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North East Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for August 18/19, 2012.

*Lower Aire Championships, River Aire, Beal and Birkin. Sun. 70. Dean Grace (Pontefract) 51-2-0, 22 skimmers on feeder and worm, above the pumper at Beal; Andy Miller (Tackle 2U) 36-14-0; Keith Hobson (Ultimate Barnsley Blacks) 20-12-0; Andy Gower (Bradford No1) 16-5-0; Tony Parr (Leeds Angling Centre) 15-11-0; Paul Bennett (Tackle 2U) 15-2-0.

*Tidal Trent Championships, River Trent, Clifton, Dunham and Laughterton. Sun. 50. Clyde English (Nottingham) 16-13-0, bream and skimmers on feeder and maggot, North Clifton, peg 23; Andy Starkey (Barnsley) 15-10-0; Geoff Margetts (Sensas Thorne) 13-10-0; Alistair Ogilvy (Harrogate) 11-8-0; Rob Elson (Scunthorpe Tackle) 10-13-0; Mick Atkins (Sheffield) 10-0-0.



Bank End, Finningley, Doncaster. Sun. 31. Dean Foster (Kerfoots Tackle) 134-7-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 5; Phil Gullitt (Clay Lane) 122-7-0; Steve Curtis (Bank End) 118-12-0; Dave Porritt (Doncaster) 113-11-0; Matt Grove (Bank End) 110-3-0; Mark Kettle (Bank End) 109-3-0.

Barnburgh Lakes, Doncaster. Tue. Over 50s. Steve Manchester (Barnburgh) 69-8-0, F1s on pole and pellet; Les Peace (Barnburgh) 49-4-0; Denis McDonald (Barnburgh) 38-4-0; Nigel Cook (Barnburgh) 37-0-0. Wed. Top Pond. 20. Andy Stoner (Barnburgh) 86-0-0, carp on pole and pellet; Richard Clement (Barnburgh) 84-0-0; Mark Sixsmith (Barnburgh) and Les Peace (Barnburgh) both 78-0-0. Thurs. ev. Top Pond. 15. Gary Jubb (Barnburgh) 65-0-0, silver fish on pole and maggot; Les Marshall (Barnburgh) 56-8-0; Andy Stoner (Barnburgh) 51-0-0; J. Gordon (Barnburgh) 45-0-0. Sun. Bottom Pond. 21. Brian Law (Barnburgh) 153-8-0, F1s on pole and pellet shallow; Les Peace (Barnburgh) 143-8-0; Pete Gosney (Barnburgh) 122-0-0; Rob Hitchens (Yorkshire Baits) 114-0-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft, Retford. Mon. Vets. Croft Bridge Island. 19. Ian Temple (Hallcroft) 76-8-0, eight carp and 30 lb of skimmers and tench on long pole with meat and pellet long and in margins, peg 0 Croft; Geoff Hiley (Peg One) 73-4-0; Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 68-8-0; Ray Abbs (Notts) 64-9-0; Roy Toulson (Notts) 59-0-0. Tue. Moat Outer. 29. Richard Teigh (Handsworth) 79-4-0, 15 carp to 10 lb on pole with pellet, maggot and corn in margins, peg 111; Jack Hobson (Sheffield) 76-6-0; Pete Miles (Doncaster) 74-14-0; K. Lockwood (Hallcroft) 59-12-0; Dave Whiting (Buttonhole AC) 57-15-0. Thurs. Veterans, Moat. 50. Dave Whiting (Buttonhole AC) 53-15-0, carp to 1 2lb on pole with pellet and paste, peg 67 Island; Ken Pacey (Gainsborough) 53-10-0; Alan Tait (Newcastle Arms) 50-8-0; J. Moore (Sutton) 45-12-0; Alf McCurdy (Hallcroft) 43-14-0. Fri. Moat Island. 23. Dave Whiting (Buttonhole AC) 104-0-0, 16 carp to double figures with a few skimmers on 8 m pole with paste, peg 61; Gordon Gibson (Worksop) 102-8-0; Andy Sellars (Bankside Tackle) 92-10-0; Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 74-3-0; Dave Dare (Notts) 67-10-0. Sat. Moat Island. 20. Gary Brooks (Maltby) 130-2-0, carp and bream on pole and pellet, peg 60; Paul McIntyre (Bait-Tech) 91-12-0; Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 73-10-0; Steve Robbins (MAP Leegem) 68-14-0; P. Shepherd (Rotherham) 60-4-0. Sun. Moat Outer. 28. Ken Pacey (Gainsborough) 117-12-0, carp and bream on 13 m pole with paste, peg 14; Pete Miles (Doncaster) 85-8-0; Derek Oldfield (Plough AC) 73-11-0; Brian Sullivan (Maltby) 71-0-0; Neil Vernon (Gainsborough) 68-2-0; C. Greenside (Mosborough) 66-4-0.

