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London and South Angler’s Mail matches for April 6/8 2012.

Back Arun Fishery, Arundel, West Sussex, Carp Lake, 22. Paul Romaniuk (Back Arun) 123-8-0, all carp, pole with meat and corn, peg 17; A. King (Borden) 62-4-0; Mick Pranskuss 54-4-0; Martin Twine 51-0-0 (both Back Arun) ; J. Stevens 47-12-0; Paul Oliver 45-0-0 (both Warligham) .

Chard AC, Perry St Pond, Somerset. Fri. 19. Scott Russell (Tackle UK) 47-14-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 2; Paul Blake (Chard) 41-4-0; Mark Hollister (Chard) 32-8-0; Steve Bush (Chard) 29-8-0. Spring League, Sun. 20. Steve Bush (Chard0 69-10-0, 14 carp on pole and pellet, peg 3; Steve Bishop (Chard) 67-8-0; Mark Hollister (Chard) 61-12-0.

Colemans Cottage, near Witham Essex. Tues. costcutter. 27. Gary Bell (Lakelands) 136-8-0, feeder to island, maggot and bread, Wood 15; Pete

Steward (Browning Wickford) 116-0-0; Phil Paseira (Browning Wickford) 109-8-0; Cliff Adams (Browning Wickford) 91-8-0; Jeff Church (Matchpack Angling Direct) 86-0-0; Gavin Bridge (Carriers) 78-8-0.

Farlows, Farlows lake Iver Bucks. Wed. 13. Mike Hooper (Harefield tackle) 53-4-0, bream, feeder, pellets; Gary Hymas (West Drayton) 46-0-0, Richard Wall (Harefield tackle) 34-12-0.

Gillingham AA, Two Counties lake, Mere, Wilts. Sun. 22. John Moody (Garbolino BVMG) 17-6-0, carp and skimmers on pole and maggot, peg 12; Mark Harper (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 11-12-0; Bob Machin (Gillingham AA) 10-10-0; Ray Webster (Gillingham AA) 9-8-0; Rob Manns (Sensas Wilts Angling) 6-8-0; Rob Randall (Garbolino BVMG) 4-13-0.

Godalming, Marsh Farm Lake, Surrey, Wed. 16. Dave Steer (Apollo) 46-7-0, tench, skimmers, pole, pellets; Dave Johnston (Milo Bordon) 37-6-0; Luke Sherriff (Guildford AC) 30-3-0.

Gold Valley, Ash Hants, Mon. 18. Mike Young (Springlakes) 53-0-0, carp, pole, chopped worms, Rick Thomas (Catch 22) 50-8-0; Tony Medlicott (Farnham) 45-0-0. Fri. 34. Ken Dooley (Liverpool AS) 55-13-0; carp, pole, lead, dead red maggots; Gary Bridge (Unattached) 49-9-0, Morris Woodley (Reading AC) 48-8-0. Wed. 10. William Raison (Daiwa) 160-0-0, carp, Method feeder, waggler, maggots; Terry Wiston (Oxford) 150-12-0; Chris Love (Willow) 118-4-0. Sun. 26. Paul Holland (Preston Innovations) 100-8-0, carp, pole, pellets; Morris Woodley (Reading AC) 90-0-0, Ken Dooley (Liverpool AS) 81-11-0.

Gwinear Fishery, Newquay, Cornwall. Tue. 8. Harry Billing (Mosella Garbolino) 76-8-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 51; Andy Partridge (Spro) 75-14-0; Arthur Turner (Gwinear) 63-12-0; Chas Ward (Gwinear) 62-0-0. Fri. 11. Andy Partridge (Spro) 77-0-0, carp on pole and corn, peg 51; Arthur Turner (Gwinear) 49-8-0; Mark Layzell (Gwinear) 43-4-0; Brian Loader (White Acres) 42-0-0; Harry Billing (Mosella Garbolino) 40-12-0; Max Turner (Tamworth) 38-2-0. Sun. 17. Harry Billing (Mosella Garbolino) 53-14-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 53; Arthur Turner (Gwinear) 49-12-0; Trev Conroy (White Acres) 48-0-0; Roger Baker (Sensas Thyers) 42-12-0; Mark Layzell (Gwinear) 41-2-0; Brian Loader (White Acres) 32-8-0.

