Here are the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifiers - new Overall, Rivers, Canals and Lakes tables are exclusively in the magazine, along with terrific match fishing content in Angler's Mail this week. When you get to base of this page click the tab to the next page with this region's smaller event results.

Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifiers, Nov.29-30

* Aldercar Lane Ind.WL, Langley Mill, Notts. Sun, 30, Railway and Acorn lakes. Lee Payling (Peg One Angling) 58-11-0, carp to 6 lb and silvers, caster and pellet, Acorn peg 24; Tony Dennis (Aldercar Lane) 52-8-0; Andy Butler (Aldercar Lane) 35-11-0; Russ Dowding (Heanor) 31-11-0. League: Lee Payling 10; Tony Dennis 9; Andy Butler 8.

* Castle Ashby WL, Grendon, Northants. Sun, 64, Grendon, Brickyard & Scotland ponds. John Price (Team Guru) 42-0-0, carp to 6 lb, pellet long, Brickyard peg 26; Phil Gimbert (Castle Ashby Youth) 33-4-0; Baz Bright (Garbolino RAF) 29-0-0; Steve Reid (Garbolino RAF) 18-0-0; John Kent (Maver Milton Keynes) 16-8-0; Graham West (PI Black Horse) 14-4-0. Teams: Garbolino RAF 56; Maver Milton Keynes 49; Team Guru 46; Preston Innovations Black Horse 34; Browning Northants 31; Royal Mail 30. Final League: Maver Milton Keynes 16; Team Guru 18; Garbolino RAF 19; Castle Ashby Youth 24; Preston Innovations Black Horse 26; Royal Mail 28.

* East Midlands WL, Raveley Drain, Factory Bank and Whittlesey Dyke, Cambs. Sun, 60. Alistair Ogilvie (Maver Image/Bait-Tech) 24-4-0, 300+ roach, pinkie over groundbait, top kit to hand, lower end peg on Factory Bank; Chris Jenkinson (Maver Image) 22-8-0; Paul Spriggs (Sensas Mark One White) 21-3-0; Ricky Young (Browning Hot Rods) 20-13-0; Steve Welford (Browning Hot Rods) 19-5-0; Rob Wright (Browning Hot Rods) 18-0-0. Teams: Maver Image 16; Browning Hot Rods 29; Sensas Mark One White 34; Stanjay Gold 35; Stanjay Silver 47; Sensas Mark One Black 48. League: Maver Image 9; Sensas Mark One White 11; Browning Hot Rods 14; Stanjay Gold 18; Sensas Mark One Black 25; Stanjay Silver 28.

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* Jansons Fishery Ind.WL, Elton, Notts. Sat (Nov 22), 31, Match and Munroes pools. Pete Taylor (Jansons) 147-12-0, carp, pellet, Munroes peg 20; Ray Redwood (Notts Fire) 109-4-0; Russ Attewell (Jansons) 75-8-0; Ian Foulds (Jansons) 70-1-0.

* Nathan’s Derby Silverfish League, Rycroft Fisheries, Derbyshire. Sat, 32. Matt Hall (Sensas) 22-5-0, 20 skimmers plus a few tench, caster and chopped worm, Old Canal end peg 14; Darren Davies (Drennan) 18-13-0; Andy Taft (Bait-Tech) 14-12-0; Darran Bickerton (Sensas) 14-9-0; Paul Ashley (Worksop) 14-0-0. League: Rob Wootton (Shimano/Dynamite); Matt Hall (Sensas); Andy Taft (Bait-Tech).

* Soar Valley WL,  River Soar, Mountsorrel to Kegworth, Leics. Sun, 90. Pete Jayes (Wigston AS) 6 Kg 980 gr, skimmers and roach, groundbait feeder, Sutton Bonington peg 23; Tony Beech (Quorn AS) 5.600; Ant King (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 5.500; Brian Gent (Long Eaton Fed/Fosters Team Army) 5.500; Jim Shooter (Wigston AS) 5.350; Ian Phillips (Long Eaton Fed) 5.250. Teams: Kamasan Starlets 29; Quorn AS 41 (weight advantage); Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 41; Long Eaton Fed 43; Wigston AS 52; Bennett’s Bait & Tackle 53. Final League: Kamasan Starlets 11; Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 17; Quorn AS 19; Wigston AS 26; Drennan Leicester 30; Bennett’s Bait & Tackle 37. KO Cup: Kamasan Starlets 26.820. Individual: Pete Jayes (Wigston AS) 9.

* Worksop DAA, River Trent, Holme Marsh, Notts. Sat, 62. Alan Henry (Shimano Dynamite Baits) 47-8-0, bream, skimmers and chub, groundbait feeder, worm and maggot, peg 5; John Urruty (Alfreton Angling) 30-14-0; Nick West (Matchman Supplies) 27-14-0; Brian Buckley (Worksop) 26-15-0; Tony Tarff (Daiwa Dons) 24-1-0; Dean Smith (Colmic) 21-0-0.





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