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*Heronbrook Individual Winter League, Final Round, Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, near Eccleshall, Staffordshire. Sun. All pools except Match. 58. Jamie Hughes (Maver Bag’em Baits) 106-12-0, 50 lb of F1s, with carp to 4 lb, pole and pellet, Canal 10; Carl Fletcher (Fisherman’s Tackle) 89-0-0; Simon Allen (Maver Gold) 62-14-0; Paul Gibson (Trentside Angling Centre) 51-0-0; Stuart McGuinness (Connect Tackle) 44-4-0; Lewis Breeze (Drennan North West) 39-6-0. Final league: Jamie Hughes (Maver/Bag’em Baits) 4 points (£360); Kevin Dennis (Ultimate Pellet) 8 (£270); Simon Allen (Maver Gold) 9 (£180); Tony Shelley (Trentside Angling Centre) 10, £90.

*Partridge Lakes, Cheshire. Sun. Covey Canal. 63. Mike Reed (Garbolino Elton) 38-6-0, mirror carp to 4 lb and F1s, 11 m pole, soft pellet, peg 85 (£130 pools); Geoff Scott (Rochdale Angling) 35-9-0; Martin Entwistle (Sam’s Tackle & Bait) 34-6-0; Martin Howcroft (Crown Tackle) 34-1-0; Liam Killinger (Sensas NW) 31-14-0; Mike Rudd (Rochdale Angling Centre) 30-13-0.


Bannister House, Merseyside. Sun. Match Canal. 21. Neil Charnock (Bannister House) 68-10-0, carp and skimmers, 13 m pole and pellet, peg 51; Bill Dobson (Bolton AC) 68-4-0; John Brooks (St Anthony’s) 52-4-0; Martin Kay (Elton Tackle) 28-0-0.

Blundell’s, Cheshire. Wed. Roving match. 24. Steve Avison (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 40-0-0, carp to 7 lb, 12 m pole, red maggot, peg 29 West; Mike Billingham (Hazelgrove Angling Centre) 37-6-0; Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 28-0-0; Andy Pickles (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 24-8-0. Sat. 40. Steve Avison (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 67-15-0, carp to 5 lb, 13 m pole, red maggot, peg 27 West; Lee Thornton (Bag’em Baits) 58-13-0; Mark Lucas (Mosella) 57-9-0; Trevor Platt (DD Aware) 57-5-0. Sun. 47. Steve Avison (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 39-10-0, carp to 7 lb, 13 m pole and maggot, peg 27 West; Mike Billingham (Hazelgrove Angling Centre) 32-3-0; Gary Whalley (Bait-Tech) 26-7-0; Nick Haymes (Ashton Angling) 22-13-0.

Brookside, Cheshire. Thu. Snake Pit. 21. Geoff Barker (Port Sunlight) 34-2-0, small carp, 11 m pole, soft pellet and corn, peg 17 Snake; Trevor Dewhurst (Premier Driveways) 33-8-0; John Nugent (Stalybridge) 30-14-0; Dave Williams (Garbolino Elton) 26-10-0. Sat. 41. Trevor Dewhurst (Premier Driveways) 58-2-0, ide and small carp, 12 m pole, maggot and pellet, peg 8 Snake; Alan Metcalfe (Ray’s Tackle Liverpool) 47-10-0; Steve Carrier (Fisherman’s Tackle Birkenhead) 41-2-0; Stuart Conroy (Bait-Tech) 37-8-0. Sun. Willow and Snake. 46. Steve Conroy (Drennan NW) 53-10-0, carp to 4 lb, 12 m pole, pellet and maggot, peg 22 Willow; Wayne Kearney (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 40-12-0; John Chapman (Rochdale Angling Centre) 34-2-0; Dave Williams (Garbolino Elton) 34-0-0.

