It's the BIG Christmas issue of Angler's Mail magazine, in shops from Tuesday this week spanning the period December 17-31. Including Tips of the Year pullout, Best Gear of the Year, Dick Clegg interview, Images of the Year and lots, lots more!

It’s the BIG Christmas issue of Angler’s Mail magazine, in shops from Tuesday this week spanning the period December 17-31. Including Tips of the Year pullout, Best Gear of the Year, Dick Clegg interview, Images of the Year and lots, lots more!


Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year qualifiers


* Blundell’s, Nr. Warrington, Cheshire. Sun, 33. Andy Musgrove (Edgeley Sports) 35-13-0, F1s to 2 lb, pellet, 7m, peg 55; Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 32-12-0; Mark Lucas (Mosella) 30-11-0; Jim Rodgers (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 28-13-0; Alan Howarth (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 28-3-0; Paul Burton (Hilton Hotels) 25-14-0; Gary Moore (Tackle Saver) 25-14-0.

* Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, Nr. Eccleshall, Staffs., Sun, 57. Mark Lloyd (Telford) 88-8-0, carp to 6 lb, poled bread punch, Meadow peg 26; Paul Williamson (Cudmore) 73-2-0; Paul Gibson (Maver Pickering’s) 66-14-0; Tommy Ebbrell (Connect Tackle) 66-12-0; Pete Holmes (Stoke) 55-14-0; Mark Fox (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 50-3-0.

* Leigh AA Xmas, Bridgewater Canal, Marland Green to Leigh Bypass. Sun, 72. Shaun Birchall (Wigan MG) 11-3-0, bream and silvers, bread punch, 13m, butts basin; David Hill (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 10-12-0; Graham Mortimer (Sensas NW) 10-0-0; John Edwards (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 9-12-0; Laurence Clayton (Hindley MG) 9-1-4; Jon Jowett (Maver NW) 8-15-9.

* Partridge Lakes, Culcheth, Cheshire. Sun, 63, Covey Lake. Andy Bennett (Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech) 71-4-0, F1s, maggot, 6m, peg 114; Mike Rogerson (Drennan NW) 66-8-0; Paul Coyle (Preston Innovations) 47-10-0; Peter Tickle (St. Helens Tackle & Bait) 44-3-0; Roy Smith (Botanic) 40-0-0; David Rigby (St. Helens Tackle & Bait) 35-13-0.

* Partridge WL, Partridge Lakes, Cheshire. Sat, 55. Stuart Conroy (Kamasan) 66-0-0, F1 carp, maggot, 6 and 11m, peg 50; Keith Dixon (North West Baits) 65-5-0; Richard Crabtree (Gerry’s) 62-0-0; Mike Rogerson (Drennan NW) 61-1-0; Peter Humphreys (Rochdale Angling) 43-3-0; Colin Scott (Garbolino Elton) 39-15-0. Teams: Drennan NW 14; Guru 15; Garbolino Elton 19. League: Garbolino Elton 96; Drennan NW 102; Guru 109.


Other matches

Bannister House, Match Canal, Merseyside. Sun, 26. Keith Owen (Firswood Fisheries) 36-8-0, carp to 6 lb, corn, 13m, peg 4; Martin Kaye (Elton Tackle) 28-8-0; Phil Wilson (Macey’s) 26-2-0; Steve Openshaw (Lingmere) 25-0-0; John Vernon (Garbolino Elton) 20-8-0; Keith Wilson (Elton Tackle) 20-5-0.

Blundell’s, Nr. Warrington, Cheshire. Sat, 21. Mike Billingham (Bag’em) 56-11-0, F1s to 2 lb, pellet, 7m, peg 7 Trio; Andy Musgrove (Edgeley Sport) 54-10-0; Lee Clancy (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 45-6-0; Dave Swain (Garbolino/Dynamite) 38-12-0.
Brookside, Snake Pit, Cheshire. Sat, 24. Andy Butler (Mosella) 28-8-0, F1s and silvers, red maggot and bread, 12m, peg 41; Gary Baugh (Saints) 22-8-0; John Battersby (Garbolino Elton) 22-2-0; Jimmy Wilson (JW Pole Repairs) 20-12-0; Mark Plevin (Deggy’s Tackle) 20-4-0; Ross Whiteman (Cheshire Angling) 16-0-0. Sun, 26. Mark Plevin (Deggy’s Tackle) 55-12-0, F1s, pellet, 12 and 13m, peg 25; Steve Conroy (Drennan NW) 31-4-0; Nick Butterworth (Cheshire Angling) 30-14-0; Stuart Conroy (Kamasan) 30-0-0; Jeff Lindsay (Lowhill AC) 26-4-0; John Battersby (Garbolino Elton) 21-0-0.

