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Aldercar Lane Fishery, Langley Mill, Notts. Tues, 10, Acorn Lake. Andy Starkey (Aldercar Lane) 59-13-0, carp to 5 lb plus silvers, pellet and corn, chopped worm and caster, peg 12; John Panter (Aldercar Lane) 32-5-0; Ben Bates (Eastwood Angling) 28-13-0. Wed, 20, Over-55s, Railway and Acorn Lakes. John Pilmore (Aldercar Lane) 52-1-0, carp to 5 lb, pellet and corn, Acorn peg 40; Dave Needham (SC Floats) 41-15-0; Tony Bevan (Stanton) 36-2-0. Thurs pm, 7, Acorn Lake. James Stevensen (Bait-Tech) 66-13-0, carp, banded pellet, peg 9.

Chestnut Pool, Langford, Beds. Sun, 10, Chestnut Pool. James Heaps (Chestnut Pool) 158-13-0, 10 carp for 130 lb (largest 20 lb 12 oz) plus 28 lb of skimmers, corn in the margins, peg 2; Steve Reid (RAF Garbolino) 113-12-0; Amer Jawad (Daiwa/Bag’em) 109-11-0, all silvers.

Cobbleacre Lakes Two-Day Festival, Amys and Adams lakes, Hevingham, Norfolk. Mon, 20. Rodney Finch (Deben) 70-6-0, all carp including foul-hooked fish of 17 lb and 14 lb; Ade Moore (Norwich) 43-4-0; Tony Gibbons (Norwich) 40-0-0; Dave Pike (Norwich) 36-7-0; Jim Randell (Sensas) 35-12-0. Tues, 20. Dave Pike (Norwich) 46-14-0; Rodney Finch (Deben) 44-14-0; Fred Anderson (Cobbleacre lakes) 38-15-0; Stewart Dack (Mariners) 35-9-0. Overall: Rodney Finch 3; Dave Pike 4; Jim Randell 5.

Cross Drove, Hockwold, Norfolk. Wed, 16. Jamie Thomson (Cross Drove) 139-3-0, 70 lb of carp plus F1s, brownies and skimmers, pellet and corn, 14.5m peg 55; Glen Burden (Cross Drove) 86-5-0; Jim Barrowman (P]W Angling) 85-4-0. Sat, 18. Neil Parkinson (Dynamite Middy) 137-9-0, 81 lb of carp and F1s, rest brownies and skimmers to 3 lb, pellet and corn, 14.5m, peg 55; Jim Barrowman (PW Angling) 116-9-0; Doug Botley (Angling Direct) 99-10-0. Sun, 27. Neil Parkinson (Dynamite Middy) 112-15-0, carp to 14 lb and F1s to 4 lb, 14.5mtr pole , pellet and corn , peg 21; Simon Wheeler (Daiwa Dynamite) 101-3-0; Christian Vandervleit (Drennan Bowlers Bait-Tech)  87-8-0; Bruno Norman (Kevs Tackle) 66-8-0; Jim Barrowman (PW Angling) 49-10-0.
Decoy Lakes, Whittlesey, Cambs. Tues, 23, Beastie Lake. Nigel Baxter (Bag’em) 162-15-0, F1s to 2 lb, corn and pellet, top kit, down the edge, peg 13; Chris Barley (Finedon) 162-6-0; Jamie Thompson (Newmarket) 152-1-0; Jason Minder (Finedon) 136-12-0. Sat, 25, Lou’s and Willows Lakes. Chris Barley (Finedon) 179-6-0, carp to 8 lb, various methods, Lou’s peg 10; Jon Whincup (Frenzee Bait-Tech) 157-4-0; Rob Chamberlain (Corby) 139-13-0; Richard Linnell (Decoy) 130-8-0. Sun, 21, Yew Lake. Rob Goodson (Decoy) 150-4-0, carp to 7 lb, meat at 8m, peg 20; Chris Barley (Finedon) 149-12-0; Steve Pretty (Miracle Baits) 145-0-0; Ian Chesney (Oakwood Angling) 132-14-0.

