Read Angler's Mail magazine for exclusive coverage of the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year competition.
Read Angler’s Mail magazine for exclusive coverage of the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year competition.


Bannister House, Match Canal, Merseyside. Sun, 19. Mark Halliwell (Bag’em) 57-4-0, carp, pellet, 17 and 19m, peg 21; Martin Kaye (Elton Tackle) 30-10-0; Peter Richmond (Ted Carter’s Preston) 30-0-0; Keith Wilson (Elton Tackle) 21-12-0; Keith Jones (Elton Tackle) 20-8-0.

Blundell’s, nr Warrington, Cheshire. Wed, 23, rover. Mitch Rawlinson (Fishing Republic) 141-8-0, F1s and carp to 2 lb plus ide, maggot, 9m, peg 43 Trio; Ricky Salmon (Burt Baits) 105-11-0; Barry Bush (Lingmere) 89-5-0; Mike Billingham (Bag’em) 80-13-0. Sat, 26, rover, all lakes. Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 93-13-0, ide and F1s to 3 lb, maggot, 9m and down edge, peg 41 Trio; Alan Sharman (Garbolino Elton) 85-3-0; Kerry Kirkwood (Black Swan) 76-13-0; Mike Billingham (Bag’em) 73-5-0. Sun, 35, rover. Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 81-8-0, mirrors, F1s, ide and skimmers, maggot, 7m, peg 59 Trio; Mike Billingham (Bag’em) 63-10-0; Gary Whalley (Bait-Tech) 62-5-0; Kurt Clements (Manchester) 58-1-0; Frank Szakaley (Maver NW) 58-0-0; Stuart Carroll (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 53-15-0 .

Bradshaw Hall, Bolton, Lancs. Wed, 48, Lake 8. Jon Jowett (Maver NW) 126-0-5, carp, pellet, 6m, peg 18; Ben Butterworth (Burnley) 102-0-5; Geoff Terry (Fisherman’s Way) 91-10-0; Bruce Clark (Tonge Moor) 86-7-0. Sun, 50, Lake 8. Dean Edwards (Fisherman’s Way) 67-1-0, F1s and silvers, pellet, 11m, peg 12; Stuart Rogers (Manchester) 54-13-0; Steve Leach (Bradshaw Gold) 40-13-5; Seth Gent (Fisherman’s Way) 39-8-0.

Brookside, Snake Pit, Cheshire. Tues, 18. John Battersby (Garbolino Elton) 86-6-0, F1s and silvers, pellet, 11m and margins, peg 2; Mitch Rawlingson (Fishing Republic) 67-4-0; Tom Barlow (Maver NW) 65-4-0; Dave Allman (Olly Motors) 58-4-0. Thurs, 17. Peter Duffy (Tri-Cast Calder) 81-6-0, F1s, worm and caster, 5m, peg 43; John Battersby (Garbolino Elton) 70-0-0; David Williams (Garbolino Elton) 64-12-0; Tom Barlow (Maver NW) 63-0-0; Howard Kelly (Bait-Tech) 59-2-0; Andy Hartley (Widnes AC) 56-2-0. Sat, 34. Mark Plevin (Deggy’s Tackle) 85-4-0, F1s, maggot, 8m, peg 36; Tom Barlow (Maver NW) 61-0-0; Nick Butterworth (Cheshire Angling) 59-0-0; Steve Conroy (Drennan NW) 52-4-0; Trever Dewhurst (Premier Driveways) 51-4-0; John Battersby (Garbolino Elton) 48-2-0. Sun, 38, Snake and Willow. Nick Butterworth (Cheshire Angling) 51-2-0, F1s to 2 lb, pellet, 13m, peg 17 Snake; Carl Lane (Prescott AC) 43-4-0; Ste Carrier (Widnes AC) 41-6-0; Tom Barlow (Maver NW) 37-12-0; Mark Plevin (Deggy’s Tackle) 32-0-0; Chris Shaw (Ted Carter Southport) 31-0-0.

