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Angel of the North Lakes, Northumberland. Wed, 12. Graham Skirrey (Maver) 74-11-0, carp, peg 3;

John Dryden (Angel Lakes) 71-5-0; Rob Emery (Maver Newman Scotts) 56-15-0.

Bait-Tech Frenzee Hayfield, Doncaster, S. Yorks. Sun, undisclosed entry. Danny Holland (Hayfield) 211-8-0, carp, method feeder, peg 66; Ryan Thompson (Hayfield) 115-13-0; Keith Pearson (Woodhouse Grange) 109-8-0; John Clegg (Hayfield) 102-14-0.

Barnburgh. Doncaster, S. Yorks. Tues, 17, over-50s, Top Pond. Paul Brunyee (Castleford) 131-8-0, F1s, poled pellet; G. Collins (Barnburgh) 94-4-0; Chris Dyson (Barnburgh) 86-8-0; Phil Lakin (Barnburgh) 85-0-0. Sun, 15, Bottom Pond. Rob Harbour (Thirsk) 338-0-0, F1s, poled pellet, new lake record); Pete Gosney (Barnburgh) 269-0-0; J. Thirkill 209-8-0; Daz Taylor (Barnburgh) 209-0-0.

Benlee Lakes, Ossett, West Yorks, Thurs, 20, Ben Lake. Chris Kitchin (Kerr’s Ossett) 32-8-0, carp, pellet at 14m, peg 16; Tony Lawson (Kerr’s Ossett) 27-4-0; Dez Beaumont (Kerr’s Ossett) 25-4-0. Sat, 23, Ben. Stuart Oaks (Kerr’s Ossett) 43-8-0, carp on pellet at 9m from peg 17; Tony Lawson (Kerr’s Ossett) 35-0-0; Tommy Davies (Kerr’s Ossett) 30-4-0. Sun, Lee, 20. Gary Summerscales (Kerr’s Ossett) 37-0-0, carp on pellet at 14m from peg 14; Steve Rooke (Kerr’s Ossett) 29-2-0; Dez Beaumont (Kerr’s Ossett) 25-3-0.

Bob-Co Spring League, Carpvale Fishery, Nun Monkton, North Yorks, Sun, 18. Ollie Hewitt (Bob-Co) 123-0-0, carp on meat over hemp at peg 31; Steve Mazza (Bob-Co) 104-0-0; Dave Wright (Bob-Co) 97-12-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft. Retford, Notts. Mon, 19, Bridge Lake. Mark Cordall (New Packet Inn) 68-2-0, carp, poled corn and pellet in margins, peg 26 Outer; Ian Temple (Retford) 62-4-0; Ron Brooks (Sheffield) 47-8-0; Nigel Wood (Leegem) 37-4-0. Tues pm, 18, Moat island. Dave Whiting (Buttonhole AC) 51-10-0, four carp plus skimmers, poled worm and maggot, peg 34; Dick Clegg (Britannia) 48-7-0; Mick Hall (MAP Tuxford) 33-10-0; Ged Shaw (Maltby) 28-10-0; Andy Sellars (R & R Sports) 26-10-0. Thurs, 28, vets, Bridge. John Urruty (Alfreton Angling) 66-7-0, ten carp to 9 lb, poled pellet and meat shallow, peg 19 island; Dave Whiting (Buttonhole AC) 60-14-0; Andy Favill (Tuxford) 46-12-0; Andy Sellars (R & R Sports) 38-4-0; Andy Cordall (Retford) 36-14-0. Fri pm, 39. Moat. Steve Clark (Sensas Mansfield) 98-6-0, carp to 10 lb, short poled meat, peg 73 island; Pete Miles (Doncaster) 68-10-0; Matt Malia (Worksop) 54-10-0; Dave Dare (Marukyu) 48-11-0; Rich Teigh (Handsworth) 46-9-0. Sat, 18. Moat island. Steve Clark (Sensas Mansfield) 104-11-0, carp and bream, poled worm, peg 38; Pete Miles (Doncaster) 60-7-0; Gordon Gibson (Worksop) 59-10-0; Gary Mumby (Leegem) 50-12-0. Sun, 41. Moat and Bridge outer. Darren Stables (Doncaster) 98-15-0, carp and bream, 6m with worm over groundbait, peg 6 Moat outer; Pete Miles (Doncaster) 90-11-0; Ian Taylor (Medusa) 83-12-0; John Kelly (Kellys Stores) 80-5-0; Steve Clark (Sensas Mansfield) 74-1-0.

Fermoy Spring Festival, River Blackwater, Ireland. 20. Day 1: Karl Stephenson (Mirfield) 16-8-0, dace, stick float and maggot, peg 1. Day 2: Nick Chaffer (Gomersal) 14-8-0, dace, stick float and maggot, peg 3. Day 3: Nigel Hirst (Mirfield) 15-4-0, dace, stick float and maggot, peg 3. Overall: Nick Chaffer 36-14-0; Karl Stephenson 30-10-0; Lee Marshall 30-4-0.

Ferryboat Farm. Conisborough, S. Yorks. Sun, 15. Paul Hunton (Rotherham) and Jimmy Coles (Pauls Tackle) both 22-8-0; Ray Butler (Ferryboat) 21-2-0. Mon, 12. Mark Jackson (Rotherham) 46-0-0, carp, method feeder; Gary Cooper (Ferryboat) 42-0-0; Tony Brown (Ferryboat) 23-0-0.