Ivy House, Royal Wootton Bassett, Wilts. Match lake, Tue. 14. Derrick Baker (Ivy House) 52-0-0, carp on short pole and pellet, peg 18; Jo Warner (Ivy House) 44-0-0; Mick Robbins (Ivy House) 41-12-0. Match Lake, Fri. 18. Vince Shipp (Westerleigh) 38-9-0, carp on pole and pellet shallow, peg 8; Jerry Cambridge (Ivy House) 22-2-0; Gary Etheridge (Garbolino BVMG) 22-1-0. Match lake, Sat. 17. Jerry Cambridge (Ivy House) 41-8-0, carp on long pole in margins, peg 10; Simon Jones (Ivy House) 39-8-0; Ian Millichip (Ivy House) 33-4-0. Silvers: Elick Payne (Ivy House) 22-4-0. Winter league, Round 6. Canal sections, Sun. 16. Paul Dressler (Ivy House) 28-9-0, four carp and one chublet on pole with pellet, peg 18 new canal; Dan Beams (Ivy House) 26-15-0; Kendal Barry (Ivy House) 26-12-0. Match lake, Mon. 13. Paul Ogbourne (Ivy House) 55-11-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 27; Dick Young (Ivy House) 51-5-0; Gary Davis (Ivy House) 45-8-0; John Williams (Ivy House) 34-12-0.

Landsend Fishery, Somerset. Sun. 30. Ken Rayner (TMF) 162-13-0, carp on pole with caster and meat, peg 21; Ryan Summerhayes (Avon Aquatics) 130-12-0; Leyton Palmer (Carps AC) 120-0-0; Tony Page (GOT Baits) 113-5-0; Adrian Jeffery (Avon Angling) 92-8-0; Paul Elmes (BMS) 86-2-0. Silvers: Tom Mangnell (Mosella) 44-2-0.

Milemead fishery, Tavistock, Devon. Match lake. Sun. 16. Andy Dare (Bolingey) 135-13-0, 46 carp to 6lb on pole and meat, peg 16; Tony Steele (Milemead) 110-5-0; Tim Rowe (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 100-1-0; Jamie Pearce (Tackle Trader) 81-14-0; Gary Webber (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 76-5-0; Paul Carpenter (White Acres) 74-10-0. Silvers: Clive Carter (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 53-6-0.

Ockendon Bait and Tackle, Puddledock Farm Snake Lake near Upminster Essex. Good Friday pairs. 56. Richard Thomas (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 129-2-0, meat across and down track, peg 5; Paul Hyde (Angling

Direct) 81-12-0; Steve Copping (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 71-10-0; John Bell (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 60-0-0; Dave Bugg (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 59-6-0; Dave Hough (Dartford) 57-12-0. Pairs: John Bell and Paul Rounce (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 5; Richard Thomas and Rob Bishop (MAP Ockendon) 9; Lee Ripper (Got Baits) and John Hunt (Brentwood Angling) 10. Sun. 55. John Hunt (Brentwood Angling) 100-4-0, meat down track, Snake lake peg 5; Jay Martin (Dartford) 86-4-0; Terry Schinou (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 75-0-0; Brian Earle (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 71-8-0; Steve James (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 71-4-0; Steve Friend (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 68-12-0.

PSV Bristol, Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Campbell. Sun. 20. Rich Britton (PSV) 166-3-0, Carp on bomb and pellet, peg 117; Will Dearlove (PSV) 138-1-0; Mark Radford (PSV) 100-5-0; Steve Burgess (PSV) 99-7-0. Silvers: Brian Shanks (PSV) 43-1-0.

Rex’s Memorial Open in aid of MacMillan Nurses, Sonubaits Passies, Lancing, West Sussex, Match Lake, Sat. 49. James Grainger (Preston Innovations Delcac) 51-9-0, carp to 3 lb on long pole with pelletand corn, and carp to 8 lb down the inside with meat, peg 38; Alex Bishop 45-8-0; Chris Bishop 42-6-0 (both Percy’s Tackle) ; Eddie Green (Sonubaits Passies) 41-4-0; Mick Wells (Sensas South East) 39-2-0; Lee Perry and Andy Bryant 38-6-0 (both Sonubaits Passies) . £1200 raised for MacMillan Nurses.

Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Campbell and Cary, Wed. 24. Ray Hayward (Viaduct) 199-9-0, carp to 17lb on waggler and pellet, peg 88 Cary; Kev Newman (Carps AC) 167-3-0; Kev Molten (Avon Angling) 154-4-0; Jim Baines (Bristol) 143-11-0; Tony Rixon (Mosella Avon Angling) 142-15-0; Lewis Greenwood King (Viaduct Juniors) 121-0-0. Silvers: Martin Preston (Viaduct) 83-6-0. Costcutter, Campbell and Cary. Thurs. 24. Nicky Collier (GOT Baits) 174-12-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 118 Campbell; Steve Rolfe (Taunton) 124-6-0; Ray Hayward (Viaduct) 124-8-0; Mark Wynne (Street) 120-10-0; Martin Lenighan (Avon Angling) 103-0-0; Titch Williams (Taunton) 102-6-0. Silvers: Nicky Collier 31-0-0. Pole only, Campbell and Cary. Fri. 23. Nicky Collier (GOT Baits) 176-5-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 126 Campbell; Mark Brennan (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 153-12-0; Andy Power (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 134-12-0; Miles Levy (Milo Bordon) 118-4-0; Steve Denmead (Keyfords) 98-12-0; Jamie Smith (Wilts AC) 95-3-0. Silvers: Andy Power 47-2-0. Campbell and Cary, Sat. 41. Mike Walker (Navy Mosella) 183-15-0, carp to 12lb on pole and pellet, peg 119 Campbell; Roland Lucas (Wilts AC) 156-7-0; Kev Newman (Taunton) 137-0-0; Nick Melly (Viaduct) 130-6-0; Matt Tomes (Avon Angling) 110-3-0; Alan Greenwood (Yorks) 107-3-0. Silvers: Andy Power (Preston Innovations Thatchers) 47-2-0.

