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Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifiers, June 28-29

* Blundell’s, nr Warrington, Cheshire. Sat, 36, rover. Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 135-5-0, carp to 10 lb, F1s, tench and bream to 3 lb, 4mm pellet, 13m, peg 17 East Lake; Mark Hassell (Stalybridge Angling) 91-9-0; Alan Howarth (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 88-1-0; Steve Sharrock (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 84-10-0; David Howarth (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 84-0-0.

* Brookside, Stretton, Cheshire. Sun, 38, Snake and Willow lakes. Carl Lane (Prescot AC) 74-4-0, commons and F1 carp, meat, 8m down track, peg 28 Snake; Mike Smith (Tri-Cast Highfield) 67-8-0; John Shellam (Stalybridge Angling) 59-8-0; Terry Clarke (Ted Carter Preston) 59-0-0; Jimmy Wilson (JW Pole Repairs) 59-0-0; Trevor Dewhurst (Premier Driveways) 57-10-0.

* Hall Lane, Parbold, Lancs. Sun, 36.  Liam Killinger (Saints) 159-4-0, F1 and common carp, red maggot, top two, peg 26; John McFarland (Rochdale Angling) 118-8-0; Micky Dewhurst (Sweed Floats) 116-4-0; Chris Rigby (Hall Lane) 111-0-0; Ian Platt (Neptune Angling) 104-0-0; Keith Dobson (Wigan Angling) 102-4-0.

* Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, Staffs, Sat, 48, Match, Island and Meadow Pools. Ade Shepherd (Heronbrook) 158-2-0, F1s to 2 lb 8 oz, pellet shallow in middle, Meadow peg 6; Trevor Robinson (Maver Midlands/Bag’em) 142-12-0; John Chapman (Ted Carter Southport) 130-6-0; Jason Lebosquet (Garbolino) 125-10-0; Steve Hughes (Preston Innovations) 113-6-0; Stuart Conroy (Drennan NW) 106-14-0. Sun, 168, Gilder’s Festival, all pools. Connor Barlow (Gilder’s /Drennan NW) 149-12-0, carp to 5 lb and F1s, pellet shallow at 13m, Canal peg 10; Paul Williamson (Gilder’s) 124-12-0; Dave Butters (Gilder’s) 116-1-0; Shaun Hill (Gilder’s) 114-6-0; Keith Owen (Gilder’s) 111-0-0; Fran Franik (Gilder’s) 110-0-0.

* Liverpool DAA Cliff Jones Memorial, Leeds Liverpool Canal, Brewery Lane to Maghull, Merseyside. Sun, 40. Dave Walmsley (Wigan MG) 17-0-0, skimmer bream, bread punch and maggot, 12m, peg 494; Anthony Marsden (Wigan MG) 6-13-0; Rob Flude (LAS) 6-3-0; Gary Marchant (Wigan MG) 5-11-0; Tom Dickens (Liverpool Dockers) 4-1-0; Frank Holding (Ted Carter Southport) 3-12-0. £200 raised for MIND charity.

* Mark Bottomley Memorial, Bannister House, Southport, Lancs. Sun, 45. Paul Bottomley (Coppull Angling Centre) 82-8-0, carp to 6 lb, pellet, 16m, peg 26; Peter Richmond (Ted Carter Preston) 66-8-0; Phil Alton (Ted Carter Southport) 58-12-0; Paul Flecture (Tackle Tarts) 55-11-0; Les Hayes (St. Helens) 54-8-0; Martin Kaye (Elton Tackle) 53-8-0.

* Maver Mega Match This, Partridge Lakes, Culcheth, Cheshire. Sat, 118, all lakes. Ben Fisk (Middy) 148-6-0, ide, F1s and common carp, maggot shallow, 8 and 11m, peg 10 Marsh; Andy Bennett (Daiwa Guru Bait-Tech) 140-10-0; Mike Rogerson (Preston Innovations) 137-2-0; Andy Power (Preston Innovations) 123-6-0; Andy Geldart (Dynamite Guru) 108-0-0; Matt Djukic (Guru) 102-13-0.

* Newton-le-Willows AA, Sankey Canal Upper Pound, Merseyside. Sun (Jun 22), 30. Ray Shorrocks (Farnworth) 11-15-0, bream, worm, 12m, peg 60; Bill Aston (Leigh) 7-15-0; Paul Isherwood (Newton-le-Willows) 6-5-0; Paul Hill (Widnes) 5-11-0.

* Partridge Lakes, Culcheth, Cheshire. Sun, 75, Covey Lakes. Mike Rogerson (Preston Innovations) 118-8-0, F1s, maggot shallow, 8m down track, peg 27; Wayne Kearney (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 104-3-0; Lee Thornton (Middy Bag’em) 103-13-0; Mike Reed (Garbolino Elton) 102-13-0; Anthony Greaves (Garbolino Elton) 99-9-0; Ian Lathom (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 96-11-0.

