There are no London and South Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for February 19/20 2011

Other matches

Alders Farm Winter League, Great Brickhill, Buckinghamshire, Sun. Final Round, Match and Silver Lakes, 40. Barry Mason (Tubertini Bagem Baits) 178-5-0, carp to 5 lb, feeder and meat plus poled pellet; Michael Smith (GOT Baits) 162-1-0; Dean Townsend (Marukyu) 150-13-0; Tony Winnock (Frames Tackle) 124-11-0; Martin Smith (Marukyu) 114-2-0; Richard Brain (Oxford Blue) 99-6-0. Teams: Tubertini Bagem Baits 37; Marukyu and Drennan Oxford Blue both 28. League: Tubertini Bagem Baits 159; GOT Baits 146; Spro 113 and Frames Tackle both 113.

Back Arun Fishery, Arundel, West Sussex, Carp Lake, 21. Kevin Parker (Back Arun) 32-8-0, all carp, red amggot and corn, peg 18; Mick Pranskuss (Back Arun) 18-12-0; Graham Marshall (Marsh Farm) 17-12-0; Paul Romaniuk (Back Arun) 16-8-0; Mick Chipperfield (Hansfords) 16-4-0; Ken Norman (Back Arun) 15-12-0.

BK Fisheries, St. Erth, Cornwall, Sun. Bills Pool, 14. Billy Knott (BK Fisheries) 19-4-0, three bream to 4 lb, 30 roach and a 2 lb perch, poled red maggot over caster and sweetcorn with groundbait, peg 25; John Maundrill (BK Fisheries) 12-6-0; Richard Taylor (BK Fisheries) 10-14-0; B. Isaac (BK Fisheries) 6-0-0; Aaron Jenkins (BK Fisheries) 5-10-0; Tony Jose (BK Fisheries) 4-0-0.

Carps AC, Silver and Carp winter league, Round 4, Sensas Viaduct, Campbell, Cary and Spring lakes, Sun. 36. Roland Lucas (Viaduct All Stars) 131-6-0, carp on waggler and meat, peg 128 Campbell; Bela Bakos (Carps AC) 130-2-0; Dan Squires (Viaduct All Stars) 116-15-0; Chris Davis (Frampton RBL) 105-8-0; Lewis Greenwood King (Viaduct Juniors) 96-1-0; Dick Bull (Yeovil) 79-13-0. Silvers: John Green (Thatchers Tackle) 29-1-0.

Chestnut Pool, Langford, Bedfordshire, Sun. Ronan Ryan (Ultima) 54-11-0, all skimmers to 2 lb, poled red maggot, peg 21; Pete Currell (Chestnut Pool) 26-4-0; Dave Henegan (Chestnut Pool) 17-12-0; Phil Dilley (Chestnut Pool) 16-11-0.

Farlows, Farlows lake Iver Bucks, wed, 14. Martin Marrison (Willow Park) 28-0-0, bream: feeder, pellets; John Cook (AEC) 12-10-0; Andy Love (Love machine) 10-12-0; Lloyd Moss (Harefield tackle) 10-12-0.

Gillingham AA, Committee match, Dorset Stour, Highbridge to Stour Provost, Sun. 14. Jason Mills (Garbolino BVMG) 5-1-0, two skimmers plus roach on stickfloat and maggot, peg 18 Highbridge; Simon Hebditch (Garbolino BVMG) and Michael Hunt (Gillingham AA) both 3-9-0.

Guildford AC, Fairlight Farm, East Grinstead Kent, Sun. 15. Pete Franklin (Guildford AC) 68-12-0; carp, pole, pellets; Stuart Levers (Guildford AC) 55-3-0; Jeff Simmons (Willingshurst) 43-5-0.

Ilminster AA, Crown winter league, River Isle, Somerset, Sun. 6. Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) 8-2-0, three decent chub on float and maggot, peg 85 Ashford; Justin Charles (Ilminster AA) 1-1-0; Neil Dring (Ilminster AA) 0-13-0. League: Jamie Rich 13; Graham Field 16; Neil Dring 17.

KC Angling, silverfish league, round four, Sumners Pond Kent, wed, 20. Terry Malloy (Garbolino Banstead) 34-6-0; skimmers, bomb pellets; Adam Lee (Garbolino Banstead) 24-13-0; Steve Sanders (Preston Innovations) 24-12-0.
Lizard, West Drayton Middlesex, Sun. 23. Colin Fosdyke (Garbolino Apollo) 92-12-0; carp, lead, meat; Cris Love (Willow Park) 60-11-0; Dave Winterbourne (Tumbling Bay) 27-4-0.

