Kamasan Qualifiers for June 26 and 27 2010

* Great Yarmouth, Nisa Feeder Masters series River Yare Beauchamp Arms. Sat. 56. Brian Weevers (Great Yarmouth) 29-8-0, 4 bream plus skimmers, groundbait feeder, red maggot and worm, peg 27; Rodney Finch (Deben) 26-4-0; Doug Botley (Daiwa Angling Direct) 24-14-0; Robert

Hubbard (Daiwa Angling Direct) 22-2-0; Mike Whittaker (Daiwa Angling Direct) 20-13-0; Jof Hewitt (Northampton) and Steve Clarke (Maver Image Van den Eynde) both 20-9-0.

* Leicester Sensas Summer League, Round One, Grand Union Canal, Loughborough, Leicestershire, Sun. 54. Steve Fletcher (Leicester Likely Lads) 13-11-0, roach to poled squatt then hemp, peg 226; Gary Smith (Leicester Sensas) 11-1-0; Dave Petch (Van den Eynde Quorn) 9-15-8; malc Mott (Trentmen) 9-7-0; Rob Parker (Mill Tackle) 8-15-0. Teams: Leicester Sensas Gold 19; Leicester Sensas Silver 21; Leicester Likely Lads and Trentmen both 22; Oadby Angling 26; Mill Tackle 31; Quorn Van den Eynde 35; Long Eaton Federation 40.

* Long Eaton Federation, Angling Trust Division Two Practise event, Erewash Canal, Dockholme, Long Eaton, Derbyshire, Sat. 90. Simon Preece (I and A Baits) 10-6-0, three tench and small fish, poled caster and squatt, peg 37; Ian Lovett (Spro Lincoln) 5-13-0; Sam Randell (Long Eaton Federation) 4-11-0; Asa Cooper (Matlock AC) and Phil Turner (Tackle To Fish) both 4-10-0; Carl Smith (Browning Central) 4-8-0.

* Norwich and District AA, Lathams Fishing Tackle teams of four league, River Bure St Bennetts Abbey. Sun. 60. Gary Kiddell (Sensas Big Hits) 64-11-0, bream to 6 lb, crumb feeder, caster, worm and maggot; Kevin Humphries (Daiwa Angling Direct Suffolk Blue) 64-6-0; James Parnell (Lewis

Anglers World) 64-5-0; Robert Hubbard (Daiwa Angling Direct Norwich) 43-3-0; Chris Collins (Preston Angling Direct) 40-8-0; Alan Levold (Stalham Vets) 30-15-0. Teams: Yellow League, Sensas Big Hits 54; Daiwa Angling Direct Suffolk Blue 46; Lewis Anglers World 45. Green League, Daiwa Angling Direct Gold 44; Reg’s Boys

41; Preston Angling Direct 37.

* Notts AA, Angling Trust Division Two Practise Open, Erewash Canal, Sandiacre and Ilkeston, Derbyshire, Part E and F sections, Sun. 77. Guy Manton (PI Thatchers) 18-10-0 one 9 lb carp and nine perch, poled chopped worm, one below the lock, Gallows 74; Mark Williams (Team Mosella Black Country Tackle) 17-15-0; Dave Richards (Mid Leisure) 15-8-0; Daz Shaw (Drennan North West) 14-8-0; Trevor Cummings (Manchester) 10-3-0; Ian Crossman (Browning Central) 7-13-0.


Other matches

Buttonhole AC, Buttonhole Lake, Wisbech, Tues. Floodlit match, 14. Jamie Crown (Buttonhole AC) 63-8-0, carp to 8 lb, poled pellet, peg 18; Mark Grange (Buttonhole AC) 55-8-0; Tony Moll (Buttonhole AC) 44-2-0; Andy Lawrence (Emneth Angling Centre) 43-6-0; Andrew Carter (Buttonhole AC) 37-6-0; Dave Rodwell (Buttonhole AC) 35-4-0. Sat. 10. Tony Moll (Buttonhole AC) 123-8-0, carp to 8 lb, poled paste, peg 16; Steve Hanson (Dersingham AC) 74-9-0; Jimmy Joyce (Buttonhole AC) 58-12-0; Paul Harvey (Emneth Angling Centre) 51-1-0; Richard Button (Buttonhole AC) 50-4-0. Sun. Willowcroft Lakes, Murrow, Cambridgeshire, 12. Zol Button (Buttonhole AC) 85-0-0, six hundred carp to 3 oz, poled paste, peg 8; Andrew Carter (Buttonhole AC) 72-2-0; Richard Button (Buttonhole AC) 55-9-0; Peter Bourne (Buttonhole AC) 50-4-0; Tony Moll (Buttonhole AC) 36-5-0; Kevin Burr (Buttonhole AC) 35-9-0.

