This week's Angler's Mail is full of advice for YOU! And loads of big stories too...


THE new issue of Angler’s Mail is out on the shelves. Only £1.80. It’s a must-read for all – match, pleasure or big fish.

If you’re looking in here for our match fishing results service you will want to read these five pieces, for example..

  • Ireland’s greatest – Cathal Hughes. The angler who won silver at the World Championships, talks to Angler’s Mail in an exclusive 3-page interview. Find out all about the man, Ireland, match fishing and more!
  • Fantastic feeder fishing feature! Angler’s Mail has a 4-pager with match bream ace Derek Willan. He reveals his secrets to get a big bag of skimmers and slabs.
  • Great carp match ever – full coverage of 50 anglers who weighed in a staggering 7,075 lb!!! Can you guess where? We doubt it. Check out our big report.
  • Top match angler dead  – sad news, we’re afraid.
  • Sweetcorn and pole fishing advice …that everyone can learn from.

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