Here are the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifiers, Sep 6/7 - tables are exclusively in the magazine plus we reveal monthly winner! There's some terrific match fishing content in Angler's Mail this week, including what you see in the trailer below...

* Angling Trust Riverfest Qualifier, Great Ouse, Littleport, Cambs. Sun, 54. Graham Dack (Maver/Marukyu) 8-9-0, a 3 lb tench to short poled worm plus roach at 14m with maggot and double pinkies over groundbait, peg 56; Colin Oakman (Browning Hot Rods) 7-7-0; Martin Caldecoat (Stanjays) 6-15-0; Adrian Crane (Littleport AC) 6-10-0; Martin Roper (Sensas Mark One) 6-2-8. Qualifiers: Dack, Roper and David Smith (Stoke-on-Trent).

* Bedford Hospitals Cup, Great Ouse, Oakley, Biddenham and Kempston, Beds. Sun, 68. Tony Watling Junior (Stanjays) 19-11-0, roach and dace, stick and maggot, hemp and tares, pegged at Biddenham; Nigel Bass (Vauxhall) 17-12-0; Alex Graham (Vauxhall) 13-12-0; Garry Spavins (Vauxhall) 13-0-0; Chris Fuller (Bedford) 12-5-0; James Drakulic (Maver Image) 12-15-0. £700+ raised for Bedford Hospitals.

* Fish 4 5+5k Final, Water Meadows Fishery, Chapel St. Leonards, Lincs. Sat, 31, Moat Lake. Colin Spencer (Bait-Tech) 85-10-0, carp to 7 lb, pellet to far bank, peg 41; Ken Haywood (Water Meadows) 77-0-0; Lloyd Lakin (Saltfleetby) 71-0-0; Graham Webster (Kerforts) 64-6-0; Paul Cartlidge (Water Meadows) 63-5-0. Sections: Steve Forster (Kiverton) £500; Shaun Huggins (Dynamite Baits) £500; Ernie Waterfall (Notts Fire) £500; Colin Spencer (Bait-Tech) £500; Brian Elliott (Bait-Tech) £500. Sun, 31, Moat Lake. Simon Skelton (Maver) 136-14-0, small carp on pellet down track then carp to 8 lb shallow at 13m, peg 2; Pete Bell (Water Meadows) 100-2-0; Ashley Pimperton (Water Meadows) 91-12-0; Mark Griggs (Middy) 85-8-0; Darren Smith (Water Meadows) 79-12-0. Sections: Simon Skelton (Maver) £500; Pete Bell (Water Meadows) £500; Darren Smith (Water Meadows) £500; Mark Griggs (Middy) £500; Lloyd Lakin (Saltfleetby) £500. Overall: Paul Cartlidge (Gladrags Sheffield/Water Meadows) £5,000.

* Harleston Ashford Cup, Weybread Middle and Club pits, Harleston, Norfolk. Sun, 34. David Reeve (Angling Direct Suffolk) 72-0-0, carp to 9 lb, Method feedered pellet, Middle pit peg 24; Alan Nobbs (Bungay Cherry Tree) 64-8-0; Justin Hunt (Harleston) 62-6-0; Chris Knight jnr (Harleston) 46-8-0; Edward Howman (Harleston) 39-8-0; Alan Tuck (Angling Direct Suffolk) 39-4-0.
* Head Fen All-Winners Final, Snake and Trevs lakes, Little Downham, Cambs. Sat, 30. James Wilkinson (Shipshape Tackle) 125-2-0, Method feedered pellet, Snake peg 16; James Collison (Anglers Corner) 125-0-0; Tony Dawson (Bait-Tech) 104-0-0; Liam Darler (Browning Hotrods) 77-10-0. Sun, 30. Mark Cross (Newmarket AC) 134-4-0, maggot, top two plus two and margins, Snake peg 18; Steve Jackson (Lakenheath) 97-14-0; Jamie McGuire (Rib Valley Angling) 95-12-0; Richard Bond (Bury St Edmunds) 76-2-0. Overall: Mark Cross (Newmarket) 2 pts (189.21%) £565; Liam Darler (Browning Hot Rods) 2 (167.45%)  £440; Adam Playford (Anglers Corner) 2 (145.79%) £300.
* Nisa Feeders, River Yare, Langley, Norfolk. Sat, 48. Rodney Finch (Deben) 22-0-0, roach, caster over groundbait at 11m, peg 92; Karl Gibson (Daiwa Angling Direct) 21-1-0; Mal Runacres (Deben) 18-8-0; Billy Hughes (Bait-Tech) 16-4-0; Tony Gibbons (Norwich and District) 16-0-0; Wayne Anderson (Daiwa Angling Direct) and Kevin Paynter (PW Angling) both 14-8-0. League: Wayne Anderson (Daiwa Angling Direct) 122-9-0; Rodney Finch (Deben) 121-7-0; Nick Larkin (Nisa Van den Eynde) 116-7-0; Mal Runacres (Deben) 113-0-0; Kevin Paynter (PW Angling) 112-9-0; John Taylor (Sensas Mark One) 111-0-0.



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