* Stoke City DAA, Shropshire Union Canal, Norbury Junction, Staffs. Sat, 30. Damian Parry (Browning Lifestyle) 7-6-0, perch and roach, poled caster, peg 81; Martin Owen (Browning Lifestyle) 6-6-3; Fred ‘the Bread’ Cheetham (Team Eclipse) 5-1-12; Dave Richards (Four Ashes AC) 5-0-0.

* Wigan DAA, Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Adlington, Lancs. Sun, 30. Mark Taylor (Halifax) 12-0-0, bream and roach, bread punch and red maggot, 11m, peg 2; Les Ryding (Hindley MG) 9-13-0; Carl Whalley (Sensas NW) 9-7-0; Alan Macatee (Bolton) 8-11-0; Steve Wilson (Preston) 7-3-0.


Read this week's Angler's Mail magazine for news on new format and even more prizes in Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year competition.

Read this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine for news on new format and even more prizes in Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year competition.


Blundell’s, nr Warrington, Cheshire. Wed, 16, rover. Andy Bennett (Daiwa Guru Bait-Tech) 252-2-0, carp and F1s to 3 lb plus ide, maggot shallow, 6m, peg 45 Trio; Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 165-14-0; Andy Fairhurst ( 138-6-0. Thurs, 16, rover. Lee Thornton (Middy Bag’em) 106-14-0, bream, tench, carp and ide, paste and meat, 10m shallow and down edge, peg 11 East; Danny Royds (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 89-7-0; Gary Whalley (Bait-Tech) 79-3-0. Sun, 29, Trio. 29. Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 83-11-0, mirrors and F1s, pellet, 13m in deep water, peg 55; Gary Whalley (Bait-Tech) 74-0-0; Steve Peplow (Hazel Grove Angling) 72-4-0; Ken Dickson (Graffen AC) 62-9-0.

Brookside, Snake Pit, Cheshire. Thurs, 17. John Shellam (Stalybridge) 159-14-0, F1s and silvers, maggot, 12m, peg 25; Andy Butler (Mosella) 136-14-0; Ray Thompson (Vale Royal Angling) 133-10-0; Tom Barlow (Maver NW) 122-14-0. Sat, 26. Mark Plevin (Lionel’s) 62-2-0, F1s to 3 lb, meat and bread, 8m and edge, peg 53; Mike Smith (Tri-Cast Highfield) 57-0-0; Chris Ruscoe (Rod ‘n Reel) 52-14-0; John Shellam (Stalybridge) 52-14-0; Andy Butler (Mosella) 51-8-0.

Hampton Springs, Malpas, Cheshire. Wed, 22, over-50s. Chris Diamond (Eddie’s Bait Supplies) 187-1-0, carp to 10 lb, paste and pellet, pole margins, peg 24 meadow; Ian Hughes (Egremont Ferry) 68-14-0; Lawrence Butler (Cheshire) 59-10-0; Peter Hodge (Chester Post Office) 52-12-0.

Hanchurch Fisheries, Hanchurch, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffs. Wed, 25, over-60s, Model Canal. Phil Stazaker (Hanchurch) 49-1-0, carp and barbel, corn and meat, peg 15; Paul Hancock (Hanchurch) 46-6-0; Neil Powell (Hanchurch) 45-14-0; John Rowley (Hanchurch) 43-11-0.

Lingmere, Match Lakes, Cheshire. Wed, 18, OAPs. Chris Diamond (LAS) 116-2-0, carp to 4 lb, corn, method feeder to island, peg 31; Mark Greasley (Maver Cheshire) 80-0-0; Phil Barwell (Widnes AC) 76-0-0; George Edwards (Lobol) 75-11-0. Sat, 16. Jamie Hughes (Maver Bag’em) 153-0-0, carp, paste shallow, 6m, peg 17; Andy Kirk (Lingmere) 99-10-0; Phil Barwell (Widnes AC) 92-2-0.

Meadow View, Lark Pool, Cheshire. Tues,  20. Dave Hancock’s (Bailey’s Tackle and Gun) 78-0-0, carp to 9 lb, pellet and corn, peg 39; Dave Horam (Gidlow Angling) 65-0-0; Dave Williams (Bailey’s Tackle and Gun) 36-8-0; Roy Morgan (Gosjac) 31-2-0. Thurs, 18, Linnet Pool. Dave White (Hazel Grove Angling) 48-0-0, carp to 4 lb, meat and pellet, 6m, peg 7; George Wilson (Meadow View) 30-0-0; Don Bruce (Meadow View) 21-8-0; Peter Dignan (Meadow View) 20-8-0. Sat, 18. Ricky Salmon (Burt Baits) 83-4-0, tench and carp to 6 lb, pellet and corn, 14m, peg 41 Lark; Dave Hancock (Baileys Tackle and Gun) 67-2-0; Barry Davis (Deeside) 59-12-0; Darren Catterall (Cheshire Angling) 47-0-0. Sun, 21, Lark. Micky Thompson (Twangers) 93-6-0, carp to 8 lb, corn and pellet, 14m, peg 6; Graham Stokes (Tri-Cast) 59-12-0; Phil Barwell (Widnes AC) 57-4-0; Paul Ledgerton (Meadow View) 53-4-0.

