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North East Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for December 1/2, 2012.


*Leeds DASA, River Ouse, Hunters Lodge and Thorpe Underwood. Sun. 55. Arthur Benstead (Pontefract) five roach on bomb and worm, peg 222; Martyn Highe (Mirfield) 1-8-0; Ian Bowman (Ultimate Barnsley Blacks) 1-7-8; Keith Hobson (Ultimate Barnsley Blacks) 1-7-0; Stan Haigh (Anglers World Holidays) 1-1-0; Ian Bates (Leeds) 1-0-0.




Bank End, Finningley, Doncaster. Sun. 30. Len Squire (R&R Sports) 105-6-0, carp on pole and feeder with pellet, peg 20; Phil Gullitt (Clay Lane) 68-6-0; Mark Kettle (Bank End) 22-3-0; Alan Barker (Garbolino Elton) 18-3-0; Fred Maxwell (Bank End) 17-9-0; John Taylor (Clay Lane) 13-14-0.

Barnburgh Lakes, Doncaster. Tue. Over 50s. Top and Middle Ponds. 18. Phil Larkin (Barnburgh) 51-4-0, F1s on pole and pellet, peg 4 Middle; Paul Brunyee (Castleford) 36-2-0; Ray Charlton (Barnburgh) 31-0-0; John Siddons (Barnburgh) 28-0-0. Wed. Top Pond. 14. Gary Jubb (Barnburgh) 47-0-0, F1s on pole and pellet; Dave Cheetham (Frenzee) 32-0-0; Steve Manchester (Barnburgh) 27-0-0; Mark Turner (Barnburgh) 22-0-0. Sun. Middle. 18. Andy Sutton (Barnburgh) 32-8-0, F1s on pole and pellet, peg 4; Paul Crookes (Barnburgh) 23-0-0; Steve Manchester (Barnburgh) 19-8-0; Malc Bailey (Castleford) 13-0-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft, Retford. Mon. Veterans, Bridge. 15. Roger Holmes (Notts AA) 51-2-0, carp to 7 lb on 12 m pole and pellet, peg 6 Island; Dave Farr (Hallcroft) 49-10-0; Colin Perry (Sensas) 21-12-0; Dave Boswell (Bridon AC) 20-4-0. Thurs. Veterans, Moat. 30. Tony Brown (MAP Leegem) 29-12-0, carp to 8 lb on bomb with meat and corn, peg 57 Island; Colin Perry (Sensas) 14-0-0; Arnie Payling (Peg One) 11-14-0; Geoff Hiley (Peg One) 8-12-0; B. Perkins (Retford) 8-0-0. Fri. Croft. 10. Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 29-12-0, carp on pole with maggot in margins, peg 27; Mick Hall (Tuxford) 17-14-0; Dave Evans (Retford) 15-12-0; Graham Westwater (MAP Leegem) 12-12-0; Rich Teigh (Handsworth) 12-0-0. Sat. Carp and Silver Fish, Moat. 20. Carp: Martin McIntyre (Halkon Hunt) 47-4-0, nine carp to 7 lb on feeder with meat and corn, peg 110 Outer; Gary Mumby (MAP Leegem) 43-12-0. Silvers: Chris Line (Retford) 9-4-0, roach and skimmers on pole with maggot, peg 74 Outer; Steve Clark (Mansfield) 7-10-0. Sun. Moat. 20. Stuart Gray (Worksop) 50-4-0, carp to 6 lb on 14 m pole with pellet and maggot, peg 53 Outer; Nigel Woods (Hallcroft) 31-4-0; John Barningham (Hallcroft) 16-12-0.

Darlington Brown Trout AA, River Tees, Conniscliffe. Sun. 30. Nigel Spratt (Darlington Brown Trout) 5-12-0, grayling on stick float and maggot, peg 23; John Burgess (Darlington Brown Trout) 5-10-0; Roy Cloke (Darlington Brown Trout) 5-8-0.

