London and South Angler’s Mail matches for June 11/12, 2011.

Avon Valley Summer League, Round One, Marsh Farm, Surrey. Sun. 80. Stuart Sadd (Apollo Colmic Black) 26-14-0, tench and crucians, feeder, corn and maggots; Steve Hunt (Shakespeare Hansfords) 26-12-0; John Brownlie (Browning Crowsports) 25-13-0; Kevin Pack (Milo Bordon Black) 25-11-0; Geoff Vallence (Sensas A4) 25-10-0; Mark Wells (Milo Bordon Black) 24-2-0. Teams: Apollo Colmic Black 65; Guildford AC 63; Milo Bordon Red 59; Milo Bordon Black 56; Passies Sonubaits 53; Browning Crowsports 51.

Back Arun Fishery, Arundel, West Sussex. Sun. Carp Lake. 18. Mick Chipperfield (Hansfords) 49-4-0, all-carp, pole and meat, peg 26; Martin Twine (Back Arun) 46-0-0; Mark Holland (Back Arun) 34-4-0; Alec Bicknall (Back Arun) 29-8-0; Tony Parnall (Sonubaits Passies) 28-8-0; Kevin Parker (Sonubaits Passies) 24-8-0.

BK Fisheries, Hayle, Cornwall. Round Two, Summer League, Billy’s Pool. 12. Aaron Jenkin (BK Fisheries) 90-8-0, carp to 5 lb, skimmers, F1s and crucians, pole, pellet, paste and sweetcorn, peg 24; Nigel Taylor (BK Fisheries) 76-5-0; Richard Taylor (BK Fisheries) 52-8-0; Tony Jose (BK Fisheries) 44-14-0; Steve Parkes (BK Fisheries) 36-0-0; John Wilson (BK Fisheries) 32-8-0. Thurs. ev. Billy’s Pool. 9. Bill Knott (BK Fisheries) 49-8-0, carp to 4 lb, pole and sweetcorn, peg 33; Richard Taylor (BK Fisheries) 39-12-0; Chris Symons (BK Fisheries) 23-2-0; N. Foxwell (BK Fisheries) 15-14-0.

Carps AC, Summer League, Round Two, Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Sun. Campbell and Cary. 42. Dan Squires (Viaduct All Stars) 188-2-0, carp on long pole and pellet, peg 114 Campbell; Ray Hayward (Viaduct Select) 133-0-0; Steve Skelton (Carps AC) 114-15-0; Steve Jackson (Garbolino Megabaits) 103-11-0; Andy Neal (Frenzee/Bait-Tech) 98-5-0; Larry Burns (Carps AC) 96-5-0. Silvers: Paul Faires (Sensas Thyers) 59-13-0.

Chard AC, Perry Street Pond, Somerset. Sun. Spring League, Round Seven. 19. Terry Green (Sillybait) 60-14-0, carp on pole and paste, peg 3; Chris Haines (Haines Angling) 43-15-0; Steve Bishop (Chard AC) 39-15-0; Paul Blake (Chard AC) 37-1-0; Mike Hosgood (Chard Raiders) 36-2-0; Alan Dunn (Chard) 34-6-0. League: Terry Green 18; Steve Bush and Chris Haines both 19.

Gillingham AA Summer League, Round One, Todber Manor, Dorset. Sun. Park Lake. 28. Jason Mills (Garbolino BVMG) 160-3-0, carp to 6 lb on Method feeder with pellet and meat in margins, peg 5; Mark Leslie (Gillingham AA) 99-8-0; John Moody (Garbolino BVMG) 96-1-0; Brendon Coolihan (Gillingham AA) 88-3-0; Martin Fuller (Gillingham AA) 71-2-0; Tony Creech (Gillingham AA) 60-8-0.

Gwinear Fishery, Newquay. Fri. Phases 1, 2 and 3. 30. Pat Bailey 73-2-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 36, Phase 2; John Holweg (Oxford) 67-4-0; Paul Duffy 64-8-0; Arthur Turner (Gwinear) 52-12-0; Roy Holweg (Newquay) 48-6-0. Sun. 15. Andy Dare (Dynamite Baits) 99-4-0, mainly carp with a few skimmers on pole with corn, peg 4, Phase 1; Chas Ward (Gwinear) 75-10-0; Nigel Sanders (Atlantic Coast AC) 74-0-0; Chris Hancock (Gwinear) 73-12-0.

Harefield Tackle, Willow Park, Ash, Hampshire. Wed. Big Lake. 13. John Ritter (Harefield Tackle) 64-8-0, bream, feeder and pellets; Darren Davies (Drennan Team England) 58-2-0; Chris Love (Willow Park) 51-14-0.

