave Kirk (FM ISIS) 12-0-0.
Redbridge Lakes, near Woodford Essex. Sat. 18. John

Davies (Oakwood) 26-12-0, skimmers and roach, worm over groundbait; Danny Cruise (Stort Valley) 23-4-0; Jim Wilson (Maver Image Van den Eynde) 21-12-0; Jim Hornsby (Redbridge Lakes Terrapins) 20-4-0; Butch Murphy (Oakwood) and Mick Burrell (Redbridge Lakes Terrapins) both18-8-0.

Rye D. A. S. Super Two Open, River Rother, New Bridge to Iden Lock, 48. Sat. Kevin Dyer (Preston Innovations Delcac) 20-15-0, skimmers and roach, pole with maggot and worm over groundbait, drawn on end peg dowstream at New Bridge; Steve Homewood (Ashford) 15-4-0; Geoff Rackam (Cinque Ports MG) 14-6-0; Jerry Morgan 13-5-0; John Daniels 10-9-0; Mick Wells 7-11-8 (all Monk F1) . Sun. Paul Uddell (Preston Innovations Delcac) 19-5-0, pole with maggot and worm over groundbait, drawn on peg 10 at New Bridge, Lloyd Thompson (Peterborough) 18-7-0; Geoff Vallance 16-4-0; Robbie Williams 16-1-0 (both Preston Innovations Delcac) ; Mark Kirby (Peterborough) 15-6-0; , Jerry Morgan (Monk F1) 12-4-0. Overall: Paul Udell (Preston Innovatioins Delcac) 24 out of a possible 24; Jerry Morgan (Monk F1) 22; Kevin Dyer (Preston Innovations Delcac) 22; Steve Homewood (Ashford) 22, (2nd 3rd and 4th decided on weight) .

Sensas Viaduct, Campbell/Cary, Wed. 24. Lee Werritt (Fox Match/Bait Tech) 212-13-0, carp on pole and paste in the margins, peg 132 Campbell; Will Bohne (Garbolino BVMG) 149-9-0; Frank Hardy (Maggots End) 122-5-0; Alan Oram (Dynamite Baits) 111-14-0; Matt Tomes (Avon Angling) 96-5-0; Simon Jones (Maver Veals) 90-11-0. Silvers: Will Bohne 49-14-0. Costcutter, Campbell, Thurs. 20. Andy Power (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 151-12-0, carp on pole and pellet shallow, peg 112; Trevor Heathman (Crewkerne) 119-12-0; Mark Warne (Maver Veals) 98-7-0; Brian Chivers (Taunton) 90-12-0. Silvers: Dave Wryde (Sensas Thyers) 59-12-0.
Sonubaits Passies, Lancing, West Sussex, Match Lake, Sun. 13. Derek Seymour (Polegate) 89-5-0, meat down the middle for bream and skimmers, and down the edge for large carp; Steve Peacocke (Fox Match Arun) 68-2-0; Keith Axell (Framfield) 66-10-0; Stuart Williamson (Sonubaits Passies) 59-8-0; Steve Turner (Trabucco) 51-8-0; Dave Lewis (Milo Borden) 50-12-0.

Stafford Moor, Fish and Chip open, Tanners, Tues. 20. Dave Wykes (Bay Horse, Ashburton) 126-8-0, carp to 10lb on bomb and 11mm pellet; Paul Morris (Breakfast Club, Devon) 123-7-0; Simon Puddy (Mark Raiders) 103-13-0; Steve Chadburn (Notts) 96-10-0; Chris Davies (Veals) 92-15-0; Ian Hornsby (Haines AC) 92-13-0. So Simple, Round 2, Tanners and Woodpecker, Sun. 40. Dave Ward (Saxmundan Angling Suffolk) 182-0-0, 44 carp on bomb and 11mm pellet, peg 1 Tanners; John Bailey (Summerlands) 148-0-0; Nick Jones (Tackle Barn) 127-2-0; Mark Lynch (Summerlands) 125-12-0; Steve Lockett (V2V) 110-12-0; Zac Newton (Team Jinx) 105-12-0.
Ted White Memorial Open, River Rother, New Bridge to Iden Lock, Wed. 32. Tim Relf (Hastings Angling Centre) 12-7-0, skimmers and roach, started on the feeder, then onto the pole with maggot over groundbait, peg 12 at Iden Lock; Chris Pope (Tenterden A. C. ) 10-3-0; Mark Richardson 8-3-0; Bob Hursey 6-13-0; Fred Brown 6-11-0 (all monk F1) .
Tony Sale League, Willow Park, Small Lake, Sat. 15. Ken Russell (Browning Crowsports) 70-15-0; bream, carp, pole, pellets; Cris Love (Willow park) 62-4-0; Ian Dixon (Milo Bordon Yorkshire Baits) 54-14-0.


Twynersh, Match Lake, Staines Middlesex, Sun. 20. Mark Glyn (Meatbashers) 44-5-0; bream, pole, pellets; Adrian Marshall (Unattached) 36-14-0; Rob Taylor (PI DELAC) 27-1-0.
Tylers Common, near Brentwood Essex. Sat. 26. Lee Ripper (Fox Match Got Baits) 148-12-0, Luncheon meat, margins, carp to 6 lb and 30 lb silvers, peg 32, Horseshoe Lake; Martin Armfield (Bedworth Fisheries) 118-14-0; Dennis Lipscomb (Oakwood) 103-4-0; Dave Ealding (Canvey Angling) 75-2-0; Steve Coppin (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 70-0-0; Nick Darke (Verulum) 67-6-0.

Willow Park, Ash, Hants, Sat. 8. Luke Sherriff (Guildford AC) 45-4-0; bream, pellets, pole. Mark Eves (Milo Bordon) 30-8-0.

Wilts AC, Sensas Viaduct, Campbell, Sun. 19. Tony Gilbert (Wilts AC) 249-6-0, carp on pole and pellet in the margins, peg 110; Jamie Smith (Wilts AC) 199-0-0; Will Bohne (Garbolino BVMG) 176-0-0; Geoff Matthews (Wilts AC) 120-10-0. Silvers: Dave Bancroft (Wilts AC) 59-3-0.