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Bannister House, Preston, Lancs. Sun, 18. Barry Helliwell (Rochdale) 64-0-0, carp to 10 lb, pellet and corn at 5m, peg 51; Keith Owen (Firswood) 52-12-0; Peter Beardsworth (Bannister) 45-6-0.

Blundell’s, Rixton, Cheshire. Wed, 15, Rover, Steve Parry (Daiwa Guru) 71-10-0, carp and F1s to 3 lb, maggot, 4m, peg 7 Trio; Steve Gallagher (Ted Carter Southport) 62-5-0. Sat, 27, East, West and Trio. Cliff Noble (Stalybridge Angling Supplies) 55-11-0, carp and F1s, maggot, cage feeder to island plus pole down edge, peg 47 Trio; Karl Webster (Urmston) 54-9-0; Peter Price (Rod’n’Reel) 46-6-0; Dave Jowett (Fisherman’s Way) 46-1-0. Sun, 29, West, Ash, Pine and Trio. Matt Higgins (Neptune’s Tackle) 87-10-0, carp and F1s to 5 lb, pellet, 4m, 6m and 14m, peg 31 Trio; Cliff Noble (Stalybridge Angling Supplies) 74-8-0; Andy Musgrove (Edgeley Sport) 70-1-0; Dean Edwards (Fisherman’s Way) 59-0-0.

Border Fisheries, Bay Malton, Crewe, Cheshire. Sat, 14, Meridian Canal, Dave Holland (Tri-Cast) 57-0-0, F1s, maggot at 10m, peg 21; Kevin Turvey (Bay Malton) 25-8-0.

Bradshaw Hall, Bolton, Lancs. Wed, 30, Lakes 8/9. Ian Cox (Bradshaw) 53-4-0, F1s, pellet, 8m, peg 2 Lake 8; Alan Menzies (Elton Tackle) 46-0-0; Dave Williams (Fisherman’s Way) 38-3-0; Adam Richards (Bradshaw) 35-6-0.

Brookside, Warrington, Cheshire, Sat, 19. Snake Pit. John Battersby (Garbolino Elton) 44-0-0, carp and F1s to 2 lb, maggot, 11m, peg 22; Chris Ruscoe (Rod’n’Reel) 24-0-0. Sun, 25, Snake. Stuart Birchall (Cheshire Angling) 49-0-0, F1 to 2 lb and carp, maggot, 6 to 12m, peg 56; Mark Plevin (Lionel’s) 43-0-0; Stuart Conroy (Kamasan) 34-10-0; Mike Smith (Tri-Cast Highfield) 30-4-0.

Hampton Springs, Malpas, Cheshire. Tues, 26, Over-50s, Meadow and Long Island lakes. Rob Smith (Rod’n’Reel) 62-4-0, F1s, crucians and skimmers, pellet and maggot, 6m and margins, peg 32 Long Island; Lionel Evison (Lionel’s Tackle) 45-0-0; Peter Hodge (The Tackle Store) 39-8-0, Albert Galloway (Hampton Springs) 33-12-0.

Heronbrook Teams of Four, Slindon, Staffs. Sun, 115, all pools. Dave McManus (Ted Carter Southport Gold) 171-13-0, 12 Formula 1 carp/goldfish hybrids plus 30 carp including an 18 lb 10 oz ghost, bomb and popped up bread, Match peg 4; Craig Goldstraw (Maver Midlands/Bag’em Baits) 112-1-0; James Howarth (Tri-Cast Highfield) 107-3-0; Mike Rough (ABC Shrewsbury) 102-14-0; Andy Moors (Maver Pickerings) 101-8-0; Richard Hughes (Eddie’s Bait) 100-8-0. Teams: ABC Shrewsbury 8; Maver White 9; Maver Midlands Bag’em 13; Maver Pickerings 13; Tri-Cast Highfield 14; Maver Blue 14. League: ABC Shrewsbury 47; Maver Midlands Bag’em 48; Maver White 50; Maver Pickerings 55; Matrix Dynamite Stapeley 58; Tri-Cast Highfield 61.

Lingmere, Moreton, Cheshire. Wed, 25, OAPs. Jeff Grantham (Wirral AC) 48-7-0, carp and silvers, 13m, peg 21; Derek Warren (Egremont Ferry) 42-3-0; Jeff Selby (Lobol) 39-8-0; Peter Cooke (Lobol) 39-1-0. Sat, 18. Alan Dewhurst (Lingmere) 60-2-0, carp and F1s, maggot at 14m, peg 7; Phil Ashdown (Lingmere) 41-6-0; Steve Boyd (Saints) 41-2-0.

