No London and South Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for February 4/5, 2012.


Bathampton AA, Veals Silver Fish Champs, Bridge Pool, Hunstrete, Somerset. Thurs. 20. Mike Nicholls (Bristol) 17-4-0, small roach and skimmers on 6 m pole and pinkie over groundbait, peg 8; Mike Jones (Claverham) 8-12-0; Bob Price (Bristol) 7-4-0; John Smith (Bristol) 5-4-0; Dave Wride (Weston-super-Mare) 5-2-0; Andy Shields (Radstock) 3-6-0. League: Mike Nicholls 3; Dave Wride 4; Rich Coles and Mike Jones both 5. Pairs: Paul Barnfield and Rich Coles 7; Mike Owens and Mike Nicholls 8; Mike Jones and Andy Shields 9.

BK Fisheries, Hayle, Cornwall. Sun. Bill’s Pool. 11. Tony Jose (BK Fisheries) 26-10-0, six carp and two skimmers, legered sweetcorn, peg 16; Chris Simons (BK Fisheries) 18-10-0; Ron Hurst (BK Fisheries) 8-12-0; Bob Sawford (BK Fisheries) 8-4-0; John Maundrill (BK Fisheries) 7-2-0; John Wilson (BK Fisheries) 6-0-0.

Chilton Trinity, Bridgwater, Somerset. Wed. 10. Tom Magnell (Mosella) 42-2-0, ten carp on Method feeder and corn, peg 9; Tony Rixon (Mosella Avon Angling) 39-3-0; Ed Wynne (Sensas Veals) 34-0-0; Phil Harding (Avon Angling) 27-1-0; Tom Thick (Thatchers Tackle) 9-0-0; Nige Bartlett (Garbolino BVMG) 7-8-0. Silvers: Chris Fox (Sensas Thyers) 5-0-0.

Exeter DAA, Round Two, Victoria Products Winter League, Tiverton Canal. Sun. Wayne Mitchell (Team Jinx) 3-2-8, small roach on pole and pinkie; Dave Pulman (Exeter) 1-15-8; Zac Newton (Team ALS) 1-14-8; Andy Bulled (Exeter) 1-6-0; Steve Jeffery (Exeter) 1-2-0; Steve Hayman (Exeter) 0-15-0.

Gillingham AA, Dorset Stour, Eccliffe to Harpitts. Sun. 18. Jack Stamp (Gillingham AA) 13-10-0, four big chub on stick float and maggot, Harpitts; Steve Lovell (Sensas Wilts Angling) 11-14-0; Rob Manns (Sensas Wilts Angling) 5-7-0; Dave Sealy (Gillingham AA) 5-7-0; Jason Mills (Garbolino BVMG) 5-5-0; Barry Taylor (Gillingham AA) 3-15-0.

Gold Valley, Ash, Hampshire. Mon. Costcutter, Gold Lake. 10. Tony Medlicott (Farnham) 18-12-0, roach on pole and maggots; Barry Diamond (Sainsbury) 12-6-0; Eddy Rippon (Farnham) 6-0-0. Wed. Gold Lake. 10. Dave Johnson ( 30-10-0, roach on pole and maggot; Will Raison (Daiwa) 20-15-0; Pem Wrighting (Maver) 15-9-0. Sun. 20. Mark Goddard (Daiwa Dorking) 35-0-0, roach, perch and skimmers on pole and maggot; Darren Davies (Daiwa Dorking) 22-8-0; Will Raison (Daiwa) 20-7-0; Anthony Thomas (Kennet Ospreys) 19-8-0; Barry Upperton (Middy) 18-15-0; Perry Stone (Yorkshire Baits) 15-12-0.

Ilminster AA, TackleBox/Royal Oak Winter League, Round 7, River Isle, Somerset. Sun. 5. Steve Parker (Ilton) 2-0-0, five trout on stick float and maggot; Neil Dring (Ilminster AA) 1-0-0. League: Martin Heard (Tiverton) 9; Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) 11; Steve Parker (Ilton) 14.

Milemead Winter League, Round Six, Tavistock, West Devon. Sun. (Jan. 29) Carp Lake. 22. Andy Wilkinson (Tackle Barn) 110-8-0, 18 carp to 12 lb on pole and maggot, peg 8; Clive Carter (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 93-7-0; Nick Jones (Tackle Barn) 90-1-0; Sam Powell (Tackle Trader) 89-14-0; Mark Statton (Tackle Barn) 80-6-0; Gary Webber (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 70-3-0. Silvers: Nick Jones 39-14-0. League: Andy Wilkinson 15 points; Gary Webber 19.

Moor House Farm Fisheries, Haywards Heath, East Sussex. Sun. Sidewinder Lake. 16. Stuart Williamson (Propajob Baits) 26-4-0, F1s, maggot over groundbait on far shelf; Rob Harman (Propajob Baits) 21-9-0; Dave Larby (Haywards Heath AC) 15-12-0; Simon Lewill (Haywards Heath AC) 15-9-0; John Burt (Hastings AS) 15-1-0; Steve Brown (Propajob Baits) 12-11-0.

Rayne Lodge, near Braintree, Essex. Sat. 12. Trevor Davis (Goat & Boot) 20-0-0, skimmers and five small carp, pole and pellet, peg 5 Top Lake; Peter Binks (Walton-On-The Naze) 19-0-0; Alan Lee (Bill’s Tackle) 18-5-0; Jullion Collop (Bill’s Tackle) 18-0-0.

Royal Berkshire, Windsor, Berkshire. Sat. 7. John Light (Springlakes) 2-0-0, perch on pole and maggot; Mark Bowman (Sensas) 0-14-0.

Shiplate Farm Fishery, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Sun. 22. Craig Edmunds (Maver Bathampton) 41-0-0, carp on pole and maggot, peg 11; Kev Molton (Avon Angling) 40-9-0; Rich Lacey (Maver Bathampton) 27-0-0; Sean Townsend (Maver Bathampton) 23-13-0; Paul Elmes (BMS) 23-3-0; Andy Bryant (Avon Angling) 14-4-0. Silvers: Rich Lacey 12-12-0.

Taunton AA River Shield, River Tone, Somerset. Sun. 21. Chris Parr (Taunton) 25-5-0, big chub with roach and dace on pole and maggot; Martin Addicott (Taunton) 19-5-0; Jon Martin (Taunton) 13-12-0.

White Acres Winter League, Round Seven, Cornwall. Sun. Pollawyn, Jenny’s and Trelawney. 35. Pete Thomas (White Acres) 84-15-0, 15 carp with a few F1s on Method feeder and dead maggot, peg 31 Pollaywn; Mick Kearns (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 74-4-0; Harry Billing (Mosella Garbolino) 47-0-0; Clint Elliott (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 40-15-0; Andy Partridge (Spro) 40-0-0; Roy Booth (White Acres) 39-14-0.

Willow Park Winter League, Round Seven, Ash, Hampshire. Sat. Small and Middle Lakes. 28. Mark Goddard (Guildford AC) 14-10-0, bream and perch on pole and maggot; Simon Willsmore (Sensas A4) 10-0-0; Doug Graves (Willow Black) 3-14-0; Russ Grimes (Milo Bordon) 2-7-0; Ken Russell (Browning Crowsports) 2-2-0. Teams: Guildford AC 18; Milo Bordon 15; Willow Black 9. League: Milo Bordon 162; Willow Black 152; Sensas A4 149.

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