Deeping St James AC Doxham Rosebowl, Lake Ross, Spalding, Lincs. Sun, 14. Nigel Briggs (DSJAC) 116-15-0 carp, method feeder with corn; Des Dalton (DSJAC) 98-9-0; Mark Footitt (DSJAC) 82-7-0.

Fish 4 5+5k Qualifiers, Water Meadows Fishery, Chapel St. Leonards, L incs. Sat, 28, Moat Lake. Wayne Smith (WAGs) 104-6-0, carp to 7 lb, caster, margins, peg 28; Chris Bonsall (Water Meadows) 79-12-0; Barry Cotton (Water Meadows) 74-4-0; Chris Howard (Water Meadow) 73-4-0. Qualifiers: John Jenkinson, Graham Cripsey, Wayne Smith, Sean Huggins. Sun, 27, Moat. Darren Pimperton (Water Meadows) 102-15-0, carp to 7 lb and barbel to 3 lb, maggot, far bank, peg 42; Pete Gleaden (Water Meadows) 83-14-0; Wayne Seaward (Water Meadows) 64-7-0; Terry Caughtry (Water Meadows) 54-11-0. Qualifiers: Barry Walters, Darren Bamford, Terry Caughtry, Darren Pimperton.



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Fish‘O’Mania Qualifier, Barford Lakes, Norfolk. Sat, 130. Kieron Rich (Daiwa) 227-1-0, carp to 12 lb, dobbing meat between 6 and 13m with no feed, Match Lake peg2; Chris Vanderfliet (Drennan Bowlers Baitech) 177-5-0; Ricky Young (Browning Hot Rods) 173-10-0; Gary Miller (Maver Baitech) 162-4-0; Steve Jackson (Bridgewater) 154-11-0; Steve Winter (Drennan) 144-2-0
Graham’s Pond, Huntingdon, Cambs. Sat. 15. Alan Stevensen (Graham’s Pond) 17-6-0, carp, pellet; Steve Page (Graham’s Pond) 14-6-0; Stuart Gilbert (Graham’s Pond) 8-15-0. (No peg numbers supplied).

Head Fen, Little Downham, Cambs. Sun, 15. Matt Ayers (Dents) 122-2-0, carp to 5 lb, bread early then chopped worm and caster across, Snake peg 15; Dave Rodwell (Shipshape Tackle) 102-12-0; Brendan Strowgler (Maver) 70-2-0.

Jansons Fishery, Elton, Notts. Tues, 17, Match Pool. Graham Carlile (Jansons) 137-12-0, carp, pellet in margins, peg 33; Dave Harper (Jansons) 109-1-0; Mark Taylor (Jansons) 106-13-0. Thurs, 22. John Larder (Jansons) 68-13-0, carp, 4mm pellet down side over hemp and micros, peg 8; Graham Carlile (Jansons) 62-6-0; Ant White (Jansons) 61-5-0; Ernie Waterfall (Jansons) 58-6-0. Sat, 20, Little Hut and Match Pool. Shawn Mannering (Jansons) 94-2-0, carp, maggot in margins, peg 8; Jon Cooke (Jansons) 78-8-0; Steve Polkey (Jansons) 66-12-0. Sat, 16, Munroes. Jonathan Leivers (Jansons) 102-4-0, carp and silvers, worm and caster, peg 17; Nick Mossap (Jansons) 71-10-0. Sun, 19, Sheepbridge AC, Match Pool. Lionel Twist (Woodhouse Angling) 103-14-0, carp, maggot and pellet, peg 14; Carl Moyes (Sheepbridge AC) 85-14-0; Tony Twigg (Sheepbridge AC) 83-15-0. Sun, 14, Parkside AC, Munroes Pool. Martin Turner (Parkside AC) 71-5-0, carp, pellet, peg 16; Gary Fisher (Parkside AC) 70-7-0; Malc Kirkland (Parkside AC) 68-6-0.

