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Read Angler's Mail magazine for exclusive coverage of the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year competition.
Read Angler’s Mail magazine for exclusive coverage of the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year competition.

Bait-Tech Frenzee Hayfield. Doncaster, S. Yorks. Sun, 25, Dannys Island. Wayne Ibbotson (Morley) 164-5-0, carp, method and pellet, peg 61; Len Greasley (Hayfield) 151-13-0; Gary Holland (Hayfield) 115-13-0; Keith Pearson (Woodhouse Grange) 107-8-0.

Bank End. Finningley, S. Yorks. Sun, 32. Len Squire (R & R Sports) 168-11-0, carp on waggler and pellet, peg 14; Dean Foster (Kerfoots Tackle) 167-7-0; Trev Jordan (Bank End) 140-4-0; Jackie Kettle (Bank End) 135-10-0; Reg Fearn (Daiwa Dons) 127-8-0; Mark Kettle (Bank End) 122-14-0.

Barnburgh. Doncaster, S. Yorks. Tue, 20, over-50s. Les Peace (Barnburgh) 87-8-0, F1s on poled pellet; Paul Brunyee (Castleford) 80-0-0; Alf Head (Thurnscoe Coronation) 76-4-0. Wed, 18. Luke Butterworth (Barnburgh) 141-8-0, F1s on poled pellet; Craig Peace (Barnburgh) 120-8-0; Daz Taylor (Barnburgh) 116-0-0. Fri, 14. Pete Gosney (Barnburgh) 223-0-0, F1s on poled pellet; Howard Mileux (Barnburgh) 116-12-0; R. Ritton (Barnburgh) 114-10-0. Sun, 24. Scott Bufton (Barnburgh) 226-8-0, F1s on poled pellet; Mick Owen (Barnburgh) 205-8-0; John Smith (Barnburgh) 170-0-0.

Bob-Co Carpvale, Carpvale Pools, Nun Monkton, North Yorks, Sun, 26. Ollie Hewitt (Bob-Co) 163-6-0, carp, meat over hemp at 10m, peg 29; Dave Wright 124-12-0; Paul Gallagher (The Willows) 124-0-0.

Bradford No1, Raskelf Lake, Raskelf, North Yorks, Sun, 30. Neil Pickles (Hebden Bridge) 54-4-0, carp and F1s, poled pellet; Pete Wilson (Tri-Cast Calder) 49-4-0; Steve Warriner (Ryburn AC) 45-0-0.

Dave Coster reveals his best-ever Go Fishing cartoons, with insight into how they happened, in this week's Angler's Mail magazine... as we celebrate 50 years of the title!

Dave Coster reveals his best-ever Go Fishing cartoons, with insight into how they happened, in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine… as we celebrate 50 years of the title!

Daiwa Hallcroft. Retford, Notts. Mon, 21, vets, Bridge and Croft. Paul Schoof (Hallcroft) 58-12-0, carp and tench, poled paste and pellet, peg 27 Croft; Malc Fellows (Sheffield) 57-11-0; Mick Taylor (Hallcroft) 51-0-0; Bri Sullivan (Maltby) 48-9-0; Ian Temple (Retford) 47-6-0. Tues pm, 20, Moat. Jamie Masson (Colmic/Marukyu) 133-0-0, carp to 11 lb, poled paste, peg 73 island; Rich Teigh (Handsworth) 94-6-0; Steve Robbins (Leegem) 59-9-0; Luke Sears (Daiwa) 45-11-0; Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 43-5-0. Thurs, 40, vets, Moat. Lee Hewison (Leegem) 78-6-0, carp to 8 lb, meat and pellet shallow at 13m, peg 47 island; Dick Clegg OBE (DJK Fishing Floats) 77-13-0; Arthur Berisford (Leegem) 73-11-0; Jack Hobson (Sheffield) 61-1-0; Pete Bagshaw (Barnsley) 58-14-0. Fri pm, 37. Moat. Neil Hirst (Ackworth AC) 136-6-0, carp to 8 lb, poled corn in margins, peg 5 island; Tony Butt (Sheffield) 128-12-0; Steve Clark (Sensas) 121-8-0; S. Cook (Sheffield) 115-12-0; Steve Robbins (Leegem) 88-14-0. Sat, 21. Bridge. Andy Oldham (Frenzee) 148-1-0, 21 carp, poled pellet shallow, peg 43 outer; Gordon Gibson (Worksop) 127-10-0; Dave Whiting (Buttonhole AC) 116-10-0; Steve Clark (Mansfield) 95-11-0; S Cook (Sheffield) 90-0-0. Sun, 44. Moat and Croft. Dave Whiting (Buttonhole AC) 105-2-0, carp to 9 lb, worm at 12m, peg 4 Moat outer; Kev Baxter (Mosborough Tackle) 102-0-0; Steve Robbins (Leegem) 101-12-0; Mick Brownell (Mosborough Tackle) 97-12-0; Steve Quibell (Doncaster) 88-15-0.