Dynamite Baits Scunthorpe & DAA, Thursday League, Round Nine, Tidal River Trent, South Clifton, Lincolnshire. Thurs. 21. Malc Firmstone (Garbolino Lincs County) 9-9-0, roach and dace, waggler and maggot, peg 36; Rodger Wilkinson (Brigg AC) 9-4-0; Geoff Winterbottom (Brigg AC) 6-13-0; George Mackey (Grimsby) 6-12-0; Colin Williams (Brigg AC) 6-3-0; Bob Pearson (Brigg AC) 5-11-0.

Ferryboat Farm, Doncaster. Thurs. 8. Tony Brown (Ferryboat Farm) 40-4-0, carp on bomb and bread; Steve Foster (Ferryboat Farm) 36-0-0; Graham Eblett (Ferryboat Farm) 20-2-0. Sun. 8. Paul Dalton (Ferryboat Farm) 38-8-0, ide and bream on pole and caster; Gareth Parker (Ferryboat Farm) 31-8-0; Tony Brown (Ferryboat Farm) and Les Billups (Ferryboat Farm) both 23-0-0.

Garbolino Lindholme, Doncaster. Sat. Beeches. 25. Steve Rothery (Garbolino Lindholme) 137-12-0, carp on pole with meat and pellet, peg 16; Jet Harris (Lindholme) 129-5-0; Brian Foster (Garbolino Lindholme) 107-6-0; Matt Pillay (Maver) 100-3-0. Sun. Bonsai. 27. Steve Rothery (Garbolino Lindholme) 179-13-0, carp on pole and caster up in the water, peg 35; Steve Mazza (Yorkshire Baits) 148-11-0; Nick Speed (Shimano) 139-12-0; Alex McCloud (Lindholme) 133-1-0; Paul Wright (Fishing Republic) 129-5-0; Ben Fisk (Middy) 119-13-0.

Gascoigne Wood Fisheries, South Milford, near Leeds. Wed. Bowl Lake. 14. Tony Goyle (Gascoigne Wood Fishery) 72-2-0, carp to 11 lb, teabag and pellet, peg 22; Mick Kendrick (Gascoigne Wood Fishery) 24-4-0; Harry Patterson (Gascoigne Wood Fishery) 22-9-0. Thurs. 11. Mark Robinson (Gascoigne Wood Fishery) 34-13-0, carp to 5 lb, pole, pellet and sweetcorn, peg 18; Kevin Worth (Gascoigne Wood Fishery) 34-0-0; Dave Beavers (Gascoigne Wood Fishery) 27-1-0. Sun. 14. Stuart Naylor (Gascoigne Wood Fishery) 44-11-0, six carp, pole and pellet, peg 40; Neil Hurst (Gascoigne Wood Fishery) 37-6-0; Barry Saunders (Gascoigne Wood Fishery) 31-6-0.

Kiveton Hall, Sheffield. Sun. 19. Mick Todd (Kiveton) 73-8-0, carp on pole and paste, peg 59; Jason White (Kiveton) 73-6-0; Steve Robinson (Kiveton) 43-4-0; Roy Howes (Kiveton) 40-10-0; Adie Pickton (Kiveton) 40-0-0; Lee Holtham (Kiveton) 36-0-0.

Langwith Lakes, York. Sun. Anya’s and Emma’s. 25. Lee Bramham (Otley) carp to 3 lb on 3 m pole and pellet, Emma’s 7; Tim Bell (York Tackle) 136-7-0; Roger Holmes (Garbolino Gouch) 136-1-0; Lee Smith (Bob-Co) 123-9-0.

Oaks, Thirsk. Tues. Maple. 14. Chris Kendall (Middy) 65-13-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 1; Pete Whale (Woodlands Tackle) 65-9-0; Chris Hall (Oaks) 64-6-0. Wed. Ash, Beech and Sycamore. Rob Minikin (Sonubaits) 188-3-0, carp on 12 m pole and paste, Beech 15; Dean Smith (Matrix Bait-Tech) 155-4-0; Chris Kendall (Middy) 137-1-0. Thurs. Cedar. 17. Rob Minikin (Sonubaits) 106-15-0, carp to 5 lb on pellet and paste, peg 2; Adam Barnes (Oaks) 104-13-0; Steve Barker (Oaks) 91-0-0. Sat. Cedar. 24. John Chapman (Garbolino Elton) 138-13-0, carp on Method feeder and pellet, peg 1; Steve Barker (Oaks) 104-10-0; Rich Sowerby (Oaks) 103-5-0. Sun. Ash, Beech and Sycamore. 21. Phil Sellars (Garbolino Elton) 191-4-0, carp on pole and paste, Beech 21; Bert Poole (Oaks) 143-6-0; Andy Barker (Garbolino Osset) 136-5-0.