Cudmore Fisheries, Whitmore, Staffs. Wed, 10, Panama Canal. John Glover Jnr. (Team Cudmore) 70-12-0, carp to 6 lb, ide and chub, poled pellet and corn at 14 metres, peg 18; Ant Furnival (Ted Carter Southport/Bag’em/Cast) 66-14-0; Bill Gilchrist (Team Cudmore) 62-8-0. Sat, 32, Spring Pairs. Shaun Hill (Maver Gold/Bag’em) 97-8-0, mainly carp to 6 lb and a few ide, poled pellet at 14 metres, Suez peg 28; John Brogden (Ted Carter Southport) 94-12-0; Dave McManus (Ted Carter Southport) 78-2-0; Frank Cooke (MAP/Drennan NW) 68-10-0; Neil Machin (Garbolino/Bag’em) 59-0-0; Craig Whittaker (Mac Lade) 54-10-0. Pairs: Ted Carter Southport 3; MAP / Drennan NW 5; Trentham Lakes 5; Matrix Dynamite Stapeley 7. League: Ted Carter Southport 18; Matrix Dynamite Stapeley 25; Maver Gold / Bag’em Baits 27; Cudmore Blue 32; Heronbrook Blue 32.

Firswood Road, Latham, Lancs. Wed, 20. Colin Taylor (Mersey Dockers) 51-3-0, carp, pellet, 4m, peg 16; Mick Pollard (Southport) 40-2-0; Steve Boyd (Saints) 39-8-0.


Be sure to get this week's Angler's Mail magazine.... with a FREE spring 2014 gear guide, big stories, tips and hotspots (this week with a special look at tench).
Be sure to get this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine…. with a FREE spring 2014 gear guide, big stories, tips and hotspots (this week with a special look at tench).


Hampton Springs, Malpas, Cheshire. Tues, 20, over-50s, Long Island and Meadow lakes. Ian Hughes (Egremont Ferry) 63-6-0, carp to 6 lb, pellet, 12m, peg 3 Meadow; Les Picken (Hollywell Anglers) 45-10-0; Len Hewitt (Cheshire) 45-3-0; Dave Furlong (Cheshire) 44-12-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, Staffs. Sat, 54, Bridge, Meadow and Canal. Mark Halliwell (Tackle Tarts) 76-0-0, F1s, poled pellet, Canal peg 9; Clive Wynn (Wrexham) 59-8-0; Mick Potter (St. Helens) 53-8-0; D. Childs (Rugeley) 50-4-0; A. McClements (Heronbrook) 48-12-0; Pete Tickle (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 47-8-0. Sun, 80, Spring League. Alex Hulme (Matrix Dynamite Stapeley) 124-11-0, 69 F1s and six carp, maggot at 13m, Meadow peg 10; Ian Morrison (Ted Carter Southport Green) 106-11-0; Chris Gorrell (Ted Carter Southport Green) 103-3-0; Andy Everill (Stokies) 90-7-0; Tony Weightman (Ted Carter Southport Red) 89-8-0; D. Newell (Mr. Brown’s Boys) 84-4-0. Teams: Matrix Dynamite Stapeley 13; Maver Pickerings 14; Ted Carter Southport Green 14; Maver Gold Bag’em Yew 15; Ted Carter Southport Red 16; Trentham Lakes 17. Final League: Matrix Dynamite Stapeley 87; Dave’s of Middlewich 98; Ted Carter Southport Green 99; Maver Pickerings 102.

Lingmere, Match Lakes, Cheshire. Wed, 21, OAPs. Kenny Pickup (Egrement Ferry) 69-12-0, F1s and skimmers, pellet, 4m, peg 44; Ian Hughes (Egrement Ferry) 61-2-0; Winston Duckers (Connahs Quay) 58-8-0; Mark Greasley (Chester Telecom) 56-0-0. Sat, 17. Jay Cloney (Vine Baits) 65-13-0, F1s, caster shallow, 6m, peg 29; Steve Openshaw (Lingmere) 59-8-0; Joe Oulton (Birkenhead) 44-14-0; Tony Moran (Vine Baits) 44-12-0.

Liverpool DAA, Leeds Liverpool Canal, Lydiate Drum Works. Sun, 28. Stan Phillips (LAS) 12-0-0, skimmers to 2 lb, bread punch, 11m, peg 331; Frank Holding (Ted Carter Southport) 7-4-0; Alan Morris (Wigan MG) 6-12-0; John Easton (LAS) 6-9-0; Rob Porter (LAS) 6-3-0; Dave Moorcroft (LAS) 4-13-0.

