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North East Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for October 6/7, 2012.

*Angling Trust Eastern Region Winter League, Round One, Stainforth and Keaby Canal, Thorne. Sun. Wykewell Bridge to Fence End. 56. John Dunhill (Ultimate Barnsley) 8-14-0, skimmers on 16 m pole with worm and caster, peg 164 Wykewell; Dave Scales (Sensas Walton) 7-4-0; Steve Webster (Tri-Cast Calder) and Ian Bowman (Ultimate Barnsley) both 7-3-0; Roy Marklew (Garbolino Ossett) 6-12-0; John Burke (Tri-Cast Calder) 6-8-0. Teams: Ultimate Barnsley 22; Garbolino Ossett 24; Sensas North 32; Mosella Selby 33.

*Bob-Co Tackle Yorkshire WL, River Calder, Mirfield. Sun. 70. Colin Hardy (Tackle 2U) 9-10-0, roach on stick float or waggler and maggot, Calder Bank Road; Jodie Bywell (Aireborough) 5-11-0; Stan Jeffries (Leeds Angling Centre) 5-4-0; Tony Earnshaw (Glen) 4-9-0; Stan Haigh (Anglers World Holidays) 4-3-0; Bill Collier (Leeds Angling Centre) 4-1-0

*Environment Agency/East Yorkshire County Council River Derwent Championship, River Derwent, Sutton to Scrayingham. Sat. 120. Pete Kitwood (Sensas North) 2 kg 950 gr, six perch on lobworm at Howsham; Mark Halksworth (Leegem) 2.190; Wally Brown (Hull) 1.950; Sean Leskiewicz (Beverley) 1.600; Stuart Tate (Helperby) 1.280; George Tappleman (York) 1.280.

*Environment Agency/East Yorkshire County Council River Hull Championships, River Hull, Kingswood to Hempholme. Sun. 159. Dave Brooks Snr (Hull DAA) 17 kg 690 gr, roach, skimmers and perch on stick float and maggot, peg 7 in the shipyard; Craig Hirst (Beverley) 14.910; Mark Halksworth (Leegem) 8.840; Oliver Waddy (Beverley) 8.750; Tony Parr (Yarnburgh) 7.490; Chris Fawcett (Hull) 6.580.

*Northern WL, River Tees, Yarm. Sun. 70. Ken Gollightly (Shotton) 12-12-0, two bream with skimmers and roach on feeder and worm, peg 179; Gerry Bowes (Washington) 10-12-0; Derek Fox (Maver Newman Scotts) 10-10-0; Nigel Rance (Darlington Angling Centre) 8-9-0; Mick Lovelass (Browning Quaker) 8-4-0; Chris Metcalfe (Washington) 7-3-0. Teams: Browning Quaker 48; Maver Newman Scotts 42; Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre 42.




Barnburgh Lakes, Doncaster. Tue. Over 50s, Top Pond. 26. Joe Simms (Leeds) 71-0-0, carp on pole and paste; Les Peace (Barnburgh) 53-0-0; Andy Shoepack (Barnburgh) 50-0-0; Des Buxton (Barnburgh) 43-0-0. Wed. Top Pond. 20. Josh Newton (Browning) 141-0-0, silver fish and carp on pole and maggot, peg 20; Adam Richards (Browning) 136-0-0; Les Peace (Barnburgh) 95-0-0; Kev Worth (Kippax) 81-0-0. Sun. Middle Pond. 23. Mick Owen (Lindholme) 56-0-0, F1s on pole and pellet, peg 1; Steve Manchester (Barnburgh) 55-0-0; Jamie Hammer (Barnburgh) 54-8-0; Carl Rowe (Barnburgh) 50-0-0.

CIU Northern Teams Invitation, Garbolino Lindholme, Doncaster. Sat. 100. Andy Bailey (Woodhouse) 66-4-0, small carp on 12 m pole and caster, Oasis 46; Mark Rigg (Doncaster Trades) 50-11-0; Kevin Scholley (Doncaster Trades) 49-14-0; Matt Hunter (Bilton) 48-5-0. Teams: Hatfield Woodhouse 86; Bilton 82; Doncaster Trades 77.