Chestnut Pool, Langford, Bedfordshire, Sun. 11. Daniel Theakestone (Popletts MG) 55-6-0, skimmers, roach and one small carp, poled pellet and meat, peg 8; Rob Heath (Chestnut Pool) 53-12-0; Rob Francis (Chestnut Pool) 40-10-0.

Cross Drove, near Mildenhall Suffolk. Wed. 18. John Chalk (Cross Drove) 85-10-0, 4 carp to 8 lb, F1s to 4 lb, 36 lb of skimmers to 3 lb, 14. 5m pole, corn, peg 54; Rodney Finch (Deben) 60-7-0; Dave Pearse jnr (Wisbech) 59-14-0; Dave Pearce Snr (Wisbech) 57-10-0; Stuart Bracey (Dynamite Baits) 56-4-0; Jim Barrowmen (Barford Fox) 53-15-0. Sat. 35. Martin Woods (Emneth) 72-14-0, carp to 12 lb, 14m

pole, meat and maggot, PEG 41; Jim Barrowmen (Barford Fox) 44-6-0; Dave Pearse Jnr (Wisbech) 33-2-0; Steve Cowley (Cross Drove) 33-1-0; Mark Pollard (Fox Dynamite) 32-0-0; Tony Watling (Fox Match) 30-15-0. Sun. 15. Stuart

Bracey (Dynamite Baits) 55-14-0, carp to 15 lb, F1s to 3 lb, skimmers to 3 lb, 14. 5m pole, pellet and corn, peg 18; Mark Pollard (Fox Dynamite Baits) 48-10-0; Mick Bartrum (Daiwa Angling Direct) 47-0-0; Tony Evans (Dynamite Middy) 42-3-0; Tony Watling (Fox Match) 42-2-0; Simon Wheeler (Daiwa Dynamite) 36-6-0.

Decoy, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, Sun. Beastie Lake, 23. Jon Whincup (Fox Match/Van den Eynde) 148-11-0, F1s, poled pellet, peg 24; Marin Freeman (Bagem Baits) 124-1-0; Simon Godfrey (Sensas Mark One) 123-0-0; Stan Dow (Decoy) 114-0-0. Sat. Six Islands, 23. Barry Mason (Ringer Baits/Premier Floats) 175-12-0, carp to 8 lb and F1s, poled pellet, peg 2; Wayne Shepherd (Ringer Baits) 128-14-0; Adam Wayman (Ringer Baits) 108-0-0; Gary Whitwell (Ringer Baits) 100-0-0. Tues. Beastie Lake, 18. Steve Freeman (JV AC) 164-8-0, carp to 12 lb, poled pellet, peg 30; Chris Barley (Bagem Baits) 121-15-0; Alex Bates (Sensas Mark One) 107-4-0; Danny Carlton (Decoy) 105-15-0.

Dent’s of Hilgay, Hilgay, Norfolk, Thurs. Two Islands Lake, 15. M. Ayres (Dents of Hilgay) carp, poled pellet; I. Haynes (Littleport AC) 39-0-0; A. Bell (Downham Market) 39-4-0. Fri. Reel People, 15. B. Burns (Reel People) 91-1-0, carp, poled pellet; D. Edgegoose (Reel People) 52-3-0; V. Jackson (Reel People) 49-2-0. Fri. Reel People, Willows Lakes, 15. P. Appleby (Reel People) 46-14-0, carp, poled pellet; S. Shipley (Reel People) 18-0-0; M. Howard (Reel People) 12-0-0. Sat. Spinney Lake, 16. M. Ayres (Dent’s of Hilgay) 136-1-0, carp, poled pellet; M. Piggott (Dent’s of Hilgay) 120-0-0; D. Rodwell (Shipshape Tackle) 46-3-0. Sat. Heron AC, Two Islands Lake, 12. M. Stavley (Heron AC) 64-0-0, carp, poled pellet; D. Bailey (Heron AC) 18-7-0; D. Curr (Heron AC) 13-6-0. Tues. Phils Piscators, Willow Lake, 15. R. Hiscoch (Phils Piscators) 43-2-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet; D. Cocksudge (Phils Piscators) 23-4-0; A. Hankins (Phils Piscators) 18-4-0. Thurs. Spinney Lake, 18. Ricky James (Southerey AC) 44-8-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet; M. Ayres (Dent’s of Hilgay) 21-8-0; R. Ayres (Dent’s of Hilgay) 15-0-0. Fri. Farmshop Lake, 20. K. Berry (Shipshape Tackle) 54-0-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet; M. Ayres (Dent’s of Hilgay) 38-8-0; A. Lawrence (Buttonhole AC) 36-2-0.

