North East Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for June 25/26, 2011.

*Thornaby AA, River Tees, Croft to Hurworth. 57. Steve Chantry (Darlington) 29-12-0, dace on waggler and caster, peg 39; Martin Chapman (Darlington) 18-8-0; Paul Stainsby (Thornaby) 17-2-0; Ant Smith (Thornaby) 16-7-0; Alan Shields (Darlington) 13-8-0; Harry Growcock (Shilden) 11-12-0.

*Yarm AC, River Tees, Yarm. 93. Ken Gollightly (Durham) 44-3-0, 15 bream on feeder and maggot, peg 182; Paul Healey (Yarm) 35-6-0; Derek Fox (Maver Newman Scotts) 29-15-0; Andy Midgley (Maver Newman Scotts) 15-0-0; Paul Stephenson (Yarm) 14-8-0; Scott Lister (Browning Quaker) 13-14-0.


Daiwa Hallcroft, Retford. Tue Bridge Pool. 21. Steve Barraclough (Frenzee/Bait-Tech) 129-6-0, carp to 10 lb on 13 m pole and meat shallow, peg 5 Island; Paul Wright (Fishing Republic) 97-12-0; Richard Teigh (Handsworth) 75-12-0; Dave Whiting (Buttonhole AC) 68-4-0. Thurs. Veterans, Moat. 38. Colin Perry (Sensas) 50-8-0, skimmers to 3 lb on pole with worm and maggot, peg 102 Outer; Joe Simms (MAP Leegem) 45-8-0; Nigel Dearing (Hallcroft) 44-14-0; Arnie Payling (Peg One) 42-12-0; Brian Sullivan (Maltby) 41-15-0. Fri. Moat. 28. Steve Barraclough (Frenzee/Bait-Tech) 249-14-0, 48 carp to 10 lb on 12 m pole and meat shallow, peg 40 Island; Luke Sears (Daiwa) 121-4-0; Daz Oldham (Maltby) 118-9-0; Alan Tait (MAP Leegem) 66-4-0; Mick Cooke (Retford) 66-0-0. Sat. Canal and Bridge. 35. Brian Sullivan (Maltby) 97-9-0, carp on pole with paste and pellet, peg 19 Canal; Len Pulford (Anglers Corner) 93-13-0; Andy Oldham (Maver Barnsley) 89-13-0; Jamie Masson (Maver) 68-8-0; Andy Favill (Tuxford) 65-14-0; Chris Sadler (MAP Leegem) 59-14-0. Sun. Moat. 38. Nick Speed (Middy Dynamite) 151-6-0, carp to 10 lb on pole and meat shallow, peg 2 Island; Lee Wright (MAP Leegem) 134-10-0; Andy Oldham (Maver Barnsley) 92-0-0; Lee Coupe (MAP Leegem) 80-8-0; Jamie Masson (Maver) 75-10-0.

Idle and Thackley AA, River Swale, Swainby. 10. Dave Summers (Chester-Le-Street) 3-15-0, one chub on bomb and grub, peg 65; George Huscroft (Chester-Le-Street) 2-12-0; Matty Prudhoe (RSPS) 1-15-0.

Leeds DASA Summer League, River Ouse, Newton and Nun Monkton. 39. Dave Taylor (Mirfield) 20-4-0, three bream and a barbel on feeder and caster, peg 12; Dave Miles (Leeds Angling Centre) 17-1-0; Martyn Highe (Mirfield) 13-4-0; Andy Bradley (Mirfield) 7-7-0.

Mitchell and Darfield AC, Pit Pond, Darfield, near Barnsley. 18. Mark Wrigley (Darfield) 29-2-0, tench and bream on 8 m pole, pellet and corn; Bob Bell (Darfield) 23-8-0; Dave Micklethwaite (Darfield) 18-3-0.

Moorfields Farm, Goole, East Yorkshire. Main Lake. 30. Tom Barlow (Maver NW) 185-6-0, carp to 6 lb on 8 m pole, meat and pellet, peg 53; Chris Reilly (Garbolino Osset) 162-12-0; Neil Buck (Apache) 149-12-0; Johnny Kenning (Moorfields) 144-12-0.