Daiwa Hallcroft, Retford. Mon. Veterans, Bridge and Croft. 21. Dave Farr (Hallcroft) 104-0-0, carp on 7 m pole and meat, peg 22 Bridge Island; Dave Sewell (James Maude AC) 81-8-0; Roger Holmes (Notts AA) 62-12-0; Joe Simms (MAP Leegem) 60-8-0; I. Daws (Retford) 51-15-0. Tue. Moat Outer. 13. Steve Cook (Retford) 90-2-0, carp on pole and meat, peg 21; Paul Schoof (Hallcroft) 51-4-0; Shaun Parker (Hull) 48-13-0; Ray Abbs (Notts) 33-6-0. Thurs. Veterans, Bridge and Croft. 38. Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 60-3-0, carp and bream on 6 m pole and maggot over groundbait, peg 47 Bridge Outer; Roger Holmes (Notts AA) 56-0-0; John Belcher (Hallcroft) 52-8-0; Joe Simms (MAP Leegem) 43-14-0; Pete Bagshaw (Maver) 38-2-0. Fri. Moat. 18. Alan Tait (MAP Leegem) 97-7-0, carp on 12 m pole and meat, peg 43 Island; Daz Oldham (Maltby) 71-10-0; Steve Barraclough (Frenzee) 66-14-0; Dave Oldfield (Plough AC) 61-4-0; Ray Abbs (Notts) 58-3-0; Gordon Gibson (Worksop) 53-11-0. Sat. Moat. 23. Daz Oldham (Maltby) 98-5-0, carp and skimmers on 10 m pole and meat, peg 39 Island; Jamie Masson (Maver/Marukyu) 80-8-0; Dave Boswell (Bryden) 80-7-0; Brian Sullivan (Maltby) 80-4-0; Pete Bagshaw (Maver) 74-0-0; Alan Tait (MAP Leegem) 69-1-0. Sun. Moat Outer and Bridge Island. 33. Paul McIntyre (Bait-Tech) 125-6-0, carp and skimmers on pole with dead red maggot over groundbait, peg 10 Bridge Island; Matt Wilson (MAP Leegem) 115-6-0; Dave Dare (Marukyu) 111-11-0; Neil Vernon (Gainsborough) 77-6-0; M. Mcintyre (Doncaster) 60-0-0; Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 59-8-0.

Dynamite Baits Scunthorpe & District AA, Tidal River Trent, South Clifton, Lincolnshire. Thurs. Match 16. 16. Malc Firmstone (Lincs County) 5-12-0, skimmers and a few roach, feeder, groundbait and maggot, peg 46; Colin Williams (Brigg AC) 4-12-0; Colin Batchelor (Brigg AC) 3-6-0; Dave Norwood (Winterton AC) 3-5-0; Dave Ashmore (Grimsby) and Shaun Sidey (Dunham) both 2-5-0.

Elsecar Reservoir, Barnsley. Sun. 12. Dave Pearson (Steel City) 7-8-0, skimmers and roach on feeder; Lindsay Clarke (Barnsley) 6-1-0; Dave Howitt (Rotherham) 5-6-0; Glyn Hood (Worksop) 2-14-0; Lol Baker (Barnsley) 2-13-0.

Ferryboat Farm, Conisborough, Doncaster. Thurs. 10. Paul Hunton (Rotherham) 24-0-0, bream on feeder and pellet; G. Cooper (Ferryboat Farm) 17-0-0; Phil Stevenson (Daiwa Dons) 16-8-0.

Garbolino Lindholme, Doncaster. Thurs. Oasis. 27. Steve Rothery (Garbolino Lindholme) 149-6-0, carp on 13 m pole and maggot, peg 17; Phil Chapman (Garbolino Osset) 119-15-0; Dave Shires (Police) 109-12-0; Mark Silman (Ultimate Barnsley Blacks) 102-11-0. Sun. Beeches. 26. John Allerton (Tri-Cast) 119-7-0, carp on corn to the reeds, peg 27; Mark Illingworth (Garbolino Lindholme) 79-12-0; Dean Kenworthy (Garbolino Lindholme) 76-4-0; Colin Williamson (Heron AC) 68-4-0.

Kiveton Hall, Sheffield. John Forster (Kiveton) 92-8-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 34; Steven Forster (Kiveton) 85-4-0; Chris Bacon (Worksop) 51-8-0; Ray Harris (Kiveton) 41-8-0; Colin Hendley (Kiveton) 40-8-0; Dave Briggs (Kiveton) 37-10-0.

Langwith Lakes, York. Sun. Kevin’s and Bethany’s. 18. Josh Newton (Browning Quaker) 95-0-0, carp to 3 lb on 7 m pole and maggot, Bethany’s 1; Mick Sykes (Langwith) 91-2-0; Tim Bell (York Tackle) 69-10-0.