Dragon Water Meadows, Chapel St. Leonards, near Skegness, Lincolnshire, Sat. Moat Lake, 31. Jeff Marsh (Derbyshire) 94-11-0, carp to 8 lb, poled meat, peg 2; Ken Coupe (Avanti Used Tackle) 85-3-0; Gary Middleton (Lakeview Select) 73-4-0; Mick Jennings (Avanti Used Tackle) 68-7-0.


Dynamite Makins Fishery, Wolvey, Warwickshire, Wed. Phase One, Lake Two, 14. Chris Birch (Dynamite Matchmen Supplies) 109-14-0 carp, feeder and pellet, then pellet waggler, peg A8; John Adamson (Kobra Feeders) 70-12-0; Bob Smith (Makins Select) 62-12-0. Thurs. Phase Two, Reptile Pool, 20. John Adamson (Kobra Feeders) 63-0-0, fourteen carp, poled paste, peg 7; Eddie Keene (Coventry) 62-10-0; Baz Smithson (Gedling Tackle) 56-2-0; Paul Harvey (Dynamite Makins) 54-8-0; Frank Didio (Burton Upon Trent) 48-10-0.

GTi Foston, Match Lakes, Lincolnshire, Wed. 16. Terry Crouch (Newark Federation) 103-7-0, carp to 12 lb, floating bread, hawthorn 13; Graham Eden (Mansfield) 74-8-0; Richie Sewell (Nottingham) 71-14-0; Paul Johnson (Willow Lakes) 41-0-0; Terry Marshall (Victoria Tackle) 36-8-0; Lennie Burton (Mansfield’s Finest) 35-6-0. Sat. Ash and Hawthorn Lakes only, 26. Ian Palfreeman (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 111-8-0, twenty-five carp to 11 lb, floating dog biscuit, Ash 4; Paul Kimberley (Team Zimba) 60-8-0; George Kimberley (Team Zimba) 58-10-0; Graham Eden (Mansfield) 48-10-0; Mitch Riley (Fattening Shed) 47-4-0; Jim Meakin (Victoria Tackle) 47-0-0.


Head Fen, near Ely. Sat. 17. Marcus Bailey (Head Fen) 68-4-029 carp, punched meat over Hemp, Snake lake peg 15; John Millard (Newmarket) 56-6-0; Dan Simper (Kings Lynn) 55-2-0; Matt Drayton (Isleham) 52-6-0; Richard Bond (Bury) 48-6-0. Sun. 12. Josh Pace (Browning Hot Rods) 50-0-0, pellet waggler and Method feeder, carp, chub, barbel, tench, Trevs lake peg 51; Gary Burton (Mill View Tackle) 46-0-0; Mark Cross (Littleport) 36-6-0; Steve Jackson (Headfen) and Pete Lambdin (Garbolino) both 35-0-0; Liam Darler (Browning Hot Rods) 32-0-0.


Highflyer, Ely, Cambridgeshire, Sat. 12. J. Brooks (Downham Market) and S. Thompson (Downham Market) both 174-0-0, both carp to 10 lb, poled corn and paste; J. Clarke (Channel 12) 117-0-0. Sun. 12. Ken Gammon (Highflyer) 254-0-0, carp to 12 lb, poled paste and corn; B. Poole (Cherry Hinton Eating House) 187-0-0; Malcolm smith (Hitchin) 117-0-0.

