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North West Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for January 14/15 2012.

* Heronbrook Individual Winter League, Round Two, Slindon, near Eccleshall, Staffordshire, Sun. All pools except Match Pool, 57. Jamie Hughes (Maver Bagem Baits) 82-8-0, six carp to 7 lb plus F1s, poled pellet, Canal 9; Pam Lees (Gilders Tackle) 70-14-0; Kevin Brookes (Ted Carter, Southport) 62-11-0; Richard O’Connor (Drennan North West) 50-5-0; Ian Sinker (Stoke-on-Trent) 47-12-0; Simon Allen (Maver Gold) 42-0-0.

* St. Helens AA. Carr Mill Dam. Merseyside. Sun. 50

Dave Rigby (St. Helens) 8-6-0, nine skimmer bream and small roach, red maggot double-hooking, groundbait feeder at 45m, peg 80, £220 pools; Derek Bennett (Preston Innovations) 5-8-0; Paul Hughes (Saints) 5-2-0; Mike McDermott (Manchester) 4-1-0; John Fletcher (Bury) 2-4-0; Simon Stott (Leigh Tackle & Bait) AND Mike Birkhill (Leigh, Tackle & Bait) 1-10-0.


Bannister House, Match Canal. Merseyside. Sun. 28. Peter Beardsworth (Coppull Angling Centre) 68-0-0, carp to 8lb, white and yellow maggot, 9 to 13m pole, peg 51; Alan Menzies (Garbolino Elton) 22-8-0; Martin Kay (Elton Tackle) 14-12-0; Mark Ashcroft (Southport) 13-4-0.

Blundell’s, Roving match. Cheshire. Sun. 54.

Steve Avison (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 33-4-0, carp to 7lb, red maggot, 14m pole, peg 29 West Lodge; Simon Holmes (Hazelgrove) 27-0-0; Stuart Carroll (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 26-12-0; Paul Burton (Hilton Hotels) 19-9-0; Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 19-0-0; Lee Clancy (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 18-14-0. Wed. 29. Mark Lucas (Mosella) 58-11-0, carp to 2lb, soft pellet, 8m pole, peg 51 Trio; Mike Billingham (Hazelgrove Angling Centre) 42-3-0; Rob Hodgson (Shimano) 38-4-0; Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 36-6-0. Sat. 41. Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 71-12-0, F1s, common and mirror carp to 2lb, maggot, 13m, peg 15 Tri-Cast Highfield, Bonus Ball £220; Dave Swain (Garbolino) 40-3-0; Lee Thornton (Bagem Baits) 28-8-0; Mark Wright (Gilder’s Tackle) 27-15-0.

Brookside, Snake Pit. Cheshire. Thurs. Snake Pit. 23. Dave Pollitt (Hirst Tackle) 29-4-0, carp to 2lb, soft pellet, 10m pole, peg 5; Andy Butler (Mosella) 28-4-0; Trevor Dewhurst (Premier Driveways) 26-8-0; Wayne Kearney (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 24-0-0.  Sat. Snake & Willow. 40. Stuart Birchall (Cheshire Angling) 29-10-0, carp to 1lb and smattering of skimmer bream, soft pellet, 12m pole, peg 2 Snake; Geoff Lindsey (Low Hill AC) 26-12-0; Dave Williams (Rochdale Angling) 24-2-0; Alan Sharman (Garbolino Elton) 21-4-0. Sun. Snake & Willow. 37. Dean Edwards (Rochdale Anglers) 30-14-0, carp to 1lb, soft pellet, 9m pole, peg 33 Snake; Mike Rogerson (Drennan NW) 25-8-0; Stuart Conroy (Bait-Tech) 23-2-0; John Chapman (Rochdale Angling Centre) 19-10-0.

Lingmere, Cheshire. Thurs. 16. Ling Mere. 16. Winston Duckers (Chester) 51-6-0, F1s and skimmer bream, soft pellet and red maggot, 6 and 13m pole, peg 47; Ray Jackson (55th Division AC) 45-2-0; Steve Openshaw (Fisherman’s Tackle Birkenhead) 39-15-0; Barry Bush (Lingmere Tackle) 33-2-0. Sat. Match Lake. 21. Alan Dewhurst (Fisherman’s Tackle Birkenhead) 29-6-0, F1s and barbel, pellet and maggot, 14-17m pole, peg 31; Andy Kirk (Bidston) 28-5-0; John Powers (Hoylake) 26-4-0; Tony Moran (Vine Baits) 23-0-0.