Oaks, Thirsk. Thurs. Cedar. 14. Pete Whale (Woodlands Tackle) 97-2-0, carp and ide on 13 m pole and pellet, peg 54; Rob Minikin (Sonubaits) 86-7-0; Ian Bayley (Woodlands Tackle) 80-1-0. Sat. Cedar. 21. Rob Minikin (Sonubaits) 116-0-0, carp to 4 lb on maggot, peg 42; Ian Bayley (Woodlands Tackle) 100-4-0, Chris Kendall (Middy) 94-14-0. Sun. Beech and Sycamore. 20. Chris Hall (Oaks) 134-13-0, carp to 4 lb on pellet, Beech 18; Phil Sellars (Garbolino Elton) 129-10-0, Bert Poole (Oaks) 123-6-0.

Oaktree Leisure, York. Sun. Pond Four. 24. Sean Walker (Woodlands Tackle) 36-0-0, carp and perch on 10 m pole, maggot and meat, peg 30; Andy Dowell (Oaktree Leisure) 32-8-0; Alan Norfolk (Woodlands Tackle) 28-4-0.

Phoenix & Parkgate AC, River Don, Kilnhurst. Sun. 16. Mick Hospodyniuk (Phoenix & Parkgate) 7-3-0, chublets on stick float and maggot; Dave Howitt (Rotherham) 6-15-0; Terry Dixon (Rotherham) and Stu Senior (Phoenix & Parkgate) both 4-14-0; Dave Hawkridge (Phoenix & Parkgate) 4-6-0; Dave Griffiths (Phoenix & Parkgate) 4-1-0.

Rotherham UAF, Autumn League, Round One, River Don, Sprotborough. Sun. 26. John Cameron (Clay Lane) 12-4-0, roach on stick float and maggot, peg 42; Jeff Margetts (Rotherham) 11-7-0; Joe Murray (Maltby) 10-12-0; Nick Atkins (Chesterfield) 9-14-0; Alan Yates (Clay Lane) 9-10-0; John Small (Lincoln) 9-6-0.

Stainforth Angling Centre, Sykehouse Fisheries, Doncaster. Wed. 12. Mick Glaister (Thorne) 73-1-0, carp on bomb and Method feeder with pellet, peg 1; Dave Richardson (Thorne) 53-2-0; Craig Manc (Stainforth Angling Centre) 52-1-0. Sun. 26. Keith Dodds (Clay Lane) 47-12-0, carp on bomb and popped up bread, peg 27; Eric Goodwin (Stainforth Angling Centre) 37-4-0; Craig Bridges (Stainforth Angling Centre) 37-1-0.

Thornhill AC, Calder and Hebble Canal, Dewsbury. Sat. 11. Simon Waine (Wakefield) 2-10-0, roach to 3 oz on 10 m pole and pinkie, peg 5; Neil Picket (Thornhill) 2-9-0; Brian Kellett (Thornhill) 2-1-0.

Viking Fishery, Pollington, East Yorkshire. Sat. Deer Pond. 17. Steve Fotheringham (Leeds) 59-4-0, carp on pole with pellet and meat, peg 12; P. Jennings (Hull) 47-10-0; P. Morris (Brotherton) 38-4-0; L. Tones (Viking) 37-9-0; L. Fenwick (Howden) 36-9-0; Dave Cheetham (Frenzee) 35-11-0.

Woodhouse Grange, Doncaster. Wed. Kingfisher. 12. Keith Sanders (Woodhouse Grange) 83-0-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 5; Steve Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 77-14-0; Tony Clegg Jnr (Woodhouse Grange) 47-0-0. Thurs. Heron. 10. Ian Taylor (Cats & Dogs) 89-14-0, carp on pole and paste, peg 13; Mick Rodgerson (Woodhouse Grange) 78-6-0; Eric Goodwin (Woodhouse Grange) 61-4-0. Sat. Dog Kennel. 7. Ron Bennett (Woodhouse Grange) 31-8-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 16; Mick Rodgerson (Woodhouse Grange) 23-8-0; Paul Ellis (Goole) 19-8-0. Sun. Heron. 21. Stef Huntington (Goole) 79-0-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 31; Keith Sanders (Woodhouse Grange) 69-8-0; Dean Richmond (Cats & Dogs) 67-12-0.



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