Lakeview Fishery, Holwell, Leicestershire, Wed. Veterans, Serpent Pool, 18. Roger Holmes (Notts AA) 72-10-0 carp, poled pellet, peg 20; Colin Crisp (Lakeview Select) 70-8-0, J. Wagstaff (Lakeview Select) 57-1-0; Chris Shore (Lakeview Select) 53-4-0, Dave Sewell (Lakeview Select) 50-4-0. Wed. , £3000 Qualifier, Marina Pool, 25. Martin Thackery (Lakeview Select) 118-08-0 carp, poled pellet, peg 10; Steve Haywood (Middy) 118-0-0; Tom Pringle (Lakeview Select) 96-8-0; Lee Wright (Maver Bait Tech) 83-11-0; J. Stevenson (Lakeview Select) and Brian Orme (Lakeview Select) both 72-4-0. Sat. Veterans, Harbour and River Pools, 18. Keith Daws (Sensas) 58-4-0, carp, poled pellet; Cliff Adcock (Lakeview Select) 55-8-0; Ray Redwood (Victoria Tackle) 52-0-0; Pete Sisson (Lakeview Select) 41-8-0; George Walker (Lakeview Select) 41-4-0, John Bramley (The Fish) 38-8-0. Sat. £3000 Qualifier Open, Stream and Canal Pools, 31. Martin Thackery (Lakeview Select) 70-8-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 1 Stream, Mark Kearns (Stapeley Cudmore) 70-0-0; Jason Sahall (Lakeview Select) 64-4-0; Steve Bentley (Lakeview Select) 62-3-0; Steve Gardner (Lakeview Select) 58-6-0; Dave Workman (Lakeview Select) 57-12-0. Sun. Marina Pool, 16. Lee Smith (Roycroft) 84-3-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 23; Shaun Hill (Stapeley Cudmore) 74-9-0; Gerry Woodcock (Gerry’s of Nottingham) 70-5-0; Danny Higgins (Little John Lakes) 70-3-0; Ken Daws (Sensas) 69-10-0; Keith Daws (Sensas) 62-13-0.

Newark Federation, Weir Fields (Dyke) , Newark, Nottinghamshire, Wed. 42. Clive Checkley (Newark Federation) 10-12-0, three bream and bits, feeder fished worm and maggot, peg 40; Colin Walton (Newark Federation) 9-15-0; Graham Worley (Lincoln AA) 7-1-0; Wayne Swinscoe (Maver Bait Tech) 6-2-0; Dave Wray (Quorn Van den Eynde) 5-15-0; Neil Campion (Newark Federation) 5-3-0.

Northampton Nene AC, Grand Union Canal, Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, Sun. 36. Graham Smith (Fox Match Black Horse Black) 18-14-0, bream to 2 lb and skimmers plus a 2 lb perch, poled chopped worm and caster, three pegs from the ivy bush; Jason Cunningham (Maver Tipton Van den Eynde) 17-2-0; Tom Grainey (Team Spro) 11-6-0; Dave Lloyd (Maver Tipton Van den Eynde) 9-15-0; Phil Cox (Maver Tipton Van den Eynde) 9-2-0; Dave Hughes (Maverr Tipton Van den Eynde) 8-10-0. Teams: maver Tipton Van den Eynde Gold 12; Maver Tipton Van den Eynde Red 12; Fox Match Black Horse Black 14; Browning MG 15; Fox Match Black Horse White 19; Fox Match Black Horse Red 19. League: Fox Match Black Horse Black 25; Maver Tipton Van den Eynde Gold 28; Browning MG 30; Maver Tipton Van den Eynde Red 31; Fox Match Black Horse White 36; Fox Match Black Horse Red 37.


Suffolk Water Park, near Ipswich. Sun. 11. Bob Clarke (Eastern Match Group) 80-7-0, pellet waggler, peg 6, match lake 1; Richard Fuller (Viscount Tackle) 79-0-0; James Colthorp (Birds Tackle) 68-0-0; Chris Knights jnr (Harleston) 67-11-0; Alan Coleman (Suffolk Water Park/Bait Tech) 59-10-0; Taylor Thorpe (Nisa Waveney Juniors) 57-9-0.


Townsend Lakes Fishery, Upwell, Cambridgeshire, Sat. Woodpecker Pool, 11. Ken Clark (Holbeach) 88-0-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 4; Andy Adams (Frenzee) 71-8-0; John Hazeldene (Browning Hot Rods) 71-4-0. Sun. Cuckoo Canal, 10. Andy Adams (Frenzee) 110-15-0, carp, poled banded pellet, peg 12.

Westwood Lakes, Boston, Lincolnshire, Tues. Skylark Lake, 20, Steve Gregory (Miracle Baits) 104-2-0, carp, ide and barbel, poled pellet; Ian Kent (Miracle Baits) 62-4-0; Paul Harsley (Dave’s Peg) 59-12-0; Steve Davies (Dave’s Peg) 52-10-0. Sun. Kestral Lake, 25. Mick Stamp (Sonubaits) 77-4-0, carp, ide and barbel, poled pellet; Pete Andrews (Westwood Lakes) 64-8-0; Andy Scott (Garbolino Harrison’s Lincs County) 55-4-0; Trevor Ogilvie (Boston Angling Centre) 33-2-0; Shane Webb (Millview Tackle) 28-10-0; Mel Baker (Orchard Park) 27-9-0.

Simon Preece top scored on the Erewash Canal.