Hornchurch League Pay Day, Redbridge Lakes, Woodford Green, Essex. Sun. 20. Gordon Bullock (Redbridge Lakes) 17-7-0, single bonus 3 lb bream and small tench, Lake Cuthbert peg 9; Mun Phung (Redbridge Lakes) 16-4-0; Bill Walker (Spro Sports Essex) 15-14-0; Paul Whitman (Oakwood Angling) and Dicky Carr (Drennan) both 13-2-0; Keith Grieve (Redbridge Lakes) 12-7-0.

How End Fisheries, Houghton Conquest, Bedford. Sun. Yasi’s Lake. 14. Ben Townsend (How End) 34-15-0, ide, tench, skimmers and small carp, pole and maggot, peg 4; Trevor Price (GOT Bait Matchbox) 33-1-0; Phil Young (GOT Bait Matchbox) 20-15-0; Simon Jones (How End Fisheries) 20-1-0; Phil Armstrong (How End Fisheries) 18-6-0; Trevor Jeenes (GOT Bait Matchbox) 15-4-0.

Ilminster AA, Dillington Pond, Somerset. Wed. ev. 5. Graham Field (Taunton) 8-10-0, 131 roach and perch on whip and maggot, peg 4; Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) 8-1-0; Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) 7-3-0. League: Alvin Jones and Graham Field both 3; Moses Holbrook 4.5.

Ivy House Fishery, Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire. Tues. Match Lake. 17. Malcolm Fitzgerald (Ivy House Lakes) 36-8-0, carp and silver fish on 13 m pole with corn, peg 8; M. Smith (Ivy House Lakes) 27-6-0; Robin Cope (Ivy House Lakes) 20-10-0; Eddy Marsh (Ivy House Lakes) 19-4-0. Tues. ev. Match Lake. 11. Mick Gale (Ivy House Lakes) 30-0-0, carp on pole and pellet in margins, peg 37; Alan Smith (Ivy House Lakes) 29-2-0; Laurie Laing (Ivy House Lakes) 14-12-0; Frank Domachie (Ivy House Lakes) 8-4-0. Sun. Match Lake. 20. Des Shipp (Preston Innovations) 62-6-0, carp and silver fish on 5 m pole with caster, and maggot and corn in margins, peg 12; Simon Jones (Ivy House Lakes) 39-10-0; Gary Etheridge (Garbolino BVMG) 38-12-0; Vince Shipp (Westerleigh) 29-12-0. Silvers: Des Shipp 26-12-0.

Marazion AC, St Erth Lake, Cornwall. Wed. ev. 10. Ian Edmonds (Culdrose) 20-2-0, carp on pole with corn and pellet, peg 29; Barry Little (Marukyu) 19-6-0; Mike Chapman (Culdrose) 17-4-0; Gaz Ryland (Newton Abbott) 15-2-0; Gary Smith (Marazion AC) 11-0-0; Mike Bennetts (Marazion AC) 9-5-0. Sat. and Sun. Marazion/Marukyu Two-day Mini Festival. 10. Day 1: Barry Little (Marukyu) 28-10-0, silver fish on pole and caster, peg 14; Boz Phillips (Marukyu) 26-14-0; Tatt Nicholson (Marazion AC) 18-11-0; Gary Smith (Marazion AC) 17-6-0; Gaz Ryland (Newton Abbott) 12-8-0; Ron Hurst (Bolingey) 4-6-0. Day 2: Boz Phillips (Marukyu) 46-8-0, carp and silver fish on pole with pellet and maggot, peg 12; Barry Little (Marukyu) 43-14-0; Ron Hurst (Bolingey) 25-11-0; Tatt Nicholson (Marazion AC) 13-10-0; Gaz Ryland (Newton Abbott) 11-0-0; Gary Smith (Marazion AC) 6-8-0. Overall: Boz Phillips 73-6-0; Barry Little 72-8-0.

MBK Leisure, Coloured Ponds, Rake, West Sussex. 26. 13-16 years, Pond 3: Tom Arnot (Alton) 34-0-0, carp, pole, pellet and sweetcorn; Ben Renshaw (Bordon) 23-8-0; Cree Chuter (Haslemere) 12-7-0. 9-12 years, Pond 2: Karter Whittock (Froyle) 15-0-0; Joseph Orriss (Liss) 13-0-0; William Carter (Liss) 8-12-0. Under-9s, Pond 1: Kai Glasspool (Brighton) 8-8-0; Charlie Mansey (Liss) 7-8-0; Max Spiers (Petersfield) 5-0-0.