Hanchurch Fisheries, Hanchurch, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffs. Sun, 18, Model Canal. John Rowley (J & D Windows) 59-10-0, carp, poled sweetcorn, peg 31; Chris Parker (Pickerings Burslem) 53-6-0; Steve Crompton (Hanchurch Fisheries) 22-6-0.

Lingmere, Match Lakes, Cheshire. Wed, 19. Chris Diamond (Eddies Bait Supplies) 29-10-0, carp and skimmers, pellet, 12m, peg 38; Eric Hughes (Golden Oldies) 28-12-0; Kenny Stewart (Egremont Ferry) 28-4-0; Phil Barwell (Widnes AC) 25-3-0. Sat, 17. Steve Openshaw (Lingmere) 71-8-0, F1s and silvers, caster shallow, 6m, peg 43; Barry Bush (Lingmere) 49-2-0; Jamie Hughes (Maver) 42-6-0; Steve Bolson (Lingmere) 40-4-0.

Liverpool DAA, Leeds Liverpool Canal, Legion and Shop Lane. Sun, 17. Mike Dixon (MCA) 3-9-8, skimmers and perch, worm and caster, 11m; Peter Gradwell (LAS) 2-6-0; Phil Cross (Williamston) 2-6-0; Dave Nichols (Liverpool Dockers) 2-2-0.

Meadow View, Lark Pool, Cheshire. Tues, 22, OAPs. Denis Ockwell (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 53-8-0, carp to 5 lb, corn and pellet, 14m, peg 42; Roy Davis (Salemore) 38-0-0; Phil Barwell (Widnes AC) 36-10-0; Jeff Wilson (Meadow View) 26-6-0. Thurs, 19. Roy Davis (Salemore) 27-0-0, carp to 6 lb, pellet and corn, 10 and 12m, peg 3; Steve Leaf (Meadow View) 22-0-0; Rodger Peat (Oldham Owls) 21-0-0; Denis Ockwell (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 19-12-0. Sun, 22. Paul Ledgerton (Meadow View) 52-12-0, carp to 7 lb, pellet and corn, 14m & Method, peg 35; Dave Williams (Meadow View) 49-9-0; Peter Marsden (Tinpots) 47-10-0; Shaun Woodward (Danny’s Tackle) 37-10-0 .

Newton-le-Willows AA, Cow Hay Dam, Lancs. Thurs, 20, Over-60s. Frank Holding (Ted Carter Southport) 17-0-0, roach and skimmers, caster, 6m, peg 9; Geoff Clare (Warrington) 7-6-0; Eddie Cook (Warrington) 7-1-0; Harry Newton (Warrington) 7-0-8. Sun, 20, Vulcan Reservoir. Ray Sharrocks (Farnworth) 16-6-0, carp and skimmers, maggot, 12m, peg 25; John Deardon (St. Helens) 6-0-0; Graham Sixsmith (St. Helens) 4-0-0; Steve Rimmer (St. Helens Tackle & Bait) 3-6-0.
Northwich, River Weaver, Black Boards & Boats. Sat, 22. Andy Insley (Vale Royal Angling) 11-0-0, bream and skimmers, red maggot, crumb feeder, peg 3; Kevin Simpson (Vale Royal Angling) 9-5-0; Peter Wakefield (Vale Royal Angling) 9-0-0; Frank Holding (Ted Carter Southport) 5-4-0.

Old Hough, Warmingham, Cheshire. Tues, Goose Pool, 7. Pete Johnson (Old Hough) 14-2-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet; Bob Meggs (Old Hough) 13-12-0. Thurs, Lucky Dip Pool, 9. Pete Clements (Barlow’s Tackle) 30-7-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet; Pete Johnson (Old Hough) 11-14-0; Phil Cliffe Snr. (Old Hough) 9-0-0. Sat, Big Max Pool, 10. Dave Holland (Tri-Cast Highfield) 35-11-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet; Ken Power (Tri-Cast Highfield) 32-11-0; Dale Richardson (Old Hough) 30-15-0.

