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No North West Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for January 19/20 2013.


Other matches


Bannister House, Match Canal. Merseyside. Sun. 22. Keith Pollhill (Ray’s Tackle) 25-8-0, carp to 5 lb and silver fish, sweetcorn, 16m pole, peg 51; Dave Cline (Tasker’s Angling) 21-0-0; Paul Bottomley (Coppull Angling Centre) 19-4-0; Martin Bullock (Ted Carter’s Preston) 12-12-0.


Blundell’s, Roving match. Cheshire. Wed. 26. Gary Whalley (Bait Tech) 99-1-0,F1 to 3 lb, double maggot in deep water, 12m pole, peg 58 Trio; Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 49-9-0; Mike Rudd (Rochdale Angling Centre) 40-8-0; Jamie Hughes (Maver) 40-3-0. Sat. 17. Gary Whalley (Bait Tech) 67-10-0, F1s to 2 lb, soft pellet, 13m pole, peg 58 Trio; Alan Sharman (Garbolino Elton) 45-15-0; Alan Howarth (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 28-2-0; Danny Maguire (Mosella) 26-10-0. Sun. 27. Mike Billingham (Hazelgrove Angling Centre) 21-14-0, F1s to 3 lb, double red maggot, 14m pole, peg 5 East; Jamie Hughes (Maver) 21-0-9-0; Stuart Edwards (Rochdale) 18-10-0; Andy Greaves (Elton Tackle) 12-10-0.


Brookside, Snake Pit. Cheshire. Thurs. 21. Trevor Dewhurst (Premier Driveways) 22-14-0; Dave Pollitt (Hirst Tackle) 20-2-0; Stewart Birchall (Cheshire Angling) 17-12-0; Alan Metcalfe (Ray’s Tackle Liverpool) 16-2-0. Sat. 34. Nick Butterworth (Cheshire Angling) 16-0-0, F1s, soft pellet, 11m pole, peg 48; Stuart Conroy (Drennan NW) 8-8-0; Anthony King (Protak Barlows) 7-14-0; Franek Staniuszko (Garbolino Elton) 7-10-0. Sun. Snake and Willow. 34. Trevor Dewhurst (Premier Driveways) 20-4-0, carp and silver fish, pellet and maggot, 12m pole, peg 18 Willow; Franek Staniuszko (Garbolino Elton) 20-2-0; Nick Butterworth (Cheshire Angling) 15-0-0; Dave Williams (Garbolino Elton) 14-0-0.


Firswood, Lancashire. Wed. Both Lakes. 16. Alan Davies (Market Gate) 10-12-0, carp, bread, 13m pole, peg 12; Jeff Bowden (Firswood) 9-0-0; Chris Picton (St Helens) 5-12-0; Mike Pollard (JR Angling) 5-0-0.


Lingmere, Match Lake. Cheshire. Thurs. 16. Paul Rob (Chester) 31-12-0, F1s to 2 lb, soft pellet, 13m pole, peg 40; Jamie Hughes (Maver) 29-6-0; Steve Openshaw (Lingmere Fishery) 17-12-0; Andy Kirk (Bidston) 16-10-0.


Mosella NW Bloodworm League, Rufford Canal. at Sollom Lancashire. Sun. 23. Andy Davies (Tri-Cast Highfield) 3-14-9, roach and perch, bloodworm, caster and worm, 7 and 11m pole; Paul Hughes (Saints) 3-13-6; Frank Roz (Tri-Cast Highfield) 3-7-0; Graham Dawes (Sensas NW) 3-7-7. Teams: Sensas NW 10; Tri-Cast Highfield 13; Tri-Cast Rochdale 3-7-7. League 3rd round: Ted Carter’s Preston and Tri-Cast Rochdale 8; Sensas NW 12.


Partridge Lakes, Cheshire. Mon OAPs. Spey & Marsh. 19. Ernie Pilkington (Ted Carter’s Preston) 32-9-0, F1s and mirror carp, double white maggot, 3m pole, peg 20 Spey; Dave Brighouse (Manchester) 26-8-0; Eddie Battersby (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 26-3-0; Peter Stead (Izaak Walton) 25-7-0. Tues. Roving Match. 16. Chris Weeder Snr (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 33-15-0, F1s and skimmer bream, soft pellet, 13m pole, peg 8 Willow; Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 28-13-0; Andy Bennett (Daiwa Guru) 24-1-0; Roy Powell (Cheshire Angling) 20-5-0. Wed OAPs. Covey Canal. 28. Dave Olly (Olly Motors) 7-9-0, F1s, white maggot, 8m pole, peg 93; Ian Bentham (Platt Bridge) 7-6-0; Gordon Pemberton (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 7-5-0; Brian Taylor (Stockport) 5-4-0. Thurs. Rover. 16. Ian Burley (NW Baits) 62-7-0, skimmer bream and F1s, soft pellet, 13m pole, peg 26 Piper; Andy Bennett (Daiwa Guru) 37-6-0; Lee Addy (Drennan NW) 20-9-0; Mike Reed (Garbolino Elton) 19-3-0. Sat. Covey Canal. 22. Aidee Twist (Merseyside) 20-13-0, F1s, punch bread, 8m pole, peg 78; Daz Shaw (Maver NW) 9-8-0; Ian Lathom (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 9-2-0; John Turner (Ray’s Tackle Liverpool) 8-3-0.


St. Helens AA, Carr Mill Dam. Merseyside. Sat. 19. Gedd Rigby (St. Helens) 6-1-0, two skimmer bream and roach, single red maggot, crumb feeder at 35m, peg 86; Bill Delves (St. Helens) 3-6-0; Mark Halliwell (Ted Carter’s Preston) and Les Heyes (St. Helens) 1-11-0.


Wigan & District AA, Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Lancashire. Wed. 20. Mick Hargreaves (Bolton) 2-14-8, roach to 4 oz, punch bread, 8m pole, pegged at Skew Bridge; Gordon Houlibecq (Bolton) 2-4-4; Alan Crook (Maver NW) 2-3-12; Norman Watson (Hindley MG) 1-10-4.


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