Milemead, Tavistock, West Devon. Thurs. ev. 12. Nick Jones (Tackle Barn) 75-14-0, 27 carp to 6 lb on pole and pellet; Ben Wright (Stafford Moor) 47-14-0; Kelvin King (Milemead) 44-2-0. Silvers: Kev Lund (Milemead) 9-3-0. Sun. 21. Clive Carter (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 91-11-0, 30 carp with small barbel on pole, corn and pellet; Mal King (Stafford Moor) 39-2-0; Chris Morris (Tackle Barn) 88-11-0; Tim Rowe (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 64-12-0; Tony Steele (Milemead) 56-14-0. Silvers: Gary Webber (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 28-6-0.

Molesey Thamesiders League, Final Round, Willinghurst, near Guildford, Surrey. Sun. Top Lake. 24. Ian Summers (Willinghurst) 94-0-0, carp, pole and pellet; Mickey Fitzpatrick 74-0-0; Geoff Simmons (Willinghurst) 58-0-0; Mick Hemmings (Willinghurst) 52-0-0; Ged Cooper (Willinghurst) 50-0-0. League winner: Micky Fitzpatrick 34 pts; Don Garnish 33; Gary Clifford 33.

Ockendon Bait & Tackle, Puddledock Farm, near Upminster, Essex. Sun. 52. Tony Todd (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 97-14-0, 30 carp with a few bream and silver fish, hair-rigged meat across and in margins, Snake Lake peg 2; Albert Bowers (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 85-6-0; Jim Barham (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 76-4-0; Andy Hume (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 60-8-0; Michael Smith (GOT Baits) 56-12-0; Jim Collins (Ockendon Bait & Tackle) 56-0-0.

Oxford Super League, Round One, Kennet and Avon Canal, Great Bedwin. Sun. 45. Anthony McTiven (Turners Tackle) 13-4-0, skimmers on pole, chopped worm and red maggots; Henry Golas (FM ISIS) 11-14-0; Geof Lewingdon (Drennan GOT Baits) 9-6-0; Tom Hobbs (Sensas A4) 8-12-0; Mark Bowerman (Sensas A4) 8-12-0. Teams: Drennan Oxford GOT Baits Red 38; Turners Tackle 36; Drennan GOT Baits Blue 33; FM ISIS 26; Sensas A4 26; North Oxford 23.

Rye DAS Club League, Round Four, Royal Military Canal, Aldersgate. Sun. 48. Grenville Weston (Advanced Pole Repairs Black) 7-14-0, two tench with silver fish, pole and worm; Trevor Hinckley (Moatrix Invicta) 7-11-0; Dave Cosgrove (Cinque Ports MG B) 6-11-0; Andy Silver (Sport One Kent) 6-9-8; Russel Chandler (Cinque Ports MG A) 6-0-8; Bob Hursey (Monk F1) 5-12-0. Teams: Cinque Ports MG A 38; Monk F1 33; Moatrix Invicta 31; Cinque Ports MG B 30; Advanced Pole Repairs Red and Advanced Pole Repairs Black 27. League: Tonbridge Cardinals 123; Cinque Ports MG A 118; Monk F1 113; Tenterdeen AC 108; Sport One Sussex 105.5; Sport One Kent and Moatrix Invicta both 105.

Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Wed. Campbell and Cary. 25. Jason Radford (Avon Angling) 147-9-0, carp on bomb and pole with pellet, peg 119 Campbell; Mash Masheder (Viaduct) 139-2-0; Matt Tomes (Avon Angling) 130-2-0; Craig Edmonds (Avon Angling) 118-12-0; Chris Fox (Sensas Thyers) 101-9-0; Dean Malin (Dynamite Baits) 100-15-0. Silvers: Craig Edmonds (Avon Angling) 47-14-0. Thurs. Costcutter, Campbell and Cary. 24. Mash Masheder (Viaduct) 178-0-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 132 Campbell; Dan Squires (Viaduct All Stars) 160-10-0; Terry Bruton (Thatchers Tackle) 91-15-0; Pearce Furlong (Yeovil) 85-4-0. Silvers: John Green (Thatchers Tackle) 61-13-0. Sat. Campbell and Cary. 21. Martin Preston (Viaduct All Stars) 154-13-0, carp on bomb and bread, peg 115 Campbell; Dave Cockayne (Taunton) 151-5-0; Paul Blake (Carps AC) 151-2-0; Tim Ford (Avon Angling) 125-13-0; Phil Denslow (Enterprise Angling) 125-9-0; Roland Lucas (Carps AC) 118-8-0. Silvers: Nige Bartlett (M5 Angling) 42-0-0.