Partridge Lakes, Culcheth, Cheshire. Mon, 23, Covey 5 and Ribbon lakes. Barry Whittle (Dave’s Wigan) 47-9-0, F1s, maggot, 12m, peg 114; Ernie Pilkington (Ted Carter Preston) 38-12-0; Eddie Battersby (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 37-15-0; Kevin Dawber (Oldham Owls) 37-1-0. Tues, 25, Covey. Steve Kay (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 66-0-0, F1 and common carp to 5 lb, maggot, 11 and 4m, peg 74; Andy Bennett (Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech) 51-15-0; Lee Addy (Drennan/Bait-Tech) 35-4-0; Peter Wilson (Partridge Lakes) 32-1-0. Wed, 46, OAPs, Covey. Stuart Brian (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 27-14-0, carp, corn, 10m, peg 89; John Sharp (Widnes AC) 21-8-0; Kevin Dawber (Oldham Owls) 20-12-0; Eddie Battersby (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 20-9-0; Ian Blakeley (Saints) 16-12-0; Denis Ockwell (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 16-12-0. Thurs, 18. Robert Rigby (Rochdale CC) 51-12-0, F1 and common carp to 4 lb, pellet, 6m, peg 100; Andy Bennett (Daiwa/Guru/Bait Tech) 35-10-0; Paul Coyle (Preston Innovations) 33-10-0; Shaun Welsh (Partridge Lakes) 25-2-0. Sat, 27, Covey 5 & 6. Steve Gallagher (Ted Carter Preston) 41-13-0, F1s, maggot, 11m, peg 129, Dave McManus (Ted Carter Preston) 41-11-0; Ian Morris (Ted Carter Preston) 29-12-0; Scott Duffy (Alfa Caff) 28-8-0;

St. Helens AA, Carr Mill Dam, Merseyside. Mon, 16. Gedd Rigby (St. Helens) 9-14-0, skimmer bream, red maggot, crumb feeder, peg 82; Mick Lever (St. Helens Tackle & Bait) 9-11-0; Mark Cooper (Middlewich) 7-0-0. Sun, 24. Micky Barlow (Garbolino) 9-8-0, skimmers, red maggot, crumb feeder, peg 88; Dave Ledger (Collins Green) 9-3-0; Shaun Fletcher (St. Helens Tackle & Bait) 5-13-0; John Fletcher (Bolton) 5-3-0.

St. Helens Tackle & Bait WL, Partridge Lakes, Cheshire. Sun, 80 (non-Matchman of the Year points-eligible due to placing of anglers). Sam Slocket (Wayne’s Tackle) 36-1-0, F1 carp, maggot, 4 and 8m, peg 8 Spey Lake; Jack Howarth (Mosella Patricroft) 35-0-0; Allan Feeney (Wayne’s Tackle) 34-5-0; Kevin Lees (Vine Baits) 32-11-0; Adie Twist (Joney’s) 31-7-0; Simon Beswick (Partridge Black) 31-2-0. Teams: Joney’s 12; Leigh Tackle & Bait Gold 12; St. Helens Platinum, Wayne’s Tackle, Vine Baits and Partridge Black all 17. League: Leigh Tackle & Bait 14; Partridge Silver 16; Partridge Black 23; St. Helens Platinum 25.

Wigan DAA, Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Lancs. Wed, 20, Crook. Gary Marchant (Wigan MG) 4-4-4, roach, bread punch, 5 and 8 m, peg 135; Dave Trafford (Ted Carter Preston) 3-13-12; Colin Savage (Bolton) 3-11-12; Mick Hargreaves (Bolton) 3-1-12. Sat, 21, Apply Bridge. Dave Massey (Wigan MG) 3-9-8, roach, bread punch, 5 and 12m, basin tree peg; Alan Whalley (Gidlow Angling) 2-10-12; Dave Wells (Ted Carter Rochdale) 2-9-8; Mick Hargreaves (Bolton) 2-8-0. Sun, 18, Ring’O Bells. Ken Sharples (Hindley MG) 13-6-0, bream and roach, bread punch and caster, 6m, pegged at cottages; Carl Whalley (Gidlow/Sensas) 4-1-4; Kevin Garry (Hindley MG) 2-0-12.