Here are the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifiers - tables are exclusively in the magazine! There's some terrific match fishing content in Angler's Mail this week, including what you see in the trailer below...

* Angling Trust Div. 2 National, Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Wigan, Lancs. Sat, 310. Individuals: Perry Follows (Team Eclipse) 13 Kg 440 gr, bream and skimmers, long poled pellet, peg A5; John Boyko (Winterton AC) 4.480; George Robinson (Winterton AC) 3.800.

Sections: A. Perry Follows (Team Eclipse) 13.440; John Boyko (Winterton AC) 4.480; Mark Derry (Middy Dams and Locks) 3.340. B. Stef Johansen (Team Eclipse) 3.590; Derek Walker (Bolton & Dist.) 1.850; Dean Turner (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 1.390. C. Graeme Dawes (Sensas NW) 2.060; David Thornley (Matlock) 1.640; Ted Yearby (Middy Dams and Lock) 0.940. D. George Robinson (Winterton AC) 3.800; Peter Durrant (Maver Colemans MP) 3.000; Mike Davies (Wigan MG) 2.590. E. Tony Foster (Middy Dams and Locks) 3.380; Gareth Charnock (Liverpool Dockers) 2.200; Paul Ashley (Matlock) 2.050. F. Keith Anders (Sensas NW) 2.700; Anthony Marsden (Wigan MG) 2.600; Jack Turner (Scunthorpe DAA) 2.500. G. Kevin Clarke (Wigan MG) 3.330; Mark Wilson (Sensas NW) and Richard Kerridge (Scunthorpe DAA) both 1.940. H. Danny Martin (Wigan MG) 3.200; Graham Bontoft (Winterton) 2.490; Tony Holdsworth (South Reading AC) 2.060. J. Simon Walton (Matrix Halifax) 1.860; David Norwood (Winterton) 1.750; Steve Davies (Browning Northants) 1.180. K. Wayne Kearney (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 1.420; Dave Edgerley (Wigan MG) 1.360; Martin Taylor (Matrix Halifax) 1.300.

Teams: Wigan MG 273; Sensas NW 245; Middy Dams and Locks 235; Winterton AC 221; Browning Northants 214; Maver Colemans MP 211; Matrix Halifax 206; Team Eclipse 201; Tri-Cast Rochdale 198; Matlock AC 196; Liverpool Dockers 195; Bolton & Dist 185; Scunthorpe DAA 177; Lancs MG 177; Slaithwaite AC 161; Measham & Dist 157; Drennan Leicester 156; Washington & Harraton 155; Colin Barlow AC 150; Yarm Angling 144; Stoke on Trent AS 137; South Reading AC 135; Leigh & Dist. 128; Tubertini Ludlow 118; Urban Moor Leeds 112; Browning Andover MG 110; Chelmsford AA 105; Thornhill AC 88; RN & RM 74; Billericay DAC 66; Tang Hall MG 61.

match banner sept 16

* Blundell’s, nr. Warrington, Cheshire. Sat, 32, rover, all match lakes. Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 125-13-0, carp to 14 lb, meat at 16m, peg 43 Ash Lake; Stuart Carroll (Matrix Leigh Tackle & Bait) 116-10-0; Lee Thornton (Middy Bag’em) 99-1-0; Cliff Noble (Stalybridge Angling Supplies) 93-5-0; Andy Suthers (Mack’s Tackle) 77-14-0; Matt Maguire (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 77-10-0.

* Bradshaw Hall, Bolton, Lancs. Sun, 38, Lakes 8/9. Lee Thornton (Middy Bag’em) 55-3-0, F1 carp and ide, pellet, 13m pole peg 17 lake 9; Rob Kinsley (Fisherman’s Way) 40-4-0; Steve Lomax (Fisherman’s Way) 39-14-0; Geoff Terry (Bradshaw Fisheries) 36-13-0.

* Brookside, Warrington, Cheshire. Sun, 32, Snake and Willow lakes. Andy Butler (Mosella) 73-14-0, silver fish and carp to 3 lb, pellet on deck, 10m, peg 43 Snake; Stuart Conroy (Kamasan) 69-8-0; John Battersby (Garbolino Elton) 58-12-0; Tom Barlow (Maver NW) 55-12-0; Steve Conroy (Drennan NW) 55-6-0; Nick Butterworth (Cheshire Angling) 54-8-0  .

* Partridge Lakes, Culcheth, Cheshire. Sat, 55, Covey lakes. Andy Bennett (Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech) 110-15-0, F1s and ide, maggot shallow and pellet, 6m and down edge, peg 39; Mark Lucas (Mosella) 87-10-0; Ron Buckley (Garbolino Elton) 85-9-0; Andy Middleton (Partridge) 84-11-0; Steve Openshaw (Lingmere) 82-6-0; Kevin Bennett (Partridge) 77-14-0. Sun, 61, Covey. Andy Bennett (Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech) 156-6-0, carp to 7 lb, maggot shallow and pellet across, 6m and 12m, peg 100; Paul Barnforth (Maver NW) 110-3-0; Mark Lucas (Mosella) 93-15-0; Barry Bush (Lingmere) 86-10-0; Des Greenhough (Partridge) 85-14-0; Daz Shaw (Maver NW) 82-1-0.

* Wigan DAA, Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Burscough, Lancs. Sun, 44. Anthony Silcock (Sensas NW) 5-13-12, a 2 lb eel plus skimmers and roach, maggot and worm, 6m and 11m; Kevin Stothers (Gidlow Angling) 4-9-12; Dave Walker (Bolton) 4-9-4; Rob Porter (Wigan MG) 4-4-4.




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