High Heyes Farm, Lancashire. Sat. Roving match. 19. Andy Davies (Tri-Cast Highfield) 35-0-0, F1s and barbel, 11 m pole, red maggot, peg 31 Lake Three; Alix Feeney (Wayne’s Tackle) 24-4-0; Paul Meadows (Cast NW) 22-0-0; Paul Banks (Tri-Cast Highfield) 17-0-0.

Lingmere, Cheshire. Thu. Roving match. 17. Steve Openshaw (Fisherman’s Tackle Birkenhead) 66-0-0, roach, rudd, skimmers and F1s, 5 m pole, red and white maggot, peg 44 Mere; Alan Dewhurst (Fisherman’s Tackle Birkenhead) 44-0-0; Graham Peabody (Prestatyn) 39-4-0; Winston Duckers (Chester) 36-4-0. Sat. 20. Steve Openshaw (Fisherman’s Tackle Birkenhead) 76-8-0, 20 lb of silver fish and also F1s to 1 lb, 5 m pole along the bank, red and white maggot, peg 41 Mere; Steve Balson (Moreton) 55-10-0; Chris Smith (Fisherman’s Tackle) 50-0-0; Alan Dewhurst (Fisherman’s Tackle Birkenhead) 49-5-0.

Mill House, Merseyside. Sat. Mescar Lake. 21. Mick Michlowski (Mersey Dockers) 25-8-0, eight carp to 6 lb, 11 m pole into reeds, soft pellet, peg 12; Steve Parry (Fazakerley) 21-14-0; Bill Owen (Prescot Angling) 14-0-0; John Raby (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 11-2-0.

Newton-Le-Willows AA, Yew Tree Reservoir, Merseyside. Thu. Over-60s. 25. John Wheeler (Warrington) 42-4-0, carp to 4 lb, straight leger, double red maggot, peg 22; Geoff Clare (Warrington) 7-13-0; Jim Byrne (Warrington) 6-10-0; Eddie McLorie (Newton) 6-5-0.

Northern AA, Macclesfield Canal at Higher Poynton, Cheshire. Sun. 34. Martin Carr (River Rods) 51-0-0, one tench, 10 m pole, worm, peg 11; Howard Kitchen (River Rods) 2-6-0; Gedd Martin (Tri-Cast Highfield) 2-3-8; Asa Cooper (Matlock) 2-3-0.

Northwich & DAA. River Weaver at Oak Tree, Cheshire. Sat. 26. John Wheeler (Warrington) 42-4-0, carp to 4 lb, crumb feeder, double red maggot, peg 22; Geoff Clare (Warrington) 7-13-0; Jim Byrne (Warrington) 6-10-0; Eddie McLorie (Newton) 6-5-0.

Partridge Lakes, Cheshire. Tue. Covey Canal. 24. Conrad Taylor (Guilder’s Tackle) 36-9-0, F1s and ide, 11 m pole, white maggot, peg 61; Chris Weeder Snr (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 25-8-0; John Turner (Ray’s Tackle Liverpool) 19-13-0; Gordon Pemberton (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 19-4-0. Wed. OAPs. 32. Denis Ockwell (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 17-7-0, F1s and small carp, 9 m pole, peg 83; Barry Whittle (Dave’s Tackle) 15-5-0; Gordon Pemberton (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 15-2-0; Ken Ogden (Atherton) 12-13-0. Thu. 25. Andy Bennett (Fox/Bag’em Baits) 44-14-0, F1s and ide, 11m pole, peg 7; Wayne Kearney (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 34-7-0; Stuart Taylor (Tackle Saver) 33-11-0; Steve Mottishead (Hazelgrove Angling Centre) 33-1-0. Sat. 44. Lee Addy (Bait-Tech) 65-13-0, mirror carp to 5 lb and ide, straight bomb at 11 m because of winds, single red maggot, peg 85; Connor Barlow (Mosella Garbolino) 37-6-0; Ian Burley (Lloyd Baits) 36-11-0; Daz Shaw (Maver NW) 36-5-0.