M5 Winter League, Round 5, Stafford Moor, Woody and Tanners, Sun. 36. Ben Hathaway (Tackle Barn) 105-2-0, sixteen carp to 14lb on the bomb and pellet, peg 36 Woody; Ben Wright (Tackle Barn) 90-0-0; Clive Carter (Preston Innovations) 80-7-0; Paul Morris (Summerlands B) 74-12-0; Mark Lynch (Summerlands B) 70-3-0; Andy Dare (Preston Innovations) 59-2-0. Teams: Summerlands B 10 points; League: Stafford Moor 15; Tackle Barn A 16; Preston Innovations 18.
Maldon Individual League, Chelmer Navigation. Sun. 12. Pete Bullard (Browning JP) 4-6-8; Trevor Stacey (Browning JP) 4-1-0; Russ Samuals (Browning JP) 3-6-0; Geoff Foreman (Browning JP) 2-15-0; Rodger Church (Browning JP) and Pete Lamb (Browning JP) both 2-12-0.

Ockendon Bait and Tackle, Puddledock Farm near Upminster Essex. Sun. 44. Steve Schiniou (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 72-14-0, 30 carp to 10 lb, corn at 6m, Snake lake peg 7; Graham Skinner (Puddledock) 54-14-0; Gary Rolfe (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 52-14-0; Dave Ruddick (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 50-4-0; Steve Barnet (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 48-2-0; Tony Smith (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 44-4-0.
Rushmoor League, Gold Valley Ash Hants, Sun. 122. Dean Fish (Garbolino Apollo) 140-12-0, carp, pellet waggler; Mark Harper (Thatcher’s) 96-4-0; Danny Winn (Garbollino Apollo) 87-2-0; Richard Taylor (PI DELCAC) 84-6-0; Mark Chedzoy (Thatchers) 70-4-0; Cris Nichols (Garbolino Apollo) 68-0-0.
Sensas Viaduct, Campbell, Wed. 12. Tim Pallent (Maver Veals) 111-4-0, carp on waggler and bomb with meat and corn, peg 131; Andy Neal (Frenzee/Bait Tech) 63-6-0; Steve Jackson (Garbolino Megabait) 55-7-0; Andy Lloyd (Dynamite Baits) 40-1-0. Silvers: Mark Harper (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 15-14-0. Campbell, Sat. 16. Roland Lucas (Viaduct All Stars) 118-1-0, carp on waggler and bomb with meat and corn, peg 131; Matt King (Yeovil) 68-15-0; Barry Fitchew (Mosella) 65-4-0; Lawrence Moore (Bath) 64-8-0; Alex Murray (Sign Solutions) 59-14-0; Phil Cardwell (Viaduct) 58-1-0. Silvers: Steve Denmead (Keyfords) 17-8-0.
Sport One Silverfish League, round six, Frant Lakes, nr Tunbridge Wells, Skirmish Lake, 13. Nick Gilbert (NG Floats) 16-6-0, roach plus skimmers, pole and maggot, peg six; Andy Silver 16-1-0; Dennis Price 13-12-0; Tim Relf 11-6-0 (all Sport One); Kevin Palmer (Moatrix Invicta) 10-10-0; Derek Willis (Iden Wood Fishery) 9-15-0. League: NIck Gilbert (NG Floats) 57; Nick Plum (Sport One) 55; Tim Relf (Sport One) 53; Derek Willis (Iden Wood Fishery) 49.

Stafford Moor, So Simple, Round 1, Tanners and Woody, Sat. 24. Ben Wright (Stafford Moor) 107-13-0, carp to 8lb on waggler and 8mm pellet at depth, peg 27 Tanners; John Bailey (Summerlands) 106-2-0; Adam Palmer (Mosella Royal Navy) 90-7-0; Clive Carter (Preston Innovations) 84-2-0; Steve Forshaw (Stafford Moor) 82-4-0; Nick Jones (Tackle Barn) 66-12-0.

White Acres winter league, Pollawyn and Jennys, Sun. 36. Harry Billing (Mosella Garbolino) 63-6-0, one carp plus silvers on pole and caster at 5m and in the margins, peg 29 Pollawyn; Chris Morris (White Acres) 63-2-0; Andy Partridge (Spro) 45-14-0; Trev Conroy (Kernow MG) 45-4-0; Andy Patterson (Kernow MG) 39-10-0; Billy Arch (White Acres) 37-1-0.

Willow Park WL, Ash Hants, round eight, Sat. 36. Ian Dixon (Milo Bordon) 86-14-0, carp, pole, pellets; Doug Graves (Willow Park Black) 71-10-0; Terry Harrison (Willow bits) 54-8-0; Paul Holland (Vespa AGI) 42-6-0; Mickey Crabbe (Catch 22) 40-2-0; Dave Steer (Willow black) 37-4-0. Teams: Milo Bordon 30; Willow black 27; Browning Crowsports 25. League: Milo Bordon 214; Sensas A4 MG 203; Apollo 185; Browning Crowsports 175; Willow Black 171; Willow Bits 143.

Wylands, Battle, East Sussex, New Snake Lake, 14. Peter White (Wylands) 45-9-0, carp and silvers, pole with corn and pellet, peg 42; Bob Helder 20-14-0; Tony Guillan 15-2-0; Ron Newman 10-9-0 (all Wylands).