Here are the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifiers - tables are exclusively in the magazine, along with terrific match fishing content in Angler's Mail this week. When you get to base of this page click the tab to the next page with this region's smaller event results.

* Angling Trust Riverfest Qualifier, Old Nene, March, Cambs. Sat, 47. Danny Mason (Bill’s Tackle) 31-10-0, five tench to 4 lb, 150 rudd and an eel, wagglered bronze maggot, peg 56 above bypass bridge; Colin Oakman (Browning Hot Rods) 20-0-0; Steve Hemingray (Drennan Sensas) 19-6-0; Alex Graham (Vauxhall AC) 15-13-0; Graham Welton (Garbolino RAF) 15-12-0; Rob Wright (Browning Hot Rods) 15-12-0. Qualifiers: Mason, Hemingray, Welton.

* Castle Ashby WL, Grendon, Northants. Sun, 64, Scotland, Grendon and Brickyard ponds. Andy Beasley (Garbolino RAF) 60-12-0, carp to 6 lb, chopped worm and caster, Brickyard peg 18; Nigel Fawkes (Team Guru) 53-12-0; Ian Smith (Maver Milton Keynes) 47-12-0; Graham West (Preston Innovations Black Horse) 40-4-0; Amer Jawad (Team Guru) 30-14-0; Chris Scott (The ‘A’ Team) 25-6-0. Teams: Team Guru 55; Garbolino RAF 43; Maver Milton Keynes 42; Preston Innovations Black Horse 40 (109-10-0); Castle Ashby Youth 40 (88-6-0); Royal Mail 26. League: Team Guru 8; Castle Ashby Youth 12; Maver Milton Keynes 12; Royal Mail 16; Garbolino RAF 17; Preston Innovations Black Horse 19.

* East Midlands WL, Old River Nene, Benwick, Cambs. Sun, 60. John Weedon (Maver Image) 18-6-0, four eels and two tench on poled chop plus 8 lb of silvers to wagglered pinkie, end peg at Ha’penny Toll; Steve Joy (Maver Image) 15-14-0; Martin Caldecoat (Stanjay Gold) 11-12-0; Pete Lambdin (Stanjay Silver) 10-13-0; Dave Rawlings (Stanjay Silver) 10-4-0; Mick Asker (Sensas Mark One Black) 9-9-8. Teams: Browning Hot Rods 25; Stanjay Gold 32; Maver Image 34; Sensas Mark One White 35; Sensas Mark One Black 39; Stanjay Silver 44. League: Sensas Mark One White 6; Maver Image 7; Browning Hot Rods 8; Stanjay Gold 11; Sensas Mark One Black 14; Stanjay Silver 17.

* Erewash Valley WL, Erewash Canal, Cotmanhay, Derbys. Sat, 54. Russ Dowding (Ilkeston 8) 14-7-0, three tench plus quality roach and perch, winding hole peg in Corky Wood; Gordon Smith (Matchman Supplies) 13-8-0; Ryan Marshall (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 10-14-0; Tony Barker (Shakespeare) 9-1-0; Ade Higginbottom (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 8-11-0; Chris Greenside (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 6-14-8. Teams: Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 23; Shakespeare 25; Matchman Supplies 26; Notts 32; Ilkeston 8 34; Long Eaton Fed 40.

* Jansons Fishery Ind WL, Elton, Notts. Sat, 31, Match and Munroes pools. Horace Smith (Jansons) 122-12-0, carp and silvers, punch long and corn on top two, Match peg 30; Jason Sahall (Jansons) 109-13-0; Scott Robinson (Jansons) 108-7-0; Steve Draper (Lake View Select) 105-0-0; Ray Redwood (Notts Fire) 104-10-0. League: Ray Redwood (Notts Fire) 3; Sam Allen (Jansons) 3; Michael Elliott (Jansons) 4.

match banner nov 4[1]

* Norwich DAA Teams Of Three, River Thurne, Potter Heigham to Martham. Sat, 44. Robert Hubbard (Daiwa Angling Direct Black) 45-6-0, roach and skimmers, long pole then 6m whip, maggot and worm over groundbait, bungalows peg at Potter Heigham; Lee Klimczuk (Maver Image) 31-11-0; David Roe (Daiwa Angling Direct Black) 30-14-0; Tony Gibbons (Norwich DAA) 30-7-0; Kevin Paynter (Weevos) 29-7-0; Rob Johnson (Stamford) 28-3-0. Teams: Daiwa Angling Direct Suffolk Gold 9; Daiwa Angling Direct Black 10; Maver Image 15. League: Maver Image 6 (293-1-0); Daiwa Angling Direct Gold 6 (244-12-0); Daiwa Angling Direct Black 11.

* Soar Valley WL, River Soar, Mountsorrel to Kegworth, Leics. Sun, 90. Ade Higginbottom (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 10 Kg 630 gr, 300-plus roach, long poled pinkie over groundbait, Top Pounds peg 7; Dave Petch (Quorn AS) 8.520; Pete Hamilton (Loughborough Soar) 8.020; Rob Wootton (Kamasan Starlets) 7.660; Ady Reynolds (Quorn AS) 7.150. Teams: Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 33; Kamasan Starlets 37; Quorn AS 41; Drennan Leicester 44; Wigston AS 51; Long Eaton Fed 54. League: Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 6; Kamasan Starlets and Quorn AS both 7; Wigston AS 14; Drennan Leicester 16; Loughborough Soar 18.


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