Kiveton Hall, nr Sheffield, S. Yorks. Sun, 20. Mick Todd (Kiveton) 100-10-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 21; Phil Murphy (Kiveton) 60-7-0; Pete Ellis (Kiveton) 41-15-0; Steve Beatson (Kiveton) 41-12-0; Jake Howarth (Kiveton) 30-13-0; Graham Laverack (Barnsley) 38-10-0.



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Oaks, Sessay, North Yorks, Mon, 26, Cedar. Chris Hall (Oaks) 113-1-0, carp to 5 lb, pellet, peg 45; Rob Minikin (Sonubaits) 98-14-0; Jem Peverley (Oaks) 90-13-0.

Oaktree Leisure, Huby, North Yorks, Sun, 16, Pond Four. Fred Prudham (Medlock Bridge) 69-4-0, carp on meat and corn at 12m from peg 22; Steve Hodson (RSPS) 59-4-0; Mark Reynolds (York Nomads) 58-4-0.

Raker Lakes, Wheldrake, North Yorks. Mon, 16, Acorn. Steve Hodson (RSPS DH Angling) 162-4-0, carp, corn and meat, peg 8; Colin McNeil (Westlands) 68-0-0; Andy Hatte (Nomads) 64-0-0.

Sykehouse Fishery. Doncaster, S. Yorks. Wed, 24. Graham Greendale (Hull) 92-15-0, carp, waggler and pellet, peg 7 Twin Isles; Don McAllister (Stainforth Angling Centre) 62-5-0; P. Jarvis (Hull) 54-9-0. Thurs pm, 16. Jamie Snedker (Stainforth Angling) 93-3-0, carp, poled meat in margins, peg 19; Mark Hopkins (Askern) 93-1-0; P. Wright 64-4-0. Sun/Mon, pole-only two dayer. Sun, 20. Lee Saville (Ossett) 111-9-0, carp on poled corn, peg 2; Ray Lane (Sykehouse) 75-1-0; Andy Sutton (Rotherham) 65-4-0. Mon, 20. Andy Sutton 139-12-0, carp, poled meat in margins, peg 27; Ian Lee (Stainforth Angling) 137-9-0; Arthur Bullcroft (Stainforth Angling) 98-10-0. Overall: Andy Sutton 4 points; Lee Saville 5; Ray Lane 7.

Thornhill, Calder and Hebble Canal, Dewsbury, West Yorks. Sat, 19. Keith Marshall (Tri-Cast Calder) 10-11-0, bream and roach, caster at 14m, peg 43; Terry Guthrie (Matrix Halifax) 6-1-8; Ray Reah (Wakefield) 3-1-0. BH Mon, 15. Simon Walton (Matrix Halifax) 3-12-0, roach and perch, caster at 12m, peg 9; Mick Sharpe (Thornhill) 3-3-0; Neil Pickard (Thornhill) 3-2-0.

Willy Worms League, Huddersfield Broad Canal, West Yorks, Sun, 78. Keith Hobson (Drennan Barnsley Blacks) 33-14-0, 12 bream, two chub and a tench, poled caster, gusher peg; Stanley Haigh (Angler’s World Holidays) 18-8-0; Dave Topham (Tackle 2U) 7-13-0; Martin Taylor (Matrix Halifax) 6-8-0. Teams: Matrix Halifax Black 58; Matrix Halifax White 52; Maver NW 50. League: Maver NW 227; Matrix Halifax Black 215; (Drennan Barnsley Blacks) 205.

Woodhouse Grange. Doncaster, S. Yorks. Wed, 14. Kingfisher. Keith Sanders (Woodhouse Grange) 99-6-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 23; Barry Oliver (Rotherham) 90-4-0; Paul Stanton (Woodhouse Grange) 58-14-0. Wed eve, 14. Heron. Bert Goodwin (Stainforth Angling) 81-0-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 47; Ian Taylor (Medusa) 75-12-0; Andy Renton (Daiwa Dons) 75-0-0. Thurs, 14, Ghost. Andy Spick (Woodhouse Grange) 84-7-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 21; Tom Bray (Clay Lane) 81-11-0; Tony Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 49-3-0. Sat, 19, Heron. Ian Taylor (Medusa) 89-8-0, carp, poled paste, peg 1; Paul Sissons (Woodhouse Grange) 59-14-0; Steve Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 58-11-0. Sun, 19, Heron. Sean O’Mally (Woodhouse Grange) 72-11-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 21; Bernie Larder (Woodhouse Grange) 59-15-0; Mal Scott (Goole) 55-7-0. Mon, 29, Kingfisher. Chris Day (Woodhouse Grange) 88-0-0, carp , poled pellet, peg 6; Steve Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 75-0-0; Ian Taylor (Medusa) 57-0-0.

Woodlands Lakes, Carlton Minniot, North Yorks. Sat, 29, Partridge and Skylark. Ian Fisk (Woodlands Tackle) 106-14-0, carp, poled pellet, Partridge 22; George Webb (Daiwa Cleveland Angling) 90-2-0; Ken Gollightly (Woodlands Tackle) 85-10-0. Sun, 29, Kestrel, Curlew and Wagtail. John Maddison (Darlington Angling Centre) 93-11-0, carp to 17 lb, Kestrel 5; Alan Norfolk (Woodlands Tackle) 63-15-0; Gordon Poole (Woodlands Tackle) 63-14-0.



Be sure to get this week's issue of Angler's Mail - includes terrific Action Replay with Drennan's match ace Darren Davies!
Be sure to get this week’s issue of Angler’s Mail – includes terrific Action Replay with Drennan’s match ace Darren Davies!


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