Meadow View, Lark Pool, Cheshire. Tues, 22, Lark, OAPs. Dave Hancock (Meadow View) 26-7-0, carp to 6 lb, pellet and corn, 8m, peg 20; Eddie Cooke (Newton-le-Willows) 24-2-0; Jimmy Colecliffe (Oldham Owls) 28-8-0; Anthony Honey (Meadow View) 17-0-0. Thurs, 19, Thrush. Jim Holmes (Danny’s Tackle) 41-0-0, carp to 6 lb, pellet and maggot, 4m pole, peg 18; Phil Barwell (Widnes AC) 34-8-0; Peter Owen (Sale Excel) 32-0-0; Steve Leaf (Sale Excel) 29-10-0. Sun, 20, Lark. Graham Stokes (Tri-Cast Highfield) 105-8-0, carp to 6 lb, pellet, Method feeder, peg 17; Phil Barwell (Widnes AC) 48-0-0; Phil Chung (Meadow View) 44-0-0; Gordon Perry (Meadow View) 38-4-0.

Mill House, Mescar Lake, Merseyside. Wed, 17. Dave Phillips (Ted Carter Southport) 53-0-0, carp to 5 lb plus skimmers, pellet, 6m, peg 43; Stan Phillips (LAS) 41-6-0; Bobby Reynolds (Liverpool Dockers) 35-0-0; Andy Wilson (Maghull) 26-0-0.

Newton-le-Willows AA, Cow Hay Dam, Lancs. Thurs, 20. Harry Newton (Warrington) 8-14-0, skimmers and roach, caster, 10m, peg 10; Dougie Thom (Liverpool) 8-8-0; Steve Rimmer (St. Helens Tackle and Bait) 8-1-0. Sun, 20, St. Helens Canal upper pound. 20. Ray Sharrocks (Farnworth) 14-6-0, bream, carp and roach, worm, 10m, peg 54; Eddie McLorie (Newton-le-Willows) 6-0-0; Ian Wilson (Newton-le-Willows) 2-6-0.
Old Hough,
Warmingham, Cheshire. Tues, 11, Boulders Pool. John Pearson (Gilder’s Tackle) 27-2-0, carp, poled pellet; Ian Mason (Gilder’s Tackle) 20-8-0; Dale Richardson (Old Hough) 15-5-0; Colin Baguley (Old Hough) 15-1-0. Thurs, 4, Upper Benbo. Dale Richardson (Old Hough) 24-15-0, carp, poled pellet. Sat, 7, Prospect and Lucky Dip. Peter Mulheir (Old Hough) 29-0-0, carp, poled pellet; Dale Richardson (Old Hough Fishery) 24-5-0; Kevin Brooks (Ted Carter Southport) 24-1-0.

Partridge Lakes, Culcheth, Cheshire. Mon, 26, OAPs, Spey, Marsh and Ribbon. Keith Wilson (Ray’s Tackle) 61-10-0, F1s, pellet, 11m, peg 105; Steve Kelly (Ray’s Tackle) 54-4-0; John Ormisher (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 54-2-0; Les Steel (Partridge Lakes) 39-3-0. Tues, 27, Covey. Ian Burley (North West Baits) 77-8-0, F1 carp, maggot, 6 and 11m pole, peg 8; Mike Rogerson (Drennan NW) 75-13-0; Steve Openshaw (Lingmere) 68-5-0; Danny Sixsmith (Pole Repairs) 67-8-0. Wed, 50, Covey. Phil Oaks (Garswood Hall) 90-15-0, F1s, maggot, 3 and 10m, peg 7; Des Greenhough (Partridge Lakes) 81-8-0; Brian Higgins (Swan Inn) 73-7-0; Ron Smith (Bolton AC) 68-14-0; Stuart Brian (Partridge Lakes) 61-10-0; Dave Olly (Olly Motors) 61-10-0. Thurs, Covey. 25. Mike Reed (Garbolino Elton) 93-7-0, F1s and carp, pellet, top 2 plus 2, peg 62; Mark Lucas  (Mosella) 87-6-0; Andy Bennett (Daiwa Guru/Bait-Tech) 87-2-0; Adam Richards (Browning) 71-8-0. Sat, 41, Covey. Mark Lucas (Mosella) 62-2-0, F1s and carp, pellet, 6m down edge, peg 100; Connor Barlow (Drennan) 59-3-0; Danny Sixsmith (Pole Repairs) 51-5-0; Steve Burgess (Garbolino Elton) 45-11-0; John Jones (Garbolino Elton) 41-11-0; Craig Herring (Rochdale Angling Centre) 41-4-0. Sun, 71, Covey. Ian Blakeley (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 81-6-0, F1s, pellet, top 2, peg 61; Steve Parry (Daiwa Guru/Bait-Tech) 79-11-0; Shaun Cook (Garbolino Elton) 74-11-0; Steve Kelly (Ray’s Tackle) 54-14-0; Mark Lucas (Mosella) 54-9-0; John Unsworth (Partridge Lakes) 52-4-0.