Ferryboat Farm, Conisborough, S. Yorks. Thur, 12. John Edwards (Ferryboat) 74-8-0, carp and bream on pellet feeder, peg 23; Arthur Bullcroft (Ferryboat) 35-8-0; Tony Brown (Ferryboat) and Steve Foster (Ferryboat) both 26-12-0. Sun, 15. Gary Cooper (Ferryboat) 35-6-0, carp and bream on pellet feeder; Chris Adshead (Ferryboat) 35-0-0; Alan Holmes (Ferryboat) 31-6-0.

Fish‘O’Mania Qualifier, Woodlands Lakes, Carlton Minniot, North Yorks, Sat, 150, Partridge, Skylark, Curlew, Kestrel and Wagtail lakes. Jamie Hughes (Maver/Bag’em) 133-7-0, carp to 12 lb, pellet up in water, Skylark peg 6; Dale Shepherd (Frenzee) 96-5-0; Rob Morris (Lincoln Whisby) 96-3-0; Keith Pentland (Woodlands Tackle) 83-10-0; Carl Henrick (Woodlands Tackle) 80-14-0.

Happy League, Stainforth and Keadby Canal, Bonny Hale, S. Yorks. Sun, 72. Mick Lodge (Ossett) 15 Kg 350 gr, skimmers, maggot at 12m, peg 172; Sean Wright (Daiwa Dons) 14.170; Mark Bawden (Daiwa Dons) 14.080; Trevor Banks (Mosella Selby) 9.350; Bob Padgett (Team Normanton) 8.750. Teams: Daiwa Dons 52; Ossett 51; Hull DAA 46.

Kiveton Hall, Sheffield. Sun, 12. Phil Murphy (Kiveton) 92-3-0, carp, poled worm, peg 72; Lee Hendley (Kiveton) 68-7-0; Steve Crawford (Kiveton) 66-5-0; Pete Ellis (Kiveton) 58-7-0; Paul Burt (Kiveton) 57-13-0; Mick Todd (Kiveton) 56-6-0.


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Mirfield, Aire and Calder Navigation, Great Heck, North Yorks, Sun, 50. Stan Haigh (Anglers World Holidays) 8-14-0, skimmers, roach and perch, groundbait feeder and red maggot, peg 47; Geoff Askey (Barnsley) 5-8-0; Peter Baron (Tackle 2U) 4-13-0; Mick Hughes (Tadcaster) 4-12-0; Paul Yates (Barnsley) 4-9-0.

Oaks, Sessay, North Yorks, Tues, 18, Maple. Chris Hall (Oaks) 60-13-0, carp, pellet, peg 31; Simon Medd (Daiwa Cleveland Angling) 55-3-0; Ant Stock (Daiwa Cleveland Angling) 44-10-0. Wed, 18, Ash, Beech and Sycamore. Rob Minikin (Sonubaits) 297-11-0, carp, shallow pellet at 8m; John Maddison (Mosella Quaker) 199-6-0; Chris Watson (Oaks) 150-7-0. Thurs, 19, Cedar. Bert Poole (Oaks) 127-3-0, F1s, pellet, peg 45; Gem Paverly (Oaks) 127-1-0; Luke Hawksworth (Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre) 112-15-0. Sat, 25, Cedar. Chris Hall (Oaks) 103-13-0, carp to 6 lb, pellet, peg 4; Andy Stoner (Garbolino Elton) 84-12-0; Phil Sellars (Woodlands Tackle) 84-5-0. Sun, 43, Ash, Beech and Sycamore. Adam Richards (Browning) 195-2-0, carp, maggot, Beech 22; Chris Kendall (Middy) 182-11-0; Dean Smith (Maitrix Bait-Tech) 181-11-0; Peter Rambow junior (Daiwa Cleveland Angling) 143-9-0.

