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North East Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for September 15/16 2012.

* Calder League, Sun. River Calder, Mirfield, 51. Pete Baron (Calder 8) 33-4-0, 11 chub on waggler and caster from the Ship Inn weir; Jamie Houlders (Bradford No1) 18-8-0; Dave Armitage (Punky’s 8) 17-4-0; Norman Thewliss (Mirfield) 16-3-0; Dave Taylor (CH Electricals) 14-10-0; Daz Taylor (Mirfield) 14-5-0.

Teams: Mirfield 38; Bradford No1 35.5; Punky’s 8 34.

League: Mirfield 26.5; Punky’s 8 20.5; Calder 8 19.


* Happy League, Sun. River Don Sprotborough, 88. Phil Stevenson (Daiwa Dons) 11kg 600gr, Skimmers on feeder and worm from peg 56; Pat Daley (Hemsworth) 10.300; James Cameron (Clay Lane) 6.400; Pete Thurlow (Tri-Cast Calder) 5.840; Paul Slack (Sensas North) 5.800; Steve Lowther (Daiwa Dons) 5.050.


Other match fishing results


Bank End, Finningley, S Yorkshire. Sun. 28. Dean Foster (Kerfoots Tackle) 140-8-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 14; Reg Fearn (Daiwa Dons) 133-1-0; John Andrews (Bank End) 139-3-0; Trev Bee (Bank End) and Graham Clarke (Bank End) both 106-6-0; John Lindsay (Bank End) 100-2-0.


Barnburgh, Doncaster, S Yorks. Tue. Over 50’s. 18. Steve Brunyee (Casleford) 70-0-0, F1s on pole and pellet, peg 15; Dave Collins (Barnburgh) 59-0-0; Andy Shoepack (Barnburgh) 53-8-0; Les Peace (Barnburgh) 51-0-0. Wed. Top pond. 20. Les Peace (Barnburgh) 114-0-0, carp on pole and pellet; Andy Stoner (Barnburgh) 90-0-0; Rob Burgin (Barnburgh) 57-12-0; Steve Manchester (Barnburgh) 78-8-0. Thurs ev. Gary Jubb (Barnburgh) 98-4-0, barbel on pole and meat in 2 and a half hours; Rob Burgin (Barnburgh) 68-0-0; Andy Stoner (Barnburgh) 51-0-0. Sun. Middle pond. 20. Pete Gosney (Barnburgh) 77-12-0, F1s on pole and pellet, peg 13; Les Peace (Barnburgh) 77-8-0; Jason Mackie (Barnburgh) 69-4-0; Mark Sixsmith (Barnburgh) 68-4-0.


Daiwa Hallcroft, Retford, Notts. Mon. Veterans. Bridge island and Croft. 20. Dave Farr (Hallcroft) 138-12-0, 21 carp to 15lb on pole and catmeat at 7m, peg 13 Bridge island; Dave Whiting (Buttonhole AC) 61-10-0; Ron Brooks (Sheffield) 56-14-0; M Thompson (Shawsheds) 56-0-0; Chris Line (Laneham) 54-12-0. Tue. Moat outer. 24. Andy Oldham (Maltby) 134-0-0, 24 carp on groundbait feeder with corn and pole in the margins, peg 27; Kev Baxter (Mosborough Tackle) 107-0-0; Andy Lakey (Gateford) 88-12-0; Paul Schoof (Hallcroft) 77-15-0; Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 68-4-0. Thurs. Veterans. Moat. 39. Chris Line (Laneham) 71-10-0, 16 carp to 8lb on pellet waggler, peg 15 outer; Dave Farr (Hallcroft) 57-10-0; Les Richmond (Bircotes) 57-0-0; Paul Schoof (Hallcroft) 56-12-0; Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 54-14-0. Fri. Moat outer. 28. Pete Miles (Doncaster) 192-3-0, carp to 17lb on pellet cone with corn and meat and worm and maggot in the margins, peg 64; Andy Favill (Tuxford) 127-12-0; Dave Dare (Marukyu) 116-4-0; Arthur Beresford (MAP Leegem) 114-12-0; Shane Pimperton (Hallcroft) 110-10-0. Sat. Moat outer. 20. Ken Talbot (Hallcroft) 87-11-0, carp on pole and meat over groundbait in the margins, peg 67; Stephen Cook (Newcastle Arms) 71-0-0; Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 66-0-0; Daz Oldham (Maltby) 59-3-0; Dave Dare (Marukyu) 54-2-0; Steve Clark (Mansfield) 54-2-0. Sun. Moat. 42. Steve Clark (Mansfield) 90-8-0, carp on 13m pole and meat, peg 50 outer; Pete Miles (Doncaster) 85-2-0; Stephen Cook (Newcastle Arms) 74-6-0; Richard Teigh (Handsworth) 73-2-0; Andy Oldham (Maltby) 65-2-0; Neil Vernon (Gainsborough) 61-3-0.


Elsecar Reservoir, Barnsley, S Yorks. Ray Reah (Wakefield) 12-10-0, skimmers on groundbait feeder and maggot; Dave Pearson (Steel City) 8-12-0; Tony Massey (Elsecar) 6-13-0; Lindsay Clarke (Barnsley) 6-12-0.


Ferryboat Farm, Conisborough, S Yorks. Sun. 10. Cliff Thompson (Ferryboat Farm) 37-4-0, carp on feeder and pellet; Tony Brown (Ferryboat Farm) 33-8-0; Paul Gregory (Ferryboat Farm) 28-0-0; Graham Eblett (Ferryboat Farm) 26-12-0.


