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* Bank End. Finningley, S. Yorks. Sun, 34. Dave Porritt (Doncaster) 1501-4-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 8; Matt Grove (Bank End) 136-1-0; Graham Housley (Bank End) 131-10-0; Steve Rylance (Bank End) 129-14-0; Kev Feast (Daiwa Dons) 122-9-0; Dean Foster (Kerfoots Tackle) 113-12-0.

* Daiwa Hallcroft, Retford, Notts. Sun, 37, Moat and Bridge outer lake. Chris Greenside (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 128-11-0, 18 carp to 12 lb, poled pellet shallow and corn in margins, peg 32 Bridge outer; Neil Vernon (Gainsborough) 126-14-0; Paul Elliott (Leegem) 126-13-0; Andy Oldham (Frenzee) 109-10-0; Wayne Lomas (Leegem) 84-12-0.

* Happy League Practice, Stainforth and Keadby Canal, Thorne, South Yorks. Sun, 50. Jamie Shedker (Clay Lane) 10 Kg 850 gr, skimmers, red maggot at 14m, peg 210; Ben Davies (Tri-Cast Calder) 6.150; Sean Wright (Daiwa Dons) 5.250; Mick Lodge (Ossett) 5.130; Bob Brown (Walton) 4.550.

* Leeds Summer League, River Ouse, Moor Monkton, North Yorks. Sat, 40. Keith Hobson (Drennan Barnsley Blacks) 26-14-0, 4 bream and a barbell on feeder and caster from below the Nidd mouth; Phil Austin (Barlby Village Stores) 20-12-0; Noel Speight (Leeds) 15-4-0; Dean Grace (Pontefract) 12-5-0; Dave Gill (Barlby Village Stores) 12-4-0.

* Northern Superleague, Woodlands Lakes, North Yorks. Sun, 64, Partridge, Skylark, Curlew and Wagtail. Luke Hawksworth (Daiwa Cleveland Angling) 155-2-0, carp, shallow pellet at 16m, Skylark peg 14; Ryan Barker (Maver Newman Scotts)124-14-0; Peter Rambow senior (Yarm) 113-11-0; Chris Hawkes (Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre) 101-4-0; Andy Simspon (Mosella Quaker) 97-10-0; Adam Richards (Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre) 97-4-0. Teams: Mosella Quaker 46; Daiwa Cleveland Angling 43; Maver Newman Scotts 40. League: Maver Newman Scotts 86; Mosella Quaker 85; Daiwa Cleveland Angling 81

* Oaks, Sessay, North Yorks. Sun, 52, Ash, Beech and Sycamore. Dean Smith (Matrix Bait-Tech) 173-11-0, carp, pellet down edge, Ash 16; Craig Ebbrill (Tri-Cast Highfield) 152-6-0; Chris Hall (Oaks) 140-0-0; Andy Lumb (Oaks) 133-15-0; Phil Sellars (Woodlands Tackle) 127-11-0.

* Ripon, River Ure, Ripon, North Yorks. Sun, 32. Steve Young (Helperby) 43-0-0, 15 chub, waggler and caster, peg 31; Steve Beckwith (Leeds Angling Centre) 41-0-0; Jim Taylor (RSPS) 16-7-0; Jamie Houlders (Bradford) 14-12-0.

* Steve Jackson Memorial, Huddersfield Broad Canal, West Yorks. Sun, 45. Peter Baron (Tackle 2U) 13-14-0, five bream and six perch, caster and worm at 11m, gusher peg; Tony Earnshaw (Mirfield) 7-9-0; Kyle Stevenson (Mirfield Willy Worms) 6-14-0; Kevin Hartley (Tackle 2U) 6-2-0; Ian Daley (Tackle 2U) 5-8-0.

* Thornaby, River Tees, Croft, Co. Durham. Sun, 38. Harry Growcock (Shilden) 11-15-0, dace and grayling, waggler and maggot, peg 35; Steve Chantry (Oaks) 10-8-0; Ant Smith (Thornaby) 9-8-0; Mick Broadley (Thornaby) 8-12-0.





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Daiwa Hallcroft, Retford, Notts. Mon, 21, vets, Bridge outer. Roger Holmes (Notts AA) 76-8-0, carp to 8 lb, poled pellet, peg 4; Mick Cooke (Retford) 59-9-0; Paul Schoof (Hallcroft) 57-11-0; Dave Whiting (Buttonhole AC) 52-15-0; Ian Temple (Retford) 47-7-0. Tues pm, 20. Moat island. Dave Whiting (Buttonhole AC) 130-10-0, carp to 10 lb, poled worm, peg 32; Dick Clegg OBE (DJK Fishing Floats) 75-12-0; Paul Schoof (Hallcroft) 68-10-0; Rich Teigh (Handsworth) 67-0-0; Andy Oldham (Frenzee) 59-0-0. Thurs, 37, Moat. Roy Toulson (Notts) 57-1-0, carp to 8 lb, poled pellet, peg 67 outer; Pete Taylor (Goldthorpe) 50-14-0; Paul Schoof (Hallcroft) 50-7-0; Pete Bagshaw (Drennan Barnsley) 46-12-0; Dave Sewell (James Maude AC) 41-10-0. Fri pm, 29. Moat. Craig Owen (Parkgate Angling) 147-4-0, 23 carp to 9 lb, poled pellet shallow, peg 32 island; John Oldfield (Plough AC) 106-8-0; Rich Teigh (Handsworth) 105-8-0; Andy Oldham (Frenzee) 94-5-0; Neil Hirst (Ackworth) 91-8-0. Sat, 20, Moat island. Andy Oldham (Frenzee) 111-5-0, carp to 10 lb, poled pellet shallow, peg 56; Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 86-14-0; Dave Boswell (Retford) 86-10-0; Gary Mumby (Retford) 82-12-0; Daz Oldham (Maltby) 79-5-0.

