AN international one-two by the Preston Innovations England Feeder ‘A’ team and ‘B’ team proved without a doubt they are squads to be reckoned with.

The Preston Innovations-sponsored England teams came back with gold and silver.

The two teams, under the wings of the Angling Trust, crossed over the channel to compete against 20 World teams in a European Friendly Feeder Fishing Championship.

The rowing course at the Water Sports Centre in Ghent is also the venue where the World Feeder Championships will take place on  July 7/8.

England’s teams consisted of  ‘A’ team: Steve Ringer, Phil Ringer, Mick Vials, Darren Cox and Dean Barlow.  ‘B’ team: Adam Wakelin, Rob Wootton, Kieron Rich, Adam Rooney and Alex Bones.

The England ‘B’ team was leading the way after the first day with the England ‘A’ team finishing in second place, but day two saw the England ‘A’ team bounce back to claim the team gold title with the ‘B’ team finishing in silver medal position.

Steve Ringer was in second place on the first day with 17.450 kg of bream and also went on to beat his section with 10.500 kg on the second day to give him the overall lead to take the gold medal position.  In second place with silver medal position was none other than Adam Wakelin, and to really make England stand out Kieron Rich took the bronze medal position to finish in third place.

The venue proved that this suits the team’s style of Feeder fishing and the teams are unquestionably fired up now to compete in the World Championships in Ghent, Belgium in July.

Coach Glenn Lawrence said: ‘Steve Ringer was unbelievable in fishing the match, and every single one of the lads did a brilliant job over the two days to bring home the medals.  I was really happy with their performance.

‘This competition was to give the younger lads some international experience and we are looking forward to getting out there again for the World Championships.’

International Events Manager Dick Clegg OBE added: ‘On paper the venue looked to be kind to favour England as they suit this style of Feeder fishing, and this particular venue has been used by the England Veterans and Juniors teams on previous occasions.

‘I think the squads did a fantastic job and I applaud them and look forward to the World Feeder Championships to see them in action in July in Belgium.’

Overall Results Individual Top 10

1st Steve Ringer, England ‘A’ Team 27.928kg – 3 points

2nd Adam Wakelin, England ‘B’ Team 22.390kg – 4 points

3rd Kieron Rich, England ‘B’ Team 17.191kg – 4 points

4th Kris Huybrechts, Belgium 14.053kg – 4 points

5th Darren Cox, England ‘A’ Team 17.881kg – 5 points

6th Marco Hofman, Netherlands 20.965kg – 6 points

7th Peter Van De Willik, Netherlands 13.517kg – 6 points

8th Michael Mayer, Germany 10.964kg – 7 points

9th Alex Bones, England ‘B’ Team 11.246, – 8 points

10th Jurian Bulten, Netherlands 29.597 – 9 points

England squad positions

1st Steve Ringer ‘A’ Team
2nd Adam Wakelin ‘B’ Team
3rd Kieron Rich ‘B’ Team
11th  Dean Barlow, ‘A’  Team
18th  Mick Vials ‘A’ Team
25th Phil Ringer, ‘A’ Team
32nd Rob Wootton, ‘B’ Team
36th  Adam Rooney, ‘B’ Team

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