JOHN EVERISS caught the perch of the week with this 5 lb 4 oz specimen (below) in a small club contest on the private venue near Lingfield in Surrey, which has a total of 20 pegs.

5-4 perch pic

And the huge predator was landed on just a pole top-two with a number eight elastic and a size 20 hook to a 0.10 mm hook length, after taking a single red maggot in 2.5 ft of water, three hours into the contest.

Local angler John, 55, from Mitcham, who has match fished for 30 years, was so excited at the size of the fish that he didn’t find out how he had done in the match, despite finishing with 18 lb.

“I was catching silver fish and little carp when it all went quiet on me and I thought a big carp had moved in” said John. “But then I hooked it and it had a little bit of a go, but it was right in front of me.”

This is just a short version of the full story that appeared in Angler’s Mail magazine. There are mighty specimens this week too – some caught in matches too!

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