Garbolino Lindholme, Doncaster. Thurs. Bonsai. 21. Steve Rothery (Garbolino Lindholme) 68-5-0, carp on pellet to the corner, peg 84; Mark Booth (Garbolino Lindholme) 66-1-0; Nick Speed (Shimano) 53-13-0; Pete Miles (Doncaster) 47-4-0. Sat. Bonsai. 23. Mark Booth (Garbolino Lindholme) 69-11-0, carp on bomb and corn, peg 70 (golden peg £300); Tim Moran (Grattan) 49-13-0; Steve Cooke (Garbolino Lindholme) 41-14-0; Ben Fisk (Middy) 39-6-0. Sun. Strip and Bonsai. 38. Nick Speed (Shimano) 152-15-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 17; Mal Connor (Garbolino Lindholme) 78-13-0; Steve Rothery (Garbolino Lindholme) 68-14-0; Steve Clark (Mansfield) 67-12-0; Kev Baxter (Mosborough Tackle) 51-13-0; Steve Cook (Garbolino) 40-12-0.

Kiveton Hall, Sheffield. Sun. 22. John Forster (Kiveton) 13-6-0, three carp on bomb and meat, peg 64; Malc Collins (Kiveton) 12-12-0; Mick Rose (Kiveton) 6-6-0; Steve Robinson (Kiveton) 5-0-0; Mick Todd (Kiveton) 4-8-0; Paul Burt (Kiveton) 4-0-0.

Mirfield AC, River Calder, Altofts. Sat. 42. Eddie Bridon (Maver) 6-5-0, a chub with ten roach on feeder and maggot, peg 43; Ricky Bonas (Leeds Angling Centre) 5-9-0; Arthur Benstead (Pontefract) 3-8-0; Jan Stevenson (Altofts) 2-8-0; Steve Whitfield (Sheffield) 2-2-0; Phil Austin (Barlby Village Stores) 2-0-0.

Mouncey League, River Ancholme, Cake Mills. Sat. 24. Dave Mountford (Scunthorpe Tackle) 2-4-0, roach on pole and punch, peg 24; Steve Williamson (Hull DAA) 1-14-0; Pete Dimmock (Scunthorpe Tackle) 1-2-8; Mick Tamms (Grimsby) 1-2-0.

Oaks, Thirsk. Tues. Alders. 14. Pete Whale (Oaks) 25-0-0, carp and skimmers on pellet, peg 34; Ant Stock (Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre) 23-4-0; Andy Hampson (Oaks) 21-11-0. Wed. Beech and Sycamore. 14. Chris Hall (Oaks) 57-11-0, carp to 3 lb on pellet, Beech 8; Bert Poole (Oaks) 46-7-0; Richy Newton (Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre) 46-0-0. Thurs. Cedar. 10. Keith Kotchie (Oaks) 12-13-0, carp and silver fish on pellet, peg 68; Andy Hampson (Oaks) 10-12-0; Pete Whale (Oaks) 10-10-0. Sat. Cedar. 25. Mark Calvert (Garbolino Elton) 20-11-0, carp and silver fish on pole and maggot, peg 68; George Henderson (Oaks) and Phil Sellars (Garbolino Elton) both 17-8-0; Ray Singh (Garbolino Elton) 14-9-0. Sun. Ash, Beech and Sycamore. 26. Chris Watson (Oaks) 46-10-0, carp on pellet, peg 59; Dave Hughes (Oaks) 40-12-0; Dean Smith (Matrix Bait-Tech) 27-10-0.

Phoenix & Parkgate AC, Ravenfield Ponds, near Rotherham. Sat. 15. Barry Heapey (Phoenix & Parkgate) 5-12-0, roach on pole and maggot, peg 72; Carl Rotherham (Phoenix & Parkgate) 5-9-0; Trev Parkin (Phoenix & Parkgate) 5-8-0; Geoff Rutter (Phoenix & Parkgate) and Stuart Senior (Phoenix & Parkgate) both 5-0-0.