Tasker’s Top Team, Leeds-Liverpool Canal at Melling. Merseyside. Sun. 42. Jim Jeffers (Liverpool AS) 4-11-4, roach, punch bread, 10m pole, pegged at Ashton’s Bridge; Anthony Marsden (Sam’s Blue) 4-4-6; Rob Flude (Liverpool AS Blue)  3-15-6; Alan Miller (Liverpool AS Blue) 3-8-12. Teams 1/8: Ted Carter’s Southport 16; Sam’s Tackle & Bait Green 18; Liverpool AS Blue 19; Liverpool AS Red 25.

Mosella NW Bloodworm League, Rufford Canal. Lancashire. Sun. 40. Matt Forster (Tri-Cast Highfield Green) 7-10-10, roach and perch, bloodworm and punch bread, 10m pole; Dave Wells (Tri Cast Rochdale Black) 8-7-12; Mike Booth (Tri-Cast Highfield Green) 5-5-11; Adam Jagger (Tri-Cast Rochdale Gold) 4-13-8. Teams: Standish Black 12; Tri-Cast Rochdale Gold 16; Mosella NW Black 19.

Newton-le-Willows AA, Sankey Canal Upper Pound. Merseyside. Thurs. Over 60s. 25. Raymond Shorrocks (Farnworth) 3-10-0, one bite – one bream, worm, 12m pole, peg 57; Eddie Cook (Warrington) 1-7-0; Jim Byrne (Warrington) 1-5-4.

Northern AA, Macclesfield Cana at Miner’s Arms. Cheshire. Sun. 33. James Cantello (Tri-Cast Highfield) 4-5-0, two 12 ounce perch and ruffe, worm, 8m pole in track; peg 32; Joe Lawrence (Little Lever) 2-9-0; Howard Kitchen (River Rods) 2-1-0; Frank Kearns (Bolton) and Mick Hargreaves (Bolton) 2-8-0.

Northwich & DAA Mini-League, River Weaver at Hartford. Cheshire. Sat. 40.  Rod Fraser (Ballyforce) 7-10-0, roach to 8 oz, mostly straight lead with maggot, some on pole and caster, peg 1 Black Boards; Pete Leighton (Cheadle) 7-7-0; Andy Hamlett (Glo Worms) 6-8-0; Andrew Insley (Bream Machine) 6-6-0.

Teams: Ballyforce 15-14-0; Cheadle 14-5-0; Vale Royal Angling 6-8-0; Glo Worms 6-6-0.

Partridge Lakes, Covey Canal. Cheshire. Tues. 21. Simon Beswick (North West Worms) 57-11-0, ide, small carp and F1s, white maggot, 3m pole in margin, peg 60; Andy Bennett (Fox/Bag’em Baits) 54-11-0; Steve Parry (Dynamite Baits) 50-8-0; Adam Rooney (Shimano Guru) 45-13-0. Wed. OAPs. 23. Barry Richardson (Rochdale) 39-14-0, F1s, common and mirror carp, white maggot, 9m pole in track, peg 73; Des Greenough (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 31-5-0; Ernie Pilkington (Ted Carter’s Preston) 30-0-0; Dave Brighouse (Manchester) 29-15-0. Thurs. 19. Pete Humphries (Guilder’s Tackle) 66-0-0, F1s and small carp to 2lb, white maggot, 3m pole ,peg 93; Andy Bennett (Fox/Bag’em Baits) 62-2-0; John Corless (Tonge Moore) 61-0-0; Stuart Taylor (Tackle Saver) 60-1-0. Sat. Winter league. 40. Andy Bennett (Fox/Bag’em Baits) 27-12-0, F1s and small carp, white maggot, 13m pole along near bank, peg 15; Simon Beswick (North West Worms) 26-8-0; Lewis Breeze (Drennan NW) 25-11-0; Craig Ebbrell (Maver Midland) 25-8-0. Teams: Fox Map 5; Drennan Silver & Drennan Gold & Gerry’s 18. League: Fox Map; Drennan Silver; Garbolino Elton; Drennan Golf. Sun. 40. Dave Pimlott (Garbolino Elton) 19-9-0, F1s, common and mirror carp, white maggot, 9m pole, peg 58; Neil Machin (Garbolino) 16-2-0; Matt Carroll (Buckley) 15-7-0; Simon Beswick (North West Worms) 14-11-0.