Shiplate Farm, Somerset. Fri. 10. Dominic Sullivan (Dambusters) 106-4-0, carp on pole and pellet; Steve Howell (Weston AA) 72-1-0; Paul Chapman (Dambusters) 27-9-0; Phil Lambert (Shiplate) 19-13-0. Hawthorns, Sun. 15. Dom Sullivan (Dambusters) 30-0-0; Ron Stark (Weston AA) 12-2-0; John Thorne (Weston AA) 11-10-0; Jim Doughty (Weston AA) 10-12-0; Titch Williams (Taunton) 9-10-0; John Page (Weston AA) 6-6-0.

Sonubaits Passies, Lancing, West Sussex, Match Lake, 26. John Holt (Sonubaits Passies) 82-0-0, carp to 3  lb, pellet and corn down the track and across; Steve Turner 81-8-0; Eddie Green 64-8-0; Lee Perry 62-7-0 (all Sonubaits Passies) ; Jason Kirk (Arun Angling) 59-0-0; Rob Jenkins (Sonubaits Passies) 54-8-0.

Street AC, Sensas Viaduct, Somerton, Somerset. Cary. Sun. 20. Roger Russell (Street) 111-5-0, carp on waggler and pellet, peg 88; Jamie Lock (Street) and Dave White (Street) both 92-13-0; Macauley White (Street) 84-2-0. Silvers: Mark Lehay (Street) 27-3-0.

Tylers Common, near Brentwood Essex. Sat. 36. Mick Hood (Bowlers) 129-10-0, carp to 12 lb, pellet to the island and 5m down track, Horseshoe lake peg 51; Steve James (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 122-12-0; Alan Reynolds (Bait Tech) 96-0-0; Terry Pritlove (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 90-0-0; Dave Harold (Ockendon Bait and Tackle) 89-12-0; Rav Pisano (Galleywood Social) 89-0-0.

White Acres, Newquay, Cornwall. Twin Oaks and Pollawyn, Mon. 47. Craig Stone (Sams Tackle) 149-5-0, carp on pellet waggler shallow, peg 16 Twin Oaks; Gary Wills (Leigh Tackle) 130-11-0; Gary Hazelwood (MAP Leegem) 118-0-0; Darren Fletcher (Sams Tackle) 98-11-0; Steve Taylor (Sams Tackle) 70-9-0; Shaun Cross (Bait Kitchen) 60-0-0. Trelawney, Wed. 17. Carl Sutton (C and R Kitchens) 137-12-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 18; Jason Grindle (Lydney Angling Club) 116-7-0; Russell Hill (C and R Kitchens) 78-8-0; Josh Brown (Apache Fishing) 60-7-0; Gary Hague 45-13-0; Steve Jupp 41-10-0. Marukyu Rover, all lakes, Thurs. 95. Ian Ford (Patricroft) 159-9-0, carp on pellet waggler, peg 11 Twin Oaks; Mark Birchall (Sams Tackle) 122-3-0; Barry Hollingsworth (Sams Tackle) 110-0-0; Colin Wood (The Bait Kitchen) 94-15-0; Andy Lord (Complete Fisherman) 70-3-0; Taylor Thorpe 67-8-0. Ladies: Nina Moretti 21-2-0. Juniors: Jamie McMahon 63-9-0.

Willow, Ash Hants, Sat. 18. Mark Goddard (Daiwa Dorking) 34-5-0; carp, bream, pole, pellets; Ken Russell (Browning Crowsports) 28-15-0, Reg Blenkinsopp (Willow park) 27-0-0.

Wylands, Battle, East Sussex, New Snake Lake, 23. Martin Wodington (Wylands) 63-4-0, all carp, pellet and corn down the middle; Paul Lawton 39-15-0; Ernie Rogers 36-4-0 (both Wylands) ; Mick Wells (Sensas South East) 35-4-0; Derek Seymour (Wylands) 30-0-0; Chris Pope (Tenterden A. C. ) 24-8-0.