Oaktree Leisure, York. Sun. Pond Four. 22. Steve Hodson (RSPS) 49-8-0, carp to 4 lb on 12 m pole and pellet, peg 25; Tom Bainbridge (Acomb Tackle) 47-12-0; Alan Norfolk (Woodlands Tackle) 46-0-0.

Ripon Pisc, River Ure, Ripon. Sun. 22. Darren Thompson (Ripon) 7-4-0, perch, dace and gudgeon on stick float and maggot, peg 112; Paul Wood (Aireborough) 6-3-0; Barry Radon (Ripon) 4-6-0; Martin Hope (Ripon) 4-3-0.

Rotherham UAF, River Don, Sprotborough. Sun. 33. Andy Shaw 19-4-0, skimmers on pole and maggot, peg 61; Gary Welsh 15-4-0; Pete Kitwood (Sensas North) 14-2-0; Eric Peacock (Rotherham) 11-3-0; Daz Taylor 10-6-8; John Ibbotson (Morley) 10-3-0.

Stainforth Angling Centre, Sykehouse Fisheries, Doncaster. Wed. 14. Mark Price (Stainforth Angling Centre) 77-2-0, carp on Method feeder, peg 7; Ken Arthur (Stainforth Angling Centre) 48-10-0; Shaun Lanaghan (Stainforth Angling Centre) 47-6-0. Thurs. ev. 22. Mark Silman (Thorne) 53-7-0, carp on pellet waggler; Mark Price (Stainforth Angling Centre) 49-7-0; Paul Trigg (Stainforth Angling Centre) 46-6-0. Sun. 21. Lee Saville (Garbolino Ossett) 89-10-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 26; Paul Jenkins (Stainforth Anglng Centre) 88-10-0; Graham Webster (Sheffield) 83-10-0.

Thornaby AA, River Tees, Bowesfield. Sun. 29. Mick Clitheroe (Darlington) 8-3-0, three bream on stick float and worm, peg 83; Peter Rambow Snr (Thornaby) and Michael Grainger (Billingham) both 7-0-0; Bobby Trees (Darlington) 6-9-0.

Thornhill AC, Aire and Calder Canal, Dewsbury. Sat. 11. Bob Reah (Wakefield) 6-15-0, roach and skimmers, 6 m and 12 m pole and maggot, peg 69; Donald Pierson (Thornhill) 6-5-0; Mike Sharpe (Thornhill) 5-12-0.

Viking Fishery, Pollington, East Yorkshire. Sat. Fox Pond. 14. Chris Watson (Ackworth) 44-6-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 8; Mick Moore (Goole) 38-13-0; G. Sykes (Viking) 38-3-0; G. Henderson (Pontefract) 32-14-0; D. Firth (Knottingley) 27-7-0; T. Oldfield (Knottingley) 26-9-0.

Woodhouse Grange, Doncaster. Wed. Kingfisher. 12. Ian Taylor (Cats & Dogs) 88-8-0, carp on pole and paste, peg 5; Sean O’Mally (Clay Lane) 68-0-0; Stef Huntington (Goole) 62-10-0. Thurs. Heron. 8. Ian Green (Woodhouse Grange) 69-6-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 1; Mick Rodgerson (Woodhouse Grange) 57-8-0; John Dudley (Woodhouse Grange) 57-0-0. Sat. Dog Kennel. 8. Mick Henshaw (Woodhouse Grange) 52-2-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 5; Bernie Larder (Woodhouse Grange) 49-10-0; Neil Hurst (Ackworth) 40-5-0. Sun. Cobble. 11. Tony Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 68-8-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 52; Graham Martin (Sheffield) and Bernie Larder (Woodhouse Grange) both 35-0-0.

Woodlands, Thirsk. Sat. Skylark and Partridge. 30. Phil Sellars (Woodlands Tackle) 124-9-0, carp to 11 lb on pole and paste, Skylark 16; Stuart Fotheringham (Woodlands Tackle) 115-7-0; Alan Crouch (Garbolino Lindholme) 107-11-0. Sun. Curlew. 14. Tony Neesom (Woodlands Tackle) 106-9-0, carp to 12 lb on bomb and pellet or pole and corn, peg 10; Mark Longhurst (Woodlands Tackle) 86-12-0; Les Bolton (Woodlands Tackle) 86-3-0.

Yarm AC, River Tees, Yarm. Sun. 30. Graham Lowry (Maver Newman Scotts) 17-14-0, six bream on feeder and worm, peg 183; Richy Besemer (Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre) 17-5-0; Ken Gollightly (Darlington Angling Centre) 15-6-0; Ian Lumb (Maver Newman Scotts) 14-6-0.


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