Lakeview Fishery, Holwell, Melton Mowbray, Leics. Sun. 33. Scott Patchett (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 69-6-0, carp, pellet, peg 1; Chris Neal (Rutlanders) 64-9-0; Neil Edwards (Lakeview Select) 64-8-0; Steve Haywood (Middy) 63-14-0; Roger Parnell (Lakeview Select) 62-12-0.

Park Hall Fisheries, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. Sun, 12. Dido Thorpe (Park Hall) 16-10-0, 3 carp last hour, bomb and pellet, peg 55; Graham Eden (Mansfield) 15-4-0; Lee Nussey (Shirebrook) 15-0-0.

Sherwood Forest Farm Park Fishery, Edwinstowe, Notts. Tues, 14, Sherwood Lake. Mick Lysaght (Rivendell AC) 81-9-0, carp and skimmers, corn and caster, peg 50; John Holmes (Woodhouse Angling) 72-12-0; Roy Wilkinson (Woodhouse Angling) 56-4-0. Wed, 23, Holmedale Lake. Martyn Brown (Eastwood Angling) 162-1-0, carp, pellet and paste, down the margins, peg 24; Mick Langton (Sherwood) 147-12-0; Kev Chaplin (Sherwood) 145-1-0; Simon Skelton (Maver) 134-15-0. Sun. 26, Holmedale Lake. Brett Chapman (GOT Baits) 66-9-0, carp, corn, peg 39; Carl Brown (Sherwood) 66-3-0; Garvin Reville (Eastwood Angling) 61-5-0; Martyn Brown (Eastwood Angling) 60-3-0.

Townsend Lakes, nr Wisbech, Cambs. Sun, 19, Cuckoo Canal. Ricky Young (Browning Hot Rods) 102-10-0, carp, banded pellet, peg 37; Steven Hillman (Townsend) 80-15-0; John Parr (Townsend) 79-8-0. Sun, 15, Southery AC, Woodpecker Pool. A. Feltwell (Southery AC) 98-6-0, carp, pellet, peg 10; C. Hall (Southery AC) 88-12-0; R. Cook (Southery AC) 87-11-0.

Westwood Lakes, Wyberton, Lincs. Tues, 34, Skylark Lake. Luke Morley (Westwood Lakes) 103-0-0, mainly carp and F1s, expander pellet tight to island, peg 18; Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) 78-6-0; Spike Milligan (Garbolino Lincs County) 75-6-0; Steve Lane (Marukyu/WW Lakes) 73-6-0. Thurs, 42, Skylark Lake. Ken Clark (Westwood Lakes) 126-8-0, carp to 12 lb and F1s to 2 lb, 6mm expander pellet over 4mm feed pellet, peg 1; Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) 84-8-0; Cameron Stokes (Mathey Johnson) 69-14-0; Neil Blacker (Peggy Tub) 64-0-0; Bill Whitworth (Lincoln Vets) 61-10-0. Sat, 21, Skylark Lake. Steve Lane (Marukyu/WW Lakes) 138-0-0, carp and F1s, expander pellet to the island, peg 11; Paul Harsley (Dave’s Peg) 101-8-0; Dave Wills (Miracle Baits) 97-4-0; Gavin Butler (Maver Bait-Tech) 97-0-0. Sun, 42, Bait-Tech Spring League, Round 2, Skylark and Osprey. Alex Bates (Bait-Tech) 139-12-0, carp, F1s, ide and skimmers, worm, feeding caster, shallow at 6m, Skylark Lake peg 3; Tony Evans (Stampy’s Three) 115-4-0; Matt Parkin (Matrix Trentmen) 109-12-0; Greg Cooper (Matrix Trentmen) 103-10-0. Teams: Stampy’s Three 6; Maver Bait-Tech 13; Matrix Trentmen 14. Overall league: Maver Bait-Tech 22; Stampy’s Three 23; Matrix Trentmen 30.

Willow Lakes, Foston, Lincs. Sat. 13, Ash, Chestnut and Hawthorn lakes. Andy Birkin (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 237-0-0, 55 carp to 12 lb, floating dog biscuit, Hawthorn peg 13; Steve Nattrass (Notts AA) 217-8-0; Dave Booker (Rowthorne Lane Angling Club) 177-0-0.


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