Meadow View, Lymm, Cheshire. Tues, 21, Lark Pool. Dave Hancox (Team Dallam) 27-2-0, carp to 6 lb and ide, pellet and corn at 12m, peg 39; Dennis Ockwell (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 27-0-0; Peter Robinson (Altrincham) 24-0-0; Colin Elliot (Meadow View) 15-6-0. Thurs, 18, Lark Pool. Ken Jeffries (Edgeley Sport) 17-4-0, carp and chub, pellet and corn, pole 8m, peg 1; Dave White (Hazel Grove) 15-5-0; Bob Brander (Meadow View) 15-0-0; Phil Barwell (Widnes Tackle) 14-10-0. Sun, 21, Lark Pool. Bob Brander (Meadow View) 37-12-0, carp and chub, corn, pole 12m, peg 7; Bill Dowd (Meadow View) 27-10-0; Graham Stokes (Tri-Cast Highfield) 25-12-0; Darren Catterall (Team Dallam) 25-4-0.

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Mill House, Mescar Lakes, Merseyside. Sun, 17, Mistral. Lee Gibbon (Ray’s Tackle) 81-2-0, carp to 4 lb, pellet at 10m, peg 2; Chris Fitzsimons (Ray’s Tackle) 62-2-0.

Newton-le-Willows AA, Merseyside. Thurs, 22. Haydock Park Farm, Ove-60s. Eddie Marcroft (Golborne Tackle and Bait) and Dougie Thom (Liverpool) both 6-7-0, Marcroft roach on pinkie at peg 6, Thom skimmers and rudd on caster at peg 18; Harry Newton (Warrington) 6-3-0. Fri, 15, White Door Dam, Bill Aston (Leigh) 7-10-0, carp, pellet, 10m, peg 7. Sun, 20, White Door Dam. Eddie Cook (Warrington) 10-4-0, carp and skimmers, pellet at 8m, peg 18; Bill Aston (Leigh) 5-5-0; Keith Holden (Newton-le-Willows) 4-3-0.

Northwich, River Weaver, Cheshire. Sat, 18, Oak Tree. Rod Frazer (Vale Royal Angling) 13-14-0, skimmers and roach, maggot and caster, bread feeder and 11m pole, peg 436; Reg Evans (Vale Royal Angling) 13-0-0; Keith Smith (Vale Royal Angling) 12-4-0; Ian Bellfield (Vale Royal Angling) 10-12-0.

Old Hough, Middlewich, Cheshire.  Thurs, 12, Boulders and Goose Pools. Dave Holland (Old Hough) 36-0-0, carp, pellet. Sat, 10, Upper Benbo Pool. Ryan Searle (Old Hough) 53-6-0, carp, pellet.

Partridge Lakes, Culcheth, Cheshire. Mon, 21, OAPs, Spey, Marsh and Ribbon lakes. Ron Kinsella (Widnes AC) 52-14-0, F1s, pellet, 10m, Spey peg 2; Graham Broughton (Bait-Tech) 42-3-0; Gordon Fielding (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 38-10-0. Tues, 20, Covey. Neil Cartwright (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 95-15-0, F1s, white maggot, 6m, peg 97; Andy Bennett (Daiwa Guru Bait-Tech) 91-11-0; Kevin Clarke (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 47-12-0. Wed, 52, OAPs, Covey 1-5, 52. Des Greenhough (Partridge) 50-11-0, F1s, white maggot at 13m, peg 76; Derek Holland (Tri-Cast Highfield) 42-11-0; Steve Kelly (Ray’s Tackle) 33-11-0; Ron Lamb (Ray’s Tackle) 31-6-0; Stuart Brian (Partridge Lakes) 29-5-0. Thurs, 33, Covey 1-4. Andy Bennett (Daiwa Guru Bait-Tech) 65-13-0, F1 carp, white maggot, 12m to bridge, peg 1; Danny Sixsmith (Pole Repairs) 58-1-0; Gary Manion (Partridge) 55-10-0; Peter Cooper (Ray’s Tackle) 53-15-0.

St. Helens AA, Carr Mill Dam, Merseyside. Mon, 25. Paul Swift (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 24-11-0, bream and skimmers to 3 lb, red maggot and worm, pellet feeder, peg 82; Gary Whalley (Bait-Tech) 24-8-0; Ged Rigby (St. Helens AA) 17-6-0; John Rimmer (Skelmersdale) 15-8-0.

Wigan DAA, Leeds Liverpool Canal, Martland Mill, Lancs. Wed, 37. Gary Marchant (Wigan MG) 6-15-0, roach 6 oz, bread and caster, 13 and 16m, peg 76; Lee Bellshaw (Ted Carter Preston) 6-14-0; Dave Wells (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 5-6-0; John Walker (Bolton) 5-3-0. Sat, 28, DWW Stadium. Alan Whalley (Sensas NW/Gidlow Angling) 9-0-12, roach to 10 oz, bread punch, 9 and 13m, peg 41; Mick Hargreaves (Sensas NW) 8-15-4; Richard Yates (Ted Carter Preston) 7-15-0; Sean Wharton (Gidlow) 7-2-8. Sun, 21, New Springs Locks. John Walker (Bolton) 19-1-8, roach to 14 oz, bread punch, pole 14m, pegged at Redlands Tiles; Jack Rodgers (Bolton) 13-12-0; Dave Benson (Hindley MG) 10-5-0; Derek Fairhurst (Gidlow Angling) 9-3-4.




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