Northallerton AC, River Swale, Scruton. 20. John Hewitson (Billingham Tackle Box) 30-3-0, ten chub on feeder and caster, peg 34; Joe Hardcastle (Woodlands Tackle) 23-8-0; Lee Furness (Selby) 22-9-0.

Oaks, Thirsk. Tues. Maple. 11. Dean Smith (Fox Match Bait-Tech) 78-10-0, carp to 6 lb on 14 m pole and pellet, peg 32; James Roper (Roper’s Caravan World) 63-10-0; Peter Whale (Woodlands Tackle) 46-5-0. Thurs. Cedar. 17. Dean Smith (Fox Match Bait-Tech) 111-2-0, carp to 6 lb on 14 m pole and pellet, peg 65; Rob Minikin (Sonubaits) 90-10-0; Chris Hall (Oaks) 89-0-0. Sat. Cedar. 38. Danny Myers (Garbolino Osset) 73-13-0, carp to 4 lb on 14 m pole and pellet, peg 66; Joe Carrass (Match Fishing Dynamite Baits) 69-5-0; Mal Bailey (Garbolino Elton) 65-2-0. Sun. Ash, Beech and Sycamore. 26. Andy Nelson (Browning Quaker) 121-6-0, carp on 2 m and 12 m pole and pellet or Method feeder, Beech 20; John Maddison (Browning Quaker) 107-10-0; Simon Medd (Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre) 106-4-0.

Oaktree Leisure, York. Pond Four. 26. Tom Bainbridge (Acomb Tackle) 100-0-0, 30 carp to 5 lb on 8 m pole and meat, peg 46; Shaun Walker (Strayside) 74-8-0; Steve Buchanan (Oaktree) 38-0-0.

Ripon Pisc, River Ure, Ripon. 33. Nathan Proctor (Ripon) 14-15-0, chub, perch and roach on bomb and lob, peg 90; John Taylor (Ripon) 9-6-0; Adie Lewis (Bradford No1) 8-0-0.

Rotherham UAF, River Don, Sprotborough. Sun. 15. Paul Goulding (Worksop) 15-0-0, skimmers and roach on feeder, peg 6; Joe Murray (Maltby) 13-0-0; Paul Bacon (Paul’s Tackle) and Paul Rees (Rotherham) both 9-4-0; Steve Cloke (Paul’s Tackle) 7-7-0. Sun. (Jun. 19) 20. Joe Murray (Maltby) 23-0-0, skimmers and roach on stick float and maggot, peg 13; Brian Haigh (Tippers) 19-0-0; Steve Whitfield (Steel City) and Wayne Bartholomew (Sheffield) both 15-0-0; Paul Rees (Rotherham) 14-0-0; Mick Peverley (Conisborough) 12-13-0.

Woodhouse Grange, Doncaster. Wed. Heron. 12. Tony Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 63-4-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 33; Keith Sanders (Woodhouse Grange) 61-6-0; Alan Dodwell (Woodhouse Grange) 59-7-0. Wed. ev. Kingfisher. Kev Webster (Sheffield) 39-4-0, carp on pole and pellet shallow, peg 1; Mick Rodgerson (Woodhouse Grange) 39-1-0; Lee Hall (Colmic Stainforth) 35-9-0. Thurs. Cobble. 15. Andy Spick (Woodhouse Grange) 80-2-0, carp on pole with pellet and corn, peg 27; Mick Rodgerson (Woodhouse Grange) 65-3-0; Tony Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 64-7-0. Sat. Cobble. 20. Roger Bennett 62-10-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 39; Keith Sanders (Woodhouse Grange) 58-10-0; Steve Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 54-12-0. Sun. Heron. 35. Keith Sanders (Woodhouse Grange) 58-15-0, carp on pole with pellet and corn, peg 2; Andy Renton (Daiwa Dons) 44-2-0; Mick Stainsby (Woodhouse Grange) 39-0-0.

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