Oaktree Leisure, Huby, North Yorks, Sun, 16, Pond Four. Paul Cromie (Oaks) 152-0-0, carp to 6 lb, meat and corn at 10m, peg 36; Shaun Walker (Woodlands Tackle) 106-4-0; John Cosgrove (Raker Lakes) 90-12-0.

Phoenix and Parkgate, Ravensfield Ponds, Rotherham, S. Yorks. Tues pm, 14. Mick Barry 32-4-0, bream and tench on poled caster, peg 79; Derek Jackson 27-6-0; Royce Sorben 18-4-0; Harry Booth 16-0-0; Trev Parkin 15-8-0 (all Phoenix and Parkgate).

Scunthorpe Spring League, Stainforth and Keadby Canal, Medge Hall, South Yorks, Sat, 38. Roy Wells (Scunthorpe Tackle) 16-12-0, skimmers, poled caster, peg B9; Sean Wright (Maver) 12-2-0; Tony Tarff (Daiwa Dons) 11-10-0; Shaun Camburn (Scunthorpe Tackle) 6-15-0; Brian Hawkes (Sensas Thorne) 6-2-0. Final League: Shaun Camburn (Scunthorpe Tackle), Steve Lowther (Daiwa Dons) and Pete Kitwood (Sensas Thorne) all 41.

Thornhill, Calder and Hebble Canal, Dewsbury, West Yorks, Sat, 15. Chris Storey (Thornhill) 8-10-8, roach and skimmers, maggot at 11m, peg 29; Paul McMillan (Matrix Halifax) 8-9-0; Keith Marshall (Tri-Cast Calder) 6-9-0.

Woodhouse Grange. Doncaster, S. Yorks. Wed, 14. Heron. Paul Carling (Woodhouse Grange) 60-5-0, carp on poled pellet, peg 39; Chris Bradley (Fox and Hounds) 56-3-0; Pip Anderson (Woodhouse Grange) 43-10-0. Wed eve, 17, Kingfisher. Ian Taylor (Medusa Feeders) 76-7-0, carp, poled paste; Steve Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 67-9-0; Gary Holland (Hayfield) 64-0-0. Thur, 15. Kingfisher. Neil Hirst (Ackworth AC) 82-1-0, carp, poled corn, peg 32; Lee Bird (Woodhouse Grange) 57-3-0; Craig Sutton (Woodhouse Grange) 53-13-0. Sat, 21, Ghost. Paul Ellis (Goole) 100-15-0, carp on poled pellet, peg 5; Bernie Larder (Woodhouse Grange) 99-8-0; Steve Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 82-10-0. Sun, 23, Cobble. John Pearson (Woodhouse Grange) 109-14-0, carp on poled pellet, peg 9; Bernie Larder (Woodhouse Grange) 76-1-0; Craig Thompson (AJ Tackle) 56-7-0.

Woodlands, Carlton Minniot, North Yorks, Sat, 24, Dragonfly and Swallow. David Hudson (Woodlands Tackle) 68-6-0, roach and carp, maggot at 3m, Dragonfly 2; Ryan Bennett (Woodlands Tackle) 59-12-0; Chris Pentland (Woodlands Tackle) 53-10-0. Sun, 20, Curlew and Dragonfly. Peter Close (Mosella Quaker) 84-1-0, carp to 12 lb, meat, Curlew 2; Neil Carr (Woodlands Tackle) 66-14-0; Stuart Newberry (Woodlands Tackle) 63-13-0.


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