Here are the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifiers - tables are exclusively in the magazine! This week the new Rivers table is revealed. There's some terrific match fishing content in Angler's Mail this week, including what you see in the trailer below...

* Calder League, River Calder, Brighouse to Mirfield, W. Yorks. Sun, 76. Martyn Highe (Mirfield Willy Worms) 19-8-0, grayling, stick and caster, Lillands Farm; Dave Pilgrim (Aireborough) 17-6-0; Tony Earnshaw (Drennan Barnsley Blacks) 17-4-0; Steve Newns (Drennan Barnsley Blacks) 16-9-0; Ian Newby (Mirfield Willy Worms) 16-3-0; James Vickerman (Bradford No1) 16-2-0. Teams: Punky’s 8 42; Drennan Barnsley Blacks 37; Mirfield Willy Worms 34. Final League: Mirfield Willy Worms 34 (weight advantage); Punky’s 8 34; Drennan Barnsley Blacks 33.5.

* Daiwa Hallcroft, Retford, Notts. Sat, 48, Clubman Final, Moat Pool. Gerry Schoof (Wigan) 91-9-0, carp to double-figures, paste at 6 and 11m, peg 16 island; Malc Fellows (Sheffield) 79-3-0; Stephen G Cook (New Packet Inn) 74-13-0; Alan Tait (New Packet Inn) 72-13-0; N. Potter (Newburgh AC) 72-3-0. Sun, 37. Moat. Andy Oldham (Frenzee) 137-5-0, carp, poled pellet shallow and worm at depth, peg 104 outer; Andy Sellars (R & R Sports) 118-10-0; Tony Butt (Sheffield) 110-14-0; Neil Vernon (Gainsborough) 100-12-0; Steve Robbins (Leegem) 89-9-0; Malc Edgecombe (Leegem) 86-7-0.

* Happy League, Aire and Calder Navigation, Rawcliffe, North Yorks. Sun, 72. Nathan Young (Daiwa Dons) 6 Kg 450 gr, 5 skimmers on feeder and maggot from peg 71; Craig Singleton (Normanton) 5.540; Daz Kershaw (Tri-Cast Calder) 3.400; Paul Goulding (Daiwa Dons) 2.750; James Cameron (Ossett) 2.450; Pete Dimmock (Hull) 2.070. Teams, Div 1: Hull 44; Walton and Daiwa Dons both 39. Div 2: Normanton 34; Tri-Cast Calder 33; Mosella Halifax 31. Final League, Div 1: Hull 487, Daiwa Dons 485; Ossett 452. Div 2: Selby 379; Normanton 361; Tri-Cast Calder 337.

* Leeds DASA, River Aire, Beal, North Yorkshire. Sat, 30. Arthur Benstead (Pontefract) 18-10-0, roach and perch, whip and maggot below Beal weir; Denis White (Drennan Barnsley Blacks) 15-10-0; Phil Austin (Barlby Village Stores) 14-15-0; Mick Wood (Pontefract) 12-3-0,

* Oaks, Sessay, North Yorks. Sun, 32, Ash, Beech and Sycamore lakes. Adam Richards (Browning) 171-10-0, carp to 3 lb, meat at 10m, Ash peg 10; Dean Smith (Bait-Tech) 149-9-0; Chris Watson (Oaks) 135-2-0; Bert Poole (Oaks) 128-15-0.

* River Hull Championships, Tickton to Kingswood, East Yorks. Sat, 149. Nigel Hirst (Mirfield Willy Worms) 8 Kg 930 gr, roach and perch, stick and pole with maggot, Tickton peg 20; Dave Brooks senior (Hull) 7.810; Bob Brown (Sensas Walton) 8.340; Lewis Todd (Fishing Basket) 6.300; Craig Hirst (Daiwa Westlands) 6.220; Peter Allott (Sheffield) 5.090.

* Rochdale Canal Team Championships, Rochdale Canal, Sowerby Bridge to Mytholmroyd, W. Yorks. Sat, 60. Roger Priestley (Maver NW) 5-6-0, small roach, bread punch, pegged on Rose Grove section; John Leeds (Tri-Cast Rochdale) 4-8-0; Daz Shaw (Maver NW) 4-1-0; Stuart Campbell (Matrix Halifax) 3-9-0; Alan Crook (Maver NW) 3-9-0; Dave Massey (Wigan MG) 3-9-0. Teams: Maver NW Red 13; Tri-Cast Rochdale 27; Matrix Halifax 28.

* Woodlands, Carlton Minniott, North Yorkshire. Sat, 51, Partridge, Skylark and Kestral lakes.  James Dent (MAP) 82-5-0, carp, pellet up in the water at 14m, Skylark 21; Steve Keane (Woodlands Tackle) 76-0-0; Dave Webster (Farsley) 75-2-0; Ian Exley (Daiwa Dons) 67-5-0; Wayne Nolan (Woodlands Tackle) 61-0-0.

* Yarm, River Tees, Yarm, Co. Durham. Sun, 49. Richy Bezemer (Daiwa Cleveland Angling) 11-4-0, perch on poled worm, peg 149; George Webb (Daiwa Cleveland Angling) 11-10-0; Rob Emery (Shotton) 11-1-0; Derek Reeney (Yarm) 8-10-0; Tom Marshall (Mary’s Tackle) 8-3-0.


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