Ripon Pisc, River Ure, Ripon. Sun. 38. Eric Wright (Bradford No.1) 26-4-0, eight chub on waggler and bread, peg 4; Robin Pickles (KL Tackle) 23-8-0; Nick Smith (Aireborough) 10-4-0; Steve Aldridge (Aireborough) 6-12-0.

Rotherham UAF Winter League, Teams of Four, River Don, Sprotborough. Sun. 40. Ian Starbuck (Tippers) 6-3-0, skimmers on groundbait feeder and maggot, peg 2; Jack Evason (Jacks Lads) 3-5-0; Steve Whitfield (Steel City) 3-2-0; Pete Smith (Dons Red) 3-1-0; Mick Whitfield (Steel City) 2-10-0; Mick Peverley (Rotherham) 2-7-8. Teams: Tippers 12; Steel City and Dons Red both 13; Daiwa Dons A 19; Jacks Lads and Rotherham both 22. League: Steel City 26; Dunlop Maltby Mafia 32; Tippers 34; Jack’s Lads and Dons Red 39; Rotherham 40.

Scunthorpe & Dist WL, River Ancholme, Springs. Sun. 32. Graham Bontoft (Scunthorpe Tackle) 16-8-0, roach on punch, peg 20; Stuart Scarrot (Brigg Tackle) 15-1-0; Wayne Easter (Scunthorpe Tackle) 14-11-0; Graham Thornton (Brigg Tackle) 14-8-0; Paul Batchelor (Brigg) 14-6-0.

Slaithwaite DAC, Sparth Reservoir, Marsden, Yorkshire. Sun. 14. Steve Allinson (Tri-Cast Calder) 5-4-0, roach to 3 oz on 11 m pole and bloodworm, peg 4; Colin Smith (Trabucco Halifax) 4-10-0; John Harman (Slaithwaite) 4-0-0.

Stainforth Angling Centre, Winter League, Pine Lake Fisheries, Thorne, near Doncaster. Sun. 24. John Hall (Stainforth) 23-10-0, one tench, one ide and a 20 lb carp on feeder with maggot, peg 10; Jamie Snedker (Clay Lane) 20-4-0; M. Matty (Stainforth) 16-8-0. Pairs: John Hall and M. Matty 2 points; Steve Jones and Lee Hall 5.

Thorne DAA, Individual Winter League, Stainforth and Keadby Canal, Thorne. Sun. 45. Matt Godfrey (Ultimate Barnsley) 8-6-0, roach on pole and bloodworm, peg 201; Brian Hawkes (Sensas Thorne) 83-8-0; Oliver Scotthorne (Ultimate Barnsley), Sam Wildsmith (Ultimate Barnsley) and Romelu Sabbaccius (Sensas Walton) all 8-0-0; Frankie Giancelli (Ultimate Barnsley) 7-1-8.

Thornhill AC, Calder and Hebble Canal, Dewsbury. Sat. 13. Harry Lodge (Wakefield) 3-11-0, skimmers and roach on 11 m pole and worm, peg 28; Stuart Campbell (Trabucco Halifax) 3-9-8; Daz Kershaw (Trabucco Halifax) 1-9-0.

Woodhouse Grange, Doncaster. Wed. Cobble. 9. Ian Taylor (Cats & Dogs) 51-4-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 11; Paul Carling (Woodhouse Grange) 31-0-0; Stef Huntington (Goole) 18-0-0. Thurs. Dog Kennel. 8. Ken Talbot (Doncaster) 48-0-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 37; Mick Rodgerson (Woodhouse Grange) 30-0-0; Bill Snow (Woodhouse Grange) 21-0-0. Sat. Heron. 14. Stef Huntington (Goole) 41-12-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 8; Keith Sanders (Woodhouse Grange) 32-6-0; Bernie Larder (Woodhouse Grange) 25-0-0. Sun. Cobble. 8. Bernie Larder (Woodhouse Grange) 39-12-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 46; Steve Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 23-8-0; Keith Sanders (Woodhouse Grange) 21-8-0.


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