St. Helens AA, Carr Mill Dam, Merseyside. Mon, 20. Martin Ormrod (Bolton) 24-7-0, ten bream and three skimmers, red maggot, pellet feeder, peg 160; Paul Swift (Leigh Tackle and Bait) 16-2-0; Graham Marr (St. Helens) 16-1-0; Dennis Knight (Wigan) 14-6-0. Sun, 29. Richard Pennington (Garswood Hall) 18-10-0, bream and skimmers, pellet and maggot, Method feeder, peg 87; Ged Rigby (St. Helens) 15-8-0; Paul Swift (Bolton) 14-11-0; John Fletcher (Bolton) 12-3-0; Steve Ward (St. Helens) 11-12-0; Mark Tallon (Farworth Tackle and Bait) 9-9-0.

Stapeley Crewe WL, Shropshire Union Canal, Nantwich, Cheshire. Sun, 36. Ray Edge (Hodnet MG) 11-6-0, skimmers to 1 lb, poled pinkie and maggot, peg 3 on the belt; Terry Blyde (Eclipse Blue) 5-0-0; George Cooke (Team Les ‘O’) 4-14-0; Steve Haywood (Cheshire MG) 4-9-9; Les Osweleski (Team Les’O’) 4-8-0; Lewis Kenyon (Betley’s Monsters) 4-3-12. Teams: Eclipse Blue 23; Browning Lifestyle 23; Team Guinness 23; Team Les ‘O’ 23; Eclipse Green 21; Hodnet MG 21. Final League: Eclipse Green 154; Team Guinness 144; Team Les ‘O’ 142; Browning Lifestyle 127; Wyche Anglers 122; Betley’s Monsters 122.

Wigan DAA, Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Lancs. Wed, 28, Crook. Mick Hargreaves (Bolton) 5-6-8, roach and skimmers, punch and caster, 11m, peg 142; Shaun Birchall (Wigan MG) 4-14-0; Carl Whalley (Gidlow Angling) 4-1-8; Alan Whalley (Gidlow Angling) 3-14-8. Sat, 28, Leyland Mill Lane. 28. Carl Whalley (Gidlow Angling) 6-10-0, skimmers, hybrids and roach, punch and squatt, 9 and 14m, peg 8; John Leeds (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 4-2-0; John Walker (Bolton) 3-10-8; John Edwards (Bolton) 3-6-12; Ken Sharples (Hindley MG) 3-5-0; Mick Hargeaves (Bolton) 3-4-12. Sun, 60, Sensas NW Wigan Teams, Burscough.  Colin Savage (Breadheads) 7-5-15, skimmers and roach, punch, 6m, pegped at drum factory, won £200; Dave Bradley (Maver Black) 7-3-7; Lawrence Clayton (Hindley MG) 6-15-15; Dave McGuinn (Rochdale Red) 6-1-12; Carl Whalley (Sensas Wasps) 5-15-4; Kevin North (Gidlow Angling) 5-13-8. Team: Sensas Wasps 20; Maver Red 22; Highfield 23; Hindley 24. League: Sensas Wasps 59; Maver Red 62; Tri-Cast Rochdale Black 82; Tri-Cast Rochdale Red 92.



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