St. Helens AA, Carr Mill Dam. Merseyside. Mon. 20. Steve Rowe (St Helens) 10-0-0, skimmer bream and roach, red maggot, open-ended feeder, peg 89; Lee Addy (Bait-Tech) 7-9-0; Mal Liptrot (Bolton) 7-2-0; Dave Kenyon (Wigan) 5-15-0.

Stapeley Crewe and District Winter League, Round Two, Shropshire Union Canal, The Belt, Henhull, Nantwich, Cheshire, Sun. 36. Fred Cheetham (Team Eclipse Green) 3-6-8, all roach, poled punched bread, A4; Bob Campbell (Exiles) 3-0-0; Dean Williams (Team Eclipse Green) 2-2-8; Keith Hulland (Team Eclipse Blue) 2-0-6; Ross Wightman (Exiles) 1-14-8; Dean Huxley (Cheshire MG) 1-9-14. Teams: Team Eclipse Blue 26; Team Eclipse Green, Frank’s Four and Exiles all 24; Latecomers 20; Wyche Anglers 19.

Stapeley Cudmore, Whitmore, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Sat. Suez Canal, 30. Mark Kearns (Stapeley Cudmore) 45-2-0, carp to 3 lbs plus a few skimmers, polled maggot, peg 50; Will Crowder (Ultima Pellets) 31-15-0; Shaun Hill (Stapeley Cudmore) 29-6-0; Andy Rogers (Stapeley Cudmore) 28-0-0; Mel Kearns (Stapeley Cudmore) 26-8-0; Alan Bruce (Ray’s Tackle) 16-10-0. Sun. Suez Canal, 22. Carl Lane (Prescott Angling Centre) 65-0-0, carp to 6 lbs plus skimmers, poled maggot, peg 28; Mark Kearns (Stapeley Cudmore) 33-10-0; Mel Kearns (Stapeley Cudmore) 24-0-0; Shaun Hill (Stapeley Cudmore) 12-8-0; Steff Brown (Smith’s Bait and Tackle) 11-7-0; Bill Gilchrist (Stapeley Cudmore) 8-0-0.

Wigan & District AA, Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Lancashire.  Wed. Appley Bridge. 31. Kevin Stothers (Hindley MG) 4-8-8, three skimmer bream to 1.5lb and small roach, punch bread, 9m pole, peg 312; Steve Wharton (Sam’s Tackle & Bait) 4-1-4; Liam Killinger (Sensas NW) 3-9-4; Alan Whalley (Sam’s Tackle & Bait) 2-10-0. Sat. Adlington Lay-by. 28. Anthony Silcock (Mosella NW) 2-2-0, roach, punch bread, 10m pole ,pegged on scout hut; Norman Watson (Hindley MG) 1-14-0; Kevin Gary (Hindley MG) 1-8-12; John Hall (Bolton) 1-6-4.

Winsford & DAA mini-league, River Weaver on Marina. Cheshire. Sun. 30. Peter Watson (Vale Royal Angling) 14-4-0, skimmer bream, red maggot, pole/feeder, peg 196 Marina; Andrew Insley (Rudheath) 9-5-0; Rod Fraser (Dry Nets) and Tim Wright (Dry Nets) 8-6-0. League: Vale Royal Angling 29; Dry Nets 26; Small Fry 25; Grange and Rudheath 20.


Ballyhaunis & DAC, Tooman’s Fishery. Co Leitrim. Sun. 30. Robert Howgate (Tooman Tackle) 6-050 kg, small carp and orfe, double red maggot and soft pellet, 13m pole; Ben Gingell ( 5-480; David Rowkins (Roscommon) 3-900; John Randle (Roscommon)2-460.

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