Angler's Mail tackle editor Richard Howard is the No.1 products inspector, checking out loads of quality kit every week. Here's his lowdown on the Preston Innovations Des Shipp Commercial Pole Float Range…

SET to cover all your pole fishing on commercials whether you’ve scaled down for shy biting silvers, or F1s, or you’re going in on an all out paste attack.

There are 13 different pole float designs in this family featuring battle proof aerospace grade Rohacell foam bodies with a choice of stems and tips exactly to specifications laid down by England International Des Shipp. All are geared towards the job they need to do.

You’ll find hollow plastic, solid plastic, cane or balsa tips glued onto carbon, glass or 0.6 mm wire stems for robustness.

Even the eyes are extra long and double glued to ensure they can take some hammer.

The slim profile F1 Maggot and F1 Pellet designs will certainly grab attention as will the sensitive F1 Shallow range.

The more exaggerated Island series with their 2 mm hollow plastic tips and glass stems will allow you to use plenty of shot to reduce line bites.

Whilst the in-line Dibbers – balsa to glass stems, look pretty tangle-free if you’re ‘slapping’ as well as looking ideal for ‘mugging’ those cruisers.

There’s a super strong Margin and Inline Diamond range for positive close-in ambushing with baits like worm and meat.

Whilst the long Paste floats look versatile for a range of depths with a long glass stem for stability and a tidy long hollow plastic bristle.

Built to handle commercial bagging, this range really does look like it covers all bases. Good work by Des Shipp and Prestons.

Price: £1.99 each.