Southern Canal League, Round One, Galleon, Cosgrove Navigation Canal. Sun. 84. James Draculec (Gone Fishin) 28-12-0, bream and pole, pinkies and chopped worm; Tom Meredith (Apollo Old Boys) 14-11-0; Pete Vasey (Oakwood Angling Blue) 8-6-0; Martin Clover (Browning MG Red) 8-3-0; Gary Eales (Oakwood Angling Blue) 8-1-0; Pete Durant (Matchpack) 7-14-0. Teams: Gone Fishin 70; Blackhorse 65; Oakwood Angling Blue 54; Luton 54; Browning MG Black 51; Matchpack 50; Apollo Old Boys 50.

South West Super League, Round One, Kennet and Avon Canal, Great Bedwyn. Sun. 56. Gary O’Shea (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 15-13-0, skimmers to 2 lb on red maggot over groundbait and chopped worm, railway section; Guy Manton (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 15-1-0; Mike Berntsen (Garbolino BVMG) 12-2-0; Nick Chedzoy (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 11-2-0; Richard Candy (Cardiff Nomads) 10-7-0; Brian Pollard (Daiwa Gordon League) 9-11-0. Teams: Garbolino BVMG 45; Preston Innovations Thatchers 39; Daiwa Gordon League 35; Maver Bathampton 30; Lobbys 28.5; Sensas Thyers 25.5; Cardiff Nomads 21.

Stafford Moor, Winkleigh, North Devon. Tues. Fish and Chip, Tanners and Woody. 34. Dave Stockton (Haines Angling) 145-8-0, 24 carp on shallow waggler and pellet, peg 13 Tanners; Gogga Leader 113-3-0; Paul Birkett (Torquay) 106-8-0; Neil Cottee (Union Inn) 90-2-0; Stephen Pearce (Alberts Gang, Tamworth) 89-4-0; Simon Clark (Union Inn) 85-8-0. Sun. Tanners and Woody. 36. Ricky Jonson (Tubertini) 111-10-0, 28 carp on shallow waggler, peg 35 Tanners; Dave Stockton (Haines Angling) 85-5-0; Neil Cottee (Union Inn) 82-8-0; Mark Hamon (Exeter) 72-12-0; Bill Pearce (Alberts Gang, Tamworth) 70-0-0; Dave Wykes (The Bay Horse, Ashburton) 66-12-0.

Tylers Common, near Brentwood, Essex. 21. Sat. Jason Collins (Browning Wickford) 184-0-0, carp, 5 m pole and paste, Ash Lake, peg 18; Graham Dack (Middy) 171-0-0; Mick Hood (Bowlers) 124-0-0; Martin Armfield (Maver Image Van den Eynde) 114-14-0; Richard Wager (Angling Direct) 103-6-0; Geoff Woods (Bowlers) 103-2-0.

White Acres, Cornwall. Mon. Twin Oaks, Trelawney, Acorn and Canal. 75. Peter Bennett (Duchy AC) 81-12-0, carp on pellet waggler and in margins, peg 17 Twin Oaks; Gary Prestage (Fiery Holes) 80-7-0; Adam Jones (Greens Tackle) 71-9-0; Simon Jones (Greens Tackle) 64-8-0; Nick Delahaye (Nicks Tackle) 60-0-0; Stuart Belton (Radcliffe on Trent) 55-11-0. Wed. Twin Oaks, Trelawney, Acorn and Canal. 80. Tom Rycroft (Bay Moulton) 60-8-0, carp on bomb and pellet, peg 21 Twin Oaks; Geoff Howard (Anglers Cabin) 57-2-0; John Titchner (York Plumbbobs) 55-0-0; Joseph Cooper (Totton) 46-14-0; Paul Threlfall (Leyland) 45-14-0; Connor Clark (The Matchmen) 44-10-0. Thurs. Bait-Tech Rover, all lakes. 151. Kev Penfold (Border Match Angling) 98-5-0, carp on bomb and pop up boilie, peg 23 Twin Oaks; Sean Butler (Lakeview Select) 89-7-0; Joseph Cooper (Totton) 77-3-0; Rob Marlow (Parkside, Nottingham) 73-8-0; Richard Mazur (Carlton AC) 73-7-0; Ian Mellor 72-10-0. Ladies: Sue Haines 23-8-0. Juniors: Tom Gaswell 9-8-0.

Willow Park, Ash, Hampshire. Sat. 15. Jake Gallagher (Team Hydro) 34-8-0, bream and carp, feeder, corn and pellets; Ade Blackwell (Browning Crowsports) 34-4-0; Mark Wells (Milo Bordon) 29-2-0.

Wylands, Battle, East Sussex. Sun. Snake Lake. 18. Mick Wells (Monk F1) 110-8-0, carp and silver fish, pole with pellet and corn, peg 36; Carlton Easter (Iden Wood Fishery) 102-10-0; Paul Lawnton (Wylands) 88-6-0; Lou Nightingale (Wylands) 82-0-0.

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