Garbolino Lindholme, Doncaster, S Yorks. Thurs. Bonsai. 21. George Barbie (Hull) 136-11-0, F1s on pole and pellet, peg 74; B Fowler (Lindholme) 119-5-0; Steve Barraclough (Frenzee Bait Tech) 100-13-0. Sat. Oasis. 26. Alex McCloud (Garbolino Lindholme) 102-13-0, carp on pole with maggot and caster, peg 8; Andy Whitehouse (Scunthorpe Tackle) 98-13-0; Greg Norris (Bag Em Baits) 89-15-0; Les Marshall (Barnsley) 78-13-0. Sun. Bonsai. 21. Steve Cook (Garbolino) 88-14-0, carp on pole and meat, peg 6; Jet Harris (Garbolino Lindholme) 78-11-0; Neil Fisher (Dynamite Baits) 76-1-0; Pete Riley (Garbolino Lindholme) 69-5-0.


Kiveton Hall, Sheffield, S Yorks. Sun. 22. Paul Massey (Kiveton Hall) 59-12-0, carp on bomb and meat, peg 43; Steve Gill (Kiveton Hall) 56-14-0; Pete Ellis (Kiveton Hall) 54-6-0; Steve Crawford (Kiveton Hall) 50-14-0; Mick Todd (Kiveton Hall) 50-2-0.


Langwith Lakes, Sun. Anya’s and Emma’s, 26. Tim Bell (York Tackle) 226-10-0, carp to 4lb on poled pellet from Anya’s 15; Harry Bignall (Maver NW) 159-2-0; Andy Jackson (JT Rogers) 128-4-0; Shane Wagstaff (Sonu Baits) 112-0-0.


Mirfield, Sat. River Calder, Altofts, 40. Dave Bramley (Knaresborough) 10-14-0, 70 roach on waggler and maggot from peg 16; Keith Hobson (Ultimate Barnsley Blacks) 10-7-0; Bob Foster (Tackle 2U) 10-2-0; Ian Bates (Leeds Angling Centre) 9-14-0.


Oaks, Tues. Maple, 10. Pete Whale (Woodlands Tackle) 83-1-0, carp to 6lb on pellet in the edge from peg 31; Ian Bayley (Woodlands Tackle) 77-2-0; Chris Robson (Oaks) 69-14-0. Weds. Ash and Beech, 12. Chris Kendall (Middy)  111-8-0, carp to 8lb on method feeder from Ash 19; Dave Hill (Oaks) 111-1-0; Pete Whale (Woodlands Tackle) 107-12-0. Thurs. Cedar, 15. Chris Kendall (Middy)  90-13-0, carp to 2lb on maggot up in the water from peg 54; Paul Newman (Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre) 89-3-0; Ian Bayley (Woodlands Tackle) 87-3-0. Sat. Cedar, 15. Rob Minikin (Sonu Baits) 97-13-0, carp to 9lb on maggot at 3m; Chris Hall (Oaks) 91-2-0; Ian Exley (Daiwa Dons) 86-1-0. Sun. Ash, Beech and Sycamore, 18. Chris Kendall (Middy)  158-3-0, carp to 3lb on method feeder from Ash 21; Dean Smith (Matrix Baitech)  158-3-0; Chris Hall (Oaks) 151-3-0.


Oaktree Leisure, Sun. Pond Four, 18. Ray Wright (Black Horse) 75-12-0, carp to 4lb on pellet and corn from peg 49; Mike Babb (Oaktree Leisure) 75-0-0; Steve Hodson (RSPS) 59-0-0.


Thornaby, Sun. River Tees, Croft, 22. Dave Oxley (Darlington) 10-6-0, 2 chub plus dace and grayling on stick and maggot from peg 3; Mick Clitheroe (Darlington) 5-2-0; Graham Jeavons (Billingham) 4-8-0.


Viking Fishery, Pollington, E Yorks. Sat. Hawk pond. 20. Neil Buck (Apache) 56-2-0; Steve Pulford (Hull) 53-0-0; John Alexander (Hull) 25-1-0; Steve Bean (Knottingley) 23-11-0.


Woodhouse Grange, Doncaster, S Yorks. Wed. Kingfisher. 13. P Wilson (Woodhouse Grange) 92-14-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 21; Graham Martin (Sheffield) 85-14-0; Andy Bailey (Daiwa Dons) 61-13-0. Thurs. Heron. 9. John Dudley (Woodhouse Grange) 144-8-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 47; Paul Carling (Woodhouse Grange) 92-0-0; Andy Bailey (Daiwa Dons) 62-0-0. Sat. Heron. 15. Ian Taylor (Cats and Dogs) 98-2-0, carp on pole and paste, peg 47; Bernie Larder (Woodhouse Grange) 91-6-0; Sean O’Mally (Woodhouse Grange) 70-0-0. Sun. Heron. 24. P Bristow (Woodhouse Grange) 97-8-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 5; Rui Lucas (Woodhouse Grange) 94-12-0; Ian Taylor (Cats and Dogs) 82-0-0.


Yarm, Sun. River Tees, Yarm, 29. Dave Harris (Yarm) 11-9-0, 2 bream and 4 skimmers on feeder and worm from peg 148; Nigel Rance (Darlington Angling Centre) 10-15-8; Richy Besemer (Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre) 10-8-0; Rob Emery (Shotton) 10-6-0





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