Mill House, Mescar Lake, Merseyside. Wed, 16. Steve Gallagher (Ted Carter’s Southport) 77-10-0, carp to 12 lb, corn, 6m down edge, peg 3; Peter Gradwell (LAS) 69-4-0; Toby Hill (Mescar Scoopers) 60-2-0; John Easton (LAS) 53-12-0. Sat, 20. Peter Gradwell (LAS) 83-6-0, carp to 6 lb, pellet over hemp, 12m, peg 23; Dave Phillips (Ted Carter Southport) 43-12-0; Gareth Charnock (LAS) 41-6-0; Steve Gallagher (Ted Carter Southport) 37-12-0. Sun, 12, Mistral. 12. Steve Pinnington (Merseyside) 82-12-0, carp to 4 lb, pellet, 6m, peg 17; Colin Taylor (Liverpool Dockers) 78-2-0; Steve Gallagher (Ted Carter Southport) 71-12-0. 

Newton-le-Willows AA, Sankey Canal Upper Pound, Merseyside. Thurs, 30, OAPs Summer League, White Door Dam, Merseyside. Ray Shorrocks (Farnwoth) 19-1-0, carp and silver fish, caster, 10m, peg 12 Beech Pool; Steve Rimmer (St. Helens Tackle and Bait) 12-12-0; Frank Holding (Liverpool) 12-1-0; Bill Aston (Leigh) 11-13-0. Sun, 22, Sankey Canal Upper Pound. Ian Wilson (Newton-le-Willows) 13-8-0, carp and bream, pellet, bread feeder, peg 46; Ray Shorrocks (Farnworth) 9-15-0; Harry Newton (Warrington) 8-7-0; Ernie Hankinson (St. Helens) 6-13-0.
Old Hough,
Middlewich, Cheshire. Sat. 23, Lower Benbo, Prospect and Lucky Dip pools. Lewis Breeze (Drennan NW) 52-1-0, carp, pellet; Darren Mulheir ( 50-12-0; Dave Hulme (Old Hough) 45-6-0; Ray Rigby (Widnes Angling) 39-6-0.

Partridge Lakes, Culcheth, Cheshire. Mon, 28, OAPs, Spay, Ribbon and Marsh. Graham Broughton (Bait-Tech) 68-6-0, F1s and mirrors, pellet, 12m, peg 14 Marsh; Alan Talbot (Dave’s Wigan) 67-10-0; Ron Kinsella (Widnes) 63-8-0; John Sharp (Partridge Lakes) 60-5-0. Tues, 22, Covey. Mike Rogerson (Ashton/Preston Innovations) 151-4-0, F1 carp, pellet shallow, pole 7m, peg 34; Chris Oliver (Rochdale Angling) 147-5-0; Dave Simpson (Home Guard) 134-11-0; Steve Burgess (Garbolino Elton) 132-1. Wed, 53, OAPs. Eddie Battersby (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 140-6-0, F1s and carp, worm and corn, 6m, peg 42; Steve Kelly (Ray’s Tackle) 113-2-0; Vinnie Smith (Tri-Cast Highfield) 106-11-0; John Hill (Partridge Lakes) 101-3-0; Walter Elmer (Atherton Tackle) 98-15-0; Phil Oaks (Garswood Hall) 98-9-0. Thurs, 43, Covey. Andy Bennett (Daiwa Guru Bait-Tech) 171-14-0, F1s and ide, maggot shallow, 8m, peg 53; Steve Kelly (Ray’s Tackle) 140-10-0; Lee Thornton (Middy Bag’em) 118-9-0; Howard Kelly (Bait-Tech) 117-11-0; Andy Morrissey (Ashton Angling) 110-12-0; Kieron Richards (Partridge Lakes) 102-2-0.

Wigan DAA, Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Adlington Marina, Lancs. Wed, 20. Kevin Stothers (Gidlow Angling) 6-10-8, bream and roach, red maggot, 11m, peg 137 marina; Gordon Houlibecq (Bolton) 5-3-0; Frank Kearns (Bolton) 4-6-4; John Rowley (Bolton) 3-11-0. Sat, 23, New Springs. Steve Mayoh (Gidlow Angling) 3-14-8, Carl Whalley (Gidlow Angling) 2-15-0; Anthony Marsden (Wigan MG) 2-12-0; Lenny Springfellow (Gidlow Angling) 1-12-8.






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