Langwith Lakes, Heslington, North Yorks. Sun, 25, Anya’s and Emma’s lakes. Shane Wagstaff (Sonubaits) 136-11-0, carp, maggot at 3m, Anya 16; John Brain (Harrogate) 125-9-0; Karl Richardson (Oangwith) 113-14-0.

Oaks, Sessay, North Yorks. Wed, 29, Ash, Beech and Sycamore. Andy Hampson (Oaks) 182-11-0, carp to 4 lb, pellet at 5m, Beech peg 8; Rob Minikin (Sonubaits) 168-11-0; Ian Bayley (Woodlands Tackle) 154-4-0. Sat, 28, Cedar. Rob Minikin (Sonubaits) 121-8-0, carp to 6 lb on pellet up in the water from peg 5; Dean Smith (Maitrix Bait-Tech) 118-11-0; Andy Barker (Oaks) 104-5-0.

Oaktree Leisure, Huby, North Yorks. Sun, 26, Pond Four. Adrian Bolton (Woodlands Tackle) 103-8-0, carp to 5 lb, meat at 10m, peg 17; Martin Reynalds (Nomads) 52-8-0; Dave Bargewell (Miracle Baits) 41-12-0.

Rotherham UAF. River Don, Sprotborough. Sun, 10. Phil Stevenson (Rotherham) 17-10-0, skimmers and perch, poled maggot, peg 1; Joe Murray (Maltby) 14-3-0; Paul Bacon (Pauls Tackle) 14-0-0; Brian Haigh (Tippers) 9-0-0.

Sykehouse Fishery. Doncaster, S Yorks. Wed, 25, Match lake. Mark Price (Stainforth Angling) 166-12-0, carp on waggler and pellet shallow, peg 3; R Ansell (Askern) 73-2-0; Daz Hall (Thorne) 55-11-0. Thurs pm, 21, Match. Brendan Haigh (Stainforth Angling) 74-4-0, carp on pellet waggler, peg 20; Jamie Snedker (Stainforth Angling) 73-1-0; Steve Anderson (Sykehouse) 67-4-0. Sun, 22, Twin Islands. Nigel Muscroft (Sykehouse) 97-5-0, carp, method and pellet waggler, peg 27; Ray Lane (Sykehouse) 79-14-0; R Ansell (Askern) 67-5-0.

Thornhill, Calder and Hebble Canal, Dewsbury, West Yorks. Sun, 15. Luke Wrzosek (Matrix Halifax) 7-5-0, roach, perch and skimmers on poled pinkie and caster from peg 31; Eric Green (Matrix Halifax) 6-11-0; Ian Sutcliffe (Tri-Cast Calder) 5-13-0.

Woodhouse Grange. Doncaster, S, Yorks. Wed, 10, Heron Lake. Tony Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 47-7-0, carp on poled pellet, peg 1; Graham Martin (Sheffield) 44-0-0; Mal Scott (Goole) 41-12-0. Wed eve, 14, Kingfisher. Ian Taylor (Medusa Feeders) 98-14-0, carp on poled paste, peg 5; John Pearson (Woodhouse Grange) 96-15-0; Sean O’Mally (Medusa Baits) 57-15-0. Thurs, 10, Kingfisher. Bert Goodwin (Stainforth Angling) 73-12-0, carp on poled pellet, peg 7; Keith Sanders (Woodhouse Grange) 66-2-0; Dave Petty (Medusa) 64-6-0. Sat, 12. Heron. Pete Gosney (Yorkshire Jiggers) 90-1-0, carp on poled pellet, peg 31; Paul Ellis (Goole) 72-0-0; Keith Sanders (Woodhouse Grange) 69-9-0. Sun, 24. Heron. Sean O’Mally (Medusa Baits) 84-6-0, carp on poled pellet shallow, peg 33; Paul Taylor (Woodhouse Grange) 82-11-0; Neil Hirst (Ackworth AC) 78-7-0; Paul Ellis (Goole) 72-0-0.

Woodlands, Carlton Minniot, North Yorks. Sat, 27, Skylark and Partridge. Rob Harbour (Mosella Quaker) 201-8-0, carp to 12 lb, long poled shallow pellet, Skylark 33; Dave Hudson (Woodlands Tackle) 118-11-0; Steve Keen (Woodlands Tackle) 112-15-0.



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