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North West Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for November 10/11 2012.






* Angling Trust North Wales Winter League, Final Round, Stapeley Cudmore Fisheries, Whitmore, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, Sun. Suez and Brewsters Canals, Milo, Arena and Pool One, 70. Stteve Openshaw (Lingmere Fisheries) 68-4-0, all carp to 6 lb, poled pellet, Arena 2; Jason Brown (Maver Midlands) 58-0-0; Carl Fletcher (Lingmere Fisheries) 52-14-0; Steve Conroy (Drennan North West) 44-8-0; Dave White (Maver Midlands) 42-0-0; Colin Mayer (Drennan North West) 41-8-0.

Teams: Drennan North West 47; Ted Carter Southport 47; Maver Midlands 43; Lingmere Fisheries 38.

Final League: Maver Midlands 12; Drennan North West 17; Ted Carter Southport 19; Lingmere Fisheries 20; Matrix Total Angling 22.


* Heronbrook Winter League, Slindon, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, Sun. Round Three, Canal, Bridge, Meadow and Match Pools, 80. sean Hill (Team Stoke) 129-8-0, mirror carp to 8 lb, poled punched bread, Meadow Pool 10; Stuart Carroll (Wigan Angling Centre) 108-8-0; Tony Weightman (Ted Carter, Southport) 101-4-0; Andy Lees (Gilders Tackle) 84-9-0; Anthony King (Ted Carter, Southport) 80-8-0; Jake Robinson (Maver Pickerings) 79-10-0. Teams: Team Stoke 9; Ted Carter,Southport 15; Wigan Angling Centre and Gilders Tackle both 17; Eddies Bait Shop 18; Maver Pickerings 19.

League: Maver Pickerings and Team Stoke both 38; Ted Carter, Southport 45; Leigh Tackle and Bait 53; Wigan Angling Centre 55; Maver Gold Yew 58.


* Remembrance Open, (£288 raised for the British Heart Foundation), Shropshire Union Canal, Nantwich, Cheshire, Sat. 63. Kevin O’Hanlon (Birkenhead Centre) 7-3-8, all roach to 12 oz, poled caster, marina mouth; Simon Mottram (Browning Lifestyle) 7-2-8; Bob Campbell (Exiles) 6-6-4; Phil Cross (Exiles) 5-14-2; Paul Denson (Birkenhead Centre) 5-10-2; Simon Preece (Browning Lifestyle) 5-2-10.





Other matches




Hanchurch Fisheries, Hanchurch, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Sun. Model Canal, 28. Mark Taylor (Trentside Angling Centre) 71-1-0, all barbel, poled pellet, peg 33; Neil Kinnersley (Pickering’s of Burslem) 57-6-0; Danny Lowndes (Hanchurch Silver) 54-14-0; Barry Love (Hanchurch) 50-8-0; Ed Brown (Hanchurch) 44-1-0; Neil Dimmick (Trentside Angling Centre) 41-9-0.


JCB, North Lake, Rocester, Staffordshire, Sun. Silver Fish, North Lake, 25. Ken Goldsbury (JCB) 35-15-0, bream, grounbait feeder and various baits; Ian Harnet (JCB) 25-10-0; Andy Taft (JCB/Bait Tech) 22-6-0; Andy Beasley (Burton) 19-5-0.


Old Hough Fishery, Warmingham, Middlewich, Cheshire, Tues. Lower Benbo, 10. Pete Clements (Protak Barlows) 43-4-0, carp and silvers, poled maggot and pellet; Ben Clarke (Old Hough Fishery) 30-0-0; Kevin Brooks (Old Hough Fishery) 27-8-0. Thurs. Upper and Lower Benbo, 24. Dave Booth (Congleton) carp and silvers, poled pellet and maggot; Lewis Breeze (Drennan North West) 58-8-0; Phil Brayford (Old Hough Fishery) 53-9-0; Paul Wright (Old Hough Fishery) 48-12-0; Steve Haycock (JR’s Angling) 40-15-0. Sat. Prospect and Goose Pools, 16. Charlie Hibbs (Izaak Walton, Leigh) 61-1-0; Dave Booth (Congleton) 42-4-0; John Vernon (Old Hough Fishery) 26-10-0; Phil Brayford (Old Hough Fishery) 25-5-0; Mick Ough (Old Hough Fishery) 24-6-0; Dale Richardson (Old Hough Fishery) 24-2-0.


Stapeley Cudmore, Whitmore, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, Sat. Suez and Brewsters Canals, 40. Darren Heath (Stapeley Cudmore) carp plus a few tench and skimmers, poled maggot, Suez 5; Mark Kearns (Stapeley Cudmore) 43-6-0; Shaun Hill (Stapeley Cudmore) 41-2-0; Steve Boyd (Prescott Angling Supplies) 31-12-0; Lee Kearns (Stapeley Cudmore) 30-10-0; Andy Moors (Maver Pickering’s) 29-12-0.





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