St Helens AA, Merseyside. Sun. Carr Mill Dam. 46. Mike Risby (Bolton Angling Centre) 8-15-0, five skimmer bream, method feeder and white boilie, peg 89; Shaun Fletcher (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 3-1-0; Mark Tallon (Swinton) 2-2-0; Sam Thelwell (Sam’s Tackle & Bait) 1-12-0.

Stapeley Cudmore, Whitmore, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. Sat. Suez and Brewsters Canals. 28. Mark Kearns (Stapeley Cudmore) 76-0-0, carp to 4 lb with skimmers and a few tench, pole, maggot and sweetcorn, peg 1; Gary Skerritt (Maver Pickerings) 59-8-0; Charlie Moran (Sensas North West) 53-0-0; Anthony King (Protak Barlows) 41-7-0; Ade Shepherd (Hanchurch Fisheries) 38-12-0; Alan Bruce (Ray’s Tackle) 30-3-0. Sun. Suez Canal. 16. Mark Kearns (Stapeley Cudmore) 36-0-0, carp to 4 lb with skimmers, pole and maggot, peg 44; Bill Gilchrist (Stapeley Cudmore) 24-8-0; Mel Kearns (Stapeley Cudmore) 24-0-0; Carl Lane (Prescott Angling) 17-0-0; Dave Breakwell (Stapeley Cudmore) 11-0-0.

Tasker’s Top Team, Leeds-Liverpool Canal at Lydiate. Merseyside. Sun. 42. Rob Porter (Sam’s Tackle Blue) 6-13-4, skimmer bream and roach, 10 m pole, punch bread and caster in the track, pegged at Scout Hut (£120 pools); Bill Owen (Liverpool AS Black) 6-6-0; Rob Yates (Liverpool AS Red) 5-11-9; Keith Tyrebuck (Liverpool AS Black) 4-15-0. Teams: Sam’s Tackle Blue 19; Liverpool AS Red 20; Sam’s Tackle Green 21; MCA 23. League 4/8: Sam’s Tackle Blue 82; Liverpool AS Red 83; Sam’s Tackle Green 86; Liverpool AS Blue 87.

Wigan & District AA, Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Lancashire. Wed. Crook. 24. Mark Element (Sam’s Tackle & Bait) and Alan Crook (Maver NW) both 2-14-0, roach to 2 oz, 6 m and 14 m pole respectively, punch bread, peg 141 and 140; Alan Whalley (Sam’s Tackle & Bait) 2-11-0; Norman Watson (Hindley MG) 0-13-0. Sat. Leyland Mill Lane. 18. Kevin Stothers (Hindley MG) 26-5-8, 18 bream to 2 lb, 11 m pole, punch bread, peg 95; Anthony Silcock (Mosella NW) 6-0-4; Tom Fairhurst (Lostock Tackle Box) and Sean BIrchall (Sam’s Tackle & Bait) both 2-2-12. Sun. Gorst Lane. 23. Mike Charnley (Lostock Tackle Box) 3-14-0, roach to 6 oz, 11 m pole, punch bread, peg 732; Les Ryding (Chorley Socials) 3-10-0; Kevin North (Mosella NW) 3-3-0; Steve Wilson (Ted Carter’s Preston) 2-14-0.

Winsford Mini-league, River Weaver, town waters, Cheshire. Sun. 30. Tim Wright (Dry Nets) 23-4-0, skimmers and roach, groundbait feeder, red maggot, peg 19 marina; Steve May (Last Cast) 14-2-0; Peter Wakefield (Dry Nets) 13-1-0; Graham Evans (Vale Royal Angling) 13-0-0. Teams: Dry Nets 29; Vale Royal Angling 25; Grange and Last Cast 22. League 4/5: Vale Royal Angling 100; Dry Nets 94; Grange 83, Small Fry 80.